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Official Greevil+Shadow Lugia Strategy Thread

Discussion in 'Colosseum & XD (Hidden)' started by XDLord, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. XDLord

    XDLord Guest

    Since there are quite a few topics hovering around that are about strategies for Greevil, I decided we need a good topic to stop the rest.

    So, here are some strategies. Feel free to post your own too.

    Shadow Lugia Strategies:

    -Master Ball. NOW.

    -Keep a slot open in your party so you can use Lugia for Greevil. It's quite useful.

    Greevil Strategies:

    -Don't try to catch all 6 in a single battle. Focus on snagging one or 2, and knock out the rest. I suggest focusing on 1 or 2 of the Legendary birds first.

    -If you want to, focus on the 3 easy ones and KO the birds, then use the 3 easy ones to help you catch the birds. A good strategy too.

    -The Legendary birds are your main target. They are ridicusouly tough to catch, and they are higher levels. Plus, they're legendaries. Nuff' said.

    -Use Timer Balls, Ultra Balls and the occasional Great or Pokeballs. If you keep on chucking Great/Ultra/Pokeballs and they don't work, try a Timer.

    -Calling makes moves more accurate. Use this in tandem on your sleeper when you are trying to snag a Pokemon, and your sleep attack will be a heck lot more accurate. Don't bother with this if you have Spore, but only Parasect learns that, and Parasect is ridiculously slow.

    -Use a abundance of Shadow Pokemon, and keep a good sleeper too. Here are reccomended Pokemon(some are Shadows):

    Shadow Lugia
    Shadow Salamence
    Shadow Lapras
    Shadow Snorlax
    Possibly Shadow Marowak, depending on it's defense.
    Shadow Starmie(Thx to Jolteon for this one)

    As you can see, Shadow Lugia and Salamence are a must. The others are optional. Now, for reccomended normal Pokemon:

    Umbreon(if you have it)
    Jumpluff/Parasect/another decent Sleeper
    A good sweeper, like Espeon or Houndoom to KO the ones you don't wanna snag.
    The rest should be able to whittle down health and have good Defense.

    -Keep the levels of your Pokemon hovering in the high 50s.

    -Have a few tanks. 2-3 can be Shadows, including Lapras, Salamence, Marowak, Snorlax, and most importantly XD001.

    Keep in mind that I haven't fought Greevil yet, I still have to clear out the Key Lair and Citadark. I will update as soon as I get to him.

    Can you please Sticky this?
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 14, 2005
  2. jolteon

    jolteon Amante de Jolteon

    I used Shadow Starmie against Greevil after it had learned Recover by making it lose a bar of shadow. I found it pretty effective; it was able to absorb most of the damage shadow attacks dealt then Recover the wounds away. Also, its' Shadow Storm attack did hardly any damage, which is excellent because it helps to whittle away at the HP bar of the shadow pokemon you're trying to catch. Using Starmie and Shadow Snorlax in a tandem worked excellently; I managed to snag five of the six pokemon on Greevil's team hardly trying. ^_^

    Well, I like Starmie but as XDLord said, Shadow Salamence and XD001 are awesome. Snorlax also helped me a lot. My normal pokemon were Gardevoir and Zangoose; they were pretty effective at sweeping. Another thing, bring Timer Balls. This is probably the best place to use them because the battle is bound to get long. Three of the five I caught were caught with Timer Balls. So yeah, those are my recommendations for Greevil.

    EDIT: Greevil's final two pokemon are Articuno and Zapdos. One thing I noticed about these two birds was that they both used Shadow Sky whenever it faded. Try to advantage of this; it's like a free turn. Of course this was just me; maybe it will turn out differently for you, I don't know. It's something I'd keep a lookout for ;)
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2005
  3. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    If you want to conserve your Masterball try calling a pokémon with a sleep inducing move to make it more accurate. I just realized that after wasting 7 or so Hypnosis on it. Gradevoir is your friend:) I am trying to catch a good IV Lugia and Zapdos so I am gonig to pit my pokémon against each other if I don't want to keep restarting for the Lugia and the Zapdos. Keep your sixth slot open. Be weary that Shadow Storm is a special attack. I lowered Shadow Lugia's Attack a lot with Arcanine's Intimidate and it's damage remained constant. So what if I am a metagame freak? It'll pay off when I can use them for D/P. Don't say to me that Lugia is Uber because I know that the metagame on there will be ruined anyway... So might as well get some CMing action to cream some newbs.
  4. XDLord

    XDLord Guest

    Meh, gonna get a second memory card just for the purpose of getting good natures.
  5. Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

    Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior Well-Known Member

    is this realy offical? if it was it would be stickied wouldn't it?
  6. XDLord

    XDLord Guest

    Well, not all of them need to be stickied. There has been no Greevil strategies discussion thread, and Coronis hasn't been on yet.
  7. Puffs

    Puffs ...NINE-THOUSAND!!!!

    I caught all 7 of Greevil's pokemon the first time I fought him. It was surprisingly easy. My pokemon were in their early 40s (save my level 50 Vaporeon).

    Shadow Lapras

    Lapras and Vaporeon made great tanks. Used up my Max Revives but I brought about 19 Ultra balls, a Master Ball, & 3 Timer Balls. Used Master Ball on XD001, and then wittled down the HP of all of his pokemon with Water Gun, Ice Beam, & Bite. They were all caught after using about 13 Ultra Balls. It was almost too easy.
  8. navel_fluff

    navel_fluff Stone Trainer

    Is this the hardest thing ever in a pokemon game? It seems like a huge mountain to climb.
  9. Tamer Zack

    Tamer Zack SPP forgotten member

    Not the hardest it all depends on how good you are at battling and capturing.
  10. Powerful_Blaziken88

    Powerful_Blaziken88 Well-Known Member

    Actually, IMO it's the other way around. Snag the easy ones first, get some money, buy some balls and items, then go back up and challenge him again when you don't have to fight all those other peons and admins. Unless you're trying for good natures on the birds, in which case you'll just have to save before him and keep trying.
  11. XDLord

    XDLord Guest

    Meh, thats what I think, although I'll add that too. If you go for the 3 easy ones, get them all in one fight and get the birds later in 1-2 fights.
  12. Powerful_Blaziken88

    Powerful_Blaziken88 Well-Known Member

    A question: Is the battle against Lugia a single battle?
  13. yeah try to catch them 1 r 2 at a time. im battling greevil 4 the gazillionth time catching his final shadow, moltres
  14. I pretty much won with Master ball ;249-d; and use it to tank were my espeon sweeped
  15. Dark Venusaur

    Dark Venusaur Banned

    you did thats amazing but I dont know about Lapras being a tank
  16. Why not? It's got good Typing(no 4x weaknesses), good Defenses, and absolutely superb HP. A Tank if I didn't know one.

    Status effects are what help me out the most. Ampharos and Thunder Wave help me either subdue the Shadow Pokémon long enough for me to faint them or help me up the capture rate of certain Shadows. Sing, though inaccurate, does help. If you Sing a certain Pokémon, you can focus on its counterpart without fear of attack from the other.

    Dusclops and Will-o-Wisp is extremely useful, as well. Works well on Rhydon, Tauros, and other Pokémon Greevil gets after you Snag some of his Pokémon(like Aerodactyl). Not to mention Dusclops has great staying power, meaning OHKOs to it are very rare, even with Shadow Attacks.

    The 8th Champion
  17. XDLord

    XDLord Guest

    Well, it got stickied. Good. Anyways, the battle against Lugia is indeed a single battle.
  18. Leo

    Leo Guest

    You are wrong XDLord, the battle against XD001 is actually a double battle
  19. Djura

    Djura 99% chance to hit

    so its 2 against 1?
  20. Leo

    Leo Guest

    Exactly, but as i used my masterball, i had no problem
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