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Official Help Thread (Upgraded - READ FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. The other one was quite long and spammy, so I decided to restart it.

    Before posting, make sure you check:

    The Site
    Walkthroughs for Diamond from GameFAQs
    Walkthroughs for Pearl from GameFAQs
    Or, this nice FAQ prepared by Volteon. :)

    Q1 - How do I get National Dex?
    A: You must see every Pokémon from Sinnoh Pokedex and beat Elite Four. Dialga/Palkia can be added in Pokedex reading a book in Celestic Town in Cynthia's house (Biggest house in city). Then all the other Pokémon can be seen battling with trainers in Sinnoh.
    After you accomplish those, go to Rowan's Lab and he'll give you National Dex with PokéRadar.
    ~~A link about where to find all Pokémon for National déx~~

    Q2 - How do I get to Route 224?
    A: Get National Dex and go through Victory Road's last room. An entrance someone was blocking is now free and after a quest with Marley and her Arcanine, you'll get to the route. You may need HMs to go there.

    Q3 - How do I get to Wi-Fi? Do I have to pay?
    You need broadband internet and Nintendo's USB connector or a wireless router. Everything is well explained here.

    Q4 - I battled with 12 Gastly holding Power Lens and it just got +2 Special Attack! What's wrong? Shouldn't it get +15?

    A: No. The Pokémon doesn't get immediate EVs during a level up. EVs are gradually considered and they'll all be added when a Pokémon reaches level 100. Even if it's in Wi-Fi.

    Q5 - How do I chain for shinies?
    A very well explained guide even with videos is here
    Remember the random encounter for shiny Pokémon is 1/8192. With PokeRadar, chaining to get a shiny is easier, but unfortunately you can't chain for overworld Pokémon, like Drifloon, Rotom, legendaries overall or Pokémon found in surf/fish areas.

    Q6 - How do I soft reset?
    Hold L+R+Start+Select. Soft resetting makes your battery live longer and works faster when compared with just Turning off/on.

    Q7 - How can I get Feebas and how can I evolve it?
    A: Feebas is probably the rarest Pokémon found in wild. They are found in Mt.Coronet. Fishing with Old Rod will give you higher chances to find it faster because all this Rod gets is Magikarp and Feebas.
    To evolve Feebas is reccomended you save before feeding Feebas Poffins. Then give it Poffins made by Ganlon or Pamtre berries. Ganlon berries can be found in 3D games (Colosseum, XD, PBR) and Pamtre can be found in Amity Square random encounter.
    There's this video in YouTube that will help you.

    Q8 - Do I need Wi-Fi to go to Sinnoh's Underground?
    A: No. DS will simply start it's wireless function, you won't need Wi-Fi or someone next to you to go Underground.
    You can go there by yourself to dig for fossils and create your secret base.

    Q9 - I tried to release an Azumarril but it returned!? Is my game glitched?
    A: It's not glitched. When a Pokémon knows an HM that no other Pokémon has in your box and you release it, the Pokémon will return. Just teach the HM it knows to another Pokémon and it should be fine.

    Q10 - I deposited a Pokémon in GTS and after a few months I went check GTS and it disappeared!?
    A: It is normal. It is explained in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl's guide that comes with your game that a Pokémon can disapear from GTS.

    Q11 - Where can I find Move Relearner, Nickname rater and Move deleter?
    A: Relearner is in Pastoria City, in a house near the lake.
    Nickname rater is an oldman in Eterna city in building next to the market.
    Move deleter is in Canalave Town in a house below Pokémon market.

    Q12 - Where can I find <insert TM here>?
    A: Check this. There's a complete list there.

    Q13 - I heared Pokémon that requires trading can evolve without trading with someone, is that true?
    A: Yes. more info in this thread.

    Q14 - How can I do the cloning glitch in DP's GTS? Is it safe?
    Check this thread for it. And yes, you must not worry about your game file and must not pay attention to those who said file got corrupted. it's 100% safe.

    Please don't post repeatedly, you'll get help eventually. >_>;
    Also, please don't post "thank you" posts. These are spammy. Edit your original post with the thanks. ^^;
    Also, don't post questions that have been answered by the FAQ. You will be infracted ;)

    Have... fun..
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 20, 2008
  2. runka

    runka Charizard pwns it!

    Umm...the site didn't say very clearly and anyway I don't understand algebra because I haven'ty been taught it yet,so here's the question:How exatcly do Iv's affect a pokemon's stat?Does each Iv bring your pokemon's stat up a few points?
    EDIT:First post,Yay!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2008
  3. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    With the other thread getting closed, I lost about 3 or 4 ranks xD Didn't know I posted there that much...

    anyways, usually one IV more means 1 point more - in level 100.

    IVs are important to reach the well known "magic numbers" with the least investment of EVs. So if you're into competitive battling, these little points added can save you.
  4. runka

    runka Charizard pwns it!

    /\I'm into it all right.Thanks a lot.
  5. Raro

    Raro Well-Known Member

    Thanks that helped me out alot too :)
    and I got moved down a few ranks aswell :(


    What Gender Pokemon can pass on moves to an egg pokemon?
    And would an XD Snorlax with Selfdestruct be able to breed the move onto a Munchlax?

    Last edited: Apr 15, 2008
  6. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    Only male Pokemon can pass down moves.
    A Snorlax learns Selfdestruct from a Move Tutor in XD. Like a Salamence with the MT move Drace Meteor or any other MT attack, it won't be passed to the babies. So make sure the Snorlax you are teaching Selfdestruct to is the one you want to use.
  7. mew..

    mew.. What do you want?

    wow. i lost 3 ranks @_@ (noo!)

    anyways, my question. what item should i give my modest lucario?
  8. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    I lost 2 ranks xD

    Question- What does the little smiley face mean on the pokemons summary?
  9. razor fire

    razor fire Well-Known Member

    Wow, I lost 90 posts and went down 4-5 ranks

    question: ev training starts from lv1 right?

    @purplemew: the little smiley means the pkmn has had pokerus.
  10. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    Thanks for your help
  11. ~Heaven Help Us~

    ~Heaven Help Us~ Well-Known Member

    i went from the blackthorne gym to bugsys gym.

    anyways, is modest a good nature for castform???
  12. Larry

    Larry Well-Known Member

    My rank went down alot too my post count went down by about 150...
    Is Snorlax able to learn explosion from the guy in FR/LG???
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2008
  13. fireblast_10

    fireblast_10 Pokemon trainer

    Hee hee my rank didn't go down at all, I only lost one post, anyway what is the best way to counter garchomps with focus sash? I can't get past them in the battle tower.
  14. Larry

    Larry Well-Known Member

    Have something faster than Garchomp like Alakazam, Sceptile, Gengar, etc.
    Or have one of your pokemon know sucker punch...
  15. ~Heaven Help Us~

    ~Heaven Help Us~ Well-Known Member

    a pokemon with extremespeed? like arcanine, or a fast pokemon like gengar or staraptor holding choice scarf.
  16. Atoyont

    Atoyont Brains for brawn

    Well, yes, it's pretty good, as Castform is mainly a Special Attacker (Weather Ball, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball)
  17. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

    I would agree that Modest is a good nature.

    I lost 200 posts.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2008
  18. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    When you get EXP, you get EV, so basically, yes.

    No, only Selfdestruct from XD
    (Otherwise, people would say Explosion instead of Selfdestruction ;D)
    Send Abomasnow against anything and you're likely to nullify any Focus Sash you may see.
  19. ~Heaven Help Us~

    ~Heaven Help Us~ Well-Known Member

    thanks okay i got a shiny modest one.
  20. Phasma

    Phasma Dangerous and Moving

    Hey, here's a question I haven't got an answer to yet. I've checked guides, no one seems to know. Maybe you all do...

    What the heck is up with the sad guy in the Survival Area, the one you have to use Rock Climb on Route 226 to get to? ;w; I can't figure him out.
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