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Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

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(i actually thought the pidgey's line moveset is better in previous generations.)
I agree... I thought I'll be using Pidgeot in my games but nooo, she turned out worse than I thought... <_<
GF is evil! Pidgeot is a sweeper back in the FRLG games


- Beat Red with my transferred Milotic, man his Venusaur is so damn hard <_<
- Caught Zapdos within less than 10 Ultra Balls, again :3
- Obtained a lv 5 Treecko from Steven Stone, now for the Kanto starters :3


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this may be a little but i note one thing platinum came out on the 13th of September 2008 in japan and the us was march 22 2009. i am figuring out that Heart gold and soul silver came out on the 12th in japan so it should come out on march 21st 2010 in the united states. i know this should go in a speculation thread but i couldnt find one so im placing it here.


swift and lol
just beat the elite four, playtime is 15 hours. man i'm too lazy to head over to the kanto region.
Training to fight Red, can anyone think of another Pokemon or two I could add to beat him? I've got nothing for Lapras, Blastoise, or Snorlax...
My copy of Heart Gold finally arrived yesterday, despite being dispatched on the 11th of September. Hope it was worth the wait :x

So, I begin by sticking the neat black HG cartridge into my DS and switching on the power, as you do. I had already decided that I was going to play as the newcomer female, so that part was easy, but I always end up dilly-dallying when I have to decide the character's name. Ugh.. after staring blankly at the screen for five whole minutes, I decided to go with one of my usual female names, ウリコ.

Skipping past the more trivial aspects of the adventure.. I pick a Timid Chikorita as my starter, get shoved by that red-haired guy outside Elm's lab, and travel through Cherrygrove to see Mr. Pokémon about his "discovery". I couldn't help but notice how the frequency of random battles seem to have shot up since DPPt; I can't even walk 5 steps without some wild Caterpie or Rattata leaping out of the overgrowth, most of the time anyways.
Fast-forwarding a little.. I catch myself a female Caterpie along route 31 who also has a Timid nature, and evolve it into a Butterfree whilst climbing Sprout Tower. Going straight into Violey City's Gym after that, Chikorita and Butterfree make quick work of the two Trainers but narrowly miss losing to Falkner's Pidgeotto. Thank goodness for Poison Powder.. Badge #1 in hand, I drop in to the Poké Mart to re-receive the Pokémon Egg I left with Elm, and head south through the Union Cave.

Part of the way through, I stop at a pool of water for a quick spot of fishing. Occasionally, the (!) which appears when you hook something popped up over my Butterfree instead of my character. I wonder why?..
Carrying on now, I am Azalea Town with a party of:

Lv. 16 Bayleef ♀
Lv. 14 Butterferee ♀
Lv. 3 Rattata ♂
And an Egg.

And that's about it so far. Oh I downloaded that Wi-Fi PokéWalker course too, though I haven't looked at it yet.


swift and lol
where do we post our teams? i'll just do it here. beat the elite four with. and thats to my cousin who breed me a totodile egg ^^:

typhlosion lvl 73
togetic lvl 50
feraligatr lvl 57
ampharos lvl 59
sudowoodo lvl 45
gyarados lvl 41

playtime: 17hours.

Tyranitar trainer

Back for a bit
Done loads since my post yesterday
Caught Sudowoodo named him Danze
Helped the Kimino Girl
Did the Burnt Tower
Beat Morty
Backtracked to all the surfing spots I had pasted
Went to Mahogany
Went back to Eureteak
Traveled down to Olivine City
Completed the light house
Went to Cianawood
Got the Secretpotion
Traded with Platinum to evolve my Kadabra
Beat Chuck Easily
Went back and gave the secretpotion to Ampharos
Went back to Cianwood then onto Route 47 and 48
Explored the Safari Zone
Went to the Olivine Gym
Beat Jasmine
Went to the lake of Rage caught the Red Gyarados named her Ruby
Beat up some rockets in Mahogany town
Deafeat Pryce (His seel is a b****)
Got a call from some guy think it was elm
Dressed up as a Rocket
Got my Cover blown by my rival Tommy
Beat Rocket Exeutive Lambada
Beat my rival
Rescued the Guy
My team is
Hydro the Feralergatr lvl 40
Water Gun (God I hate not have some decent Physical Water move)
Ice Fang

Air the Pidgeot lvl 38
Gust (When will it learn Wing Attack)
Quick Attack

Ares the Nidorino lvl 38
Poison Sting
Double Kick
Horn Attack

Mind the Alakazam lvl 38
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast

Stuff that I like about this game
At the Night the Miltanks at the Moo-Moo farm are in the barn at night
The sign to the safari zone look great
The new routes look great
The The water looks great
You can hear stuff like waves, footsteps and the pillar in the Sprout Tower Creaking


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At the Night the Miltanks at the Moo-Moo farm are in the barn at night
They're in the barn at the morning too :3

- Obtained a Squirtle from Professor Oak
- Caught Lugia with Heavy Ball
- Caught Kyogre with Heavy Ball

Currently preparing to catch that f***ing Mewtwo. It won't stay in just one silly ball -_-


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I had to use a masterball on Ho-Oh.


- Found 4 shining leafs on Togekiss :3
- Obtained a leaf crown on Togekiss and a star on my trainer card
- Found 4 more shining leafs on Ampharos x3
- Obtained another leaf crown on Ampharos

Alright, 2 leaf crowns! Who's envious now? >:3

- Caught a lv 2 male Shinx with Intimidate. Looks like Ampharos found a new boyfriend :3 *got shot*


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Charmender evolved! :D
His moves are great, glad I gave it some tm's on Diamond:
-Dragon Rage
-Iron Tail
-Shadow claw


Progressing through the game nice and slow~

-Defeated Faulkner without much problems
-received the Togepi egg from Elm's Aide in the pokemart (Thanks, gamefreak, for changing it. >_>)
-Went into the Ruins of Alph to play around
-Caught an Unown and later deposited it into the box
-Headed out for Union Cave
-Caught a Lvl 6 female Mareep and began it's training session

Current team: Lvl 7 Mareep and Lvl 17 Totodile


Do we get ice cream?
-Spent a lot of time messing around in the Safari Zone and catching loads of stuff.
-Won the Bug Catching Contest again.
-Headed over to Route 42 and received the HM for strength.
-Went exploring in Mt. Mortar, catching a few new dex entries.
-Headed over to Mahogany town and up to the Lake of Rage.
-Reset over and over to get a good Gyarados.
-Beat Pryce and made a few team changes (see below).

-Meganium 34
-Heracross 34
-Ampharos 33
-Octillery 33
-Girafarig 30
-Crobat 34


Okay, I have restarted my HeartGold so I will post my recent happenings like a fan fiction chapter by chapter.

I restarted my HeartGold as I with excitement started the game as I quit the last one because of cheating. It is time for a pure beginning. I picked the male player and named him Ben as short of my name.

I got the call from Prof. Elm as I rushed to the lab I crushed into one hyperactive Marill as soon as I spotted a very pretty young girl. Marill jumped into her arms as she slowly turn and ran. I didn't get a chance to meet her though.

As I entered the lab I felt overwhelmed with swuch knowledge and books as I spotted my second idol Prof. Elm. Besides Oak he was very famous on his reserach on recetnly discovered Pichu. He asked me to visit Mr. Pokemon for some important information. He also let me pick one of those three Pokemon. So I stood in front of the white machine and the glass cover throguh which I could see three Pokeballs.

I decided to pick something different this time so picked...

Chikorita - Male LV 5
Nickname: Chico

I quickly befriend that little felow as I decided to keep him out of the ball so we could share the traveling excitement together. As I left the lab with the helpful Potions I got from the Elms aide, the same pretty girl with her Marill started approaching me.


Alrighty! SO! I beat Red the other night finally! It was an awesome fight and then I got me a Squirtle and Torchic. Yesterday, I went for Groudon and Ho-oh and caught both of them with Dark Balls. I tried going for Zapdos, but... well.. It had red HP, Paralyzed and running out of moves and it STILL drained me of ALL of my balls. :| I'll try again later, I guess. I also got the shiny leaf crown thingy days ago and today I got my 3rd star from the Pokéthlon, but that purple color is... eh. I miss the green card, but oh well! I've also been trying to shoot for a rare Pikachu from the yellow forest, but of course, no luck yet.

Also, my team is now:
Scizor Lv. 84
Pidgeot Lv. 84
Espeon Lv. 85
Weavile Lv. 86
Ampharos Lv. 86
Feraligatr Lv. 87

Now I think I'll go trade some of my Pokémon from Platinum and shoot for the 100 streak at the battle tower so I can get rid of this purple color.


Fear the Deer
Since my last post, Giratina swept through the Sprout Tower. Upon beating the Elder, I immediately went to the Violet Gym to take on the "Bird Man of Violet", Falkner. Mareep's Thundershock beat his team easily. Getting the Togepi Egg, I started down Route 32, battling trainers and wild Pokemon along the way. I did the same in the Union Cave, marveling at the new layout. When I made it to Azalea, I went and met Kurt, and proceeded to the Slowpoke Well, where I fought Team Rocket Admin Lance, who was very easy. In the gym, Mareep evolved. After beating the "Bug Master of Azalea", Bugsy, I went back into Union cave to evolve Totodile. When I went to leave the town to venture through Ilex Forest, my Rival decides he's going to challenge me. It wasn't even a fair fight, as Giratina swept his team. The Farfetch'd puzzle was challeging, but I managed to figure it out and got Cut. I had my PCP in my party, so I got the Notched-Ear Pichu. It was at this point I figured I'd teach Flaaffy headbutt for old time's sake, and the first Pokémon that dropped from a tree was a Pineco, which I caught to raise to a Forretress to trade to Steven. I managed to make it to Goldenrod, where I subsequently fought and beat the "Crybaby of Goldenrod", Whitney. I stopped here for the night, and then this morning I did my first bug-catching contest in Heart Gold. Got third place with a Lv.14 Scyther, who I began to train. And that is where I am: Training Scyther. Oh, and I got a Shining Leaf on my Croconaw by pure chance.

Current team:
Croconaw(M) Lv.20
Giratina(U) Lv.20
Flaaffy(M) Lv.20
Scyther(M) Lv.18
Rattata(F) Lv.4
Notched-Ear Pichu(F) Lv.30

EDIT: Well, I finished training Scyther to the level of my other Pokémon. When I made it to Ecruteak, I simply went to the former Brass Tower and battled my Rival. Suprisingly, Croconaw beat his team easily. I then released the trio of legends into the wild, and made my way out. After a rather...interesting experience in the gym, I beat the "Ghost trainer of Ecruteak", Morty. I made my way south to see if I missed anything, and lo and behold: Entei appears! I had Scyther out, so I used False Swipe on it, not risking the chance of knocking it out. I repeated this several times, even finding Raikou in the process. I made my way, afterwards, to Olivine City to meet Jasmine in the lighthouse. That was quite easy, though I love the new lighthouse layout. I then made my way into the sea to get to Cianwood. It was a rather uneventful trip, with the occasional Tentacool popping up. I noticed that the cave leading to Route 47 was blocked off, so I simply made my way north to battle Eusine, who actually defeated Croconaw, only to have to deal with Giratina. After some training, I went and battled the "Fighting Champ of Cianwood", Chuck. He actually switched out his Primeape for his Poliwrath, seeing as how Croconaw knew Surf. When I got fly, I went to Ecruteak, not Olivine, so I could get Croconaw to Lv.30. When it evolved, I went back to Olivine, I gave Jasmine the secretpotion I had picked up before going in the gym in Cianwood. I then went to battle the "Soft-hearted Steel Trainer of Olivine", who fell easily to Giratina, despite it not having any moves that could do a lot of damage. I proceeded to go to the Lake of Rage to battle the Red Gyarados, who I caught after a short battle. I met up with the Champion, and then flew back to Mahogany. That's where I am: Battling Rockets in their hideout.

Current Team:
Feraligatr(M) Lv.31
Giratina(U) Lv.30
Ampharos(M) Lv.30
Scyther(M) Lv.30
Rattata(F) Lv.4
Pidgeotto(M) Lv.15
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JTgamer's Last 24 Hours on Soul Sliver
  • Got 7 badges
  • Currently battling Team Rocket at the Goldenrod Radio Tower
  • 11 Hours of gameplay
  • 29 Pokemon caught


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- Went through Seafoam Islands
- Caught a couple of Pikachus in Viridian Forest
- Obtained Lt. Surge's Phone Number
- Obtained Sabrina's Phone Number

Alright, currently planning to soft reset for a Shiny Articuno... With Pokeradar at DPPt broke at around 20 and no luck in finding random ones, I have to get one new shiny!


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Finally got my game today!
- Got Totodile as my starter (male)
- Transfered over my planned team from platinum.
- Got through the sprout tower.
- Beat Falkner.
- Got through the Slowpoke well.
- Beat Bugsy.
- Togpei hatched! (Kinda early, but since I have a Slugma on my team...)
- Beat my rival!

Getting through the Ilex forest now. :) Dang Farfetch'd!

Sailor Saturn

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My game finally came yesterday. Didn't have too much time to play, but:

-Chose the girl character, and I am so darn cute.
-Chose Totodile as my starter
-Got my 'gear and chose the red skin with yellow stars
-Got the running shoes. Love not having to hold down the button.
-Started on Elm's errand
-Got to Mr Pokemon's house, collecting my Apricorn Case and apricorns along the way. Haven't been challenged to any trainer battles. Hmmm, problem?
-Got my 'dex

That's about it. Loving the game and the new touch screen features. I look forward to playing much more over the weekend.
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