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Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. lethal Xsanity

    lethal Xsanity Well-Known Member

    Lx entry 9

    I've done so so much..
    Well I've been actively Trading alot,
    Decided to do a tradeback with my Dusclops with the Reaper Cloth whom which I caught with the Pokewalker. Thus making it not so useless :)
    I now have a Wicked Dusknoir
    Trained it to Lvl45, Spent some time in the Pokeathlon,DOMINATING if I may say so myself.
    Got a Heartscale,And I also noticed they had a Kings Rock for sale hmm.
    I used the Heartscale to teach Dusknoir Ice Punch,so He is gonna be very helpful against Lance and the Rest of the Elite Four :)
    So,I did get the Kings Rock later that Night..3am..and Trained Poliwhirl up to Lvl 40! Instead of Evolving it to a Poliwrath,( Who I can easily get later on) I'm planning on turning it into a Politoad!
    I never had one,But it looks raw.
    This got me thinking,There is another Kings Rock in this game but where?
    well well well..I went to Slowpoke well,got the Kings Rock and so I thought.. Might as well catch a Slowpoke.
    Got one Lvl 6 :)
    I already have a Lvl 45 Slowbro on my team.
    And this Slowking,whom I never had before aswell,will be very cool :)
    Still planning on doing Tradebacks soon..
    Also went to the GLC before going to bed and Found me a Shiny Graveler,got it in exchange for my Phanpy!
    Now I have a Shiny Golem,and I do not want it. lol.
  2. mgbguy

    mgbguy Doo-doo-doo~~

    Since I mostly finished my SS game, I decided to quickly breed for a Pursuit Larvitar. Even though I only had a 31 Atk IV Ditto to use, I figured I'd try for an Adamant Larv' with not-pathetic speed. The first male one I got with decent speed, had 31 Speed IVs. I didn't expect to get such a good one, so I'm happy with my new Larvitar!
  3. mgbguy

    mgbguy Doo-doo-doo~~

    Since I mostly finished my SS game, I decided to quickly breed for a Pursuit Larvitar. Even though I only had a 31 Atk IV Ditto to use, I figured I'd try for an Adamant Larv' with not-pathetic speed. The first male one I got with decent speed, had 31 Speed IVs AND 31 Atk IVs. I didn't expect to get such a good one, so I'm happy with my new Larvitar!
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2010
  4. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    Sorry for the long delay. Finally got my hands on a Modest Togepi, a friend gave it to me for a great trade. It's now a Togekiss and so far leading my team :/ . But I've beaten all of the Kanto gyms and now have to train for Red. Until then, gaining BP for the move tutor.
  5. Jinglefruit

    Jinglefruit Mad hatter

    Ahthink it's because now they judge the contest based on remaining HP. Pokemon that are easy to catch don't need to be whittled down as much, and since they can be higher levels they have more HP than the always level 13 or 14 Pinsir and Scyther.
    I done the same thing though, and dumped my Metapod in the Daycare, it is level 52. xD

    While checking that I also removed my Delibird from the Daycare. It had eached Level 51, which is 15 levels higher than my most trained pokemon. xDD Atleast given a few TM's and a couple of vitamins he can be a backup for the E4. zP
    Still not taken on Claire, I kept coming close to losing against the gym trainers so I've decided all round level 35 isn't too good. I also came to the conclusion either Electabuzz or Raichu would be helpful against their Horsea line love. Ice just doesn't cut it on them. <_<

    I haven't played a whole lot this week. (Probably a lie, since somehow I have leveled up some 21 pokemon by about 3 levels each, must be playing in my sleep) But I have gone on and called for rematches each day, meaning most of my map wanted to battle this morning. So I punished the map for being violent then went to train my pokemon. zP
  6. lethal Xsanity

    lethal Xsanity Well-Known Member

    Lx Entry 10

    Since this is my 10th Entry, I'm gonna give you an update of my Squad!
    Now, I've been training for the Elite Four,and soon I will decide what my Final Team will be :]
    I just don't feel like facing them yet,I've gotten into trading alot,and I feel incomplete :(
    You'll See why.
    Battling Squad
    Lvl 45 Slowbro
    Lvl 45 Weepinbell
    Lvl 45 Magmar
    Lvl 45 Electabuzz
    Lvl 45 Dusknoir
    Lvl 45 Totodile
    Lvl 40 Cyndaquil
    Lvl 40 Growlithe
    Lvl 40 Pinsir
    Lvl 40 Ampharos
    Lvl 40 Tangrowth
    Lvl 40 Poliwhirl ( With Kings Rock )
    Lvl 40 Koffing
    Lvl 40 Heracross

    In Training
    Lvl 32 Gligar
    Lvl 23 Steelix
    Lvl 22 Staryu

    Future Training
    Lvl 1 Chikorita*
    Lvl 1 Bulbasaur*
    *Got these in a Trade last night :)

    Lvl 5 Eevee
    Lvl 5 Slowpoke ( With Kings Rock )
  7. SpecialAcez

    SpecialAcez Cool X Dangerous

    I was having a great time at the Battle Hall till my streak ended at 139 because a Focus-Sashed Scizor used Counter and Bullet Punch on my Garchomp.
  8. Cosmar

    Cosmar < Aww.

    SoulSilver: EV-trained the rest of my Pokémon, though I haven't leveled them up since I'm thinking of sending them over to my recently obtained HeartGold (once I have enough Gym Badges). Or I might EV train a Heracross and a Chinchou, since I'd rather use Johto Pokémon in HG and I haven't used those two before anyway.

    I'm currently evolving Pokémon and raising money by challenging the E4 over and over again. Also I finally got a Yanma, so I'll evolve it later.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2010
  9. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    chose to restart my newly beaten HG, due to only having 5 pokemon at start of kanto and being 15 lvls under Surge's pokemon. Chose totodile this time and plan on waiting to beat red in SS so i can trade over a fire and grass starter.

    in soul silver i chose cyndaquil and caught a pidgey, i am now lvling up pidgey before i start taking on the trainers. i also caught a hoothoot because i thought of using it insted of pidgey, but chose against it.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2010
  10. Gold Altaria

    Gold Altaria Active Member

    Doing Battle Factory in need for a Razor Fang for a Gliscor :L
  11. Glue

    Glue Snorunt = cool ^o^

    I recently got my Furret, Parasect, and Feraligatr up to lv 62 each and decided I would youse my lv 79 dragonite and train random pokemon I have in my pc. I wanted an Umbreon so I got my lv 5 eevee and tamed it to umbreon which evolved at lv 43 =_=, I finally got it after hours at Mt. Silver yay! Then I got Jolteon and Vaporeon to lv 20
  12. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    HeartGold: Did the Arceus event thanks to a friend who loaned me his Arceus. Much to my dismay, it was a Hall of Origin Arceus, which means he hacked it, but whatever, it just means I can do it again with a TRU Arceus, am I right? Though I don't know whether to do Dialga or Palkia, but whatever. Also, that same friend gave me a Treecko named Leif. His future is up in the air, but whatever, that's one less Hoenn starter I need.

    SoulSilver: After a semi-hiatus from the game, I trained all my guys to level 40 (except Coal, he's level 42 just for Flamethrower) and am now ready to travel to Kanto and the Pokemon League.

    I'm actually considering not doing the Kanto half of the game and just trading my team over to HG when I'm the Champion, and restarting once Sightseeing becomes available and trying hand at catching a Torchic. Then again, maybe not.
  13. lethal Xsanity

    lethal Xsanity Well-Known Member

    LX Entry 11

    Well now that Serebii isn't Crashing for me, I can give an Update!
    I Battled with a Friend just to check out my Elite 4 team,and although I did take out 3 of his Pokemon,that Means he took out all 6 of mine.
    Probably gonna make some changes before I actually face the Elite 4.
    Did a couple Trade backs, Evolved Poliwhirl and Slowpoke ;)
    I now have a Politoed! Which I love.
    Slowking is looking pretty good,It has Decreased speed,Not so happy about that but his name is SlowKing.
    Therefore the KING of slow,and honestly,he is the Slowest Pokemon I've ever had.
    I then traded a Lvl 32 Machoke for a Lvl 13 Scizor to the same guy I battled.
    I love it's serious Nature, I get tired of the Stat deductors so every once in a while I like to see these Natures that don't affect a thing.
    Definently a future star of my team,I've been training it,it's at Lvl 32 Now,and with Pokerus his stats are Insane.
    I also Trained Slowking a bit,got it to Lvl 27,Probably gonna give him Mass Training Tomorrow Night if I'm not tired or the Next day.
    At the same time Politoad is now at Lvl 45.
    He's definently gonna tag along with my team when I head to kanto,which Means I'm gonna retire Slowbro from my team.
    Still thinking if I'll bring Slowking,but i'll decide once I beat the E4.

    I also traded my Shiny Golem for a Lvl 60 Baton Pass Scizor because I had no Biters on Golem,and this Scizor might buy me a Legendary.
    soon...soon my precious..
    Probably No update tomorrow! Got a Long day of work ahead.
    No play time for me.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2010
  14. DelilahZombie

    DelilahZombie dance party!

    got muh 8th badge & XTREMESPEEEEED dratiniii, caught a girl dratini, got errrybody in my main team to level 40, got some heart scalez, gonna teach muh mantine signal beam, cos it looks cool when you do it! I'm not going to start working on getting to Kanto & The Elite Four for awhile until I evolve/train some of the Pokemon I neglect in my PC. I really want to collect some electric Pokemon, and I really want the Ice Beam TM, so I've been playing lots and lots and lots of card flip :(. I consistently get to level 5 and then lose :(. I'm also gonna breed some eevee's!! OMGG!! My heart is in West Virginia until Saturday, so I'm going to play Pokemon the entire time he is away so I do not die from loneliness. KTHNKS POKEMON FOR SAVING MY LIFE<3.
  15. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    Well, at least it's easier to win coins in Voltorb Flip than in the slots, and impossible to lose all your coins... Still, I wish the Game Corner had both games.

    Well anyway, back to this entry in my "Soul Silver Diary"...


    Let's see, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, Blackthorn City. Well, I haven't battled Clair yet--I want to get my team to level 40 before doing so. Speaking of team, I've decided to hold off on training my Misdreavus and Staryu for a while, until I get their evolution stones. (Come on Tully, gimme that Water Stone already!)

    As an alternative way to look for said evolution stones, I entered the Pokeathlon several times. I even got a few medals in the process--one in every area except Skill. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get first place on the skill course, mainly because I suck at Snow Throw and always get the lowest challenge bonus. But at least I'm slowly earning points there, and the mini-games are much more fun to play than Voltorb Flip. I think in order to get Ice Beam TM's and whatnot, I'll have to migrate them... which I can't do until at least I beat the Elite Four.

    I think I mentioned last time that I used the Move Rememberer to teach my Persian Switcheroo. After a bit of Switcherooing on Route 39, she finally found a Metal Coat! (stole it from a Magnemite) And of course a few Moo Moo Milks from every Miltank that appeared before then. So just yesterday I gave the Metal Coat to my Scyther and put him in the GTS, using that special GTS trick to evolve him. In the process I traded a Sunflora for a Wobbuffet. (It wasn't much of a loss--I had an unused Sunkern sitting in my box, and about 4 Sun Stones I won from Bug-Catching Contests.)

    After my Scyther evolved, I took him to the Move Rememberer and taught him Bullet Punch. Then I trained him in the Ice Path a bit--he got all the way to level 39 in one sitting, KO'ing most foes with a single Bullet Punch (or Slash in Golbat's case).

    I also did an in-game trade in Goldenrod City--a Drowzee for a Machop. I didn't really need a Machop, but I wanted it for its Macho Brace. So with that in hand, I took a few Pokemon to the Sprout Tower one night and did some EV training. I didn't have a whole lot of time, but at least it was something.

    Also recently, my Eevee finally evolved to Umbreon! I bred him with my Ditto and made four eggs, which I proceeded to hatch along with four "mystery eggs" sitting in one of my boxes. (It's a good thing I caught that Magmar--his Flame Body ability really helped here.) The baby Eevees all knew Return from their father, and I gave them all nicknames corresponding to what I wanted to evolve them to (Undine, Spike, Incendio, Oracle). I also renamed my Umbreon to Anubis, figuring it would make more sense than Mikey, the name he had before.

    The four mystery eggs turned out to be baby Meowths. (Aww...) I think they were the offspring of my Persian and Stantler, because they all knew Hypnosis.
  16. lethal Xsanity

    lethal Xsanity Well-Known Member

    LX Entry 12

    Time to Unwind from work..ugh..
    Gonna go Heartscale hunting!
    Once that's done I might do the Pokeathlon to get more HeartScales,Stones,or King Rocks for a Friend. :]
    Hm...are King Rocks the proper plural form for Kings Rock? haha.
    Sounds Odd.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2010
  17. DelilahZombie

    DelilahZombie dance party!

    That is so true, card flip is the only casino game i've ever been able to play in the history of the pokemon games, i wish i could just buy coins though :(.

    BUT SERIOUSLY, i got a victreebelll, some tangelas, a lickitung, an ampharaoz, and a pidgeot, then i was tired of that and did pokeathalon stuff for awhile. i'm really mad at my boyfrran, so i'm not going to play pokemon today and i'm going to go flirt with other boys at a bar somewhere. .... i mean i have to breed some eevee's and a new mantine... <3. i still need an electric pokemon, or something that knows electric moves. i move tutored arcainine and now he knows thunder fang, but i'm not very satisfied with that. i took a very long break between platinum and heartgold, and i think i forgot all the things i knew about pokemon moves & stuff :( it's tragic.
  18. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    @Delilah Zombie: If you want an Electric-type, Raichu has the most overall power with Light Ball equipped, but Electivire has the most overall coverage.

    Anyway, I beat Blue after much training at the E4, and then started training at Mt. Silver for Red. I encountered a larvitar, which I so dearly wanted to catch, but the little guy wouldn't budge. So I blew him away with eruption. Maybe next time he'll learn to stay caught. My friend and I battled, and I won on account that I EV trained my pokemon, otherwise it was pretty fair.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2010
  19. DelilahZombie

    DelilahZombie dance party!

    OH SWEET, WHY DON'T YOU TRADE ME. i'll trade you my stantler <3
  20. MissFrederick

    MissFrederick Well-Known Member

    I bought the game yesterday because my exams were over yesterday. I haven't again today yet. But yesterday, I got my starter (Male Cyndiquil, named Masaru,) beat Sprout Tower and Violet Gym. I then caught myself a Mareep and a Bellsprout. I then beat Team Rocket in Slowpoke Well, and I'm going to challenge Azalea Gym soon. Did I mention I beat my rival both times I encountered him? I may have overlevelled my Pokemon slightly.
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