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Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Dawn_Hero

    Dawn_Hero Written Insanity~

    Ahahaha, yeah. I thought it'd be funner to call it Lunar for irony, plus I thought that'd be a fun name for something at the time.

    Anyways, I JUST finished beating Blue (It's so hard not to call him Gary for some reason >.<) with my team and now I'm taking a break before I run off to Mt. Silver. All the Kanto gym leaders were way too easy, but I'm not complaining. Running through and fighting every trainer/gym leader in this region really leveled up my Pokemon. Once I beat Red I'm gonna download the Enigma Crystal event and SR for a Timid Latias with decent IVs because I really want to train a Latias for once.

    Well, here's my current team now:
    -Lava ;157; Lvl. 56
    -Bat ;169; Lvl. 50
    -Scythe ;212; Lvl. 55
    -Lunar ;196; Lvl. 55
    -Serpent ;230; Lvl. 55
    -Draco ;149; Lvl. 60 ​

    For the first time, I haven't leveled up my Pokemon equally. ._. I stopped training Bat because he's served his purpose and won't do anything for me against Red. Then I totally fell in love with Draco once it evolved to Dragonite, so I leveled it to 60... Now I'm just gonna fight my way up to Red and once I get there, use my seven rare candies to level up my Pokemon a bit more and take him on. Here goes nothing.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2010
  2. S.Bustathedog

    S.Bustathedog What's this for? ^

    WOW, so I haven't played in like 2 months (I was moving and crap) and my last post was on page 153....

    Well I just started HG and I still need my first badge, I've just been training my new totodile like crazy so that when I trade over my breed pokemon it isn't such a low level.

    Team ATM

    Totodile/Tiger Level 12

    I still need to get him to level 15 and get the first gym badge AND catch 5 pokemon then I'll be able to trade over my other pokemon, which are all level 15, once i've done that I'll post again

    See you in like another 30 pages *waves*
  3. MissFrederick

    MissFrederick Well-Known Member

    I've just been training up my Pokemon really. I've actually got eleven Pokemon trained up fully (as in, they're all the same Level.) They're all Level 89, nearly 90. I'm kind of doing it slowly but surely. I've actually been getting into the Battle Frontier. I've managed to beat the Battle Hall Matron twice now (50-win streak that is.) And I managed to beat the Brain in the Battle Arcade. I find it pretty fun. I could never really get into it when I played Diamond. I've also managed to get my shoes in the Pokeathlon Museum and the flag for the set amount of switches. I'm hoping to get the entering Pokeathlon 50 times soon (12 to go.) But I'm kind of enjoying the Battle Frontier. My 11 trained Pokemon consist of my original team (Typhlosion, Red Gyarados, Victreebel, Ampharos, Gengar, and Togekiss) and some others I trained for the heck of it (Dragonite, Absol, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Blastoise.)

    Despite the fact I've practically done so much in the game. I'm still finding ways to enjoy it.
  4. ForteAnly

    ForteAnly Well-Known Member

    I just made it trough the Ice Cave and made it to Blackthorne City. I received my effort ribbons from the Ribbon Lady since I EV trained my team. I challenged Clair and her flunkies and won. Right now I'm heading to the Dragon's Den to get my ES Dratini.
  5. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I really want to restart my SS, but I just cannot decide on a final team. Ughhhm its too hard.
  6. Shimama

    Shimama .the~desert~spirit.

    So all I've been doing is training my team up to level 30 so we can take on Chuck. I have to say - I'm extremely proud of all of them. :D They're really becoming powerful and are such amazing Pokemon. So here's my team with a bit more in-depth info (in a spoiler so you don't have to scroll forever xD):

    Sunni [Quilava]
    Level 31
    Modest nature
    Brick Break
    Flame Wheel

    *I am still working on her moves, but I'll be able to be more creative with what I teach her after she levels up a bit more - notably after she evolves into Typhlosion. :>

    Fang [Zangoose]
    Level 30
    Rash nature
    Night Slash
    Swords Dance

    Blizzard [Absol]
    Level 30
    Mild nature
    Ice Beam
    Zen Headbutt
    Swords Dance

    Topaz [Flareon]
    Level 30
    Docile nature
    Giga Impact

    Saphira [Seviper]
    Level 30
    Bashful nature

    October [Ninetales]
    Level 30
    Calm nature
    Energy Ball

    Morohtar [Luxray]
    Level 30
    Naughty nature
    Thunder Fang
    Charge Beam

    Kiba [Mightyena]
    Level 30
    Adamant nature
    Ice Fang
    Odor Sleuth

    Nausicaa [Growlithe]
    Level 30
    Brave nature
    Fire Fang

    Valefor [Umbreon]
    Level 30
    Serious nature
    Dark Pulse
    Confuse Ray
    Quick Attack
    Sand Attack

    Raina [Trapinch]
    Level 30
    Bashful nature
    Faint Attack
    Sand Tomb
    Rock Smash *This will become Fly eventually*

    Ponyo [Seel]
    Level 16
    Ice Shard
    Icy Wind

    Stormi [Treecko]
    Level 1
    Aerial Ace

    EDIT: Just kidding, I guess I don't know how to do spoiler tags. D:
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2010
  7. Orepheus

    Orepheus Member

    I have been hatching eggs for a decent Aron for my Battle Frontier team. If anyone paid any attention to my posts they will have realized that I don't really like to use OU Pokemon as it makes the game too easy I find; However I am using a Flygon on my Frontier team but that's because it's awesome. I am also training an awesome Gardevoir. It has 31 IVs in special attack and special defense, so proud of myself.
  8. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I decided to battle the Elite Four again this morning to gain some experience and money. I spent a lot of money on Ultra Balls recently for the Latios event so I needed to restock the Bag. Had some trouble with Lance but the others were all easy to beat so I was able to gain several levels with just one challenge lol. Bought 60 Ultra Balls and set my eyes on Moltres on Mt. Silver's interior cave. I've left Moltres there for a special occasion and now I was able to challenge it with enough Balls to catch it. I used the old Sleep strategy, I brought a Noctowl with Hypnosis and I put Moltres to sleep but it didn't last too long and soon Noctowl fainted. Had to have Armaldo use False Swipe several times until Moltres was weak enough to catch. Caught it with an Ultra Ball and nicknamed it "Phoenix". Saved.
  9. MetaPheonixPal

    MetaPheonixPal Well-Known Member

    No progress on SoulSilver.

    I transferred over the items, watts, and Pokemon from my Pokewalker to Heartgold. I then went to the Trainer House and got some BP. I tried to capture the roaming Latias with my Wobbuffet, from Firered, that was unable to capture Raikou because it roared and there is a glitch where if it roars it is gone forever. It worked out okay, mirrort coat got it to just the right amount of HP but the battle went on for so long that it struggled to death. It was a good thing I saved right before. I gave some White Apricorns to Kurt to make some Fast Balls which worked better against Latias. So now I just wait while I do other things.

    Tomorrow I plan to capture Latios from the Enigma Stone event since I got my Timid Synchronizer.
  10. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    Found and exit from Union Cave that leads to the Ruins of Alph! Also caught some unown after doing two puzzles.
  11. Evil Quagsire

    Evil Quagsire Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny

    Started a new game on Soul Silver four days ago. Got one badge, and the weirdest damn team I've ever had. I just cleared Slowpoke Well with a Togepi and Hoppip. Damn why did they give Togepi Extrasensory to start with?

    Sir Gator the Totodile - Lv. 16
    Water Gun

    Eggbert the Togepi - Lv. 15

    I....I don't know why, but Togepi is a murderbeast.

    Peppermint the Hoppip - Lv. 16
    Sleep Powder
    Tail Whip

    Nikolai the Zubat - Lv. 15
    Leech Life
  12. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    Just caught Zapdos. After 15 ultra balls I had a total of 1 shake. Next ball, caught. I've allso caught Magmar, Rhyhorn and Clamperl. And a Lanturn I had was holding a DeepSeaScale! Seems Im getting luckier and luckier.
    In the Dragons Den I fished out a level 40 Dratini now a Dragonair. I also found a level 9 adamant Dratini! Done the battle vs. Lance and Clair and now searching for more items in the ruins of Alph.
  13. swampertlover5712

    swampertlover5712 True Love Never Dies

    Haven't been on here for a long time . . .
    Anyway! I defeated all of the 16 gym leaders and caught Raikou, (Saber) Lugia (TidalWing) Latios (Eon) by sheer luck on my third encounter with it. Now I'm busy training for my upcoming battle with Red.
    And I will surely get me a** kicked, but whatever. ;)
  14. MD1985

    MD1985 New Member

    Just started this game with a totodile. Going to use this game for SRing for several pokemon.

    Completing my pokedex. Got all Kanto pokemon and finishing the Johto pokemon. Only need a Timid legit UT Celebi and need to breed a Tyrogue with some moves it cant learn by levelling up. Currently levelling up Pupitar into Tyranitar. Going to rebattle Misty now. Then going to start with the Hoenn starters. Already got a treecko, grovyle, mudkip, marshtomp, torchic and blaziken. Going to breed the missing starters from this set.
  15. ForteAnly

    ForteAnly Well-Known Member

    I just received a Quiet ES Dratini from the elder and afterward went to go capture Raikou and Entei the hard way with no master ball. It took a little bit but with Hypnosis and Mean Look from my Gengar and False Swipe from my Pinsir it did not take too long for those two to submit. I received the Master Ball from Elm and went to capture Ho-Oh in the Bell Tower. Climbed my way up and challenged Ho-Oh. After several turns of sleep powder from my Venusaur; Ho-Oh finally submitted in a Ultra Ball. From there on did some last minute things in Johto and headed to Kanto towards the Indigo Plateau. Made it to the Indigo Plateau and leveled up my pokemon so they can face the Elite Four.

    Current Team:

    -;157; Lv. 45
    -;003; Lv.45
    -;062; Lv.45
    -;036; Lv.45
    -;034; Lv.45
    -;149; Lv.55
  16. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    Harvested items from the Ruins of Alph and Cerulean cave. Caught Sinnoh sound pokemon, Electabuzz and Kriketot. Pokedex has reached 150 in 146:00 hours.
  17. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I downloaded the Enigma Stone the other day, and went to SR for a nice Latias. On maybe the 30th SR, I got a Bold Latias with 31 / x / 31 / 28 / 30 / 25.

    Very satisfied.

    Now I'm clearing off SS, to restart for a Normal monotype challenge.

    Furret (later replaced by Tauros)
    Bibarel (later replaced by Miltank)
  18. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    I beat the Champion.It was soo easy.I used:
    Feraligatr[Massacre]-lvl 49
    Ninetales[Rabies]-lvl 48
    Lugia[Yin]-lvl 49...I don't usually use legendaries but Lugia is just amazing,plus,offensively is not that impressive...But Aeroblast is the best move ever!
    and the HM slaves:
    Red Gyarados[Felippe]
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I managed to find a Helix Fossil in a rock while I used Rock Smash late last night. I decided to revive it in Pewter City's Museum of Science and I got a pretty good Omanyte that I nicknamed "Star". I went to train it so I attached an Exp Share to it and made the climb to Mt. Silver to battle Red for experience and once again, more cash since I've run out. The battle was intense because I could only use five Pokemon and one was an HM slave (Bibarel). Pikachu was easily beaten by Typhlosion's Earthquke but Lapras and Snorlax didn't surrender even with Raichu's Focus Blast and Bellossom's Drain Punch. Had to use Arceus for those two and then the others were a breeze once Arceus was in the game. Only bad thing is that my other Pokemon didn't get experience. The game ended and credits rolled. When I started again. Omanyte only gained 8 levels, not much to impress me so I flew to Victory Road to train some more.
  20. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    Just restarted my SoulSilver file, named myself Matthew, and chose Totodile. It was a female, I nicknamed it Jesselina, even though I won't use it. I made it to Mr. Pokemon's House, and got the Mystery Egg. I just beat my Rival Paul. Going to catch some pokemon to trade for the eggs on my Platinum.

    EDIT: Currently training the pokemon that hatched from the eggs.

    Sentret level 5
    Cleffa level 5
    Igglybuff level 5
    Aipom level 5
    Slakoth level 5
    Bidoof level 5
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2010
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