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Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

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Iridium Trainer
Just attempted the Elite four Round two;
flew through the first three, OHKO'ing almost every pokemon up until Karen.
Her Spiritomb gave me some trouble; managed to KO it with my Electabuzz's thunder attack eventually.
Managed to One hit KO her Houndoom with a slightly underleveled Garchomp's earthquake attack.
Then her Umbreon managed to rip through most of my team before I almost KO'd it, unfortunately resulting in Karen using a full restore :( then she quickly finished off the rest of my team XD

Calm PokeMaster

Well-Known Member
Currently getting enough steps so that I can start trying to catch Beldum on the Pokewalker....simply shaking it to get steps is all I can do due to a broken right ankle.

I am also trying to get 48 BP for the Calm Mind TM which I can teach to my Latias.

Once I get the Beldum, I will start breeding for Adamant, as my Frontier team will consist of Metagross,Latias and Snorlax.

Also recently finished EV Training Snorlax and Latias; curetnly levelling my other Pokes outside MT Silver.


I recently started playing SoulSilver again, my old Japanese copy since I wanted to get some stuff on there finished with. I obtained the NZone Manaphy from the PokeMart, since I forgot to pick it up months ago after having received it's Wonder Card. I deposited it and withdrew the Gengar I had been saving for a rainy day and started training it against some of the Gym Leaders I had waiting for me in Saffron City's dojo. I challenged Lt Surge first since his Pokemon are some of the toughest I've encountered. I beat his Raichu with Gengar's Shadow Ball, and then switched around between Magnezone, Golem, Meganium, and Mewtwo to defeat his Pachirisu, Electivire, and all those other Pokemon. I managed to level Gengar up a level, which is pretty good considering I hadn't trained it in so long. Battled Morty next, and won thanks to the Ghost-type advantage. Saved after those battles.


Active Member
I just beat Red last night with my pokemon all on levels 67 - 69. Although, I used 10 or so full restores in a row on my lapras because of Red's Venosaurs giga drain. Finally beat them which was good, cause there was no way I wanted to go back to the bottom of mt silver to train my pokemon up more. Now I'm sitting infront of Charmanders pokeball, SR to get a shiny.. It's moments like these I realise I have NO patience!


Hot Drops
Defeated Whitney with Croconaw & Sunflora, Miltank was a pain again. Now I'm waiting for the Bug Catching Contest and will train some.

Croconaw lvl 20
Sunflora lvl 19
Yanma lvl 17
Noctowl lvl 22
Furret lvl 21


The ONLY Emokitty!
Started Soul Silver Yesterday and... Not much done on it. I chose Cynderquil as my Starter, nicknamed it Burst and trained that to Level 11 now. I also caught Ratatta nicknamed Rush, just so I could use the Pokewalker, cause I could.

Did all the crap for Prof. Elm, got Pokedex, Delivered the Egg and am ready to head out from Cherrygrove (?) to Violet City.

Plans to fulfill before reaching Violet City:

  • Catch Mareep
  • Catch Bellsprout to Trade for Onix
  • Train Mareep & Cynderquil to at least Level 15
  • Catch Bellsprout for the Onix Trade later in Violet.


New Member
On my SS: Breeding some pokes for a new team to send to Platinum when I restart it. I'm planning on having theses guys on my team:;430;;350;;233;;477;;407; and the event;151;. I still have to breed a new porygon and murkrow. I'm going to send mew over and use it as a starter, and I'll ev train the others and then ev mew later.


New Member
Almost beat HG in a Week. Now currently training my Eevee into an Umbreon, annoying since she just won't evolve. :\

Kuragari Sama

Blaine called me and said there was a problem on Cinnabar Island...


After 10,000 years I'm free! Time to conquer....


This had me loling for a while. xD
Anyway, cool story bro.

As for my journey through HeartGold, I'm currently seeking a new flying pokemon to replace my Pidgeot. Just went and caught myself a Dratini just in case I want a Dragonite. Though I'm not sure.
Any suggestions?


Well-Known Member
At the moment, I'm training up my event Mew and 7 Eevee, one for each eeveelution. It's taking a while. ^^'' Also trying for a shiny Articuno, but that little quest is on hold as I became frustrated with soft resetting. So...countless Elite 4 runs to level up those Eevee.


You can't stop me
Pokemon SoulSilver Journal Entry 1

I re-started my Pokemon SoulSilver game for the 3rd time. I received a Totodile from Professor Elm. So I headed out for Cherrygrove City, and then onwards to Mr. Pokemon's house. I got my Pokedex and the Mystery Egg. After that, I headed back to the lab, and upon leaving Cherrygrove, I was stopped by a "Passerby Boy", to battle. I beat him easily, ran back to the lab, and named him Noah. Right now I am in Violet City. My current team is:

diamond trainer

Well-Known Member
Didnt do much because i have been real busy but ive managed to train my altaria to my teams level. I caught suicune in cape cove, and also got mew in mystery gift. currently traveling in route 12 to lavender town.


The ONLY Emokitty!
I've just got out of Ilex Forest after beating Falkner, Team Rocket, Bugsy & My Rival.
My Egg hatched in Ilex Forest and I nicknamed him Lunge. Weird name for a Togepi no?

I've also just reached the Daycare Centre.

Anyway, my team stands as follows;

  • Burst (Quilava) ;156; - Level 18
  • Kangaskhan ;115; - Level 14
  • Thrash (Flaaffy) ;180; - Level 17
  • Lunge (Togepi) ;175; - Level 2


From Zero To Hero
I'm just about to restart my SS file, haven't touched it in months, it was getting pretty boring. My planned team is;


*never used before.

Looking at Jumpluff's stats, I may begin to regret training one, so if worst comes to worst, I'll EV train it in Sp. Attack, give its attacks some kick.


I've been battling random trainers and Gym Leaders in SoulSilver to pass the time and gain some experience. I had been attempting to level up my Gengar since I want to use it against some of the trainers at the Johto Battle Frontier, so I went ahead and kept fighting the Gym Leaders at the Saffron City dojo. I then decided to withdraw my Shiny Raikou and Togekiss to train them up as well. Gave all three Pokemon a Lucky Egg so that they'd gain double the experience, and set off to work by battling Bugsy several times today since I could just call him for another rematch via PokeGear haha. Leveled up 6 levels each within about 5 battles. Not too bad.
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I was at the battle hall and gave a go with it with my Jolteon:

-Signal Beam
-Shadow Ball
-Thunder Wave

I was getting ready to totally pwn with this moveset becuase it is so awesome! Speed is amazing with and extra 200Spe EV's! Surprising I went down only at 50! Facing a torterra I used signal beam as it used rest and sleep talk. Torterra 1HKO'd me with wood hammer and It's own recoil fainted itself. Dammit, I usually give jolteon focus sash but it didn't have on this time.
Next time, I'm prepared to go far.


Well-Known Member
I just got my event Mew. The wifi doesn't work at my home, so I had to go to a friend's house to get it.
It feels strange to suddenly own the pokemon I have longed for since the day I restarted my pkmn gold save back in the 2nd gen days... I was 6 years old then, and I don't remember much more than the fact that I save/turn off-copied my mew so that I had more 6 level 100 mews. :)
And now, Mew goes into box 18 together with Mewtwo and all the other high-leveled pokemon. When I have beat the league, I'll train it.

Right now I am in the slowpoke well, taking care of team rocket.
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