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Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

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I'm EV training my perfect Defense/near perfect Special Attack Lugia before I go off to the Elite 4. I'll probably just fall back on it, because I'd like the rest of my team to level up more. Can't wait to head back to Kanto for round two! I've stopped having Kurt making apricorns for me because I want to save them for Pokeathlon stats.


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Just failed on my first attempt at the elite four.... Stupid Lance, I don't have an Ice attack so its pointless. I could only take out his Gyarados due to my Amphy, but still. I had a hard time, and just decided to give in. My team when I battled him was,

Feraligatr Lvl 42
Pidgeot Lvl 37
Espeon Lvl 41
Ampharos Lvl 36
Jumpluff Lvl 38
Ursaring Lvl 37

I think I'll train them to 40-45 and I'll try it again... I really need an Ice move for Lance though... Suggestions?


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Since my last update in-game I've:

- Visited Ecruteak City and explored the Burned Tower.
- I traded over my Pikachu-Colored Pichu, Arceus, and Jirachi from Diamond.
- I trained my team on the route to the east of Ecruteak. I also caught a Magnemite, a Tauros, a Miltank, a Farfetch'd, and a Meowth.
- Beat Morty for my 4th gym badge. His Gengar gave my team quite a bit of trouble, but in the end Butterfree managed to beat him.
- Then I headed south back toward Goldenrod, picking Apricots on the way. I also planted some Oran berries in my berry pots to grow for the sick Miltank at the Moo Moo Farm.
- At Goldenrod I tried the lottery, but didn't win anything. I did win 1st prize in the daily prize corner in the department store, the TM No. 57 Charge Beam. I also went and played Voltorb Flip for awhile. I made it to level 7 (the highest level I've made it to) and earned about 2,000 coins.
- I then headed to Olivine City where I visited the Lighthouse and talked to the gym leader.
- I headed off to Cianwood for medicine for the sick Ampharos. Picked up a Tentacool and Krabby on my way. I was a bit disappointed to find that when surfing we still have the same generic sprite instead of getting to see a sprite of the Pokemon we're surfing on. I kind of hoped they might change that.
- In Cianwood I picked up the medicine and saw Suicune, then fought Euisine. I thought I might lose that one.
- At the gym in Cianwood, I beat all the trainers and took down Chuck's Primeape with ease, but his Poliwrath wiped out my whole team.
- Since then I've been training for a rematch. I was rather underleveled to face him. Most of my team were around level 24. Now most of them are around level 30. I also did a trade to evolve my Kadabra into Alakazam. My Flaafy evolved into Ampharos, too. Plus I caught a Tentacruel.

In my Pokewalker I've:

- Unlocked the Rugged Road and Beautiful Beach course. I'm close to unlocking the next course. I also trade over my Jirachi to unlock the Night Sky's Edge course.
- On the Beautiful Beach course with my Oddish, I caught a Sunkern, a Poliwag, and Psyduck. After transferring my Oddish back, a Sunkern randomly decided to join me on my walk so I got an extra Pokemon!
- Now I'm on Night Sky's Edge with my Goldeen. I caught an Onix earlier, and I'm trying to get enough steps to either get a Clefairy or a Jigglypuff.


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...Continuing on from my last post.

- Talked to Jasmine in the lighthouse.
- Travelled to Cianwood.
- Flaaffy evolved into Ampharos during the Eusine fight. Tough battle.
- Fought Chuck for the Storm Badge. Hardest battle yet.
- Safari Zone opened.
- Caught some Pokemon in the SZ.
- Passed first test for the ownership. (Give me customization!!)
- Flew to Olivine.
- Gave the SecretPotion to 'Amphy'.
- Beat Jasmine for the Mineral Badge.
- Flew to Ecruteak.
- Arrived in Mahogany.
- Went to the Lake of Rage.
- Caught the Red Gyarados. 1 SR and got an adament nature!
- Saved.

I can't decide if I want to use the Gyarados, or EV train it later. That would leave 2 slots left, for the Mamoswine and Ursaring I want. Decisions, decisions.

I can't believe I might have another gym battle tonight. 3 in 1 day.
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Meh, I've been playing through the game. Now I'm getting ready to train my team for Red, since they're all around in their 60's now (and I want to be in the 70's at least). Been catching Hoenn Pokemon today because of the Radio show... and found a random Shiny Slowpoke in the Slowpoke Well :D


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Time for an update, yay!!!
- Finished my training along Cianwood, got my team to about 33-34.
- Picked up the Secret Potion
- Fixed up Amphy
- Got access to the Safari Zone
- Beat Jasmine with Quilava
- Headed over to Mt. Mortar, then went to Ecruteak.
- Decided to remove Porygon2 for Gyarados
- Headed to Lake of Rage
- Caught Gyarados on first try
- Took down TR in their Mahogany hideout.
- My Quilava evolved
- Easily beat the 7th gym
- Went to the Radio Tower
- Beat Team Rocket there.
- Now I'm contemplating my next move...

- Lucario level 38: Aura Sphere, Bone Rush, Me First, Rock Smash
- Furret HMSLAVE 18: Surf, Rock Smash, Strength, Cut
- Gyarados level 36: Bite, Ice Fang, Dragon Rage, Aqua Tail
- Pidgeotto level 34: Aerial Ace, Fly, Quick Attack, Twister
- Typhlosion level 39: Flame Wheel, Lava Plume, Dig, Swift
- Ampharos level 37: Discharge, Headbutt, ThunderPunch, ThunderWave



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I figure I should give an update as well, just for the heck of it.

-Finished my training around Azalea Town
-Battled Bugsy and managed to level up my Quilava and my Noctowl in the process

The team has been improving too!

-Quilava, Male, Level 21: Tackle, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel and Ember
-Noctowl (Wol), Male, Level 21: Tackle, Peck, Hypnosis and Growl
-Flaaffy, Female, Level 20: Tackle, Growl, ThunderShock and Thunder Wave
-Oddish, Female, Level 20: Absorb, Acid, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder
-Poliwag (Ollie), Male, Level 20: Water Gun, Bubble, Hypnosis and Double Slap

My next deed is to get my Pokemon off my PokeWalker and turn them into HM Slaves. Then I'll blow out of Azalea Town and get ready for my next gym battle.


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I didn't play much yesterday 'cause I had stuff to do but I was able to accomplish a little. Oh, and my HeartGold guide arrived in the mail about an hour and a half ago so I may get through it faster then before, hopefully.

Continued from last post:

- Finished battling the trainers on Route 34 and made it to Goldenrod City
- Explored around the city and fought the trainers down under the tunnel
- Trained a bit on Route 34 before facing the Goldenrod Gym
- Took down the trainers in the gym easily. They weren't much of a hassle as they could have been
- Faced Whitney and beat her without a hitch, another surprise. Her Clefairy went down easily but her Miltank didn't want to go down at all. She kept using Milk Drink when I would get her down into the yellow or red. She did that about four times before Kangaskhan knocked her out with Rock Smash. Annoying but overall easy.
- Obtained the Plain Badge and grabbed the rest of the stuff I could from Goldenrod.
- Set out on Route 35 to the Pokéathlon Dome and the National Park while fighting trainers.
- Entered in the speed competition of the Pokéathlon and won first place. The Pokéathlon seems pretty fun so I'm definitely stopping there again.
- Participated in the Bug Catching Contest. Caught a Scyther but she didn't place at all, probably 'cause she was caught with so little health left. Still, I caught a Scyther out of it all.
- Headed back to Goldenrod and finished there before heading off to get the next badge.

Current Team:
- Quilava (Docile) Level 20: Ember, Flame Wheel, Tackle, Quick Attack
- Pidgeotto (Hardy) Level 19: Gust, Tackle, Quick Attack, Sand-Attack
- Nidorina (Naive) Level 19: Scratch, Tail Whip, Poison Sting, Double Kick
- Flaaffy (Bold) Level 19: Tackle, Growl, ThunderShock, ThunderWave
- Kangaskhan (Adamant) Level 19: Mega Punch, Headbutt, Cut, Rock Smash
- Scyther (Calm) Level 13: Pursuit, False Swipe, Leer, Focus Energy

Currently: Leaving Goldenrod and moving on to the next city.

What's up next: Catching some new Pokemon, like Growlithe and Abra. Training, definitely. I feel a bit under-leveled right now so hopefully I can raise my team up a few levels. Grinding my Scyther to an appropriate level. Also, getting my final team together. I finally figured out which Pokemon I want on my Elite Four team and beyond so I'm going to start catching them and integrating them into my team. It's going to take a lot of time and grinding but I'll get it done.


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Here we go...

-Exit Ilex Forest with my new spiky-ear Pichu.
-Mom buys an item.
-Mom buys an item.
-Mom buys an item.
-Arrived in Goldenrod.

No joke.


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Just failed on my first attempt at the elite four.... Stupid Lance, I don't have an Ice attack so its pointless. I could only take out his Gyarados due to my Amphy, but still. I had a hard time, and just decided to give in. My team when I battled him was,

Feraligatr Lvl 42
Pidgeot Lvl 37
Espeon Lvl 41
Ampharos Lvl 36
Jumpluff Lvl 38
Ursaring Lvl 37

I think I'll train them to 40-45 and I'll try it again... I really need an Ice move for Lance though... Suggestions?

You didn't keep Ice Fang on Feraligatr?

I'm going to try something new for my posts in this thread. I can't be assed to recall each detail of what goes on in my HeartGold game, so I'll just bullet the important stuff.

-Met Baoba and registered him.
-Healed the sick Miltank, got the Seal Case and some Seals.
-Made it to Olivine City.
-Misa learned Charge Beam.
-Climbed the Lighthouse.
-April evolved into Feraligatr.
-Celsius learned Confuse Ray.
-Accepted the task of retrieving medicine for Amphy.
-Sailed to Cianwood City, battling the Trainers along the way.
-Starscream learned Pluck.
-Saw Suicune again, battled Eusine.
-Collected the SecretPotion.
-Took on the Cianwood Gym. Despite Starscream battling all the Trainers, he saw no action in the battle against Chuck.

Gym Battle #5: VS Chuck

Jango took care of Primeape easily with Shadow Ball and Confusion. I then sent in Misa to take care of Poliwrath, but she fell victim to Chuck's Hypnosis/Focus Punch combo. The good news is Static paralyzed it. Jango was lucky enough to avoid any and all attempts at Hypnosis, which, combined with paralysis, secured the win.

-Got Fly from Chuck's wife, taught it to Starscream.
-Flew back to Olivine to give the SecretPotion to Amphy.
-Jasmine returned to the Gym.
-Took on the Olivine Gym.

Gym Battle #6: VS Jasmine

I led off with Celsius to get him some experience. He experienced parafusion, but overcame it long enough to get him the win against the first Magnemite, though any further attempts to use him became futile, so I count that as a tie. April beat Steelix with two Surfs and the second Magnemite with Dig.

-Baoba called to announce the Safari Zone's opening.
-Traveled Routes 47 and 48 to reach the Safari Zone.
-Caught a Geodude for the Owner's Exam, as well as an Ekans.
-Celsius learned Fire Punch.

I'm currently in Ecruteak on the verge of traveling to Mahogany town. But first, Mt. Mortar.


- Beat Chuck,pretty easy
- Earned the Fly TM
- Grinded a **** load made my pidgetoo evolve into Pidgeot
- Made my Quilava evolve into Typhlosion
- Evolved my Krabby into a Kingler
- Gonna grind a bit more before I take on the Olivine Gym


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I decided to restart my HG because I decided I liked Totodile more than Chikorita.

-Restarted and named my character after myself
-Did the intro and everything
-After SRing, chose a Jolly Male Totodile which I named Sam
-Currently in route to CherryGrove city while training Sam


- Beat Chuck,pretty easy
- Earned the Fly TM
- Grinded a **** load made my pidgetoo evolve into Pidgeot
- Made my Quilava evolve into Typhlosion
- Evolved my Krabby into a Kingler
- Gonna grind a bit more before I take on the Olivine Gym


the Blue trainer
after blissey walled Clair I beat her

this is pretty fast compared to 17 hours and only 5 gyms.

EDIT 18 hrs to 6

while in heart G I caught adamant ho-oh and is training in VR


Arriving glacially.
HeartGold: Well, without further ado, allow me to introduce my 42nd 1/8192 shiny...





That's right people, shiny Cyndaquil! I'm so ecstatic, it was the one I wanted most, too. :)

As of right now, I just made it to Azalea Town. My team is fairly balanced when it comes to levels. Once I get the second badge, I'll finally be able to use the shiny Heracross and Slowpoke I traded over!

SoulSilver I'm still SRing for a shiny starter on my SoulSilver version; hopefully I'll get a shiny Chikorita. I have 72 SRs on SoulSilver so far.


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Torp's Pokemon SoulSilver Journey Part 9

I started at Mahogany Town. I went to Azalea Town to get a ball from Kurt and dropped off 3 Red Apricorns and then went back to Mahogany Town. Then, I got through the Ice Path and now I am at Blackthorn City. My DS needs to charge, but I can still play it.

My Pokemon Team:
Torp Jr./Feraligatr LV 38
Ice Fang

Fire Ball/Typhlosion LV 38
Lava Plume

Tiny Leaf/Meganium LV 38
Magical Leaf
Petal Dance

Brave Fly/Dragonair LV 37
Dragon Rage
Aqua Tail
Thunder Wave

Electrify/Ampharos LV 37

Bull-G/Granbull LV 37
Focus Punch

Badges: 7

Expected in Part 10: I will battle the Blackthorn Gym Trainers and grind to LV 40. Part 11 will have Torp VS Clair.


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Lol, yesterday i beat 4 gyms.
all the gyms after Azela flew by with out hardly trying.
Beedrill Swept Goldenrod gym with rocksmash.
Beedrill and Croconaw swept morty's team with pursuit and bite.
Vulpix swept Cianwood gym with will-o-wisp and quick attack. (WTF LAWLZ)
Vulpix and Croconaw swept Jasmine's team with fireblast and surf.

today i arrived at Mahagony town. took care of rocket grunts and the gym without breakin a sweat. Evolved Croconaw and Vulpix:)

Now im working on the radio tower. Makes it easy to lvl my guys.

Current team:
Ninetails lvl28
Arbok lvl 26
Pidgeotto lvl 26
Beedrill lvl 26
Flaffy lvl 27
Feraligatr lvl 33


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Let's see, since my last post I've beaten the Elite Four and have started sweeping through the Kanto Gyms. So far, I've gotten all of the badges but Brock's, Blue's, and Blaine's.

I just caught Suicune...which took 41 Net Balls much to my dismay. Finally, I'm going to take on Snorlax so I can get to Pewter City.


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after my victory at the eruteak city gym i decided to grind about on the route and trainers around moo moo milk farm and i finally figured i will be using togetic and flaaffy in my next gym battle, hoping that extrsensory will make short work of primape and dischare wuld make mince meat outta poliwrath now all i gotta do is cross the sea and fight the trainers and millions of tentacool and tentacruel oh and finally though i would evolve my cyndaquil its about time forget to tach a pokemon strength and i think im gunna call it a day
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