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Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

Possibly, your card is not real. This is how you identify fake Pokémon cards:
- Take a look at the backside. Whenever it looks too light, it's probably a fake card.
- Take a look at how firmly your card is. Real cards are always firmly.
- Take a look if the spelling on your card is right. If it's spelled correctly, it's probably a real card.
- Take a look at the HP and attacks. If the attack and the number of HP don't exist, you're usually speaking of a fake card.
But beware that it could also be just an error card, instead, so it could be a valueble Pokémon card.
- Take a look at the type of text on your card. If it's different than usual, it's a fake card.
- Take a look at the border of the card, For example, fake lv. X cards usually have a yellow border.

This is what I know about identifying fake Pokémon cards, but you could also take a look on the Internet for more information.

If the card is not fake, it is an error card, which means it could be very rare and valueble.

I hope my help was useful!


Thanks very much. I got it from a real booster pack last week, and it seems to have checked out on all the criteria. I just don't know where I'd begin looking for a price.
I've been looking for some misprint/error card lists on the Internet, but I found nothing.
But maybe you can get some information using Pokellector. I only heard about it, so I don't know if it's trustable.
But you can look at the reviews on the Internet.
By the way, I also have a question: I have an albino border Base Set Pikachu (58/102) and it's in good condition.
Does somebody know how much it's worth and how rare it is?


Thanks very much. I got it from a real booster pack last week, and it seems to have checked out on all the criteria. I just don't know where I'd begin looking for a price.


looks pretty fake


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I have a Full Art Crobat V, a Rainbow-Rare Celebi & Venusaur GX and a Rainbow-Rare Mewtwo and Mew GX. How rare and valuable are those cards?

Edit: 4 months later...
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If anyone is asking how to value their pokemon cards, a great site that has up to date prices, as well as historical data, is called Poke Price.

Has helped me a lot, especially when I was getting into Pokemon TCG during lockdowns: pokeprice.io

Hope this helps


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Hello. I do I have a holographic rare Japanese Dugtrio from 1996. I believe it is from the original series. How much would it be worth, if it's real?


Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
The easiest website you can use is www.pricecharting.com. If your card is unprotected the first print is

(the first english versions of dugtrio this has no japan counterpart listed aside from celebrations and evolutions reprints)

First Base Set 2 is here
Also Dugtrio isn't exactly a popular pokemon, it isn't a holographic and the high energy cost to damage ratio from both it or Machamp is slow and awful compared to Hitmonchan.

It's 40 damage Slash attack is inferior since Dugtrio needs to evolve from a weak 30 Health Diglett. Dugtrio's only advantage is that it has 90 Health and has a small chance to take at least one more hit than Hitmonchan if the opponent isn't Grass/Bug/Poison.
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