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Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

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Lonely Wanderer
I need some help ~ I got a double monster house which destoryed me, I need aving because I don't want to lose th epokemon I've recruited and leveled if that's possible. I'm around floor 57 I think.

SOS Code:

6 2 ? N (F) 5 R S W M (F) ? ? 1 ? C ? -
2 W ? ? ? ? H S 4 W ? X ? 8 K + P 6
? ? s ? + (M) W (M) ? R (M) ? ? K 5 J M C

Just PM if that code is wrong and if you are going to save me or not.

EDIT: Saved ~ Thanks much, apoligese in advanced if I die again before you get Thank-You Code
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All Star
your a ok code is
62?K(F) 5P6WM(F)?5 Y?C?-
2WF?(M) ?HT4W?X- 8K+P6
?KS?+ (M)W(M)?R(M)M? K5JMC
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SOS in Mt Thunder 6F!

Client: Xavier (Squirtle)
Difficulty: D
SOS code:

0[M]?NN NRY3H2?? [F]7??4
?N??? ??H!2?M? 9T4J?
??X?+ HFP?9+?? !22P[...]



1f in grand canyon

me and my partner

sos code


ok someone did it and i thank them

please help
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Lonely Wanderer
lol ~ It hasn't been 5 minutes of playing the game since I needed rescueing last

Double Monster Housed AGAIN.... Buried Relic doesn't like me...

PM me if wrong:

6 H ? N 3 5 R + W M (F) ? ? H R C ? -
2 W ? ? ? ? P S 9 Y ? X ? 8 S + P 6
? ? S ? + ! W (M) ? R (M) ? ? K 5 J M C

It's Team Mystia ~ around floor 57 {it seemed to be floor 55 last time XD}
Help appriciated and thanks in advanced for answerer.
;148; ~ Team Mystia ~ ;148;​


New Member
Please Help

Pokemon- Feraligator
died on floor- ????


All Star
i'll rescue you both (i'll delete this when im done)


Suicune Master
SOS, Great Canyon, BF-8.
Here is the code:
C???PQRX (MALESIGN)?Q??WT??M2W????43HJ?8?8X9J6??S?N-C7?9J??09R-N

Thanks, PLEASE rescue my team, Chickorita and Squirtle (i'm Seastar the squirtle, my partner, Tropicana, the chickorita!
Much appreciated! Please send me a PM when you rescue me, if anyone does, pelase? Rescue needed ASAP!!!!! Please?


I'm TOO cool.
SOS, Great Canyon, BF-8.
Here is the code:
C???PQRX (MALESIGN)?Q??WT??M2W????43HJ?8?8X9J6??S?N-C7?9J??09R-N

To all rescuers, I'm going to do this.

EDIT: Your A-OK Mail is..

C???P QP?(m)?Q?X +T??M
2W+?W ?4QHJ?8N 8X9J6
?HS?N -C7?9J0 ?09R-N

Just PM me if its wrong.
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Howling Forest 12F

N - ? ? 8 3 R Y (Male) J (Female) ? ? W N 8 ? 2
4 W ? ? ? ? H H O X ? S ? - 2 9 P Q
? ? T ? J 7 1 3 X W R ? ? F S Q 7 (Female)


EternityLeague Owner
Purity Forest 49F

(...)0?n1 9YOSW1?? X5K?-
4???? ?m1R(m)?+? KYNPJ
??S?3 68HT60?? 0(...)RP(...)

Please come save me!
In need of a rescue, I'm actually not too far in, which surprised me a lot.

Buried Relic, Floor 48

61?N1 1RY5R(f)?? 9!N3M
C2??? HRS!P?(m)? -WSHR
??XC4 H9MS?R?? 5K0JN

Thankers in advance, and please tell me in your PM what you'd like as a reward, I have a fair amount of items.

Nevermind, I'm saved.

~fuzzy out~
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Shaymin owns you! xD
Mine is going to be a little diffcult! But I will reward you greatly if you save me!! I died becuase of a monster house!!

Wish Cave Floor 46



(F)=Female Symbol

I wish you a good rescue!

PM me if you wish to rescue me and to make sure the code is correct.

EDIT: I just got saved by my freind!
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EternityLeague Owner
!N?N4 9YFWW2?? (M)NC?-
?W??? ?4FS3?2? ?-PP?
??S?3 FP??80?? F(...)RP(...)

Will reward practically anything/

Wish Cave F.97
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Angelic Pika

i stalk you


-W??? ?!FH4?3? 85NP6
??X?R YH1?N3?? [F]6JN[...]

[F]-female sign
Reward: 2 anycolor Gummies[except YeLLow]

this is so easy HELP!!


EDIT:saved! by the coolest team ever!
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Here's a simple rescue, compared to my last request in the high grounds of Purity Forest. It's for Cubone (Patrick).

Wyvern Hill 17F

M9?7F 0R+(m)5!?? 9YH?4
JW??? ?CP41?S? –H?J6
??X?X 1+8?FQ?? 2?5T(…)

The ()'s translations aren't really hard to figure out. PM me if there's a problem with the code.

EDIT: NOT saved by larvitar005's Team Fantasy. The AOK code isn't working. Since he hasn't been active recently, [probably DP juice in his veins :)] don't take this request until his AOK code is given correctly to me.
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