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Official Mario Kart DS Online Friend Finder!

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Serebii, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Mequuh

    Mequuh Well-Known Member

    Please PM the person you'd like to race to arange a time and such.
  2. Dark_Link_

    Dark_Link_ Guest

    hi is ny1 online now wanting a race?
  3. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    I'll race add me.

    My friend code is listed in my sig.
  4. DigitalKaede


    Know I shouldn't do this.

    I'll come. my friend code is 322184 809625
  5. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    Ok, i'm waiting, i've added you both.

    Edit: Owned :p
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2005
  6. Nickname:ChaosKid
    Friend Code:012946 679078
    PM me to race, anytime.
  7. Octillery

    Octillery You're cool.

    Username: Zero Beat
    Friend Code: 141795 910100
  8. magnemiteZ

    magnemiteZ Banned

    ^registered you guys... Register Me??
  9. ill join my acreen name is



    Last edited: Dec 31, 2005
  10. Octillery

    Octillery You're cool.

    Hey. i registered you. I dont have a wireless router though @ @. I'll get one in a few days though. But im going to go to a friends house tonight and play MKDS all night with his younger brother o.o
  11. Rod

    Rod TC expert

    My username is ┌MARO┘(yes with the weird things) and if you want to race PM me for may friend code :D
  12. BlueShard

    BlueShard Guest

    Hey everyone,
    Username: BlueShard
    Friend code: 442443 963955
    Please add me or PM or add me on MSN
    MSN: BlueShard_14@Hotmail.co.uk
    I except all challengers!
    (I have added everyone in this thread!)

    many Thanks
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2006
  13. GardevoirMaster

    GardevoirMaster Legendary Pokémon Coordinator

    I just discovered my wireless router :D
    My friend code is 528343 466998. I'll race anyone although I suck XD
    Username is probably Ryan
  14. Mequuh

    Mequuh Well-Known Member

    To all of you that added me you can delete me (if you havn't already due to my lack of being connected) because I erased my data. My new code will be up tommorow. I'll be ****** if my USB isn' here by then.
  15. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    My Mario Kart friend code is 111730-991080. And my Username here is my Nickname.
  16. lol heres mine
    Nickname:Adam v.
    Im not an ez person in mario kart so just watch out :p
  17. Manato

    Manato Why did I delete you

    My Screen name is Manato and my firend code is:


    PM me when you want to race. I can only race on Mondays, though, because of the USB connector only being compitable with my Grandmother's type of internet.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2006
  18. Octillery

    Octillery You're cool.

    Just got a wireless router today :D Accepting most challenges so PM me. Friend code is in my above post
  19. Zootster

    Zootster Awesome Guy

    I just noticed that the friends list has a limit....
    So I'm gonna delete everyone who hasn't said that they've added me. The only person who told me that they've added me is Scruffy. So if you've added me then pm me with your friend code and I'll add you again. And for those people like me that are too lazy to go look for my code, here it is again:

    [MM] Zoot
  20. so when is this tourney gona start?O Btw i added most you on my freind roster :p

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