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Official Mario Kart DS Online Friend Finder!

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Serebii, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Mequuh

    Mequuh Well-Known Member

    Why not check the wifi forum... Theres a thread tittled Mario Kart Tourney Sign ups. I think it might be a place to start. :) Please don't double post your code. Or ask that here.. I would appreciate it if you deleted your posts..
  2. The Thrashmeister

    The Thrashmeister <-- Made of awesome.

    my username's THRSMSTR25 (it'll show up as THRSMSTR) and my friend code's 171861419995
  3. Flame Man

    Flame Man Mi Apodo Es Leo

    Avian 412378-815246

    PM me to race. give friend code and time.
  4. Mequuh

    Mequuh Well-Known Member

    I'll back on WiFi! My code is 021537 664580.
  5. Bu†cH

    Bu†cH Braaiiiiiinss......

    Name: Butcher
    Friend Code: 090257 120767
  6. Djura

    Djura 99% chance to hit

    Name: Dark Zero
    Friend Code: 313592-622067
  7. Horus

    Horus Brotherhood of Steel

  8. The Thrashmeister

    The Thrashmeister <-- Made of awesome.

    Yeah, uhm, my name isn't "Thrashmaster." It's Thrashmeister. Sorry, I'm really particular about people spelling my name wrong.

    And if anyone cares, my emblem's a Deoxys head. >.>
  9. Name: Nibele
    Friend Code: 425264 633488
    Mecca I registered you on my Friend's list.
  10. Polaros

    Polaros Jade Star Trainer

    Mine is
    Please add me!
  11. Syther

    Syther Y not?

    My info is in this picture: [​IMG]
  12. Hoshi no Kabii

    Hoshi no Kabii Well-Known Member

    Mine is
    103141 938451
  13. Cool. I finally get to have a friend on Mario Kart. ;191;
  14. Ethereal

    Ethereal Guest

    Well, I FINALLY am back at school. My info:

    Code: 004357 939729
    Name: Ethan

    Let me know if you want to race, so I can add you. :)
  15. Da Master of Unowns

    Da Master of Unowns You're too slow!

    Can i be added?(I just got this game, and it is awsome!)

    Friendcode:403789 896220
  16. Ethereal

    Ethereal Guest

    Did you add me? ¬¬

    You have to add me also.
  17. Mequuh

    Mequuh Well-Known Member

    Sorry.. I've been busy trying to connect to X-Box live. *adds*
  18. Nsidersage

    Nsidersage Guest

    my mkds name is Zack15b and my friend code is 524047 981025 please let me know if you register me;249-d;
  19. Moonlight.

    Moonlight. Well-Known Member

    My friend code is 382314 229283

    I'm not that great...I win a fair amount of races though.

    If you want to race me, IM me on MSN Messenger or AIM. We'll arrange it there. I am almost always happy to race :D
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2006
  20. ForeverFlygon

    ForeverFlygon Coconut Grunt (TM)

    I'll finally post here then.

    Name: ForeverF
    Friend Code: 4810-9636-9019

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