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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Boy Skylark
Huge congrats to LilyValley on finally getting your shiny Zapdos! Congrats on completing your bird trio too!

Congrats to Cyberra on Oddish and Swadloon. serpent222 on Shieldon. ShiningKnightXY on two Poliwhirls and Barboach. Neji-and-Pidgeot on two Nidorans. maskofsanity1998 on Nincada. Fire Aruseus on Chatot. ashcrimson777 on three Zubats. MultiDarkShadow777 on Magnemite. PokeAthlete on Machoke and Herdier. SoulSilver Eric on Skrelp. i2i on Horsea, Skrelp, Chinchou, Dragalge, Remoraid, Corsola, Relicanth, and Roggenrola. Scrufox86 on Bunnelby. Misjie on Sableye. doodlecloud on Dunsparce and Chikorita. MultiDarkShadow777 on Maractus. Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Nidoran. AmazingChi on Scraggy. maldoror on Snivy. Typhlox on Fennekin. pokemaster13 on Spinarak. Sito on Mewtwo. And ashcrimson777 on Audino.

Good luck to Ho-Oh the Rainbow Pokemon on your Suicune hunt and Roseheart95 on your BQ, as usual.

Well, Latias has reached 4,655 SRs, Snivy reached 2,802 SRs, and Tepig reached 1,354 SRs.
I wouldn't mind Latias going over 10k but I hope I get either Snivy or Tepig soon, I'm really looking forward to starting my first BQ.

On the other hand, this was a depressing weekend for me. The problem isn't that Im getting impatient with my hunts, I'm completely fine with long hunts.
What did make me irritated was the fact that when my friend started her new White 2 game she found two shinies within one hour, and she kept complaining to me about the colors being ugly.
Kudos to my my friend I guess.
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pain in the ***
:D My current round of eevees has come to an end! From egg 1,041 came a cute little silver fluffball.


He's calm-natured, exactly what I was everstoning for, and he got his HA! He's now a shiny Ice Body glaceon ^_^

I'm at 30 eggs for meowth already, so far so good ^_^ On the FS front, I decided to go back into the flying safari where I caught tropius and see if I can get hoothoot or pidgey.

Regice is now at 9,950 SRs. No sparkles yet, but I'm not expecting to see them this early.


So earlier this evening I did about 75 more soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby version. I've done around 600 SRs in total for that hunt thus far. I also hatched Oddish eggs for my MM hunt this afternoon too; I hatched around 25 eggs and stored a dozen more eggs in my PC to hatch tomorrow.


El Psy Congroo
Congratulations to Scrufox on Bunnelby, Misjie on Sableye, doodlecloud on Dunsparce and Chikorita (snap!), MultiDarkShadow777 on Maractus, Typlosion_Huner_Mark on Nidoran, AmazingChi on Scraggy, maldoror on Snivy :), Typhlox on Fennekin, pokemaster13 on Spinarak, Sito on Swablu and Mewtwo, ashcrimson777 on Audino and Cyberra on Eevee!

Thanks to Misjie and doodlecloud for the congrats and for the encouragement throughout the hunt :)

Thanks to Tina for the luck, though I don't feel I need it just yet xD And... please don't invite your friend to this thread xD

...these are both actually really cool ideas. Now I'm stuck because I kinda wanna do both those hunts but I also don't want to seem like I'm stealing your ideas, which I totally would be.....though, to be honest, I haven't really thought about what I'm going to do once I start my BQ yet. Maybe it's best not to plan ahead too much. These sound like really cool ideas though so, wishing you the best of luck. Hopefully you won't be annoyed if I do choose to use your ideas as 'inspiration'...at least if I got Eevee I could evolve it into a different eeveelution. :p

My original DS Brick is also covered in stickers....it's a blue version and I put fish stickers on so it was like the sea. That was back in secondary school though, probably about 7 or 8 years ago too...you're right, time does fly. :)

Haha, doodlecloud, take whichever ideas you want xD I can't say that honestly all my hunts have been my own ideas :p If you do go along with the same hunts, and we end up doing them around the same time, I also think it would be more fun :) Your sea-DS sounds awesome, by the way :p

Okay, well, yesterday I made it up to 1,346 REs on Route 33. Not expecting much just yet.

Good luck to everyone hunting!


Well-Known Member
Omg!! Shiny Vulpix


The first time I've had the sound up to alert me of a shiny :D I came prepared with a Suction Cups Octillery I traded over from another game, so she couldn't run. And got her on my second premier ball. Was totally not expecting this, I thought it was going to take much longer. Named her Elsa, just because. Would've called it Loki if it was a male.


Luckily, there's a fire stone in the pokeathlon shop today, so I'll play some of that and get that ready for when I evolve her. Then I'll train her up and take on Morty. And my next hunt will most likely be SRing Eevee from Bill.

Congrats to all recent shinies! And good luck to everyone still hunting :)

I think you meant she couldn't use Roar :p
Yeah, that's what I meant ^^'
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Psyched Up
Staff member
The CH completion list has been updated.

Just curious, but can the event Pinsir/Heracross be Shiny?

Events generally cannot be shiny.

The only exception are events that are shiny to begin with (WC Milotic, Nobunaga's Rayquaza, the upcoming Sludge Wave Gengar) as well as certain Japanese local wireless events in Gen V era (the Extremespeed Pikachu was one of them, there are Groudon and Kyogre as well from another event I can't remember, and Walrein, Ludicolo, and a few others from another event that also can shine)

I came prepared with a Suction Cups Octillery I traded over from another game, so she couldn't run.

I think you meant she couldn't use Roar :p


Useless Sceptile
I am starting to hunt Tornadus now, but I feel like hatching a shiny Honedge at this moment. I don't want to stop looking for Tornadus now, but I'll just see what happens.
Congratulations to Scrufox on Bunnelby, Misjie on Sableye, doodlecloud on Dunsparce and Chikorita (snap!), MultiDarkShadow777 on Maractus, Typlosion_Huner_Mark on Nidoran, AmazingChi on Scraggy, maldoror on Snivy :), Typhlox on Fennekin, pokemaster13 on Spinarak, Sito on Swablu and Mewtwo, ashcrimson777 on Audino and Cyberra on Eevee!
Sorry to bother, but you missed me.


Typhlosion Trainer
I'm not huge into double-posting, even when I get another shiny, but this one was just too important. I woke up this morning and decided that I was going to hunt some more in SS to continue my BQ, which I haven't touched in months.

Man, am I glad I did. Only 2!! encounters in (1202 overall), a shiny Pidgey came across my screen. In my franticness to catch it, I forgot to take a picture of me battling it, but here's the little guy's specs.


This marks shiny #2 of my SS BQ, and it's a shiny I've always wanted. I don't care how "meh" Pidgeot is anymore, it was my first legit level 100 way back on Pokemon Silver (Missingo Cheat in Red and Blue), and I can't wait to train this little guy in his honor.

Now onto the next hunt, I'm off to hunt Mareep as it'll be nice to have for the team, and who doesn't want to see shiny MegaAmphabulous?

Good luck on your hunts, everybody!


Breeding Addict
After a big break because of school/internet problems, I decided to finish my shop requests while doing some MM.
I put Froakie MM on hold and started to build a shiny team for OR/AS starting with Lileep...
320 eggs later I've got a shiny one!!! And it has 5IVs minus Speed which is what I wanted =D
And I guess I did community hunt as well xD
Next one, Beldum!


Bird trainer
That was oddly appropriate! I have a ghost FS that's a little odd (the profile picture is filled in but it only gives the first two Pokémon) but I had wondered if this was just bad luck on my part as I'd never spent a massive amount of time in it. So I decided to RE in it a while to see if it would give me the third Pokémon; it didn't take long to become obvious that it was only going to give me Phantump/Lampent but I was reading Creepypastas and focusing most of my attention on that so it wasn't taking any effort on my part to keep RE'ing. Besides, both of them have very nice shinies if I got lucky...


Pretty! She appeared after about 55 minutes and it was at this point that I realised I literally had nothing that could weaken or status her (though looking at her moves she'd probably have picked Curse eventually). So I flung my lone Dusk Ball at her, figuring it'd have a decent chance of catching her as well as looking the part. It got her!

OT/ID No./Natural Cure
Modest nature

The nature is meh considering Trevenant's stats, and she has her max IV's in HP SpAt, but a zero in SpDf. Little ghosty kind-of sucks. But at least she looks pretty!

Next time I feel like mindlessly RE'ing, I'll definitely be going into a Pidgey/Hoothoot/Tropius safari. Would love to have any of those as shinies (again, in the case of Pidgey/Hoothoot). Still trucking on towards the Shiny Charm as well but getting very close; 39 left to go!

Congrats to all the new shinies and good luck everyone. :)
I collected over 170 eggs yesterday and have hatched about half today, nothing yet but heres hoping. also I switched my unova pokemon to Escavalier(none of the pokemon where shiny- I collected another box of wailmer eggs and have hatched a few)

congrats to Fire Aruseus on Chatot, ashchrimson777 on zubatX3 and audino, multidarkshadow777 on magnemite and maractus, lilyvalley on zapdos,pokeathlete on machoke, soulsilvereric on skrelp, cyberra on swadloon and eevee, i2i on the fishies, scrufox86 on bunelby, misje on sabley, doodlecloud on dunsparce and chikorita, typhlosion huntermark on nidoran, Amazing chi on Scraggy, malodor on snivy,Typhlox on fenniken and pidgey, pokemaster 13 on spinarak, sito on mewtwo!, xKatie0391 on vulpix, bkdevil on lileep, and murkrow on phantump
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Oh snap congrats to everyone who got their shinies!

So my Tyrunt finally hatched blue on the 1,013 egg (Damn, freaking shiny charm didn't work or something lol)

It's spread is
31/20/31/31/31/31 :)


Hatched 150 eggs earlier today, but nothing yet. I realized something the other day. Both times I found a shiny Sewaddle so quickly was when I was training my Larvesta. If he's some kind of shiny magnet, maybe I should use him as my Flame Body egg incubator poke. ;P

I'm barely keeping track of the number now, but if I try for 150 more tonight, that should bring me over 2,000. >_< There's no way resetting the game will affect the odds as long as you collect new eggs each time, right?? I've been wondering ever since I noticed that in B2/W2, the first to hatch always has the same IVs no matter how much you reset, which doesn't happen in previous games. So weird.

Congrats on everyone's new shinies and good luck everyone else :)

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to Iwanuq on Dedenne, Pumpkaboo, and Pikachu, Fire Aruseus on Froakie and Chatot, keybug55 on Beldum and Swablu, Cyberra on Oddish, Swadloon, and Eevee, serpent222 on Shieldon, ShiningKnightXY on Poliwhirl x2 and Barboach, Neji-and-Pidgeot on Nidoran M x2, maskofsanity1998 on Nincada, ashcrimson777 on Zubat x3 and Audino, MultiDarkShadow on Magnemite and Maractus, LilyValley on Zapdos, PokeAthlete on Machoke, SoulSilver Eric on Skrelp, i2i on Horsea, Skrelp, Chinchou, Dragalge x3, Remoraid x3, Corsola, Relicanth, Roggenrola, and Swirlix, Scrufox86 on Bunnelby, Misjie on Sableye, doodlecloud on Dunsparce and Chikorita, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Nidoran M and Sylveon, AmazingChi on Scraggy, maldoror on Snivy, Typhlox on Fennekin, Pidgey, and the rest of your shinies, pokemaster13 on Spinarak, Sito on Swablu and Mewtwo, xKatie0391 on Vulpix, Bkdevil on Lileep, *Murkrow on Phantump, *IZ* on Tyrunt, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Thanks to Tina, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark, MultiDarkShadow777, doodlecloud, and pokemaster13 for the congrats on Zorua : )

Update time: My first shiny Zorua has now been traded to its new home. My friend was thrilled and I even got a shiny Luvdisc in return. ^_^ My other hunts stand at 1200 REs in Y and 2200 SRs for Eevee. I've also begun my next MM hunt, which is for a shiny Pichu/Pikachu for another friend of mine. : ) So far I've hatched about 120 eggs. Finally, I checked my party in Y before ending tonight's hunting session and found out that I had Pokerus. Amazingly, I've had this happen to me on all three of my BQs, and every single time, I got it while I was hunting for my second BQ shiny. Pretty lucky pattern I've got going there lol.

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Tina on Latias/Snivy/Tepig, Cyberra on Regice, pokemaster13 on Chimchar, and Storm_Dragoon on Mandibuzz!


Green Dragon Trainer
Congratulations to
Roseheart95 on Ekans (about time :p), Maldoror on Lillipup x2, Audino x2 and Snivy, Oarfish on Clauncher, Scrufox86 on Amaura, Croagunk and Bunnelby, Crimson Penguin on Zorua x2, wobbanut on Hoppip, Skorupi and Corsola, Shabadoo on Cyndaquil, Blasting Toise on Floatzel, Cyberra on Gogoat, Oddish x2 Swadloon and Eevee, Quils on Illumise, Cryuel on Trapinch x2, *Murkrow on Pachirisu and Phantump Sydwinx on Dwebble, Bolt the Cat on Foongus, Shao-May on Zigzagoon, Kyle Clarthy on Budew, Ampharos_Spark on Koffing, keybug55 on Roselia, AmazingChi on Spheal and Scraggy, Iwanuq on Dedenne, Pumpkaboo and Pikachu, Serpent222 on Shieldon, ShiningKnightXY on Poliwhirl x2 and Barboach, Neji-and-Pidgeot on Nidoran x2, Fire Aruseus on Chatot, ashcrimson777 on Zubat x3 and Audino, LilyValley on Zapdos, PokeAthelete on Machoke, i2i on Horsea, Skrelp, Chinchou, Dragalge x3, Remoraid x3, Corsola, Relicanth, Roggenrola and Swirlix, Misjie on Sableye, Doodlecloud on Dusparce and Chikorita, MultiDarkShadow777 on Maractus, Typhlosion_Hunter_mark on Nidoran-M, Typhlox on Fennekin and Pidgey, Pokemaster13 on Spinarak, Sito on Swablu and Mewtwo, xKatie0391 on Vulpix, Bkdevil on Lileep and finally *IZ* on Tyrunt.

I apologise if I missed out on someone or spelt something wrong, it took me a while to do :S

As for me, I have just surpassed 4600 re's into my HG BQ with nothing yet, but my GF just started a Diamond BQ, so atleast I will have plenty of motivation over the next few weeks.

I do however come bearing some shiny news!
I spent a considerable amount of time in the FS over the past couple of weeks, trying to get Trapinch to shine (No Luck :( ) and also MM for Deino.

I collected 11 boxes of eggs on the 8th and decided to hatch ALL of them yesterday (no small feat) all with no sparkle. So afterwards I went into a new safari that I gained from some random trades/battles and found a shiny Swadloon on the 2nd encounter! I only just realised that it's a grass type CH, So I guess COMMUNITY HUNT COMPLETE!
Anyway, since I couldn't sleep well last night I kept collecting and hatching deino's and on the last batch I was going to do, at about 1:30 in the morning and at a grand total of 553 eggs, SHINY DEINO #1 HATCHED!!!!

She is Hardy natured, with 5 perfect IV's and a HP IV of 26 to 30, So I am pretty damn happy.

I still have to MM for another Deino to evolve into Zweilous, so I'll be a while. Bonus points if you know what the next Deino's nickname will be :p

Also, feel free to message me if you want a 6IV one, with the elemental fangs for breeding, I'm bound to have a few :)

Anyway, enough ranting from me. Good luck to everyone on their hunts, especially Storm_Dragoon on Mandibuzz!!!


Useless Sceptile
I'm still looking for Tornadus, but I kept getting distracted. I'm done with what I wanted, hopefully that means the shiny will be here a little quicker. I also saw this:
Bonus points if you know what the next Deino's nickname will be
This is such a great movie. I know it's going to be Tuffnut. The last shiny I hatched was coincidentally, another Deino, at about 800 eggs.
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El Psy Congroo
xKatie0391 on Vulpix, Typhlox on Pidgey, Bkdevil on Froakie, *Murkrow on Phantump, *IZ* on Tyrunt and jrmftw on Swadloon and Deino!

Thanks to jrmftw for the congrats!

Sorry to bother, but you missed me.

I mentioned you in this post.

It was an edit, because if I had posted twice that day it would've been the same page and broken the rules. I do know it makes my congrats easier to miss though. Thanks for mentioning it, though, because I never like missing people :( I think now that school has started for a lot of people, I can't make a new post everyday because there are fewer posts in the thread anyway.

Anyway, just came to say that yesterday I made it up to 1,656 REs on Route 33. The nice thing about this route is that, every day I can pick the three Apricorns (including the one by Kurt's house), so I'm getting a good collection of different kinds of Pokeballs from it, which will be useful for later on in my BQ :)

Congratulations to maldoror on Eevee, Illusionist on Torchic, Razorbadger on Omanyte, Kabuto, and Drifblim (and welcome to the thread!), pokemaster13 on Doduo, Kyle on Porygon and Cyberra on Hoothootx3 and Meowth!

Thanks to Tina for the luck :) I haven't actually done any full-odds hunts on XY yet, so that's probably why I didn't think of my current as being that difficult :p

ChaoticInverse, I hope you won't be in pain for too much longer.

And I'd also say it's really up to you, TheMaster. Since you have a pretty tough hunt on at the moment, I guess Gyarados would balance out the difficulty a little :)

Anyway, yesterday I made it to 2,122 REs on Route 33 yesterday. Going out today, but taking my DS on the train, so there will be a little time for hunting.

Good luck to everyone hunting!
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Congrats to you all on your recent shinies.
7020 soft resets into my Torchic hunt to no avail, but I have - unfortunately - seen 2 shiny Poochyenas


Well-Known Member
Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck to all on your current hunts! Thank you to all who congratulated me on my Snivy.

Well, it's finally over. I obtained my last Eevee from the FS. I am working on evolving it to Espeon (friendship evos are the worst). After so many Audinos, Aipoms, Lillipups and Loudreds (which I got one more of each before Eevee), and Dunsparce, I finally will have every Eeveelution in shiny form. I will never enter any of the three normal safaris again.

I am now MM hunting Oshawott on Y alongside Zigzagoon on route 2. My Zweilous hunt on White 2 continues.


Boy Skylark
Thanks to Crimson Penguin on the luck!

Congrats to Cyberra on Eevee. Big congrats to xKatie0391 on your Vulpix. Another big congrats to Typhlox on your Pidgey. Bkdevil on Lileep. *Murkrow on Phantump. *IZ* on Tyrunt. Crimson Penguin on Luvdisc. And jrmftw on Swadloon and Deino.

Good luck to Cyberra on your Regice hunt, Lorde on your Rayquaza hunt, Roseheart95 on your Route 33 hunt, LilyValley on your Tornadus hunt, Crimson Penguin on your Eevee hunt, jrmftw on your HG BQ, and ESPECIALLY -Illusionist on your Torchic hunt, sorry about those two shiny pooches! ):

Thanks to Tina for the luck, though I don't feel I need it just yet xD And... please don't invite your friend to this thread xD

@Roseheart95, well, I like to send good luck to those hunting with 8,192 odds or stuck in long hunt >~<. I’ll be sure that my friend doesn’t come to this thread! She found a shiny Zubat yesterday but released it because she found it annoying.

My Latias hunt has reached 5,210 SRs, Snivy reached 3,111 SRs, and Tepig reached 1,614 SRs.
After Latias shines I'll probably go for Ho-oh.

Need some opinions, guys. I'm pondering counting the LoR Gyarados for my #7 as this Rock Smash hunt is the slowest hunt ever (started on the 1st, and only 1,800 encounters at this stage)... What is your opinion on guaranteed shinies being included in BQs?

Hi! This is just my personal opinion, I haven't started my BQ yet so I wouldn't know what the general population of players doing a BQ would think.
My personal opinion on guaranteed stationary shinies for BQs is that it ruins the fun of doing a BQ, the way I see it players should work their way through their BQs. Of course I see many people counting shinies like the Lake of Rage Gyarados in their BQs all the time, so theres no right or wrong and more based on what you want yourself. Considering things like how busy you are with RL, luck, patience... etc.
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