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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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ORAS beginnings

Congratulations to everyone on their shinies! Its been ages since i've posed, so a more basic congrats is in order.

So my update, I have been hunting in Connecting cave in my X Route Quest fr the last 3 weeks trying to get one last shiny before ORAS, but alas it was released in Aus yesterday and I must now put my Route Quest on hold at 8390 REs. I'll get back to it after I complete ORAS.

Now onto ORAS.
I got both games yesterday and ended up with Omega ruby as my GF chose Alpha sapphire to play.
Well, I can say that I'm not really getting into this new game, it feels rather bland with the pretty graphics and unexpanded features from XY. So I've spent most of the time playing around with the Dex Nav feature, which so far is the games only redeeming quality imo. Anyway, after trying to get the encounter levels up to easily find hidden move/ability Pokemon I started experimenting with sweet scent and I ran into my first ORAS shiny!
Shiny Zigzagoon after only 8 hordes! *Oh and COMMUNITY HUNT COMPLETE!


Anyway, good luck to everyone on their latest shiny endeavours. I'll try to post here more often even if it is just little updates :)

Came back to the game after taking a break from catching Zigzagoon and the very first pokemon I encounter is a shiny Wurmple!!!
It was one of the "shaking" Pokemon that you have to sneak up on, I almost ignored it, but thought, why not I might aswell get an encounter lvl up.
I named her Euphoria after the feeling of happiness and the Cairn Birdwing Buttefly scientific name Ornithoptera euphorion :)
Female with no hidden ability or moves, but 2 ORAS shinies today without even trying is amazing! I almost feel as if the odds were lowered even further than XY :S

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Grats, to all those who have found shinies!

While not my own shiny, one of my friends found a shiny Zigzagoon not long after obtaining his first lot of Pokeballs in AS.

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
Hey guys, congrats on your new shinies :).

Well I never got another shiny before the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I woke up early this morning and bought a copy of each and I've spent pretty much the whole day SRing. The resets are quite fast in this game compared to X/Y. As of right now I've done 1100 SRs for a shiny Treecko. I've seen videos of people getting them so quickly, so of course it would be my luck that its taking forever to shine :p(the highest reset count I've seen was less than 100 x_X). I really want to play through the game, but I want a shiny first, so I'm in a bit of trouble there.

Of all the legends, I'm desperately hoping that Zekrom/Reshiram can shine. They were some of my favorite legends and when I heard they couldn't shine, I was crushed. I'm not trying to get my hopes up with these guys just yet, because I don't want to get excited for nothing, but it'll still be nice if they can. I'll focus on getting this shiny Treecko first :). Anyways my Treecko hunt awaits me, so away I go to do just that. Hopefully I have shiny news soon, see ya later~

(Giving TheMaster327 a huge shoutout for getting that overweight seagull, you definitely deserved that one!)

Omega Sapphire

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So it would appear that legends may no longer shiny locked. At the very least there is someone claiming to have gotten a Shiny Latios. It would also explain why Shiny Reshiram/Zekrom can now be traded.

Please let this be true Jesus. Please.

Relevant: http://i.imgur.com/WzSZjmr.jpg

I'm not hunting anything really. Just doing my usual play through which focuses a lot on fighting wild Pokemon and being over leveled to help finding shinies.


Crash'm, Bash'm
Hey everybody, it's been a really really long time (like... well over a year) since I last came here and I apologize for my inactivity (MANY life issues, including eating disorders, divorce, university etc.) and I highly doubt most of you even know me anyways, but it's an immense pleasure to see so many wonderful shinies, both OR/AS ones and otherwise, being flushed out and captured! Huge congratulations to any shiny successes, both recent and distant!

Anyways, I suppose I might as well state my business here, since I haven't really hunted for the better part of 3 months (because SMASH BROS) - The Legendaries in Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby are not all locked.

While I imagine a lot of you suspected this, due to shiny Reshiram & Zekrom now being tradeable, I've seen with my own eyes somebody obtain the gift Latios shiny (http://i.imgur.com/WzSZjmr.jpg), and out of all of the MASSIVE amount of Legendaries included in these games, the Latis were the ones we all but abandoned hope for SRing, seeing as they're practically given to you now. While I haven't seen any other cases of people obtaining shiny Legendaries yet (early days after all), I think it's safe to say that quite a few of the Legendaries included in the game will be SRable, and my good friend ShinyStormDragoon intends to SR for Zekrom once she reaches the dragon in her game to try and quantify this knowledge. There is hope for us after all...!

EDIT: Yikes, Omega Sapphire beat me to it!
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Fingers crossed that Nintendo finally got rid of the Shiny Lock. I'm dying for a shiny Suicune, Reshiram and pretty much all of the others. Mostly Suicune and Reshiram though. I've never SR for a shiny before and would like to give it a try in ORAS. I'm not sure if you need to collect them in a certain order to unlock others but I hope I can go for Suicune first as that's the one I want most.


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Now I regret getting AS instead of OR. Shiny Reshiram is my dream shiny. Oh well, That just means I'll have to get OR too. :p


Face Oblivion
I believe for Suicune, you don't necessarily have to get the others first to get it. Having certain Pokémon in your party summons them, but if you don't find Suicune first you can take out and then re-add the Pokémon, then visit the place again and you will find a different legendary dog there. Well, I think that's how it works.

I am also among those who are desperately hoping there are no shiny locks on the legendaries, in particular Zekrom and Reshiram. I would also love to go for some of the other things in there (the hordes and wild encounters look really good for these games!). DexNav looks to be by far one of the best features in the game, so here's hoping things are good when I get mine - at Christmas :')

Meanwhile, yesterday I was struck with a sudden urge to hunt on Y again. So, after settling on Route 5, I began to RE in the purple flowers. However, after a measly SEVEN encounters, this cute little rascal appeared:

Yep, Shiny Scraggy! When I say seven encounters, I literally mean 5 single encounters and 2 hordes, with the second horde having the shiny. So that's more like 15 Pokémon seen. Now that I have Scraggy, and with the random shiny Gulpin I found a while ago on the same file, I have decided to turn this Y file into a Badge Quest. I have 1 badge and 2 shinies, but I may have three before I reach the second gym - I have begun a horde hunt in Connecting Cave!

Good luck everyone, and congrats on the shinies! In particular jrmftw on Zigzagoon and Wurmple and TheMaster327 on Lugia!


Dragon Freak
Up until now I was dead set on getting Alpha Sapphire, and I still am... But I may have to purchase Omega Ruby later on too :p I really want a shiny Reshiram!!
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Nack Firestorm

Unlucky Dragon!

*sigh* Why, Gamefreak?

Anyways, looks like when I get Omega Ruby, I will have to get a Shiny Ho-Oh and Reshiram to get a Shiny Lugia and Zekrom. Wait for me, my thunder dragon.


moon upon a stick
First of all, huge congrats to Typlosion_Hunter_Mark on Dratini (and Growlithe) and TheMaster327 on Lugia (and completing your BQ)! I'm glad those long hunts finally paid off for you both!

Congrats to: *Murkrow on Butterfree, Beautifly, Sandile(s), Vullaby, Fletchinder, Swablu and Spinda, Cyberra on Deino, Teddiursa, Smeargle x2 and Lillipup, jrmftw on Zigzagoon, Wurmple and Swirlix, wobbanut on Lillipup, Magikarp, Gulpin and Clauncher x2, Ampharos_Spark on Zubat, Grimer, Pumpkaboo and Lugia, TomoEGoto on Zangoose, Swablu, Trapinch, Buneary, Skitty, Dwebble and Slowpoke (happy belated birthday!), ZoRk on Durant, Weedle, Tauros and Mime Jr. (sorry about Nosepass though!), serpent222 on Zorua x2, Snivy, Stunfisk and Tentacool, Storm_Dragoon on Minun, Plusle, Bunnelby, Skiddo, Trevenant, Gulpin, Zubat, Foongus, Dunsparce and Frogadier, Razorbadger on Hoppip, Zubat, Whismur and Vanillite, Typhlox on Mudkip and Spinda, Ashrose on Charmander, Psychic on Tentacool, Azulart on Audino, Swablu, Buneary, Pidgey and Sableye, pokefreak2014 on Scatterbug, Shadowkrow on Pichu and Shelmet, Paraqua on Treecko and Goomy, maskofsanity1998 on Onix, NintendoFan82 on Clamperl, Jeppo on Shinx and Charmander, Sparky Mc-S on Stunky, maldoror on Grumpig, Dwebble and another Throh, Tagi on Wingull and Mareep (sorry about Shuppet though!), Kacho on Inkay, Iwanuq on Nidoran, Zangoose x2, Mime Jr., Murkrow, Mareep, Tranquil, Cubchoo, Charmeleon, Kangaskhan, Spiritomb and Buneary, TheShinyLunatone on Braixen and Vivillon, LilyValley on Tornadus and Flabebe, Drakonekoshi on Pansear, TVDex on Abra and Totodile, GreedyChibi on Riolu, Scrufox86 on Litleo, 2rsa on Houndour and Latias, CharlieDoryRose on Mareep and Cyndaquil, Dangertrout on Stunky x2, Nidoran, Rattata, Eevee and Audino x2, Dragonheart7 on Treecko and Froakie x2, Shine on Bouffalant and Pineco, Fissurous on Gogoat, Fire Hero on Miltank and Bagon, Ponymon on Numel and Trevenant, i2i on Swablu, CpChris on Axew, Emiilava on Anorith, Alexander18 on Foongus, Trevenant and Magikarp, fatty_buccha on Rayquaza, ebevan91 on Scyther, Crystagon on Trapinch, AmazingChi on Luvdisc, Supremacy on Ralts (though once again - still hope you get the one you're looking for!), Neji-and-Pidgeot on Stunky x3, Nidoran x3 and Starly, Zekromaster826 on Hoothoot, ShiningKnightXY on Pawniard, Omega Sapphire on Treecko, Pluski on Mudkip, PopPrincess_Lyra on Torchic, AquaRegisteel on Scraggy, and to anyone else I missed!

Sorry about Gligar, Siebold!

Sorry to hear about your grandma, Ampharos_Spark.
Hope you start feeling better and that your uncle is okay, Storm_Dragoon!
I really hope everything sorts itself out soon for you, Shadowkrow.

Thank you TheShinyLunatone, 2rsa, jrmftw, Crimson Penguin and CpChris!

So congrats to everyone on their shinies!!!

Instead of hunting for a Mudkip like I said I was going to I chose a different path and that decided to be a Kangaskhan, egg 287 out of 300 decided it wanted to shine. So shiny Kangaskhan! I was so happy, I've now moved onto hunting a lavitar in a rareball! So wish me luck because these gals/guys take forever to hunt due to hatching. Anywho may I ask how do you guys upload pics? I've tried from my phone/iPad and can't seem to figure it out. If anyone is on Instagram follow me at yawn907 that's where I upload all of my pictures too. Sorry for that little spule. Once again congrats and good luck to everyone hunting! I hope the shine is with you all :)

Possibly, if you upload them onto instagram off your phone/ipad, save them onto your desktop then maybe upload them to photobucket or imgur and then c/p the link for boards/forums here and change the tags to img139 ? That should work, hopefully! I usually upload them to postimage (because imgur and photobucket don't work from my phone), get the link up on my computer, save it then reupload to imgur before posting it here! It gets resized along the way too.

Anyway! I've not posted in a while... I'm getting too sidetracked, lazy or busy at the moment! Have still been hunting in Eterna very slowly however, I'm now at 30,400 encounters at really hoping something will shine soon, as I want to get back to Cranidos (missing the blue dino in all honesty!). If a Wurmple or anything in it's evolutionary line shines now, I'm not going to be too pleased as I'm really not fussed as to what else I get since they're all brilliant shinies. Haven't touched the swarm hunt - moving the DS Clock around so I hunt at night for Eterna has been messing with the swarms and so it's currently jammed on Slakoth.

I'm not getting ORAS (still don't have a 3DS) but from what pictures I've seen, the graphics seemed to have improved greatly and the colours are much more vibrant that in XY, so that's okay. Still going to be disappointed if the shiny odds are still lowered, and think it's ridiculous for GF to take out diversity within the character customisation, like TheShinyLunatone said. Not to piss on anyone's parade though! I'm interested to see how all the 3D shiny models look in ORAS.

Good luck to everyone, especially pokemaster13 with Chimchar and Weedle, Cyberra with Virizion, Razorbadger with Six Island, Lorde with Rayquaza and Magby, Shy with Mudkip, Tina with Archen, CpChris with Scyther, jrmftw with Sprout Tower, AquaRegisteel with your FEs, eiger with Beldum, ChaoticInverse with Torchic, Shadowkrow with your BQ and RaichuArcanine and cocoadragon with your Chimchars!
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*sigh* Why, Gamefreak?

Anyways, looks like when I get Omega Ruby, I will have to get a Shiny Ho-Oh and Reshiram to get a Shiny Lugia and Zekrom. Wait for me, my thunder dragon.

Lol, I agree, But actually Reshiram is the one I really wanted and not Zekrom. Though it makes sense why Reshiram is in OR and Zekrom in AS. Reshiram shoud be in the sun and not under the rain. :D

Anyways, I'll be busy with school and Alpha Sapphire for a while. I haven't planned any hunts yet. Maybe I'll play through AS once and if it's confirmed there are no shiny locks on Legends, I'll restart my game for hunting.
Or I'll get a OR and hunt for shines on there. it depends on the shiny locks.

Congratz on the recent shinies and good luck to all shiny hunters out there! ^^
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Would you be able to provide the video link as reference? I can't seem to find any other than the one I mentioned. :/

Sure. video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGVSMqvq28M

In other news, still no shiny Eevee. I've stopped kicking myself for resetting over the first one. I've learned my lesson with that one.

Congrats to all recent shinies, and good luck to everyone still hunting :)
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Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*



Oh my god, I'm so excited about this shiny. I was busy talking to TheMaster327 and AquaRegisteel(until he had to leave for a short whole) and dual SRing for Treecko. My mom came into the room to give me something, and as I sat up to grab it, I saw the red tail on Treecko and I freaked out XD. She kinda gave me a strange look when I was freaking, and kind of rolled her eyes at me when I said I got a shiny, LOL. I don't have much luck getting shinies when a new game comes out *glares at Oshawott and B/W games*, so this totally made my day.

More pics:

Trainer ID
Lax nature
Glen, aka Shiny Treecko

I'm so happy about this today, I received some bad news about my uncle yesterday, so I've pretty much been focusing on SRing for Treecko to get it off my mind. He had to be rushed out of town to the city because his gallbladder ruptured :(. The hole has since closed over, but some fluid leaked out, so they are waiting to do surgery to remove it. I'm glad they caught it in time, as if they were too late he would have died :(. I'm dedicating this shiny to my uncle, as he is one of my closest family members and I hope he gets better soon!

Also Community Hunt Complete x6!

Congrats to PopPrincess_Lyra and AquaRegisteel on their new shinies.


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I know all of the commotion about Latios. I am thrilled about this! I actually can get shiny Latias. I probably won't use the Eon Ticket for it, I have Omega Ruby and I will probably get AS by Christmas or later.
And more groundbreaking news! Even though it's given to you, you can synchronize the Eon Duo! You can find it on Reddit's r/pokemon. I have yet to prove this, but I will be soon.