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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
They guy uploaded the shiny Reshiram video, as you can see here. This definitely means a lot, I can finally get my very own shiny Reshiram AND Zekrom <3. I'm on my way through the game now, really hope that I'm as lucky as that guy was.


Oh my god, I LOVE Omega Ruby:


I just got to route 117 and used the Dexnav to find a Marill and the first fricking thing to show up was this awesome shiny Marill. I'm still shaking, I totally wasn't expecting that to shine today. Battle took ages, as I didn't want to hit it, and faint it, so I just kept throwing balls. I got my Gallade to Paralyze it, used False Swipe and one Pokeball later, I snagged it!

More pics:

Shiny Marill
Trainer ID
Hasty nature

Totally made my day, considering I did 500 hordes, and over 3000 total Pokemon today, then I got THAT. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire totally blew my expectations out of the water, so glad I decided to give Hoenn a chance once again. Congrats on the shinies guys :D.
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Hello everyone! Long time no post. Anyways, was doing my first run through of ORAS and I found this guy in a DexNav spot yesterday. He served well on my team, and is not in my shiny hunting party ^^;

[spoil] [/spoil]

Also, congrats on the previous shinys so far, and community hunt complete!


Dragon Freak
Well I was having a quick couple of days hunting in the friend safari and this bad boy shows up. He used Perish Song straight away so I had to go with a Master Ball, as one more turn would have finished him.

Lapras is one of my all time favourites, this was such a huge surprise!!



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Helloooo Shiny Hunter Community! Im back!!!!! So, uhh, let me explain myself. I bought Skyrim, and I was like "Ok Pokemon Break."

Skyrim is great! In my top 5 favorite games of all time! I spent hours over many platforms lol... I had it on both systems AND PC ;-; (don't judge lol)


Anyway, hello everyone! I haven't been on in about two or so months because I was taking a Pokemon break. XY pooped me out! (literally... i had 1.2k hours on it.. also don't judge, i have a lot of spare time... A LOT.) So I went and played Minecraft/COD with friends and been working on my Pharm Tech course!

I picked my game up at midnight with my boyfriend and a friend and seen this beauty:
I live in the Poconos and have never, ever came across a car like this! I thought they only existed on the internet!

Beat the game last night around 11:30pm! and today I was working on the Delta Episode and then got a little bored and just wanted to go around and catch some pokemon!

I went to route 116 because I heard Eevee show up once you get the national dex and I just keep searching for taillow hoping to get one with good potential for some reason.. The one I had in my gameplay knew boomburst!

Eventually while walking around I did manage to find an Eevee that popped up out of the trail and started to search for those with good potential and egg moves! I seen 8 of them before....

FIRST shiny in ORAS and it's my FAVORITE pokemon.

(I wish it happened before I beat the game since I never got to go through the game with a shiny I captured in the wild myself.)

Though as a first shiny... I'm pleased ^^
He is a jolly nature so he will probably be a Flareon? Which is fine because I didn't have a fire pokemon on my team AT ALL during my gameplay and still don't, so it's perfect!

Also was there talk about who is shiny locked it the game? I'm assuming Kyogre is because of the animation, Rayquaza probably has animation too, so I'm going to guess him also. But hoping at least Giratina/Cresselia/Suicune/Ho-oh/Lugia aren't x3

--Edit: Seen a live shiny reshiram encounter and heard of a few more shiny legend encounters so looks like we will have a large portion of legend shinies going around soon :333
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I've been soft resetting for a shiny Treecko since Friday with no luck. :'( Anyone had any shiny starter luck, to give me hope and will me to keep going? ~Aaah yay! Thank you to ohjeezitskim for restoring the hope. :) I'm refueled and ready to keep trying!

I'm not one to crack under pressure when shiny hunting (my longest so far is Zapdos, at 2,294 SR, and it used struggle and fainted itself at 2,152), but this Treecko is really getting me down. It doesn't help that because the game is so darn new that there aren't really any videos or live showings of exactly the shiny appears.

Also, I've got a theory on the Poochyena that appears.
I believe that it is either locked at its state of male, level 3, or its data is decided upon approaching Birch. I've reset well over 1000 times
(my rough estimate on how many resets I'm at: I timed my resets by minute, and had about 2 per minute. This is about 120 an hour. Assuming I soft reset at least 5 hours a day- which I believe I do since I carry the ds around SRing while doing other things- that is about 600 resets per day, for 3 days, putting me at roughly 1800 resets and counting, with of course time variables and more or less hours per day)
by now and haven't encountered a single female Poochyena, which I find hard to leave to statistics. This would also mean that we can avoid the heartbreak of soft resetting and seeing a shiny Poochyena just begging to be caught, and you have no pokeballs. Anyone else have anything to add to that that might confirm or deny it?
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I caved and decided to get OR, so now I am SRing for a shiny Treecko. I am not sure if I want to put my BQ on hold or not, but we'll see. Perhaps I'll double hunt.

Good luck everyone, and congrats to everyone whose gotten something recently!


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I've been soft resetting for a shiny Treecko since Friday with no luck. :'( Anyone had any shiny starter luck, to give me hope and will me to keep going?
I'm not one to crack under pressure when shiny hunting (my longest so far is Zapdos, at 2,294 SR, and it used struggle and fainted itself at 2,152), but this Treecko is really getting me down. It doesn't help that because the game is so darn new that there aren't really any videos or live showings of exactly the shiny appears.

Here is a video of a live shiny Torchic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMBCf3lci_Q
Just hang in there and keep SRing.
Sorry for double posting, just wanted to make sure he/she seen the video~


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so happy that the shiny lock is off, this means I don't need the battle frontier and in my fair time do shiny legendary hunts! has it been answered if rayquaza is shiny locked in ORAS? I mean how cool can it be if we can fly in outerspace in a black dragon!!!


Update: Phase 3 Mudkip - 6,000 SR (14,522 Total), Johto Starters - 5,000 SR (15,000 Seen)

A little progress on my two current hunts. My Johto starter hunt continues to leave me baffled, but there's nothing else I can do besides keep going. I really hope that either Cyndaquil or Chikorita shines before the month ends so I can at least complete the community hunt. I had a dream a night or two ago that Totodile shined... Jeez, way to keep me positive dream land. XD

Thanks to Keane for the good luck! I hope something shines for you soon in Eterna forest! :(

Congratulations everyone! Especially to Pluski on Mudkip, jrmftw on Wurmple, PopPrincess_Lyra on Torchic (!), AquaRegisteel on Scraggy, Storm_Dragoon on Treecko and Marill (!), Kyle Clarthy on Mudkip (!), Terra Force on Seedot, Quils on Litwick, Lost on Marill, and Ohjeezitskim on Eevee (Welcome back~!).

Good luck everyone! Especially to those with hunts over odds.
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whee, just found a random shiny zubat in meteor falls :D makes not being able to find where the hell i am going less frustrating


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I just found my FIRST EVER wild shiny! It was a male Seviper on my way to Meteor Falls, named him Basilisk :D


I did 75 more soft resets for my ongoing Shiny Rayquaza SR hunt this afternoon; I've done so much work on this hunt and it's tedious, but I can't stop now. Also I hatched around 20 more Magby eggs for my other hunt, which probably won't end anytime soon. I'll eventually postpone it though and do more Shiny hunts on OR.


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Hello SHINY HUNTERS and congratz to all the latest Shinies. It's been awhile since I posted here, But I have been hunting and hatching on my Y

And Well, I did find a Shiny Wingull on my Alpha Sapphire in the air. (I cant put a picture because it's not letting me choose the picture from my computer) so yeah. That's the CH done. Once I figure out how to put pictures I'll prove it xD

EDIT: Im currently SRing for Deoxys on top of Sky Pillar. At least until it either Shines or someone proves to me that it is locked in game.
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So it has been a VERY long time since I posted here, a few months. I just started hunting today again after seeing videos of Shiny legendaries in Alpha and Omega, so I decided to resume my painfully long two year latias hunt, and my riolu MM. And I got some Yellow Luck! Sadly it wasn't Latias but here are the pics of baby Luca.


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I got TWO shinies in one day ( not counting Beldum ) in Alpha Sapphire, both from hordes, Oddish and another Spinda ( was Magnet Pulling for Skarmory though ), I cannot believe my luck, HOLY gosh

I'm too lazy to post pictures of them, but WOW, anyways, I'm hunting for Mudkip in Omega Ruby now.

with that, congrats everyone on their hunts and good luck to those still hunting!

Sparky Mc-S

Let the sparks fly~
Searching for an Onix for my bf last night before this happened.


First shiny in Omega Ruby and third shiny Zubat over three games.
I guess that also means Community Hunt Complete~
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I've been playing other games for a while, going to get Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby on friday because I live in Europe. I might going to start softresetting for a Treecko. Perhaps going to do a badge quest. I can't wait to start and play :p


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Looks like I'm swapping which game I buy. Had decided to get Alpha Sapphire but given the version exclusives, I'm definitely wanting Omega Ruby more. I guess that makes it more like old times, given that Ruby was my first third gen game. :) Going to make sure my living 'Dex is as full as I can get it and then go from there.

I've given up on my Archen hunt after realising that actually, I didn't really want it. Aside from double checking/moving things to Bank, I probably won't touch Y for a while. Oh well.

Congrats on new shinies and good luck everyone. :)


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Been a while since I last visited this page. So a blanc congrats to everyone with their recent shinies!!

Finally, after 5120 eggs I have my Perfect 5IV shiny Beldum!!! He was almost flawless, having 30IVs for Sp. Att :D. Called him Tianhe-3 (after that supercomputer)
Happy I found it before the release of ORAS, now I can transfer it to my team!
Now onto Elektrike, who knows I can breed him in the last week before the new game :D

Good luck to everyone with their current and future hunts!
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