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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Team FroakieMander!
Sooo Im SR ing for a shiny Zekrom....the shiny charm helps right? *continues mashing A button*


Shiny Hunter
so happy that the shiny lock is off, this means I don't need the battle frontier and in my fair time do shiny legendary hunts! has it been answered if rayquaza is shiny locked in ORAS? I mean how cool can it be if we can fly in outerspace in a black dragon!!!

someone please answer this!!!!! please :)


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someone please answer this!!!!! please :)

I'm willing to bet that he is locked because he has a cut scene which is why the legends in XY are locked. A lot of legends - if not all the ones available in ORAS - have been found shiny besides the weather trio and Deoxys - all of which have little scenes.


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Hello everyone, been a while since I posted here..
Congrats on all the new shinies! You're really getting me pumped for the game, only 2 days left..(Europe, yay..)
I can't wait to start SRing for a shiny timid Latios, and with some luck it'll have perfect speed IVs so I can use it online..(always wanted a legit shiny Latios):D

Anyways, good luck with the hunt! Hope I'll post again in a few days with some good news! :D


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Nearing what must be between 3000 and 4000 SR, and Birch is as stubborn as ever in telling me where to find the hidden pouch that holds the shiny Treecko... I'm going to have to let the Poochyena start eating him if I want my shiny...

In other news, I've picked names out for the two shinies I know I have for my Badge Quest: Treecko will be Thorn (if male) or Miracle (if female) and Beldum will be Dwemer (yay reference)

UPDATE: Still no sparkles... Sigh...
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The name's Riley
About that. I don't know if this is completely real or not, using it to fuel the hope in my hunt though: http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/867448/448/35/1416895076975iyQuF.jpg saw that on a few threads across the web. Dunno about if it affects the weather trio though.

And as I posted in the legendary thread, someone found Kyogre as shiny. Not sure if it's real as it's just a picture and not a video, but it's something.
Looks like someone did encounter a shiny Kyogre, so it may be possible.

And I've still yet to obtain my shiny Treecko. Over 19 hours of soft resets. I really want to start my adventure soon.

EDIT: Oh my god. Not even 5 minutes after I post this, shiny Treecko in OR. I can finally start my adventure. Pics coming soon! Guess I won't be taking any pics. Damn camera is being stupid. Treecko is Gentle nature.
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This was a surprise. After thousands of hordes in OR, no shinies. I popped back into Y for dex stuff, and hit up a safari to see what pokemon are in it. Hit 6 pokemon, with 5 ninetails in a row. The 5th?


Caught her in a masterball. And she has her HA. I already have a shiny vulpix I bred, so I'm not sure what to do with her.


<--31,000 incounting
So I'm kind of shaking right now, like actually shaking. I finally have a shiny torchic! It took 964 sr's in OmegaRuby which yay for being quick and I nearly missed it because I was trying to switch a letsplay ahaha.

I know it's not as great as my 30k torchic (which I am going to continue at some point because I don't think I can let that thing go) but honestly it still feels pretty great to finally have a torchic after all this time, it's like my absolute favorite shiny and starter. He's quiet natured which I'm not sure is very useful but I absolutely do not care, I finally have a shiny torchic holy crap.

Congrats on all the new shinies and good luck guys!


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Well, I didn't get a shiny my first playthrough of Alpha Sapphire, but that's no big deal. I transferred over my living dex via Pokebank and am now SRing for a shiny Cobalion through a mirage spot. That hunt is currently at 500 SR. Trapinch on Y is still at around 450 eggs. A quick question: My signature was apparently over the maximum height, and due to the infarction, it's now gone. Is there anyone who can perhaps make me a shiny card instead? I'm absolutely terrible with photoshop, nor do I have the time to work on it. If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated. Good luck everybody!!


Hunting Sparkles
Blanket congrats to all shinies since my last post! Sadly my anxiety disorders have really gotten in the way of hunting and I haven't done much. I'm on 17,822 SR's for my Chimchar, 815 eggs for my Deino on my White BQ, and I am currently back on the hunt for Mudkip on my dry Sapphire. I am not counting this hunt, but I'm past 3,000 SR'S. I know this is a shiny file as I've found three uncatchable shiny poochies on this file. Any advice for how I can get my Kip to shine and not a poochy? Good luck all! Sadly I can't get OR until Christmas :(


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Hi everyone
this is my first post and after visiting this thread since forever is decided to join. Ive been hunting for a couple of years now and it would be nice to be part of a community.
I'll be hunting deino on my copy of pokemon y until i OR is released here (thanks gamefreak!) Im super excited about the fact that the legendaries wont have those unnecessary shiny locks!
I wish everyone best of luck on their hunts!


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First of all, huge congrats to ChaoticInverse on Torchic! It might not be on the same game, but you still put in 30k+ SRs for that bird!

Congrats to: Storm_Dragoon on Wurmple, Mudkip and Zigzagoon, Cyberra on Teddiursa and Audino, Pacman on Chikorita and Ekans, Kingzard on Wurmple, Lorde on Gulpin, AuroraQueenSuicune on Gloom, serpent222 on Skitty and Ninetales, SilverChiko on Happiny, jackhh on Sharpedo, AzulTheCerulean on Cascoon, TomoEGoto on Cresselia and Reshiram, maldoror on Dragonair, Fraxure and Skarmory, KittyKitty3308 on Wurmple, Yoitsdaffy on Reshiram (sorry to hear about Magnemite, though!), Drakonekoshi on Mudkip, Ho-oh The Rainbow Pokemon on Lugia, LeoX on Latias, TheMaster327 on Groudon, MultiDarkShadow777 on Treecko, and to anyone else I missed!

I hope your anxiety improves soon, RaichuArcanine.
Welcome to the thread, keldeoboy!

Felt pretty ill last night and so got into bed - sucked because I could've had the whole night quad hunting at my desk, but I'm off school today so I'm catching up. Currently sitting at 35,644 encounters - really wishing for something nice to shine! Murkrow is my top priority, because if I get that then I can continue with my diamond BQ and then pick up the other 3 I want on Pearl.

Good luck everyone, especially Lorde with Rayquaza and Mudkip, CpChris with Scyther, Shadowkrow with your BQ, pokemaster13 with Weedle and Chimchar, Tina with Archen, AquaRegisteel with your FEs, Shy with Mudkip, Cyberra with Virizion, jrmftw with Sprout Tower, Razorbadger with Six Island and RaichuArcanine and cocoadragon with your Chimchars!

EDIT: NEVERMIND THAT! I'm so excited at the moment! After 36,336 encounters in Eterna Forest, my Pearl game gave me a shiny Budew! Female as well, I named her Glasshouse. Found alongside a Cascoon and I'm so glad that she shone instead! This is my longest hunt to date so I'm really happy to have it over and done with. Took me 3 pokeballs to catch, which was more nerve-wracking than it should've been because I was scared of misclicking anything. I juuuust caught the sparkles out the corner of my eye whilst watching a shiny Groudon fail video on YT.
[IMG139]http://i.imgur.com/En6ORHV.jpg[/IMG139] [IMG139]http://i.imgur.com/ES5dryv.jpg[/IMG139]
I'm probably going to stay in Eterna Forest, but maybe just on Diamond (my BQ) game for now, and on my second system go back to SR'ing for Registeel that I scraped the surface of a few months ago. That way I can still try and hold out for either a Murkrow or a Buneary, because they're both highly sought after targets of mine. And personally I think the game owes it to me now! Considering the work I put into it some days (something like... 3,100 in one day) I'm really glad that I've at least managed to finish this phase!

Congrats to Growlie19 on Marill and maldoror on Magikarp!
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Congrats to all the recent shinies!

I have caught my first AS shiny, a Marill! Unfortunately, it came with Thick Fat, and I'm not going to have the 200BP for the Ability Capsule anytime soon. It was adamant, too! :(

Good luck to everyone hunting!

EDIT: Welp, that took me by surprise! I hatched a shiny Growlithe again! I was trying to breed an improved competitive Arcanine (the one I'm using only had perfect speed) and the fourth egg held a golden puppy! Sunrise has perfect HP, attack and speed and has a jolly nature. Too bad I didn't start breeding Close Combat onto them yet. Oh well, he's gonna stay a Growlithe, as I already bred one in Black 2.

Huge congrats to Keane on finally getting a Budew and good luck again to everyone else hunting!
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I'm fairly certain chain fishing has returned to ASOR. I was hunting for Feebas yesterday and caught a shiny Magikarp after 7 casts. Either that or my luck was insane.


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Last night i was messing around with the dex nav and encountered and fainted 32 machops in a row and search the route for machop again....BOOM! Shiny machop with bullet punch.

My process for dex nav are as follows:
1.Have an illuminate lead.
2.after encoutering your pokemon faint it.
3.after the battle dont move and search again immediately (in my experience doing that i have had less chains break)

To me it just seems like a cross between CF and Pokeradar. There's also that chance that i found machop by pure coincidence. So, when i get home from work later i will test my theory again and see if i yield the same results.

Note: Theres always that chance the chain will break unexpectedly and I'm sure it also depends on the size of the area as well.

Update: As soon as i got home i started to SR the regi trio starting with Regice. After 597 encounters it decided to grace my screen. I had to nickname him because apparently you have to do that in order to get regigigas...So i just put a star infront of its name. Might as well do that to the others too. Well off to regirock. Good luck to everyone on their current hunts!
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Hello everyone! Congrats on your recent shinies and good luck in your hunts c:
My shiny Zigzagoon evolved into Linoone, and I'm using her in my in-game team and my event Beldum also evolved into Metang, but that's not the reason for this post...

In my last post I said I would do horde encounters for Swablu once I reached the route. This time I wanted to be 100% sure that I would get the Pokémon I wanted so I went to route 115 and started spamming hordes.
Yesterday this beautiful bird appeared in my screen after what I think were between 1500 and 2000 Swablu seen:
I was in a hurry so I couldn't take a decent photo... this shiny decided to appear just when I was leaving for my classes. I still recorded a video, but I won't upload it for now because I'll be a little bit busy with homework and studies...
I quickly fainted the other Swablu and then I threw an Ultra Ball before leaving my home. What's funny is that I didn't have classes that day so I hurried for nothing...
Anyway, my Swablu is female (thanks to Cute Charm) and she is Timid, which I think is good for a special Mega Altaria. I don't know about the IVs and I won't be able to calculate them once I reset her EVs because I'm already using her in my in-game team ;D

So... Community Hunt complete x2

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*


Okay, feel free to shoot me :p. Last night I was trying to get Pokemon in Y to complete the Hoenn dex in Omega Ruby. I was looking for a Grumpig and I found one on the GTS for a level 1-10 female Combee. I started looking for one on route 4, and instead of a female Combee this shiny Flabebe came out of nowhere. I was completely and utterly floored, I'm still in shock several hours later. Only threw a few balls at it, and ended up with a critical capture.

More pics:

Shiny Flabebe
Trainer ID
Serious nature

Ironically, just 3 REs later, I ended up finding the female Combee I needed and got the Grumpig from the GTS :p. I just finished the Hoenn dex a few minutes ago, and it was so satisfying~

Right now I'm hunting for shiny Wurmple again in Petalburg Woods. I'm not expecting much out of this hunt today, but this game has surprised me before. Congrats on the new shinies guys, especially those awesome shiny Reshiram!