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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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No shinies for me recently. Going on break soon, but I'll be taking my 3DS with me. I got to a bit of a late start on Alpha Sapphire... the game bogs down in the early parts. I really don't like what they've done with New Mauville... I assume it was intended to be convenient and less confusing, but it's confusing. I should probably stop messing around and get to the post-game. All the non-shiny locked legendaries have me interested... but I'm not sure what to go for. I spent some time hunting in Gen V to get legendaries to transfer... maybe I should leave them there to fight in the PWT for all eternity? I haven't completely given up on hunting in Gen IV, but I'll probably be doing less of it.


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Well, It's really been a while since I've posted here, but I've been SRing for a Shiny Ho-oh in Omega Ruby the past couple days...... With no results so far.


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A couple days ago, I spent a remarkable amount of time chaining for a Shiny Shinx on Diamond, and I actually got it~ On a chain of fifteen, too; I was so proud. It's the first shiny I've caught in a long while; the last one was a random Weedle in Ilex Forest in SS.


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I received my Alpha Sapphire 4 hours ago, so actually I got it two days early. :D

I SR'd for a TID, which is now 28282.

Time to hunt for a shiny Treecko!


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I'm back, but I have no shinies to report.

Since I got OR and AS on the 22nd. I decided go back to shiny hunting and I'm SRing for Treecko and Torchic on AS, I'm at 385 SRs so far.

As for what's happening in real life it's unfortunately not going to get better, but I'll survive.

Anyway congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts.


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already got my omega ruby game but decided to open it at Christmas. in the meantime I have decided to start breeding for a shiny timid treeko in pokemon X and use that one in my journey in hoenn, have until Christmas so have a lot of time before it shines. although I really hope it shines soon. also decided to do an entire shiny legendary hunt on omega ruby to extend the life of omega ruby. Especially excited for latios as I want a shiny latios as it will be of good use for my competitive shiny team and for my gym that I am creating where I will be a shiny gym leader. already decided on four members: shiny mega charizard X, shiny greninja, shiny sceptile and shiny latios. dunno about the rest and already have shiny charizard and greninja from previous times of breeding, hope shiny timid treeko comes fast! already know soft resetting for shiny latios will take a lot of my rime but for now focused on treeko. good luck on everyone else!
deoxys is not shiny locked! I found it in the gts with its kalos sign 3 times! didn't get any since everyone wanted events but i got pictures but cant put them since for some weird reason it wont let me once I figure it out I will put them
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This morning I put my Shiny Rayquaza SR hunt on Ruby version aside and focused on my Shiny Magby Masuda Method attempts. I had previously stored some Magby eggs in my PC, so I started hatching those and I hatched another 20 that I collected from the Day Care this morning as well. I'll soon reach the 7,000 eggs hatched mark.


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Well seeing how I have nothing better to hunt for I am gonna start SR'ing for Regirock. Wish me luck as my S'R curse comes into effect.


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Congrats on the recent shinies everyone! I don't have any shiny news really, nothing has shone since my random Marill. Currently just doing REs in Petalburg Woods in AS. At roughly 750 encounters so far, so I most likely have a long way to go. Might MM Zoruas while doing this too, just to pass the time. Anyways, good luck hunting guys!


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Congrats to Storm_Dragoon on Wurmple, Mudkip, Zigzagoon and Flabebe, Cyberra on Teddiursa and Audino, Kingzard on Wurmple, Lorde on Gulpin, AuroraQueenSuicune on Gloom, SilverChiko on Happiny, jackhh on Sharpedo, AzulTheCerulean20 on Cascoon, TomoEGoto on Cresselia and Reshiram, Yoitsdaffy on Reshiram and Machop (sorry about Magnemite though), Drakonekoshi on Mudkip, Ho-oh the Rainbow Pokemon on Lugia, LeoX on Latias, TheMaster327 on Groudon (you deserved a short hunt after Lugia), MultiDarkShadow777 on Treecko, serpent222 on Ninetales, ChaoticInverse on Torchic, Keane on Budew, Growlie19 on Marill and Growlithe, Quils on Swablu, Dangertrout on Poochyena and everyone else on your shinies.

Thanks to Keane for the luck.

Six Island has finally decided to reveal something sparkly. After 17,265 REs in the Pattern Bush a shiny Heracross appeared.


To be honest I had given up hope that I would find a shiny here before Omega Ruby arrives on Friday. Six island was the first of the Sevii Islands to go over the odds (and to rub it in it went over double the odds) and took over 11,000 more encounters than my second longest hunt in this quest. But I have it now and as one of the two Pokemon capable of mega-evolving at the location Heracross was one of my main targets. Additionally to make up for the long hunt the Sevii Islands have once again turned up a shiny with an excellent nature. I think only Spearow has had a bad nature on this hunt whilst Heracross is the third of six shinies to have a nature that boosts the Pokemon's best stat so I can't complain about the length of the hunt too much.

Next up I plan to hunt at Tanoby ruins for a Tentacool or Tentacruel to complete this Sevii Islands hunt. However I won't be starting it until at least after I've completed my planned SR for Mudkip in Omega Ruby, maybe not until I've played through the main story. Meanwhile I'm going to continue with my MM hunt for Cranidos in X as I've been seriously neglecting my fossil quest since I started hunting in Fire Red.

Good luck hunting everyone :)


Although I don't often shiny hunt, I've had amazing luck in my Alpha Sapphire. The Latias I was given (er, well the Latias that joined my team) ended up being shiny; and I'm assuming that's extremely rare.



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SHINY BELDUM hatched at 557 eggs in Y :D Will have pics later. It's Jolly-natured and likes to thrash about, with the ability Clear Body.

Now I will hatch a couple other 'mons for my pokedex, and then I will begin breeding for swablu :D


I think that's a decent IV spread... But meh. It's a lvl 32 metang now, trained in ATK and SPD, and working toward a fully evolved silver metagross.
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Anyone knows if the eon ticket lati@s can be shiny? Like in the other games? I kinda want that to be my next hunt after I'm done with Treecko.


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Just got OR in the post, and have started SR'ing for a Shiny Mudkip.

I dunno how long this will take, but i'm hoping not too long lol.

Good luck with your hunts everyone.


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Hi all. Just a congrats message really. I have not been playing pokemon as much lately. I have been concentrating on playing some other games for a bit as I had been MMing a lot and not gotten any shiny for so long so had gotten a little bored. Well anyway tomorrow I will be playing Omega Ruby as it will finally be released (years after everywhere else). I may have to split my time between OR and X so shinies may not be as frequent while I go through OR story.

Congrats to all new shinies since my last post and good luck shiny hunters!


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Reached 1000 SRs today for Treecko, hopefully I get lucky soon because I'm ready to start this game.

Happy thanksgiving and good luck all!

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So I was wonder trading some Ralts in OmegaRuby and I got a Shiny Landorus (Therian Forme) level 70. 2nd shiny I've received via wonder trade. I was incredibly surprised...

Also, while Playing HeartGold 3 days before the release of ORAS, i ran into a Shiny Gligar, but my level 40 Crobat decided to the Crit Poison Fang taking out the remaining 2/3 of its HP. I was going to catch it in a Moon Ball too...
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