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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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I'm so excited to be able to SR for shiny legendaries! It'll really keep me busy, and hopefully posting more on here!


Completing The Trio

Shiny Mudkipz & Holy Frack, It's a Shiny Female Mudkip.... loving those odds :D

It probably took me just under 14 hours of SR'ing to obtain. I probably almost missed my chance if you believe in such things, as i was just getting ready to leave to go Black Friday shopping, and figured i could do some more SR's whilst waiting for the taxi to arrive, and after like 5 SR's, boom.

I am just so happy i can finally start playing the game. I definitely think i'm going to do a BQ, Shiny Wurmple will be my next target, as a reclaim of the one i lost many moons ago from my old Ruby save file.(Along with Zigzagoon & Seedot(two other future hunt reclaims)).

Huge congrats on the Shiny Treecko & Shiny Lugia, i love both of mine, so i know how happy you are to have yours finally. Also, grats on the reclaimed Magnemite, always nice to avenge the loss of a Shiny. :D

Good luck with your hunts everyone.


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CH completion list updated.

WOOO. First (hopefully, if I catch it) SR complete.
And it is something I have wanted for years.

A shiny Zekrom. Encountered myself on Alpha Sapphire.

No Master Ball, but over 100 ultra balls.
Come on, ultra balls.
I will update this post in a minute with what happens.

Down to it using Struggle....Come on....

Only like 270 SR's. Nice. (I did have the shiny charm.)

It is outstanding with 31 IVs in HP, Defense, and Special Attack. Too bad it is Modest. Still, shiny.

Shiny Zekrom that's Modest + 31 SAtk IV? Zekrom actually can run a Special set especially with Modest + 31 SAtk IV, so it's not like it's a bad thing :p

Also, if I were you I would have thrown a Master Ball already as soon as it used Struggle but didn't die.

Anyway, I think I'll join the people here who got a shiny legend in OR/AS :D

I was "lucky" enough I haven't got any shiny in OR before getting the Shiny Charm, so after I got the charm, I decided that my first OR shiny will be Reshiram.

......just last night it showed up at around 540 SRs :p

I'm using the ver. 1.1 patch, in case anyone still think the 1.1 patch caused all legends to be shiny locked. Yay for Thanksgiving shiny :D

IV spread seems to be 12/31/31/27/3/31. Ouch at that SDef, and it kinda sucks that the Attack stat is 31, the one I don't need since it has Timid Nature :p

If only the Attack IV is swapped with the SDef IV.......or at least get a Nature that works for a Mixed set, like Naughty or Naive.
This is maybe the only time I wish my Synchronizer didn't work.



it shone! ^_^
I just got back from my local GAME. OR/AS are now mine! ^_^

There was a huge queue in GAME that went almost to the door. I guess it was because of the black friday sales. The guy behind me was also there to collect his ORAS preorder. ^^

Today I'll start my AS shiny badge quest, as well as my nuzlocke in OR. I've just got to find ID numbers that I like first...


the shinyclauncher12
Long time no see thread.....

Anyways,two days ago I beat Alpha Sapphire,so I decided to shiny hunt Cobalion,12 SR LATER,this shows up:http://instagram.com/p/v470lvLkpz/.It has a timid nature,not sure what to do with it,but I let him UT just in case.

Also,I think that this might be the first Shiny 6th gen native Cobalion.


Shiny Collector~
Currently sitting at 900SRs for Regirock (Oh shiny charm you have been spoiling me). I prefer longer hunts anyway it feels way more rewarding in the end.

Congrats on all the recent shinies! GL to those still hunting!


Forever now
Well, I've reached 1,000 SRs so far for a shiny starter in my AS and no sign of any stars yet.
I know its not that much, but still w/ the new mechanic n such, I hope it doesnt end up like the shiny Amaura I got in X for over 7,000 SRs...

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
Community Hunt Complete x10!


Yes yes YES, shiny Taillow appeared just a few minutes ago :D. I was fooling around with the DexNav, seeing what different Taillow I could catch. I was catching a few good ones, and decided to keep going and hope I find a shiny. I put the game in sleep mode last night, picked it up again this morning. Less than an hour later, I got this shiny Taillow, easily caught her in the only Repeat Ball I had in my bag :D.

More pics:
Shiny Taillow
Trainer ID
Bold nature

This makes it my 7th shiny in Omega Ruby, 8 shinies overall. I'm now going with my next target, SRing for shiny Latios. I probably won't be at this long before I just take whatever appears, but I won't say no to a shiny :p.

Congrats to new shinies everyone :).


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So, I was doing some Audino grinding in Omega Ruby yesterday after I caught my Shiny Cresselia, since I had the Mirage Forest with just Sunkern and Audino, when a Shiny Audino appeared. Honestly, I'm surprised I haven't found one already, given how much Audino grinding I've done over the past few years.

Since I only posted yesterday, I don't have to do a blanket congrats.

Congrats to Jessara on Treecko, oarfish on Zekrom, KzBreakdown on Zekrom, Siria on Trapinch and Bagon, krikeastment on Mudkip, Shine on Reshiram, shinyclauncher1234 on Cobalion, and Storm_Dragoon on Taillow!


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Atm farming for a shiny Treecko, i really hope i wont encounter a shiny poochyena :<


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Community Hunt Complete x2!

In just 1795 Random Encounters, I got a shiny Ziggy! Not my target of Wurmple, but she's a beautiful shiny regardless. I decided to name her Autumn, and caught her in a timer ball. Sorry the AMie picture is sideways xd




ANyways, congrats on the recent shinies everyone! Don't know if I should continue hunting for Wurmple or continue my Zorua MM.


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I'm really starting to get jealous of all of these ORAS shinies haha!

1,200 SRs for Treecko, and probably many more to go!

Congrats to LostTM on Zigzagoon, Storm_Dragon on Tailow (I like that shiny form a lot), kirkeastment on Mudkip, and Shine on Reshiram!


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Well, after my successful shiny Zekrom SR hunt yesterday, I felt like doing another SR.

I decided to open up the Regi Trio, and I already have a shiny Regirock, so I thought I would do one of the other two.
A minute ago, I came across a shiny Registeel after just over 80 SR's.
I am attempting to catch it now. I will update this post soon.

EDIT: Caught it after MANY ultra balls.
31 IVs in Attack, Special Attack, and Special Defense. Cool.
It is Mild. I will take it.

Just checked. it had ONE move left before Struggle. Close....
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Got my copy of AS today. I think I'll try for a shiny Mudkip for a couple of days, then just settle for a female if I don't get one. Don't really want to hang around resetting for too long


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Woohoo Shiny treecko in my new Omega Ruby ^^
And aswell my first shiny after the robbery <3



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Omg! All these SR shinies! Jealous!
I started my SR of Lugia, I am using a calm sync and at 150 SRs
Soooo ready for it to shine because I want to SR so many others xD

After Lugia, I'm going to SR Suicune (I will SR Entei/Raikou for nature/IVs)
After Suicune I want to SR Giratina (While SRing Dialga for nature/IVs)
After Giratina is Cresselia! and hopefully the Eon Ticket Latios will be SR-able!

AND then we have the other starters we get from Birch ~ I'll SR Piplup / Tepig!
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Omega Sapphire

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I'm not hunting anything at the moment. I am completing my PokeDex to get the Oval Charm and Shiny Charm. Might MM for a Shiny something when I get the Oval Charm. I really want to reclaim my lost Shiny Regirock but I don't have the patience for SRing. I am hoping to find some shinies while doing my national dex though.

Story for Regirock: First time I played through Ruby I fought Regirock and it destroyed my team. I battled it again and it was a different color..I didn't see sparkles but I threw my Master Ball to make sure it didn't kill me. The first Regirock that killed my team was shiny. The one I caught was normal.

I also need to reclaim: Shiny Dustox, Shiny Electrode, Shiny Beautifly, Shiny Tentacool, Shiny Roselia, and Shiny Wobboffet. All from my first Ruby playthrough except Wobboffet which was in Emerald and ran.


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Id just like to post here and say hello, im new to the forums and used to be an avid shiny hunter. Im just getting back into it again, and seeing all of your shiny finds have really inspired me! Hope to be back soon with a Cocoa puff Regirock!


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Happy ORAS day Europe!

Congrats to: Spawty on Mesprit, Storm_Dragoon on Wurmple and Taillow, Typhlox on Lugia, Draknir on Cresselia and Audino, Yoitsdaffy on Magnemite reclamation, Jessara on Treecko, oarfish on Zekrom and Registeel, Kzbreakdown on Zekrom, Siria on Trapinch and Bagon, kirkeastment on Mudkip, Shine on Reshiram, shinyclauncher1234 on Cobalion, Lost™ on Zigzagoon, nickM on Treecko (and first shiny after the robbery!), and to anyone else I missed!

Thank you Supremacy for the congrats!
Welcome to the thread, RightClick!

I'm at 1,300 SRs for Registeel and will probably fit in another 100 or so tonight. Back at 500 encounters in Eterna Forest too. I'm not too sure of my plans after these two hunts - maybe a honey tree SR for my BQ and either finish my Surskit RE or Porygon SR in Platinum. Depending which hunt finishes first - if Eterna, I'm going back to Cranidos on Platinum.

Good luck everyone, especially Shadowkrow with your BQ, CpChris with Scyther, Lorde with Rayquaza and Magby, Shy with Mudkip, Tina with Archen, jrmftw with Sprout Tower, AquaRegisteel with your FEs, Cyberra with Virizion, pokemaster13 with Chimchar and Weedle, and RaichuArcanine and cocoadragon with your Chimchars!


Havent posted in a while, so just wanted to drop an update.

I got OR the day it released and have progressed the story to southern island to get Latios. Latios is my favorite legendary so i decided to start soft resetting for it, currently sitting at 254 sr's....its really discouraging because of the battle and all the dialogue, but i wont stop til i see that minty green.
After latios i will probably work on the regis.

Congratz on all recent shinies especially those ORAS legends.

Good luck on all current hunts!!!