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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Congrats to keckleoboy on Reshiram, Keovix on Zekrom, Blastonite on Zekrom, The Majestic Master L on Zekrom, rocky505 on Zekrom, KittyKity3308 on Zekrom, Cutty on Treecko (and on breaking a chain of five successive Zekrom in this congrats list :p), kirkeastment on Mespirit, ShiningKnightXY on Heatran and everyone else on your shinies.

Thanks to Cpchris for the congrats.

Yay, I have my first ever shiny starter. After 3,150 SRs in Omega Ruby Mudkip decided to shine meaning that I can start my Hoenn adventure.


My camera doesn't do justice to just how vibrantly purple he is to be honest. He does have a bold nature which is about as bad as is possible for Swampert but considering how beautiful he is I really couldn't care less. I struggled throughout the hunt to think what I would nickname Mudkip when it finally shone and it wasn't until I was at the nickname screen that I remembered the Crannogmen who live in a swampy area in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series and decided to name him after Jojen Reed as a result.

I'm probably going to take a few days off of hunting now to play through the game and once I've beaten the Elite Four I'll start my Heart Gold BQ to free up the Johto Starters in OR. It'll be a while until I return to my Sevii Islands hunt at any rate.

Good luck hunting everyone :)


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Gratz to BeneatheTheWaves on Lunatone, Akko on Fennekin, Murderofkrow on Lotad, maldoror on Heatran, serpent222 on Oddish, WhySoCareFree on Taillow, Lunistrella on Virizion, keldeoboy on Reshiram, Keovix on Zekrom, The Majestic Mr L on Zekrom, rocky505 on Zekrom, KittyKitty3308 (WOW lots of shiny Zekrom lately!?), Cutty on Treecko, Kirkeastment on Mesprit, ShiningKnightXY on Heatran, Razorbadger on Mudkip, and everyone else!


Well I am now over odds for Tornadus at ~4134 SRs. This thing really doesn't wanna shine lol but no way am I giving up.

Also, does anyone have any nickname ideas for Tornadus? I can't think of anything. =/

Good luck everyone! :]


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No new shinies for me. My hunts are at 400 REs for BQ #3 in AS and 2180 SRs for Heatran. I thought that I should let you guys know that I don't have the shiny charm in OR, so I'm not doing to bad with that hunt. Just about half way there to the odds.

Congrats to the recent shinies, especially all the Zekroms flying around. Also good luck to all ongoing hunts, especially Keane on Eterna Forest, Cyberra on Virizion, RaichuArcanine on Chimchar, and Cpchris on Scyther.


This morning I did another 60 or so soft resets for my Shiny Deoxys hunt since I was unable to work on it more last night. I also hatched 37 more Magby eggs for my MM hunt yesterday evening and I stored several more in my PC that I'll work on hatching later today. Good luck to everyone else by the way.

Cheeze IOW

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6 hours of horde hunting Aron and still nothing yet, just really worried I'll find a shiny Zubat instead. Fingers crossed I'll find my shiny Aron in the next few hours.


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I haven't been doing a ton of shiny hunting lately, as I've been busy with other things. I've made some more progress on my Weedle hunt though, and I'm now at ~15,600 REs. I will definitely not be very happy if I find another Caterpie or Metapod at this point...

Congrats on all of the latest shinies and good luck on your hunts!


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Well, that took a while.


2,377 SRs total, and #1 shines! :)

Naïve nature, so nice for Mega Sceptile!

IVs: 0 - 19 / 25 / 0 - 9 / 0 - 9 / 0 - 25 / 0 - 19 (Best I can do with IV checking a Lv.5! Will transfer to X when I can to get more accurate IVs!

EDIT: Treecko accurate IVs: 2, 3 / 25 / 2, 3 / 0 / 18, 19 / 18, 19
Looks like a Physical Attacker to me.[/spoil]
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I've been having really good luck lately! 2 days after my lugia shone, I got another pretty pink shiny. Only took me 314 SRs this time, and I even caught it in a heal ball! And it's Jolly nature with perfect IVs in Attack, Defense, and SpA (3 in Speed - ugh) but I'm very happy with it! Think I'm going to do some dexnav chaining for a pidgeooto, buneary, or kakuna in the safari zone now, although I might also go for a shiny mesprit/uxie depending on which one is next in the rotation in the cavern. And congratz to everyone else on their recent shinies!

Can I have some of that luck? I'm 15,900 SRs into a White 2 virizion hunt.

I just caught my first shiny of December! At 1,666 REs in the dark safari, I find a shiny sandile! She's relaxed and likes to thrash about, with the ability Anger Point. I'm going to take her to the battle chateau and get her evolved into krookodile. Will have pictures tomorrow ^_^

Virizion is about to break 16,000 soft resets in White 2. Deerling (winter-forme) is at 370 eggs.

Edit: And here is my shiny sandile :D

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Long time stalker, first time poster.
Just wanted to thank the people here for the encouragement they provide. In the past week I've managed to SR for shiny Reshiram (619 resets) and shiny Tornadus (935 resets). I hated resetting for Tornadus and don't look forward to resetting for Thundurus when I get Sapphire v.v
Probably going to go for Regice next. Hopefully my synchronizer will work for a change (not that I got bad natures on Reshiram and Tornadus but still).

Blanket congrats to everyone seeing successful shiny hunting, and good luck to everyone searching.

Twilit Dragoon

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Yessssss, I finally got my own shiny Reshiram <3. After 3317 SRs, I get one of my dream shinies:


I've been having a very rough day, and this awesome shiny Reshiram totally made me feel just a little bit better. I was talking to TheMaster327 about him getting shiny Treecko(UBER CONGRATS on that btw :)) and comparing the IVs to my own shiny Treecko. I had just so happened to get into the battle with Reshiram, saw the golden rings followed by sparkles and I freaked out.

The battle to catch this thing took ages, I was hoping that the Quick Balls I had would catch it on the first one thrown like my test attempts on normal ones, but it didn't like those. I didn't prepare for this shiny hunt, I was actually banking on the Quick Ball catching it. I ended up getting it paralyzed and down to yellow health before I lobbed balls at it, but none of them worked. So many three shakes and it popped out like the troll it was XD. I had one Net Ball in my bag, and I just decided to throw it, one shake, two shakes, three shakes, click, caught it! Guess it really loved the color of the Net Ball :p.

Shiny Reshiram ended up getting a Quiet nature, which I am totally fine with. I wasn't using a synchronizer, as I wasn't too bothered about what nature it got, so I'm quite pleased with my shiny Reshiram <3.

More pics:

Shiny Reshiram
Trainer ID
Quiet nature

It looks so happy in this picture :).

I'm not sure what my next hunt is going to be. I might play through Alpha Sapphire up to Latias and hunt for a shiny one, or I may just fiddle around with Omega Ruby and see if I can get another shiny legend. I don't have a definite target just yet, but I'll start something eventually.

Congrats to Razorbadger and TheMaster327 on your shiny starters and Echo Nacyl on Reshiram/Tornadus :).


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It looks so happy in this picture :).

Sorry for the double post, but this picture is amazing. Major congratz! :]


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Congrats to Blastonite on Zekrom, The Majestic Mr L on Zekrom, rocky505 on Zekrom, KittyKitty3308 on Zekrom, Cutty on Treecko, kirkeastment on Mesprit, ShiningKnightXY on Heatran, RazorBadger on Mudkip, TheMaster327 on Treecko, Cyberra on Sandile, Twilit Dragoon on Reshiram and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats!

I have done 120 SR's for Lugia since my last post and already tested my team against some non shiny ones, Lugia starts struggling after 20 turns and my dream is to catch this legendary with a premier ball (all white with a little bit of red) I really like the design of that pokeball for Lugia, it could be a difficult battle, my strategy for this legendary includes sync, swords dance/false swipe and Xaccuracy/sleep powder) hope it gives me the chance to catch it with the premier ball.

While I hunt for Lugia in AS, I started doing RE in X and have found two shinies in the FS, Vullaby and Sandile.

Didn't sync them, Vullaby ended up being Adamant and Sandile is Rash, still very happy about this two part Dark type pokemon, hunting Farfetch'd right now.

Good luck to everyone on your current hunts! :)


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Decided to hunt for a shiny Shuppet in one of my Friend Safaris, worried I'll get a shiny Phantump instead though...


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Congrats everyone on all of the new captures! Jealous of all the ORAS shinies when I have yet to even start my game!

Sitting at 2.9k SRs for Treecko!

Good luck everyone!

The Majestic Mr L

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This isn't exactly a new shiny per se, as I've had him for a while, but I'd thought I'd share this monstrosity with you all.


Yes, that is my shiny Zelrom's wing in the background. Or in the foreground, I suppose. Anyway yeah shiny Mega Rayquaza. Literally the most overpowered thing I have ever seen. Apparently it's only on par with Mega Mewtwo X and Y for both base attack and special attack respectively, but geez... Mine has 452 Attack in this form even without a beneficial nature or good IVs. It is fully EV trained though so I suppose that helps.


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Congrats to everyone on their recent shinies. Shiny Reshiram is so beautiful, I cannot wait to SR for one. I've always wanted one and I'm so glad Game Freak removed the shiny lock for Reshiram and Zekrom.

I'm still soft resetting for a shiny Latios. Lati@s have got to be the most pain in the butt Pokemon to SR for with all of the cutscenes and the battle. I'm never going to give up, though. Lati@s have always been shinies that I've wanted.

I wish everyone good luck on their hunts. :)


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Grats to all you lucky folks :). Birch is still being mean to me. Day 10 of the Treecko hunt starts now!

Well, the Mirage Legendaries are being stubborn for me, so I feel your pain.

Edit: Y'know, I have a question about the DexNav: Does the chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon for a certain pokemon increase as the Search Level for said Pokemon increases?
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I haven't posted here in months but good luck and presumably the shiny charm brought me here. In the process of EV training with hordes I ran into a shiny Shuppet in a Mt. Pyre Shuppet horde.


Pretty late so I didn't bother with a better quality image. It's Quiet nature with Frisk but I haven't bothered with the IV's. Nice little shiny that I wouldn't have seeked out normally, though I haven't actively looked for any shiny in months. I do have plans for Bagon and Reshiram though.