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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
However, I was wondering if my Mystery Gift Beldum counted towards my BQ if I just do not retrieve it until after the first gym? Or does he not count? Also, I'm very new to any sort of self-imposed challenge, and I wondered if there was a set if BQ rules I should read, like Nuzlocke has, or if it is just sort of made up as I go?

There aren't really any strict rules when it comes to BQs. Just hunt a shiny before each badge is all tbh. Although, some people do hunt a shiny before and after the elite 4 but that's optional. As for the shiny Beldum, I personally wouldn't count it since its just given to you, but it's entirely up to you. Good luck on Treecko!


~5148 SRs and this Grinch looking thing floating on a cloud still refuses to shine >.< I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow so I doubt I'll be in the mood to hunt then. Oh well, I'll get it eventually.

Gratz on the recent shinies and good luck everyone!


Forever now
Hi everyone. Congrats on the new shinies esp those legends, Reshiram/Zekrom, keep em coming guys...
As they motivate me to get my own shiny Zekrom later. They're prolly the most wanted shiny legends now as they go viral like literally everywhere~

I'm still playing through the game and enjoying every part of the game.
I decided not to do shiny BQ like I did in my X game before for time reason. But I'm planning to hunt 1 or 2 more shinies before the Elite Four. Maybe via MM, fishing or the new feature AreaNav Pokemon.

Well, good luck on all your hunts :)


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to maldoror on Cobalion and Virizion, wobbanut on Torchic, Swopie on Ho-Oh, dark1raven3 on Eevee and Ho-Oh, *Murkrow on Ho-Oh, KzBreakdown on Sandile, Scrufox86 on Zubat and Ducklett, Zekromaster826 on Azelf, and everyone else on your shinies!

Sorry about Zekrom, Eclair~!


On a happier note (and much less *****y-female doggy- one), when I finally get this Treecko I'm going to have officially started my first BQ! However, I was wondering if my Mystery Gift Beldum counted towards my BQ if I just do not retrieve it until after the first gym? Or does he not count? Also, I'm very new to any sort of self-imposed challenge, and I wondered if there was a set if BQ rules I should read, like Nuzlocke has, or if it is just sort of made up as I go?

As you said yourself, it’s self-imposed. They’re whatever rules you want them to be. I think the most basic/common rules are simply to find a shiny before each badge, probably via RE or SR. Beyond that, I’ve seen plenty of variations on how one goes about completing this quest, including using a freebie shiny to count towards one of their BQ members.

For me, it just wouldn’t be satisfying to count any freebies as actual members of my collection, nor as BQ members. But that’s why I don’t do it in my own BQs – this is your BQ though. I would say just do whatever will leave you feeling satisfied by the end of your BQ.

I just found out that the Hoenn Legendaries are SR'able, and I already caught 6 of them...

Oh well, I guess I'll grab another copy of both ORAS for shiny hunting.

But I think I'll SR for Deoxys. Now to rebattle the league.

Also, it's been a while~

See Demonslayer492’s post at the top of the page. I have no knowledge about these things, but reading that would make me wary of SRing for it. I don’t believe there’s been any reasonable evidence suggesting it can be shiny, either.

This seems like a silly question but I want to double check before I waste unnecessary hours SR'ing.
Has anyone seen, heard or completed a successful SR for a shiny story line Lati@s?
Wanna make sure they can be shiny before spending many hours SR'ing.

See Shine’s post earlier on this page. So yes. But for anyone wondering if something can be shiny, as Shine pointed out, your best bet is to look for live videos of your target. It’s much easier and faster than coming here and asking, honestly.


Another 300 REs today. And 200 SRs for the Johto starters. Tomorrow and Saturday I’m working doubles though, so not sure I’ll do much hunting, if any…

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, cocoadragon, Shadowkrow, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Cyberra, Shy, and Lunafloon)!


bye cruel people
Any name ideas for a shiny lugia I got after three sr tries without the shiny charm pls I'm so happy


Legendary Trainer
Well, didn't know Zekrom/Reshiram aren't shiny locked, definitely going to go for Reshiram in OR. Currently doing Regirock after a few hundred. After that I'll complete the Delta Episode and go for the other two Regis, then Ho-oh, then Reshiram. It's going to be a while. -_-


moon upon a stick
Congrats to: tothewest88 on Wurmple, Prakhar on Venipede, Navarch on Magnemite, maldoror on Cobalion, Virizion, Heatran, Poochyena and Reshiram, Yoitsdaffy on Raikou and Oddish, JackD334 on Linoone, Demonslayer492 on Linoone, kirkeastment on Mesprit, Wailmer and Wurmple, Wolfless on Azelf, Pacman on Clauncher and Remoraid, Lunistrella on Virizion and Lugia, Garde on Roselia, ClipOwl on Sableye, Treecko and Nincada, DragonBooster90 on Lickitung, Cheeze IOW on Aron, Zubat, Torchic and Ralts, Stickit2themon on Gastly, BeneathTheWaves on Lunatone, Akko on Sandslash, Fennekin and Wurmple, Murderofkrow on Lotad, serpent222 on Oddish, Whysocarefree on Taillow, StrongBad456 on Feebas, keldeoboy on Reshiram, Keovix on Vullaby, Sandile and Zekrom, Blastonite on Zekrom, The Majestic Mr L on Zekrom, rocky505 on Zekrom, KittyKitty3308 on Zekrom, Cutty on Treecko, ShiningKnightXY on Heatran, Razorbadger on Mudkip, TheMaster327 on Treecko, Cyberra on Sandile x2, Echo Nacyl on Reshiram and Tornadus, Twilit Dragoon on Reshiram, Psynergy on Shuppet, Wishmaker Latias on Lapras, wobbanut on Torchic, Delirious Absol on Absol, Swopie on Ho-oh, dark1raven3 on Eevee and Reshiram, *Murkrow on Ho-oh, KzBreakdown on Sandile, Scrufox86 on Zubat and Ducklett, Zekromaster826 on Azelf, unicornhiccup on Lugia, and to anyone else I missed!

I'm sorry to hear about your dog, ohjeezitskim.
Thank you Shy and CpChris for the congrats!
Thank you Murderofkrow for the luck!
Welcome back, The Prince Of May!

I really like Razorbadger's idea for the CH - glad it was picked!

I'm now at 500 REs in the Ruin Maniac's tunnel in Pearl for !? Unown, 1,470 REs in Eterna Forest in Diamond and 2,820 SRs for Registeel in Platinum. I've had to work on my Viola all week because I've got an exam today, so hopefully afterwards I'll be able to get much more hunting done and will be able to dedicate more time to it!

Good luck everyone, especially CpChris with Scyther, AquaRegisteel with your FEs, pokemaster13 with Weedle and Chimchar, Shy with Mudkip, Lorde with Rayquaza and Magby, jrmftw with Sprout Tower, Murderofkrow with your BQ, Tina with Archen, Cyberra with Virizion and RaichuArcanine and cocadragon with your Chimchars!
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Shiny Hunter
Hi guys, im a new one here, but not new to shinies. I came here to get inspired, cause i have some sort of a problem... you see, i have already done 15 000 + resets for my shiny charmander in my leaf green, but so far no sucess, and i feel totally unlucky. Everytime i go to youtube to check some videos related to shiny starters, i see how people got them under 9 000 + im really that unlucky? need to say, that previously i caught shiny zapdos at 1434 SR. Please, just words of encouragement.


Shiny Collector
For anyone who has been struggling with their hunts recently, remember everyone has good hunts, everyone has bad ones. Could take a day, could take a month. Ive been hatching hundreds of charmander eggs for days and the odds have gone above average already, but on another single day I caught 6 shinies! Just keep on pushing through, because if you dont push through the tough ones, then the easy one that surprises you wont come.

Kyle Clarthy

Well-Known Member
Hi guys, im a new one here, but not new to shinies. I came here to get inspired, cause i have some sort of a problem... you see, i have already done 15 000 + resets for my shiny charmander in my leaf green, but so far no sucess, and i feel totally unlucky. Everytime i go to youtube to check some videos related to shiny starters, i see how people got them under 9 000 + im really that unlucky? need to say, that previously i caught shiny zapdos at 1434 SR. Please, just words of encouragement.

Hi there, and welcome! Unfortunately, sometimes the shiny Pokémon like to do that to us, and also unfortunately, it can happen to you at any time. Some people get lucky on their first few hunts straight away, and then feel unprepared for a long hunt when the luck starts running dry for them, and then there's the other ones who experience long hunts near the beginning of their "career" and then genuinely are shocked when shiny Pokémon start rolling in. Sadly, there's no real advice to make this any less of a long hunt for you, but jut hang in there and keep yourself occupied with other stuff, like movies or music or TV or doodling or reading or something. Also, I don't want to start rumours and I don't know whether this has long since been proven as false, but I recall that saving your game every now and then in FRLG sort of "shuffles" the RNG a little bit, so maybe try to do that every now and then, like maybe every few hours or something. It's worth a shot, at least.

Also, hi there to everyone else! As usual, it's been a little while and I'm sorry for that, but I'm mainly sorry that I am going to have to skip out on congratulating every one of you by name and just share the congrats around instead. If I did that, I would be here for hours and this post is already taking quite a while! Rest assured that I've read all of your posts and there's been quite a lot of captures recently! Well done!

I thought it was time I did a bit of an update myself.

Okay, so I've had a bit of success with hunting since I got Skip the Mudkip. He's now a bulky level 100 Swampert now and my original plan of doing a badge quest on my first playthrough fell through. That was when I decided to do another hunt instead. I'm not sure if there's any sort of name for this, but I decided I wanted to make a shiny team, so I would attempt to capture 6 shiny Pokémon before I confronted the Elite Four. I'm sorry if anyone else has attempted this before, but does anyone have a name for this? It would be cool if we started having this as an alternative to a Badge Quest for the people who didn't want to do one of those.

My reasoning was simple. I just thought that if I attempted to capture a team of six shiny Pokémon, I wouldn't have to force two of them to spend the playthrough in the PC. This way the majority of them could be on my team at all times, providing I had the right Pokémon to make use of HMs. Also, it's not as restrictive as a Badge Quest, and it allowed me to hunt wherever I wanted to.

Anyway, 50 hours went by, and I know that's really not much when it comes to shinies, but I got fed up and I just kept on progressing with the game. I ended up with a level 97 Skip just after the 8th badge! This was due to trying to chain with the Dex Nav and not really getting anywhere other than scoring a whole lot of experience. So, I thought that I was only 3 levels away from having a level 100 Pokémon, which is the requirement to get Zekrom/Reshiram to appear, so stuff this silly quest and let's do that instead. Well, I defeated Steven and plonked myself down in front of Zekrom to hunt. I got nothing on the first evening. But after work the next day, after hunting for a few hours ... and when I wasn't even looking at the screen when I heard sparkles. Oh, yeah, that would be Skip coming out of his Pokeball, right? Wrong! It was just before Skip was sent out that I realised that Zekrom had shone instead! All of this was split second stuff, mind you, but a lot of stuff goes through your head at times like these:


Zekrom is one of my favourite legendaries, so I was really disappointed with the shiny locking decision, as I know a lot of people are. So, I am excited to finally have him. I have to feel sorry for the people with some many SRs for these guys. Again, hang in there, guys! :(

This picture makes me smile, so I thought I should share it:


Well, this battle was nearly a complete disaster! As soon as the shiny guy appeared, I suddenly realised something. What the heck was I doing?! I hadn't even stocked up on Pokeballs and I had no Master Ball! I checked my bag and I have something like 15 Premier Balls and 100 Pokeballs. My heart filled with dread all of a sudden. Also, I had the shiny Metagross with Hold Back, but my sleeper was a junky Gloom (sorry Gloom, but it's true!) and she was lucky to withstand one hit! So, there was an awful lot of juggling Pokémon going on, when Gloom bit the dust all the time and I needed her Sleep Powder again and again. I threw all my Premier Balls, and one actually shook three times ... when Zekrom was awake, too! That was near the start of the battle. It started to drag on and on, though, and I began to get really anxious about the whole thing, so I did this stupid thing where I turned the sound down and didn't look whenever I threw a Pokeball at him. Well, whenever I would look at the screen again, Zeks was standing there with a grin. I wasn't too happy and I was preparing myself for losing it and having to try find it again. I don't remember how many balls it took, but I do remember that I looked at the bottom screen and thought that it was taking quite a while for the buttons to appear, so I risked looking at the screen, and sure enough, he was mine... Such a relief!

I was an idiot and will be sure to check my bags and stock up on things instead of being so reckless and thinking only about the fact that I might be able to get a shiny Zekrom. Sure, I might be able to get one, but would I be prepared for one?! Well, luckily things went my way this time, but it could have been much worse!


Anyway, I have more stories to share, but I am almost falling asleep here! I will have to continue this tomorrow. Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone.

I know that there's a few people here with awful hunts right now, but hang in there guys. A Wild Charizard, I'm thinking of you in particular right now, so good luck. But that isn't to say that I'm not thinking of everyone else, either.

Goodnight, guys!

Also, good to see you again, Prince of May and Cp! And of course all the other guys (you know who you are!)


Shiny Hunter
Thank you a lot, that really cheered me up, i also will use that advice, never heard about that but why not give it a try? ) when ill catch shiny charmander, first of all ill show it to you! But, i dont know how to attach photo of my shiny zap-zap as well


<----Newest Shiny
I decided to change my target to Azelf simply because it would serve me better as a lead pokemon, but aside from that it was always my favorite out of the Lake trio. I don't have any plans to do the CH so I may just clean up the legendaries unless I actually decide to try breeding for a competitive Slurpuff I could teach Drain Punch. Good luck on your hunts everyone.
Can the Johto, Unova and Sinnoh starters be shiny in ORAS? I really wanna hunt for them, but don't want to waste my time if they can't

Mewtwo Ex

Meddling your D.N.A
Hello One and All. I am ProjectPokemon's Mewtwo Ex. Despite my origin i do not support hacks or clones.
So after my short into i can share my current Omega Ruby Shiny Hunting status:

I got Shiny Reshiram at around 1 hour or so with 160~ soft resets.
Kyurem was around 4 hours...

And Tornadus is taking me 3 days as of now...

Good luck to all with your hunts! We will get them. It's just a matter of time!!


Shiny Hunter
Congratz to everyone on their new shines. Sorry it has to be a blanket Congratulation. I'm very busy these weeks. TT^TT

A lot of people are aging good luck with ORAS legendaries. Kinda makes me impatient! XD
It's been a week I've been SRing for a shiny Zekrom. I hope he decides to grace my screen soon. :p

Good luck to all shiny hunters out there! ^^


Shiny Hunter
Wooow, incredible luck, its almost unbelievable! after the post i left here, i saw this shiny guy whom i wanted so so much !


Shiny Hunter
Thank you) btw i just realized that charizard can learn Dragon Dance only like an egg move, is that true? If yes, then i dont know what move should i learn instead this one) but still im really happy ^_^ i wish luck for everybody!


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Well did 75 more SRs yesterday for Lugia haha so I did either 850 to 1100 or 950 to 1100. I totally forget lol but I did way more SRs yesterday compared to any other day. My hopes for it staying under 1000 have not been realized lol. Kinda want to say I want it to stay under 2k but have a feeling it's going to be like my SR in SS for the starters where I seen SO many videos and peoples accounts of being under 1000 SRs and then I went on for 6,717 SRs for a Totodile lol. Such poopy. Guess I'll catch some legends for nature and IVs for a bit today. Not really planning on SRing the Regis besides maybe regigigas.

Thank you keane for your condolences.


Dream Crusher
Just hit 1500 for Raikou. I had a feeling he would be stubborn(I have Shiny Charm so over odds now lol) But it's k. I'm enjoying it. Plus it's a test for my patience lol xD

Congrats to all those who have seen the shine and to those still searching I hope you see the shine soon :D


YEAAAAAAAAAAAAABOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1670ish SRs and I gottem!!!!!


Looks like another one knocked down. I might Breed or get some Ribbons and Awards. I shall see :p



I was breeding for a 6er and he shows up!

5IV -Sp. That's ok though :D
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