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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
Was watching my game out of the corner if my eye in hopes of sparkles, and had a mini heart attack when I saw them.

Then it turned out it was just the screen changing camera angles. Game was like "Haha, gotcha!" *sniffle* So mean.

Those moments when you think you have a shiny make me tense up the same way you feel like you're falling suddenly when trying to fall asleep. Or when I fall asleep with the ds and accidentally drop it on my face. It happens a lot... No luck on the HG shinies either, but those are mostly just a time filler than a true hunt for me.

Grats to Kyle Clarthy, Mestear (you got my favorite, can you tell? ;)), and Mewtwo Ex, and good luck to ohjeezitskim, Blastonite, Mewtwo Ex, ShiningKnightXY, 2rsa, and Keane!

Thanks for the inspiration and support RightClick.

Jonlau7555, I'm almost positive they are not shiny locked, but I'm also having trouble finding Internet proof or disproof on it. Maybe you'll be the first to confirm it :)


Pokemon breeder
I have more shiny news :) after getting my shiny reshiram on the 3rd I decided to do some other things for a bit, when checking my mirage spots I noticed that I had the crescent island.

Since about 2:30 today I have been sr for a shiny cresselia just to see if I could get one as quickly as I got my reshiram. Well just a minute ago I managed to get her :)

Unfortunately she's lonely ( bold sync didn't work) but that's ok I'll be getting alpha sapphire for Christmas so I'll have another chance to hunt if I really want one.
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Ice Lock

Congrats to everyone who has managed to get their shinies lately and for those who haven't don't give up, keep trying!

I was just collecting my daily berries all around Hoenn yeserday, one of the places I went to was route 116 where I had a random encounter and this took me by suprise!


It's a shiny Whismur! Best of all it's got my favourite colour on it's ears. Caught in a nest ball.
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Echo Nacyl

Well-Known Member
Congrats to everyone on the new shinies, especially Kyle Clarthy on the Zekrom (I love that Pokemonamie photo)
Still haven't started on Regice yet, because I distracted training the shiny event Jirachi I managed to trade for.
During said training, however, a shiny wild Oddish appeared! It's so cute ^.^


Shiny Hunter!
Hi all! I'm finally back with another shiny! After ~15,980 REs, Viridian Forest decided to give me... another shiny Caterpie! XD


I have to admit, when I first saw the yellow caterpillar followed by the sparkles, my first thought was 'Seriously? Why another Caterpie??' But I've since come to accept it, mainly because I can now have the entire Caterpie line in shiny form :p Plus all three are great shinies, so I can't really complain.

The strange part is that this Caterpie is female and has a Relaxed nature, which is the exact same gender and nature as my last shiny Caterpie. Weird, huh? It's like they're clones or something... Anyway, I've now done a grand total of nearly 32,300 REs in Viridian Forest looking for a shiny Weedle or Kakuna, and so far I've gotten one Metapod and two Caterpie. This forest loves to troll. I may just go back to Pattern Bush to search for Weedle or Kakuna, because Caterpie encounters are much less frequent there.


I think that about wraps it up. Congrats to everyone on your latest shinies, especially Mestear on Charmander and Kyle Clarthy on Zekrom! And good luck on all of your hunts as well!


Completing The Trio
Holy Crap.... Shiny Cobalion battle in progress....


EDIT: OMFG that was such a close battle, freakin KO'd 4/6 of my team, i really should level up my False Swiper lol, but i caught the Shiny Cobalion :D

The sneaky sod even broke out of a critical capture throw too lol.


Off to my next hunt, Shiny Reshiram, here i come lol :D

Good luck with your hunts everyone, and congrats to Blastonite on the Shiny Raikou, so jealous of that shiny atm as it's a future target. :D


Shiny Reshiram after less than 20 mins of SR'ing :D



And Caught!!! :D


Well, time to unlock the Regi's i guess. Those seem like a good target to get next. :)
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This morning before work, I did another 30 soft resets for my Shiny Deoxys hunt, which coupled by my 80 SRs from last night was decent enough progress tbh. I also hatched a few Magby eggs for my other Shiny hunt this afternoon, but I barely made any progress overall. Anyway, better luck to everyone else.

Kyle Clarthy

Well-Known Member

Sorry it’s a little late, but I wanted to say sorry to ohjeezitskim, too.

Congrats to Mewtwo EX, Mestear(Whaaat?), dark1raven3, Ice lock, pokemaster13 (they really are like twins), and kirkeastment!

Also, thanks A_Wild_ CHARIZARD, and Echo Nacyl and pokemaster13!

Okay, so I’ll continue with my post now.

Long before ORAS was released, I was playing Platinum and hunting on there. If people can recall, I got a shiny Porygon, Bidoof, and Budew. Well, I thought that my next hunt would be a SR legendary hunt. And that legendary in question would be Palkia. I love that little guy.

So, I ended up preparing for the hunt and made my way up the mountain, collecting the orbs on the way. Well, I saved … and it wasn’t too long after that I realised that I would have to battle Dialga first before I could encounter Palkia! I was a little bit dismayed about it and I questioned whether I should just capture Dialga and move on to Palkia, or whether I now go for both.

Well, I decided to hunt for Dialga first. This was a while ago, so I can’t remember specifics, but let’s just say he did not really want to co-operate and it took a long time for anything to happen. I was SRing long into the night, praying the next SR would be the one, but it was never the case. As is usually the case, I started getting paranoid about the whole thing: maybe I missed a shiny, or would I even notice it? I studied the shiny on google a lot, just so that I could tell the differences, but it really didn’t prepare me for it.

So, this one morning I grabbed my DS and settled in for a session when after the 4th SR of the day, I immediately noticed the difference as a shiny Dialga slowly (well, it felt like it!) scrolled across the screen!!!


It is a real shame that the photos doesn’t really capture the real colours all too well. It is such a nice colour. The green is very bright and the bronze chest plate looks really nice and unique, too. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing so quickly that morning. The capture itself wasn’t too noteworthy. I only had one Dive Ball, unfortunately, and it shook three times before it broke out, of course! But, hey, I’m happy with the Pokeball of choice.

Well, unfortunately I didn’t really feel like hunting for Palkia straight away after this, and that hunt has long since been abandoned until this point in time. I’m not sure when I’ll get back, or what I’ll do.

Okay, I hope I get this all done in the right order! Sorry if it’s a little mixed up.

It was about this time when Mega Gallade was announced, and so I thought I’d like to try and get a shiny Ralts. I’d tried to get a shiny male Ralts once before via breeding and I found a shiny … but it was female. And … it was Adamant when I wasn’t even using an Everstone. Nice one, silly female Ralts. :p

So, I thought about how I’d attempt this next hunt. Hey, why not via swarm? But that would mean I would have to alter the time on my HG and SS games … I was a little torn about that, but I thought, “Screw it,” and I set about changing the swarms and eventually I was able to get both games to have Ralts on it.

I hunted a little bit that night, but nothing happened. It wasn’t for too long before I decided to get to sleep. In the morning, I set up the DS consoles and started hunting, and no joke, a couple of short hours later, I saw two Ralts moving across the screen and there was a noticeable difference between the two! I know I have captured a lot of shiny Pokemon over the years (that makes me sound like an old man with a walking stick) but the games can still be surprising.


So, was I able to get a shiny Gallade?!

Haha, no… Of course it was a female. And the male just happened to be on the other game at the same time.

Oh well, I caught her and I’m very happy with her. Her name is Sorbet. Don’t really know why!
I kept on hunting and hunting for the rest of the day, until the swarm changed, but I didn’t have any other lucky shiny encounter.


A little while after these, I started playing my Shiny Charm X game instead for a while, and I got addicted hunting on that. I don’t particularly know why, but I thought I’d try to hunt for a couple of horde shinies that I hadn’t actually managed to get the first time around. For example, I went to hunt for a shiny Yanma a long time ago, but I ended up getting Plonker, the shiny Nosepass instead. Well, this time I was determined to get a shiny Yanma. And hey, they appear often enough, so surely I could get one without encountering a shiny Nosepass again, right?


While I don’t have any photos of these guys, the long story short is that I ended up finding FOUR shiny Nosepass. Three males and one unfortunate female. I have named them: Vernon, Comm and Navi. Navi is the female and is short for Navigator. Unfortunately I can’t even recall the fourth ones name right now. Poor forgettable guy. 

Well, surely the next Pokemon to shine would be Yanma, right?!


Say hello to Pilot!


Cute little guy! I don’t really know if I will evolve him or what.

After this, I attempted to hunt for a shiny Stunky, and I ended up with another shiny Nidoran Male. The shiny Stunky wasn’t as stubborn as Yanma was, so I ended up capturing one of them not too long after the Nidoran Male. I have to make comment of how adorable he is in Pokemon-Amie. I don’t have any photos at the moment. I was a little lax with photos during this horde hunt.

Well, after that I decided to do some MM hunts. I looked through my Pokemon boxes and my eyes focused on Mantine. I love that Pokemon, and I used one named Kite in my original playthroughs of Gold and Silver. But I didn’t really understand the role a Mantine takes in battle, and he didn’t seem too strong to me at the time. Anyway, this time around I used an Everstone and I collected a few boxes at a time. I think it took about six boxes total, and she actually appeared in the last egg I hatched! It was looking unlikely that I wasn’t going to be able to hatch a shiny one, so I was preparing myself for collecting some more eggs, but then he went and surprised me! The shiny is really quite noticeable and I love the bright blue. While I named her Scuba, I think I might name her Scooba instead. I just think it looks cuter.


So, I wanted to hatch a Trapinch now. I used to have a Flygon called Seckt in Emerald, and I tried to hunt for a shiny one in Ruby a long time ago, but I ended up getting a shiny Baltoy instead. So, I thought it was time to attempt to hatch for one. Also, there was the slight chance that Mega Flygon might be in ORAS, so now was as good a time as any. Well, the hunt was pretty quick and after a few boxes I ended up finding this cute little dude. He has 4 IVs, and luckily they’re in pretty much the right places!


I thought it was time to revisit that Male Ralts hunt. There was no other choice at this point. I would have to hunt for it via MM on this Shiny Charm game for the best chances to get a male. Well, I set about breeding for the right nature and even managed to get it hatching in a Premier Ball, but it was a little tricky because I didn’t have the right set up to get his hidden ability without a Premier Ball. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I didn’t really notice I had chosen an offspring with good IVs, the right ball, but the wrong ability until I had boxed a few boxes of eggs and by that time it was too late.

After I hatched most of the eggs, this was staring back at me:


Was it a male? Surely it wasn’t another female. I went to the nickname screen and looked slowly at the gender and … breathed a sigh of relief. A bouncing baby boy! He’s now a gallant Gallade named Parry and will be transferred over to Mega evolve one day. Phew!

I decided I needed to clear a lot of these bred Pokemon that had nice IVs, so I started to Wonder Trade them off. I was shocked to get a Hoopa out of the blue. And then speaking of blue things, a few WTs later, I was looking at a blue shiny being traded back to me! What the!? Also, of all the shiny Pokemon for me to receive in trades, it was this:


A shiny Tyrunt. … This is now the second shiny Tyrunt I have been Wonder Traded. Why?! The poor thing. I have Chomper sitting in one of my boxes and now this poor guy who seems to be unwanted? I’ll look after this one, too, I guess! (Yes, I know it’s a bunch of pixels! :p)

Okay, phew, nearly done, guys.

So, after I found shiny Zekrom, I continued to hunt for shiny Absol. I’ve been trying to use Dex Nav and “chain” but my chains have been going over 150 and nothing has been shining. This particular chain ended up failing because the Pokemon ended up fleeing before I could even reach it. I was way too slow sneaking up on it.

Well, I needed a break from this, so I decided to give in and try to horde hunt something. So, I went to the forest and after a couple of hours, this little guy sparkled.


I’ve always wanted a shiny Beautifly. But of course, it wasn’t a Silcoon! But oh well, Dustox is a great Pokemon, too. I haven’t figured out a nickname yet and I haven’t trained him up, but I will soon.

I went back to Absol after this and started a chain. I don’t know how long this chain was exactly, but the next day, after work, I was looking at the screen and I was able to see a beautiful sight.


She refused to stay in a Premier Ball, and I almost ran out, but I managed to capture her in one eventually. She had an egg move and two IVs with a Brave nature. She looks so good. The chain is still going right now because I just want to see if I can find any more. While I understand that it’s all down to luck, the shiny appeared on a search level of 625, so it did take quite some time for a shiny to appear, considering the chains were pretty long ones and not small 5 chains and stuff like that. Some people seem to be really lucky with this Dex Nav stuff, so I’m curious about the whole thing and wonder just what the odds are/were.

Okay, so there’s one last thing. When I found Skip, I played through Sapphire. A couple of days later, I picked up my Ruby and continued to SR for a starter on that while adventuring through Sapphire at the same time. A couple of hours after Absol appeared, I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2, trying to get through the prologue, when I looked and saw a shiny:


I don’t mean to sound like an awful person, but this hunt was getting a little bit annoying because it was preventing me from doing other things. I’m not saying I haven’t been grateful for my luck Alpha Sapphire, not at all, but I’m sure you can understand what I’m trying to say. I want to dual hunt normal REs and there are so many new games out that I’ve been putting off, so it was such a relief for it to shine. I looked at my activity list and I have played Omega Ruby for 48 hours! That’s kind of a shock… and a little sad, too. But the important thing is that I finally found my target. I’m going to play through Ruby and work on the Dex now. I want it to be my main game of the two. I’m not sure what my next hunt will be, but I’ll work that out.

Thanks so much for reading this …. Well, I hope you do! I know it’s so long. Seeya soon, guys!
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Useless Sceptile
I was able to catch shiny Mesprit, my first shiny in ORAS! The capture took no time and Synchronize worked! Timid, perfect IVs in Def, SpA and Speed. Reshiram or Azelf may be next, or even Dratini back in Y.
Also, a tip for you guys. If you don't care about what Pokéball you get a shiny in, Timer Balls are a life saver and can be found at Rustboro!
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Everything stays.
Welcome back, The Prince Of May!
Thank you, Keane! It's appreciated! :D
Also, good to see you again, Prince of May and Cp!

Aaah, Jake! Didn't know you were still around! Thank you! :3

Well, guys, my plans changed (oh don't worry, not giving up again). Apparently yesterday was the day my game decided to give me access to the Crescent Isle... Who knew when would it appear again (because it does disappear after midnight) !? So I decided to land on it, save my game, but since I was busy, I wasn't able to prepare myself for a hunt and I totally forgot to do so before going to bed! I was doing some late physics exercises!
So this morning I woke up and realized that if I left the island, I would have to wait who knows how long before getting access to it again. So I checked my team and my bag and decided I would start hunting Cresselia straight away.

I was lucky enough to encounter a female Synchronize Modest Ralts at the early stage of my journey, and lucky enough to have KOed Kyogre during the encounter and catch Rayquaza in a Pokéball during the Delta Episode. I bet you know where I'm going ? Since I wanted my Cresselia to be offensive anyway, I figured that my Modest Gardevoir and my trusty Master Ball would do the trick. I mean, I have the nature and the ball, what do I need more ?

So that's how I started hunting Cresselia. Moving slowly, but surely. I hope it won't take too long, though. I still really want to do some Contests, train my team up and fill the Pokédex!

now onto reading Jake's horribly long second post... dear god


Strong Winds
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I guess when you reset for competitive legendaries after getting the shiny charm it's bound to happen eventually.


Not even 10 SR's into trying for a competitive Careful Regirock and this guy shows up. Only took me the first Quick Ball too which is cool. Luckily it did get Careful nature from my Sync though the IV's could be better at 4/31/14/31/12/31, missing every defensive stat. Ah well, I already got my competitive Registeel for RU so I can live without a competitive Regirock, I'll definitely take a chocolate Regirock over a competitive one anyway. Been awhile since I got a shiny legendary so this is definitely a cool sight.


New Member
Congrats everyone on their shinies!

Finally, after days of Dexnav chaining, I got my shiny Electrike! Who is now a beautiful shiny Manectric!

Gonna keep progressing through the game, transfer everything from X to OR, and then work towards the Shiny Charm before going Legend Hunting.


Congrats to everyone on their hunts, love seeing all the shiny legends on here!

So I haven't been doing much hunting lately, on the 1st I was trying out horde hunting for a ralts and then gave up and decided I might try using the dex nav to try getting an egg move pokemon, the very first Zigzagoon I ran into was a shiny one with its hidden ability. The next day I decided to try horde hunting again and out pops another Zigzagoon in a horde. Then, I decided about two days ago I would try for a Vulpix at Mt. Pyre and a shiny Shuppet decided to shine for me, I probably won't be posting much, due to completing my game play through Alpha Sapphire, when I get a chance I will soft reset for some of those legends! Good luck to everyone hunting and have a wonderful day. I hope something shines for everyone very soon! :)


Shiny Hunter
Gratz on all the recent shinies, especially Mestear on Charmander!

Well, I had to reschedule my dentist appointment for stupid reasons, but more time to hunt I guess. 60+ hours into my Tornadus hunt now and nothing yet. I'm thinking about starting up my Ralts MM hunt again, but I want to get Tornadus out of the way first before I start dual-hunting.

Anyways, good luck everyone. :]


#1 Lanturn Owner
Congratulations to all of the recent shinies (especially all of these shiny legendaries)!

I am now 700+ SR's into my shiny Reshiram hunt on my OR version. This could take a while seeing as I still do not have the shiny charm on this version.
I hope this thing shines soon though. Given my recent luck (discounting that 1,500 SR on hold Terrakion on my AS), it should be sometime soon.

After this, I plan on continuing SR'ing legendaries. I have finishing Terrakion and Regice on my AS list, as well as Ho-oh on my OR list.
After all that, I might SR some more legandaries of which I already have shinies. Just because I believe that I can now.

Good luck to everyone!
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ES member Eclair
Before I begin, if you want a TL;DR then just read the bolded as well as any spoilers and there you go, however, you'd then be missing out on "one Hell of a story" as well as some word of encouragement I have to say at the end of the story. :)

So, update. After losing my 1st Shiny Zekrom at 343 SR and then spending another 357 SR which = 700 SR total and still nothing, I continued to SR another 110 times and finally! After 810 SR total (So 467 SR more from when I lost the 1st Shiny Zekrom), I finally encountered my 2nd shiny Zekrom! (Fyi, I never saved my game when I lost the first one, couldn't chance it) but, will I catch it?
Yes, i did catch the 2nd shiny Zekrom, if you're reading this and didn't read the rest of this, a shame but, thanks for reading at least this much. :p lol
I had a plan, I had the shiny charm still, went and bought enough Luxury Balls so I now had 100 of em, I figured I would not switch mons this time (Hey, every ball throw counts ya know) and only False Swipe enough so that it looked as though it only had 1 HP left and only heal if need be. I also studied my target's moves this time, realizing I had just 60 moves to make before it struggled to death again. With that in mind, the true battle of wits began and if all else failed, I'd know when to chuck my master ball. :p

Turn one, threw a Luxury Ball as it was my syncher up to the bat first and nothing I could do, it pops out, I switch after it KO'd my syncher in 1 hit, to my False Swipe mon, used the move False Swipe 3 times and stopped and began chucking Luxury balls, it KOs all my mons save for my Metagross which is Lv. 98, I had to use 1 full restore later in the Metagross vs. Shiny Zekrom battle and began to chuck more Luxury Balls afterward. After 49 of them thrown and no luck and realizing I'm going to have to calculate when to chuck the master ball once I throw the next one and it pops out, I then throw the 50th Luxury Ball while still holding out hope and it shakes once, It shakes twice (COME ON!) it shakes a 3rd time (Come on, PLEASE!) it then clicks! Immediately I let out a yea and yes all while mildly shouting with joy! Finally I had my Shiny Zekrom. I checked the nature, it was indeed the right nature like I'd thought it was while battling it. I fly to the judge and have him evaluate it and the results are the following (Name of mon in spoiler too):
#644 Zekrom [Jolly]
IVs: 30, 31 / 24, 25 / 20, 21 / 31 / 30, 31 / 28, 29
Stats at Lv.50: 175 / 167 / 135 / 126 / 120 / 119

It has 31 IV in HP, SP. Atk (Sadly) & Sp. Def. It was near perfect for me considering the odds! :) I named him Yuki (When I caught him), then healed all my mons in my party and saved. Now, if only I had OR so I could SR for a shiny Reshiram and name her Yuno. Guess I'll have to find someone in the trading part of the forum who'll help me with her and yes, Yuki x Yuno from Mirai Nikki (Aka The Future Dairy) For my lovely Yuno, a Premier Ball, but first to figure out the statistics I'll need her to have. :)

I got to say, this was my 1st (2nd if u count the struggle to death 1st Zekrom) mon in ORAS that was shiny (Not counting the shiny Beldum which yes is the same Metagross I mentioned earlier) and it was my 1st ever SR shiny as well as 1st ever shiny Legendary mon that I myself caught/shiny hunted for. Feels great including to shiny hunt again. :) Just wish I hadn't lost the 1st Zekrom and that this 2nd one could've still been caught. lol Oh well. lol

To those who are still struggling, especially on shiny Zekrom/Reshiram, hang in there, don't give up and, thank you to those who specifically replied to me and those near those posts who said not to give up and gave words of encouragement. You were right, I COULD do it again and I might not have if ya'll hadn't given me those words of encouragement and support so really, thank you. :) I hope my story hear teaches us all many lessons and inspires ya'll to not give up. Keep going my fellow shiny hunters and thanks for reading this post and to close this, now I can say it, TADA! :)

For anyone who has been struggling with their hunts recently, remember everyone has good hunts, everyone has bad ones. Could take a day, could take a month. Ive been hatching hundreds of charmander eggs for days and the odds have gone above average already, but on another single day I caught 6 shinies! Just keep on pushing through, because if you dont push through the tough ones, then the easy one that surprises you wont come.

This morning before work, I did another 30 soft resets for my Shiny Deoxys hunt, which coupled by my 80 SRs from last night was decent enough progress tbh. I also hatched a few Magby eggs for my other Shiny hunt this afternoon, but I barely made any progress overall. Anyway, better luck to everyone else.
Someone already said it, perhaps you missed it but, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza AND Deoxyes are coded to not be shiny in ORAS. Sorry but that Shiny Deoxyes is shiny locked. :(


Strawberry Sunrise
Hey everyone! Thanks to Keane for the congrats!

I found my shiny Heatmor through chaining today! My next goal is to horde hunt for Poochyena in AS (which is a reclaim, so I can't wait to get that back!)

Congrats to Scrufox86 on Zubat and Ducklett, Zekromaster826 on Azelf, Cheeze IOW on Aron, Kyle Clarthy on Zekrom, Dialga, Ralts, Yanma, Mantine, Trapinch, Tyrunt, Wurmple, Absol and Torchic, Mewtwo Ex on Reshiram and Kyurem, Mestear on Charmander, Blastonite on Raikou and Mudkip, dark1raven3 on Cresselia, Ice Lock on Whismur, Echo Nacyl on Oddish, pokemaster13 on Caterpie, kirkeastment on Cobalion and Reshiram, LilyValley on Mesprit, Psynergy on Regirock, WhySoCarefree on Electrike, Iwanuq on Zigzagoon and Shuppet, Eclair~ on Zekrom and everyone else on your shinies!

Good luck to those still hunting! ^-^


pain in the ***
SECOND shiny sableye found in the dark FS. This one is a male which I named Rahu, after the Hindu deity of darkness and eclipse. He's Rash-natured and takes plenty of siestas, with max stats in HP, ATK, and DEF and the ability Keen Eye. I will be keeping him and sending him over to ORAS once I get Alpha Sapphire.

I guess this means community hunt complete, huh, since sableye can mega evolve.

Virizion is now over double the odds at 16,500 SRs and counting. Deerling (winter forme) is at 580 eggs. Still on the lookout for an autumn forme for later breeding.

Question: Does ORAS still have friend safaris, or is that just an X/Y thing?


Hunting Sparkles
Hey everyone! Congrats on all those lovely shinies! I got two new shinies today, two Shinx on my Diamond for my friend and bf :) patches 38 and 39 were shiny! And I've reached 1,000 Treecko, always nice to reach 1k! Will keep going for it more tonight, hoping for at least 1,100 before bed. I want to alternate my three ongoing Badge Quest hunts(OR-Treecko, Platinum-Chimchar and White-Deino). As in, when I get a shiny on one, I get a shiny in the other two games as well before I move on. I'm on college holidays, so I have lots of time! Also, I have a question. Do Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have 1/4096 or 1/8192 odds? Good luck all!
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Mewtwo Ex

Meddling your D.N.A
Today marks day 4 of non-stop shiny hunting Tornadus. Yesterday i had around 16 hours of mono resetting for it alone. I don't do anything else on my 3DS but watching this green ogre... Sigh... Seems like this is turning into a competition between me and Supremacy ;) . I wonder who will get it first. It is possible, right? There are no videos on Youtube on any of the 3 kamis.

Good luck to the rest with their hunts!