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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Soooo..... I'm considering soft resetting for a shiny Treeko in the Sapphire version I've yet to start. Has anyone in here attempted this' How long does it take? Should I try hatching it instead?


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Last night while replying Blastonite's VM and telling him how I haven't had any luck with ORAS shinies, Zekrom decided to shine (No charm).

Jolly nature, Max hp, attack and sp. attack. Very bad speed but I don't really mind.

Now I'm SRing for Lugia. I used to have one on a SS ROM. I'm happy I can have another one on a game I own. ^^

Anyways, Congratz on all the new shinies and good luck on your hunts!


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Congrats to all those who have got shinies!!

Just dexnav chaining for a shiny absol, and after 125 attempts, i found one!!
I had only 4 poke balls, a premier, 2 ultra and one master.
The absol had life orb, so i couldn,t lower it to red.
Paralyzed it with nuzzle and whittled the hp with quick attack from my pikachu.
Premier Ball.....no
2 Ultra balls.....nope
hp really low..
NO way i am using a master ball!
Ko'ed it.

Now i have 13 Ultra, 2 premier and 10 pokeballs.

done 20 chains more, going on. Now have a adamant synchronoise kirlia in party (had to train it lvl 2 as somehow the lead pokemon even while fained uses the repel's level effect)
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After more than a week of softresetting for random things like Treecko, Zekrom, Heatran and Cresselia I had nothing. (According to my 3DS I played a total of 70 hours, only got about 16 hours ingame time, which is a lot of softresets I guess.)

I went to pick up the Eon Ticket today, and started softresetting Latios.

After like less than 100 softresets it shone all of the sudden :eek: took me over 60 premier balls, hypnosis ran out and had to thunder wave it, but luckily I caught it. Sadly my synchronize failed but it's bashful, means I can do whatever the heck I Want it. the IV's are 21/31/30/31/31/18. Which isn't that great tho, but at least I'm gonna focus on special attack.

In battle



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It is possible, right? There are no videos on Youtube on any of the 3 kamis.

I was starting to get paranoid so I did some digging and found that someone has encountered shiny Thundurus and there is also a live encounter of shiny Landorus from a guy on twitch. Although, I wouldn't watch the video all the way through... He did shiny Landorus so wrong =[. Sadly, I couldn't find anything on Tornadus, but with the other two genies being found I'm sure Tornadus is possible. Plus, I think a hunter here posted that he/she encountered shiny Tornadus. Anyways, good luck with that stubborn genie, hopefully one of us gets it soon. :]

Question: Does ORAS still have friend safaris, or is that just an X/Y thing?

No friend safari, but there is a watered down Safari Zone.. I mean, the pokemon don't even flee anymore. Was I the only one bothered by this?

Also, I have a question. Do Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have 1/4096 or 1/8192 odds? Good luck all!

1/4096 it seems.


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Omg not even a few hours later I came across another shiny! Numel to be exact, which means community hunt X2 completed!

I'll upload the pictures later since I don't got access to my laptop atm

Edit: And Community Hunt x3 completed! A shiny swablu appeared! Pictures tomorrow :3
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No new shinies for me. My hunts are at 21230 REs for BQ #8 in HG, 830 REs for BQ #3 in AS, and 3015 SRs in OR.

In OR I decided to do something different, because I was getting tired of seeing non-shiny Heatrans. So what I am doing now is hunting for Heatran, Kyurem, and the dog trio(Or what ever it is, can't remember). I wish I had the luck some of you guys are having with legendaries.

Congrats to the recent shinies, especially Eclair~ on the reclaimed Zekrom and Kyle Clarthy on all of your shinies(Especially that Torchic. I thought it was kinda funny, since I nicknamed mine Cluck and yours is nicknames Pluck). Also good luck to all ongoing hunts, especially Keane on Eterna Forest, Cyberra on Virizion, RaichuArcanine on Chimchar, and Cpchris on Scyther.


So last night I resumed my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby version and did about 80 more soft resets in a two-hour period, which wasn't much but whatever. I also hatched around 25 more Magby eggs for my Masuda Method Shiny hunt this morning. Also, congrats to others and good luck to everyone else on their hunts too.


moon upon a stick
Congrats to: Kyle Clarthy on Zekrom, Dialga, Ralts x2, Yanma, Mantine, Nidoran, Stunky, Trapinch, Tyrunt, Wurmple, Absol and Torchic (I really love reading your posts to be honest!) Mewtwo Ex. on Reshiram and Kyurem, Mestear on Charmander, dark1raven3 on Cresselia, Ice Lock on Whismur, pokemaster13 on Caterpie (though honestly, that Weedle is overdue -.-), Blastonite on Raikou, kirkeastment on Cobalion and Reshiram, LilyValley on Mesprit, Psynergy on Regirock, Whysocarefree on Electrike, Iwanuq on Zigzagoon x2 and Shuppet, Eclair~ on reclaiming Zekrom, Akko on Heatmor, Cyberra on Sableye, 2rsa on Zekrom, Dylz on Latios, Numel and Swablu, and to anyone else I missed!

Thank you A_wild_CHARIZARD!

Well, I lost my first shiny tonight. At 3,479 SRs a shiny Registeel appeared on my Platinum version - which I failed horribly at catching. I never prepared a Smeargle or anything purely based on the fact that I'm too lazy and thought I could blag it (without the master ball) and so this has caught up with me. 20 Dusk Balls, then ~40 Ultra balls, and shiny Registeel struggled his way to death. Confused me at first because I never thought that Struggle would display the 'x has been hit by recall message!' so after missing the 'x used struggle' part I thought it had a move with recoil that I didn't know about. But alas it did not.

I don't really know - I didn't want to weaken it atall because then I'd just get increasingly paranoid that I'd KO it by mistake. Yes, even with super fang or false swipe, I'd be pretty sure they would knock it out. I just kept spamming Yawn everytime it woke up, gave the occasional Full Restore to Uxie and then an Ether on Yawn, but the rest of the turns were just used on throwing balls at the thing. I'm pretty sure the largest amount of times it shook was 2, and that was only once or twice. 0.4% catchrate really reallly sucks!

I'm glad it happened on only a small hunt, say if I SR'ed over a shiny Cranidos after those SRs I'd feel terrible. If anything I'm relieved - I've never found a wild or SR shiny in Platinum so it's reassured me that my game is working! I didn't have a nickname ready anyway, so maybe it was just not meant to be! I'll get it again soon - going to resume hunting Surskit before heading back to it and starting back off at 3,479 SRs, where I was! I honestly thought I'd feel crestfallen and reluctant to hunt after losing a shiny - but really, seeing one is what fuels me to hunt which is pretty nice!
Here's a pic - blurry cause I had the DS balanced on my knee in the front room watching TV. Ah well - better luck next time for me I guess! It's really a very pretty shiny - very vibrant and I noticed it right away (I wasn't expecting to, but then again, I wasn't expecting to notice shiny Igglybuff and it stuck out like a sore thumb aha)

So? Bit bitter? Maybe. But probably serves me right - might need to play through Pearl to get a Masterball for when this hunt next comes around!

Good luck everyone, especially Supremacy on Tornadus, CpChris with Scyther, AquaRegisteel with your FEs, pokemaster13 with Weedle and Chimchar, Shy with Mudkip, Lorde with Rayquaza and Magby, jrmftw with Sprout Tower, Murderofkrow with your BQ, Tina with Archen, Cyberra with Virizion and RaichuArcanine and cocadragon with your Chimchars!


I'm 26 now, why am I still here?
Grats on the shinies everyone. While I was going around doing dexnav completion I happened to reel in a shiny Goldeen at complete random. I wan't even chaining lol. So that was pretty exciting.

Currently i'm chaining for Swablu. As of this post i'm at a chain of 170 and nothing yet, but i'm also doing this without the shiny charm, because there's no way i'll ever have a full dex lol. I gotta say, Dexnav chaining is a lot more fun and easier than chain fishing or the poke radar were in X and Y.


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Pretty sure I am over ~3,000 SRs for Treecko now. This hunt is beginning to frustrate me because I just want to start the game. I'll give it through Christmas.

Good luck everyone!


Shiny Hunter!
Congrats to kirkeastment on Cobalion and Reshiram, Kyle Clarthy on Dialga, Ralts, Nosepass, Yanma, Nidoran, Stunky, Mantine, Trapinch, Tyrunt, Wurmple, Absol and Torchic, LilyValley on Mesprit, Psynergy on Regirock, WhySoCarefree on Electrike, Iwanuq on Zigzagoon and Shuppet, Eclair~ on Zekrom, Akko on Heatmor, Cyberra on Sableye, RaichuArcanine on Shinx, 2rsa on Zekrom, Dylz on Latios, Numel, and Swablu, and Dragoniss on Goldeen!

Thanks to Kyle Clarthy, Akko, and Keane for the congrats, and to everyone who's wished me luck!

And I'm so sorry about Registeel, Keane :/ I've done the same thing when hunting for legendaries, where I don't feel like getting a Smeargle ready and I'm hesitant to weaken the shiny. I really hope you can reclaim it soon!


Isn't this starting to look familiar?


And just in case you're wondering, this is not the same picture from before :p But yep, here's yet another shiny Caterpie, this one after ~980 REs. I had finally decided to move back to Pattern Bush to continue my hunt for Weedle, mainly because Caterpie and Metapod encounters are much less frequent there (Caterpie has a 10% encounter rate). And let's be honest, who needs three shiny Caterpie? So today I did a little hunting while watching t.v., and after about twenty minutes I noticed a very familiar yellow bug rolling across the screen... and I just started laughing. Not only is this the third shiny Caterpie I've found, but it's another female! I would be happy with a male, because then I could have both a female and male shiny Butterfree. But my game is far from cooperative...


The upside is that this Caterpie does have a better nature than the other two, Bold, which is cool. But now I have to decide what to do with three shiny Caterpie and one shiny Butterfree, all of which are female. I'm keeping them all, of course, but I still need to decide whether to evolve them or not. Either way I'm getting very close to being able to make an entire shiny team out of the Caterpie line. Yay?

Good luck to everyone hunting, especially those with long hunts!
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Psynergy on Shuppet and Regirock, Wishmaker Latias on Lapras, maldoror on Cobalion and Virizion, wobbanut on Torchic, DeliriousAbsol on Absol, Swopie on Ho-Oh, Cheeze IOW on Zubat and Aaron, dark1raven3 on Reshiram and Cresselia, Murkrow on Ho-Oh, Cyberra on Sandile and Sableye, KzBreakdown on Sandile, Scrufox86 on Zubat and Ducklett, Zekromaster826 on Azelf, unicornhiccup on Lugia, Kyle Clarhty on Zekrom, Dialga, Ralts, Yanma, Mantine, Trapinch, Tyrunt, Wurmple, Absol and Torchic, Mewtwo Ex on Reshiram and Heatran, Mestear on Charmander, Blastonite on Raikou and Mudkip, Ice Lock on Whismur, Echo Nacyl on Oddish, pokemaster13 on Caterpie, kirkeastment on Cobalion and Reshiram, LilyValley on Mesprit, WhySoCareFree on Manectric, Iwanuq on Zigzagoon and Shuppet, Eclair on Zekrom, Akko on Heatmor, RaichuArcanine on Shinx, 2rsa on Zekrom, Dylz on Latios, Numel and Swablu, Dragoniss on Goldeen and everyone else on your shinies!

Sorry about those who lost a shiny, specially to Keane, hope you reclaim it soon.

Thanks for the congrats :)

After 600+ RE's in X FS, I found a shiny Hoothoot, it has Timid nature and perfect IV's in HP and Defense, this is my second shiny Hoothoot, still doing RE's to find the shiny Farfetch'd.

Lugia hunt in AS still going, right now I have done 302 SR's. Also gonna start hunting Steelix for the CH.

Good luck to everyone on your current hunts! :)


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I just wanted to take a moment to call out and congratulate Mestear on their Charmander! Over here in Gen VI Hoenn, Charmander #638 decided to hatch, like his brothers, orange. But one day, a young yellow firebreather will grace me, and then should you choose to migrate, I challenge you!
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Deos anyone know the chance of finding a shiny at a Mirage spot. Will it be affected by the shiny charm or not b/c I've heard that it has the same chance as the friend safari and others say it's the same as any wild encounter.
I plan to soft reset for a few shiny legends (or all of them) if that's not bad or anything.


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Deos anyone know the chance of finding a shiny at a Mirage spot. Will it be affected by the shiny charm or not b/c I've heard that it has the same chance as the friend safari and others say it's the same as any wild encounter.
I plan to soft reset for a few shiny legends (or all of them) if that's not bad or anything.

I'm pretty sure the chances are 1/4096 for the Mirage Spots. Though of course I do not know for sure.

I think some people might have speculated that they function like FS because a lot of people have been finding Shiny legends...But if you think about the sheer number of people playing ORAS since it just came out, chances are these people are just the lucky ones with short hunts. I've seen Mirage Spot hunts go up over 3k SRs, and of course while it is possible to not find a shiny in that time with the 1/512 (?) odds, chances are that's really unusual.

If ANYONE knows more than me, please correct me!! But this is my opinion on it. ^^


Oh my god! Yeees, I found a shiny I've always wanted, Shiny Hoenn-born Swablu!



She is female, Timid nature (modest synch failed), and Loves to Eat. I named her Luna; because of the soft golden color she has - reminds me of moonlight, and her songs put people in a dreamlike state. :)

She's my second ORAS shiny and I'm so happy to have her!

~ Good Luck to all fellow Shiny hunters! ~
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Conratulations to Yoitsdaffy on Oddish; Cheeze IOW on Torchic, Zubat and Aron; kirkeastment on Wurmple, Cobalion and Reshiram; Stickit2themon on Gastly; BeneathTheWaves on Lunatone; Akko on Fennekin, Wurmple, Sandslash and Heatmor; MurderofKrow on Lotad; maldoror on Heatran and Cobalion; serpent222 on Oddish; WhySoCarefree on Taillow and Electrike; Lunistrella on Virizion; StrongBad456 on Feebas; Pacman on Clauncher; keldeoboy on Reshiram; Keovix on Zekrom; Blastonite on Zekrom, Raikou and Mudkip; The Majestic Mr L on Zekrom; rocky505 on Zekrom; KittyKitty3308 on Zekrom; Cutty on Treecko; kirkeastment on Mesprit; ShiningKnightXY on Heatran; Razorbadger on Mudkip; TheMaster327 on Treecko; Cyberra on Sandile; Echo Nacyl on Reshiram, Tornadus and Oddish; Twilit Dragoon on Reshiram; Psynergy on Shuppet and Regirock; Wobbanut on Torchic; DeliriousAbsol on Absol; Swopie on Ho-oh; dark1raven3 on Eevee, Reshiram and Cresselia; *Murkrow on Ho-oh; KzBreakdown on Cacnea; Scrufox86 on Zubat; Zekrommaster826 on Zubat; unicornhiccup on Lugia; Kyle Clarthy on Zekrom, Dialga, Ralts, Nosepass, Yanma, Mantine, Trapinch, Ralts again, Tyrunt, Wurmple, Absol and Torchic; Mestear on Charmander (Extra congrats on that one!); Ice Lock on Whismur; pokemaster on Caterpie x2; LilyValley on Mesprit; Iwanuq on Zigzagoon x2 and Shuppet; Eclair~ on reclaiming Zekrom; RaichuArcanine on Shinx; 2rsa on Zekrom; Dylz on Latios and Numel; Dragoniss on Goldeen; Anyone I might have missed on their shinies!

Condelences on lost shinies to PokeAmi with Ralts; I, Pink Elephant with Latias; Ekoyuhale with Reshiram; Prakhar with Absol; Keane with Registeel, I hope you're able to reclaim them.

(You get a Zekrom! And you get a Zekrom! And you get a Zekrom! Everyone gets a Zekrom!)

Okay so I got my third OR BQ shiny, which was a Whismur.


I forgot to take a picture when I found her, and by the time I got around to it I'd already trained her up a bit... but anyway, she shone pretty quickly for me like Nincada so I'm actually hoping my next hunt is longer.

I'm hunting in Fiery Path this time for either Numel or Torkoal. If this hunt ends up being quick too, I'm probably gonna switch back over to either SS or FRLG to hunt for those quests.

But good luck to everyone hunting!
Also Shine, you've got me on the first post as having completed this month's hunt with Treecko, but I actually got him at the tail end of November so I don't really belong up there.


No friend safari, but there is a watered down Safari Zone.. I mean, the pokemon don't even flee anymore. Was I the only one bothered by this?

*Shakes cane and grumbles about how video games are too easy nowadays*
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In the last week i had given up on hunting for shiny treecko and now im starting up again, i had picked up Omega ruby and now im finishing what i had started! >8D its going to be mine that darn treecko i had done over 100 hours with just alpha Sapphire and im hoping i can cover more ground alot quicker this time so wish me luck! i hope im lucky this time