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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Hi I'm new here.
Congrats to anyone who are soft resetting and getting their legendaries/pokemon via dexnav/fishing etc. I just got started in Soft resetting and was wondering a few things. It might sound daft or a no-brainer but please can someone confirm it for me?

Do patch 1.2 apply a shiny lock? I've noticed a pattern in my game(at least) my first shiny was a zekrom, then a registeel and regice. I got a shiny cresselia by V1.1. I'm now doing with regirock and he hasn't been shiny for 5 days(of soft resetting) And I have the shiny charm to boot. And I'm losing hope.

Random is random no matter how you look at it. I'v SRed Shiny Raikou and Shiny Latios. Bred Shiny Mudkip and 3 Shiny Surskits. So just keep at it :)

And that is why I am back guys! Got my 5IV Surskit with -Att :D all 3 happened to be Female though! What are the odds on that! Lol


Congrats to all who have seen then shine and to those still searching I hope you see the shine soon :D


Hello, I lurk here often but had a question regarding "Shiny-lock". What legendaries on ORAS should I NOT SR for?

Also on a side note, my shiny list from X/Y:
Chain Fishing:
Goldeen, Magikarp, Basculin, 2x Clauncher, 2x Horsea, 2x Poliwag, Skrelp, 2x Staryu
Horde: Spinda
RE: Swellow (First evolution), Mawile (Both of which found on accident)

Going to be SRing for all 3 starters on my Ruby, already collected most of the stuff on Sapphire, trying to get my shiny charm. About 50 hours deep into Sapphire without any extensive shiny hunting, but haven't found any shinies yet.


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Hello, I lurk here often but had a question regarding "Shiny-lock". What legendaries on ORAS should I NOT SR for?

I believe so far the general consensus is that Rayquaza, Kyogre, Deoxys (I think I spelled that wrong), and Groudon are shiny locked in ORAS.

So everyone, my Treecko hunt continues, but today was not a total loss! My stepmom gave me an early Christmas present and it was AMAZING! She got me Charmander Chopsticks from the Japanese Pokemon Center event!!! They're super cute and I almost feel guilty taking them out of the wrapping! (I also got a bag of free Japanese green tea lol).

View attachment 13991 This is just a stock image, I had taken a picture of mine but I accidentally closed the window and now it is too dark to take a pic since I'm laying down now

My hunt has really been on hold this week because of finals week at Uni. I also haven't had any days off work yet this week, and I started playing Skyrim regularly again. I missed Tamriel
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razor fire

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You're right! I tried some things and it was all corresponding with assumptions I had. Besides that, I'm starting to remember some things from math class.
I found some interesting numbers though. One in particular. Let's say you do 4096 SRs. With the odds of 1/4096, your chance of encountering a shiny would be 63,5%. Which is pretty damn low. The funny thing is, everytime you start SRing, you expect to need 4096 SRs to find the shiny. You are assuming, the chance is 100% at 4096 encounters. Both these numbers are correct. Let's say you do 409600 SRs. The chance of getting exactly 100 shinies in that amount is really high, much higher than 63,5%. But I can not yet think of a way to calculate that chance. Do you have an idea for this? I'll look around in the morning myself, as it's 11pm here and I need my sleep haha.

4096 SRs doesn't ensure you a shiny. The chance is 1/4096 for each SR. Which means you could find your shiny at 5 SRs, or you may not be able to find a shiny until 50 000 SRs. It's really down to luck


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Just a quick thing with regards to patches coming with shiny locks:

If this were true, wouldn't shiny legendaries caught prior to the patch revert to a normal colour? If not, then there are still no locks. (Apart from weather trio and Deoxys. Apparently.)


4096 SRs doesn't ensure you a shiny. The chance is 1/4096 for each SR. Which means you could find your shiny at 5 SRs, or you may not be able to find a shiny until 50 000 SRs. It's really down to luck

Very true, but there is an exact chance bound to the luck. As I said, the chance of getting a shiny with 4096 SRs is 63,5%. You can use an easier example for this aswell. A very common example is with a die(sounds weird to me as Im dutch lol, but the little cube with the dots on it). In most games, you want to throw 6 dots. The chance of this happening is 1/6, which is approximately 17%. Now, you get 6 throws. And each time, the chance you throw a 6, is 17%. But we all know that the chance of throwing a 6 when you get 6 tries is really high(the assumption of 100%). According to calculation, it is 1-P^X, where P equals the chance of NOT throwing a 6 (5/6) and X equals the amount of tries (6), the chance of throwing a 6 in 6 tries equals 63,5%. Yet, when you have 600 tries, how high is the chance that you throw a 6 100 times? That's the calculation where I get stuck.

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Congrats to everyone on their new shinies :)

With the news that Deoxys is most likely Shiny-Locked, I will proceed to catch it so I can obtain the Shiny Charm and start hunting for shinies again. Going to start with something simple and horde hunt for a shiny Sandshrew in Route 117. Seeing as I've always wanted a shiny Suicune of my own (not counting the Event one), that will probably be my first SR target. Hopefully I can stick with it as I've never been able to SR for anything in the past. I really hope it shines fast as my patience doesn't last long for this sort of thing. Next I'll probably SR for a shiny Reshiram or breed for a Moon Ball Ponyta.

Good luck to everyone in their hunts.

Twilit Dragoon

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Well last night I started back up my hunt for shiny Torchic again in my other copy of Alpha Sapphire. I've been SRing for it ever since I bought it on November 26th, but I wasn't having any luck with it. It was getting a bit late, so I decided that I was going to do one more soft reset before I changed my ID, then went to bed. Picked Torchic for the final time on that ID and to my surprise:


It was a freaking shiny Torchic! Needless to say, any tiredness I had evaporated instantly XD. I was totally not expecting a shiny on my final reset of the ID, I like changing my ID every so often, so I was quite shocked. Poochyena ended up getting a critical hit on my shiny Torchic and fainting it, and never got any experience, oh well :p. I decided on the name Phoenix, he has a Quirky nature and took ~1240 SRs to shine.

Shiny Torchic
Trainer ID

I'm not sure what my next target is going to be in this Alpha Sapphire, might just train my shiny Torchic for now. I'm going to be SRing for shiny Regirock today, I left off at 1900 SRs, and I'm really hoping to reclaim it soon.

Congrats to Supremacy, Giblie, Sparky Mc-S, Artikia, Blastonite, and everyone else on your new shinies.


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Still nothing on Reshiram, I have a very good reason and backstory between why I want this shiny other than its rarity, but that can wait till I get it. In unrelated news I got another steal off the GTS, I was able to trade a random Vibrava I had for a shiny ralts. Good luck everyone, and a special congrats to Supremacy for conquering Tornadus, I personally hope my Tornadus hunt doesn't take that long.


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Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck on your ongoing hunts!

I have been switching of SRing for various legendaries over the past few days. This morning, I decided to try Suicune. I have the event one, but my own trainer ID catch seemed cool. After about 50 SRs, it shined!


It took more than 20 ultra balls, but I finally got it. On to the next target!


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I was just checking my secret bases for the day and while surfing near mauville I hear a pelipper close by and since they can carry lucky eggs I decided to examine it with the dex nav. It wasn't holding a lucky egg but I decided to encounter it anyway.

Turns out it was shiny lol I threw a quick ball and got it with a critical capture. He's gentle nature with no max Ivs but a shiny is a shiny :)



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So i didnt quite hit my target amount of soft resets yesterday due to xmas shopping and etc. I only managed maybe 175 if that SRs. Major congrats to Twilit Dragoon on that awesome shiny torchic! Hopefully mine isnt to far off. Good luck to everyone!

Also does changing your ID for starters affect the rates or something? I heard of somebody doing that every couple hundred SRs.
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Can the Eggs you get from the Old Lady in Lavaridge be SR Hatched Shiny? I heard in a random Pokemon stream I was watching to kill time that they could and had a slightly higher chance to be shiny like the Mystery Egg from G/S/C. If so I wanna go for those after a while.

I do have news for a shiny. While hunting for some Heart Scales I happened across a Shiny Luvdisc. I had just started so I thought it was funny she showed up. No picture though cause I just didn't feel like getting/posting one xD

Congrats to all who have seen the Shine and to those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon :D


The game sets personality values to the Pokemon in the egg as the lady gives it to you. Therefore, to SR for a shiny, you need to save the game before receiving the egg.

I figured if so I would have to save before receiving the egg. Thanks for the Confirm :)
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Can the Eggs you get from the Old Lady in Lavaridge be SR Hatched Shiny?

The game sets personality values to the Pokemon in the egg as the lady gives it to you. Therefore, to SR for a shiny, you need to save the game before receiving the egg.


So yesterday evening, I did around 75 more SRs for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby version; my total is around 4,300 thus far. I also hatched a few dozen more Magby eggs for my Masuda Method hunt as well last night. A big congrats to others on their new Shinies today and good luck to others on their hunts too.


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Oh yes! :D After 1,061 eggs, a pink-flowered winter-forme deerling hatches! I'll have to post a pic tomorrow ^^ She's jolly-natured, missing the SpDEF stat but I don't think that one matters. She'll be trained in ATK and SPD, then evolved.

Virizion is now at 17,900 SRs, and I'll be over 18,000 SRs by tomorrow. Heeeeeeeeeeeeere shiny shiny shiny...

My next MM target is lileep. I'll be everstoning for careful nature once I hatch a careful female with her HA. This is going to take a while...

Still hunting that dark FS looking to reclaim mightyena


I was not home when I hatched her, so I started training her before I got home to take the picture. Which is why she's lvl 7 and has pokerus.
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Community Hunt Complete x2!

My 4th BQ shiny has appeared :) After a long DexNav chain of 174 (494 total REs), this decided to shine (6 PP from being out of PP) :)


The fight was going to be a challenge, as it was level 30, and KO'd my Grovyle (False Swiper) in one Lava Plume. So I just decided to lob a PokeBall at it at full health and thankfully it caught it first go :)
It's also a Modest nature, to top it off :)
I'll be back shortly with IVs :)

EDIT: Numel IVs: 8, 9 / 16, 17 / 1 / 24 / 4 / 20 (Hmm... Might die to a slight breeze, but hey, shiny is shiny!) Any advice on where to shove EVs in this IV spread?
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Congrats to icewolf741 on Zigzagoon, Latios and Ho-Oh, Blastonite on Surskit and Luvdisc, Swatski9 on your X/Y shinies, Twilit Dragoon on Torchic, ShiningKnight on Ralts, maldoror on Suicune, dark1raven3 on Pelipper, RoarOfTime91 on Rayquaza and Skuntank, Cyberra on Deerling, TheMaster327 on Numel and everyone else on your shinies! :)

Have found another shiny Farfetch'd after 363 RE's while hunting for Tranquill in X Flying FS, hope the next one is Tranquill, trying to get both male and female and evolve them.

Already done 456 SR's for Suicune in AS.
CH Steelix in SS has reached 4632 RE's.

Good luck to everyone on your current hunts! :)