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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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CH completion list updated.

Congrats to all those who have got shinies!!

Just dexnav chaining for a shiny absol, and after 125 attempts, i found one!!
I had only 4 poke balls, a premier, 2 ultra and one master.
The absol had life orb, so i couldn,t lower it to red.
Paralyzed it with nuzzle and whittled the hp with quick attack from my pikachu.
Premier Ball.....no
2 Ultra balls.....nope
hp really low..
NO way i am using a master ball!
Ko'ed it.

Now i have 13 Ultra, 2 premier and 10 pokeballs.

done 20 chains more, going on. Now have a adamant synchronoise kirlia in party (had to train it lvl 2 as somehow the lead pokemon even while fained uses the repel's level effect)

If I were you I would stocked WAAAAY more balls. Like, 40 Ultra and 40 Timer.

Absol's catch rate is very low at 30, the same as Dialga & Palkia.

I just noticed the completed hunts list and I was listed with Treecko. Sadly, however, this is incorrect. :( I'm still hunting my Treecko. Hopefully soon it will be true :)

I'm not sure why was it even there in the first place :p

Congrats to all who have seen the Shine and to those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon :D

You called? :p

Do patch 1.2 apply a shiny lock? I've noticed a pattern in my game(at least) my first shiny was a zekrom, then a registeel and regice. I got a shiny cresselia by V1.1. I'm now doing with regirock and he hasn't been shiny for 5 days(of soft resetting) And I have the shiny charm to boot. And I'm losing hope.

Nope, people have found shiny legends under patch 1.2.

Though I do wonder if the patch reduces the chance......I'm at more than 1100 SRs for Eon Ticket Latias under patch 1.2 (with shiny charm too) and just recently I switched back to the old version by deleting the patch, just to see if it makes any difference.


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Hey guys! Congratulations on all of the recent shinies (especially your little Torchic, Dragoon! It's adorable! <3)!

As for me, well, nothing to report... Cresselia didn't shine, of course. About 35 hours deep into that hunt, which brings my amount to somewhere around 3150 soft resets total. Nearing the odds (kinda...)! To be honest, I expected it to be slightly faster, but I guess Cresselia's going to have to wait. The last week of school before vacations will be bulky and violent. >:[

Good luck to everyone! :D
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Congrats on all the recent shinies! Sorry I have to do a blanket congrats again, I'm heading into finals so I don't have a lot of time atm.

No shiny news for me, but I do bring an update about my newest hunt. Last weekend I speed-ran through Omega Ruby and finally got the Eon Flute so I could start hunting for Reshiram. This is only my second hunted legendary (Latias being the first), but it's the first time I'll be attempting to catch the legend in something other than a Master Ball, so I spent about an hour last night doing preparations. I bought 50 Premier Balls, 50 Luxury Balls, 100 Ultra Balls, and a bunch of Potions and Revives, then traded over a Modest Synchronizer and my level 100 Sylveon from X. Finally, I taught my Latios Thunder Wave and Heal Pulse (in case Reshiram starts to Struggle), brought my event shiny Metagross with Hold Back, and headed to Fabled Cave. I did a few test runs and was able to catch Reshiram on the third try, after accidentally knocking it out the first two times. Turns out Metagross may not be the best option to whittle down Reshiram's health since it gets knocked out in one hit by Fusion Flare. XD I may end up leveling it up a bit more or get another Pokemon with False Swipe/Super Fang, because none of my other Pokemon have completely safe options to damage Reshiram, hence the reason I knocked it out the first two times. I also might buy some Timer Balls and more Potions/Revives, just in case. (Only problem is I'm completely broke, so going to have to take some time and battle more trainers or something. Too bad they lowered Reshiram's catch rate, otherwise I probably wouldn't have to put so much work into this).

TL;DR version: Started resetting for Reshiram last night. I'm currently at 25 SRs but will hopefully be able to work on it more in the evenings. I am so ready to be done with school because then I can go crazy on all my hunts over the holiday and maybe end my two-month shiny drought. XD

Good luck to all of you on your hunts!


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Well, it doesn't happen too often anymore since I started shiny hunting, but it happened the other day. While I was in that cave between the desert and Lavaridge (name escapes me) and was trying to find a slugma to fill up the area pokedex, I had a completely random encounter with a shiny torkoal. I almost never get shiny encounters I wasn't actively trying for anymore (the last one was audino). :) Too bad it's camerupt that got the mega evo in ORAS and not torkoal, that would have been great for the CH.

Right now I'm horde spamming outside of Fortree City, because I feel like it. LOL I'm hoping for a shiny oddish I can evolve into a bellossom (I always make the girls bellossom, and I don't like vileplume).


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So I'm SRing for a Shiny Lugia...even though I already have one... I'm pretty sure Im about to break the 200 mark... COME ON GODLY SEA BIRD! TURN PINK!
Does the shiny charm even help with legendaries? I have it but...I just have this feeling.


Congrats to everyone on their most recent shinies!

I haven't been able to hunt much due to getting ready for college but today I decided to dual hunt on my pokemon x and on my pokemon omega Ruby while I had some time, I decided to go into a dark safari and about a half hour later a shiny Mightyena decided it wanted to shine for me :) I was really happy because it was one I was hoping to shine. I threw a quick ball at it and caught it. I haven't gotten anything in my omega Ruby in awhile. Good luck to all of those hunting!

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More blanket congrats. Too lazy to type it all. So congratulations on all the new shinies, especially Supremacy on Tornadus (it took me 935 resets to get mine, and it felt so long after getting Reshiram in 619, so props for your persistence), and everyone that's gotten shiny starters.

So, Reshiram and Tornadus took me about 3 days each to SR. On the other hand, I've been hatching MM eggs all week for a surprise shiny as a gift to no avail v.v (and thus, no new shiny news for me). MM hates me, it seems.

Requiem Aeternam

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Congrats to Twilit Dragoon on Torchic, maldoror on Suicune, dark1raven3 on Pelipper, Blastonite on Luvdisc, RoarOfTime91 on Skuntank, Cyberra on Winter-form Deerling, TheMaster327 on Numel, Keovix on Farfetch'd, wobbanut on Torkoal, Iwanuq on Mightyena, and everyone else on their new shinies :)

Finally, some Shiny luck has come my way and I just caught my first ORAS shiny, a female Sandshrew. I was horde hunting for it for an hour this afternoon when she decided to appear. She was the one on the furthest left and I was overjoyed when heard the sparkles. After taking out the other 4 (not an easy task because I kept missing due to Sand Veil) I snagged her in a Timer Ball, with a Critical Capture no less. Synchronise failed, unsurprisingly and she has a Bold nature with no max IVs. Her ability is Sand Veil and her IVs are 28 / 5 - 13 / 21 - 28 / 15 - 23 / 0 - 3 / 2 - 10 (with decent potential). Not great at all but she's not going to be a competitive Pokemon anyway. Going to EV her and evolve her to be my False Swiper for hunting Shiny Legendaries. Now I just need to think of a suitable nickname, all the ones I had thought of were for male Sandshrew ^^;.

Next target will most likely be Suicune. Hopefully I can stick with this hunt as I've never been able to SR for shinies before.

Good luck to everyone in their hunts.

EDIT: Started my SR hunt for Suicune. Up to 102 SRs. Kudos to the people who have the patience to do this especially with 1/8192 shinies in older generations. I'm already bored out of my mind and I'm using ORAS with the Shiny Charm.
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Congrats on the Sandshrew there. And everyone else's new shinies.

I'm currently softresetting for shiny Zekrom. 1,200 SRs n going...
Here's hoping it shines under 2,500 SRs unlike my shiny Treecko.
I mean c'mon. Be generous to me game. I was expecting under 1k at first :/

Good luck on your hunting guys :)


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I started Ralts breeding. So far I have hatched 25 eggs and got two shinies. First shiny was from the third egg


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Seeing all these starters and legends are getting me so jelly!!! Congrats yall! I'm still at Birch looking for a sparkly Treecko... Hopefully I get it this weekend! 3 weeks and no luck! I also decided yesterday that I might try to chain fish a wailmer and a carvahna. I also plan on horde hunting for snorunt and spheal this weekend too. But my main hunt is for treecko so I can get off this gosh forsaken route!!!!

Happy hunting yall! ♡


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I'm starting to think that my hunting is becoming unhealthy. I had a dream last night that I finally found my shiny Treecko. As you can probably guess, I was very upset when I woke up and realized I had to keep SRing. Ugh.

I will not give up though. Three weeks is too long to give up now. Or has it been four? I got it when it came out, but I don't remember. Lol


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Congrats to: dark1raven3 on Latias and Pelipper, Volvagia on Reshiram, RightClick on Charmander, TheMaster327 on Electrike and Numel, Blastonite on Surskit x3, Keovix on Farfetch'd, Lugia and Pikachu, Paraqua on Feebas, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Treecko, DeliriousAbsol on Cottonee and Zorua, maldoror on Suicune, Numel and Magnemite, doodlecloud on Ralts, Sunset Star on Tentacruel, Twilit Dragoon on Zigzagoon and Torchic, Supremacy on Tornadus, Giblie on Snivy, Sparky Mc-s on Nidoran, Psyduck, Hoppip, Roggenrola, Mime Jr. and Bellsprout, Jeppo on Spoink, Artikia on Machoke, Magikarp, Barboach, Skrelp x2, Kabuto and Carvanha, Quils on Feebas x3, Lorde on Gloom, *Murkrow on Taillow, Roaroftime91 on Stuntank, Cyberra on Deerling, wobbanut on Torkoal, Iwanuq on Mightyena, Greedy Chibi on Sandshrew, and to anyone I missed!

Welcome to the thread, shinyoracle! Grats on your Mudkip too.
Welcome to the thread, K4KING and Swatski9! Also welcome icewolf741, congrats on Zigzagoon x3, Lugia and Ho-oh!
Thank you for the condolences on Reshiram 2rsa and Supremacy!
Hope you can reclaim that Mightyena soon, Cyberra!

I've had no internet since Monday, so hunting has been kind of minimal since I've been playing Skyrim and GTA to pass time. However, I got another shiny from Eterna Forest, another Wurmple at 4,134 REs! Found him on Wednesday night whilst watching Phoenix Nights, and old favourite. Named him Ripcord. So now my hunts stand at 126 REs in Eterna Forest for Phase 7 and 4,665 for Surskit.

Good luck everyone, especially CpChris with Scyther, AquaRegisteel with your FEs, pokemaster13 with Weedle and Chimchar, Shy with Mudkip, Lorde with Rayquaza and Magby, jrmftw with Sprout Tower, Murderofkrow with your BQ, Tina with Archen, Cyberra with Virizion and RaichuArcanine and cocoadragon with your Chimchars!

EDIT: deja vu?
After 640 encounters I get a 3rd shiny Budew - and I actually heard the sparkles! This marks my 7th shiny in Eterna (3 Wurmple, 1 Beautifly and 3 Budew) and I'd just set the clock back to 8pm and reset the RNG. Funny how I got my first budew after a long 36k hunt, then the other two in less than 1k. Hoping my game doesn't punish me for getting them so quickly!
I haven't looked at either Ripcord or Moon's (decided to name the Budew that, was just one of the words in front of me when I found him) stats or summaries yet because they went into the PC! And I don't want to/can't be bothered to back track to the Pokecenter to check!

Once again, good luck everyone with your hunts!
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Man my Luck with 6IV breeding is kinda lacking hahaha. Again another hatch missing it's Vital IV. This time my Jolly Zubat is missing Speed and Infil :/ But it's ok. I'll breed till I get what I want :)


Congrats the all who have seen the Shine and to those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon :D


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I am conflicted.


I've been tempted a few times to start breeding some decent Murkrow and after seeing some posts on Reddit about people planning on sending off good Pokémon into Wondertrade over the holidays, I was decided to start yesterday. I already had a Jolly, HP/AT/DF/SPDF/SPD Spearow (who I quickly levelled up to get Drill Peck) and managed to catch a female Prankster Murkrow after a few tries. Started breeding yesterday and by the end of the night had a HP/AT/DF/SPDF/SPD male and a HP/AT/DF/SPAT female.

Goal today was to get a better female; did a couple of batches this morning and then just started again. But the few times I got a 5IV one, she didn't have Prankster so I kept on trucking on. I hatch in batches of five and in the newest batch, suddenly a pink one appeared on egg number 3!

After saving and hatching the last two eggs I went to the IV checker and crossed my fingers...
She is outstanding (yes!) with max HP/At/Df/SpDF. She has Prankster with Drill Peck/Mirror Move as egg moves as well as a Jolly nature.

I honestly don't know whether to be pleased because yay, shiny Murkrow (my third!) and she has Prankster (now I have one of each ability!) and this is a non MM shiny which is really freaking awesome.

But on the other hand...
Why aren't you flawless you little %!$&. Why. I wasn't hatching for a shiny, it was purely for IV's/ability. Why couldn't the game have let her dad's last IV pass? Why why why why why. I guess Prankster could help and she does get some fun moves. But still. I did actually just check her IV's with a calculator and managed to narrow them down to this:
Murkrow - #198 (Jolly) Female (♀) : 31 / 31 / 31 / 22 / 31 / 14 - 17
/flips table
Stupid game and stupid RNG and stupid Destiny Knot and stupid everything.

Though it has just occurred to me that I can make my secret base in OR house a shiny Murkrow triples team. Ahaha. Suddenly feeling a lot happier.

Congrats on new shinies. :)


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It has been a week now, and I don't see any gold on Reshiram... I feel like hoarding berries in the games, but I won't move on until I get this one.


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Before I go on to my hunts I had something bad happen during the weekend. My chameleon died :( . He was doing pretty bad before and I did not know when he would go, but at least I don't have see him suffering anymore. Used to be able to climb all over the cage and his last few days were spent on the bottom unable to climb. This is not what I've kinda been talking about before, but just something else to pile on top of everything else that is going on...

I got a shiny Voltorb on AS in a Dexnav chain of 3(948 REs total). So BQ #3 complete. Anyway my hunts are at 4075 SRs on OR and 195 total REs with Dexnav for BQ #4 on AS. Do to me being down I decided to catch a regular Heatran, sync worked and it got a modest nature and IV I think are(I used the calculator a while ago): 31/31/30/31/22/18 (I do know that HP, ATK, and Sp. ATK are perfect IV because of the judge.). So I'm now hunting Kyurem and Muskadeer trio.

Congrats to the recent shinies, especially Keane on Wurmple. Also good luck to all ongoing hunts, especially Keane on Eterna Forest, Cyberra on Virizion, RaichuArcanine on Chimchar, and Cpchris on Scyther. Sorry to hear about the lost Registeel, Keane. I am also sorry to hear about your lose of your Cat and Dog, The Prince of May.


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Gratz to icewolf741 on Latias and Ho-oh, Blastonite on Surskit and Zubat, Twilit Dragoon on Torchic, maldoror on Suicune, dark1raven3 on Pelliper, Cyberra on Deerling, wobbanut on Torkoal, Keane on Wurmple and Budew, and everyone else!

Sorry about your chameleon, Murderofkrow =[


Well I'm at day 2 for Torchic and its going smoothly. There's no paranoia or anything like that with this hunt, so its a bit more enjoyable compared to Tornadus, and the shorter SRs don't hurt either lol. I've also hatched about 100 eggs for Ralts, hopefully the perfect or near perfect one hatches soon so I can finally get past this hunt.

Thanks for the gratz on Tornadus and good luck everyone! :]


I was just breeding for a regular competitive Pokemon for my team.. And on the second batch of eggs I got this little fella..
New temmate.jpg

..not only was he the first one to have all the 5ivs + nature/ability I wanted, but he was also shiny! So lucky, can't believe it! :D
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Congrats on all the new shinies everyone =D
Sorry to hear about your chameleon Murderofkrow =(

No new shinies for me. Now I've done the Delta Episode, I've been looking for Shiny Eevee for a few days, but it keeps randomly fleeing and breaking my chains =( the longest chain I had going was about 85 until I was too slow trying to find it and it ran. I was a bit disheartened by that and decided to give up on Shiny Eevee for now and go looking for Shuppet while also trying to breed some starters for Wondertrading. You never know, maybe one of them will shine!