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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Shiny Swalot

Shiny Swalot Powerz!
Congrats to all of you guys for having your shinies since, ehm, about 4 months ago or something.

That said, no one probably remembers me here

I am the guy who started a HG BQ and is still going strong after a long hiatus. sitting at 4200 REs on route 32 for my second shiny.

It seems like i am the only one who doesn't hunt on ORAS because I don't have ORAS


About the counting and stuff, I have a question: I saw someone who said an optimum would be 120 per hour, translating to 2 per minute. But I was once counting during my HG and found out I can do a RE in 15 seconds, or 4 per minute. This raised the question wether I count wrong or something. I count in my head, but I am sure not to overcount, e.g., when I forget where I was, I go down to the lowest number I can remember. So am I doing something wrong here, or am I just quick?

Anyways, good luck everybody on getting their shinies!


Shiny Hunter
This Treecko hunt of mine is getting a little bit frustrating. I haven't been counting my SRs, But I'm guessing I'm over the odds now, Since it's day 11 and I've been SRing none stop. TT^TT
I hope I'll get him soon, So I could play a little bit and reach Latios before my exams start.

Anyways. Congratz on all the new shines and good luck on your hunts! ^^
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Tamer of Gyarados
Hello everyone, congrats on all the new shinies

I'm just taking a break from Latios the dexnav chain a shiny Absol, but the strangest thing just happened

Just reaching the 35th? (Not keeping count) encounter, I find a high level Absol with Justified and Play Rough, and as usual I use my level 100 Gallade's Night Slash to KO it, but this time, unlike all the other Absols before it, this one hits 0HP and.... Justified activates? Sitting there confused I watch as this Absol uses Play Rough, and nearly KOs my Gallade with crit, and then just faint at the end of the turn.

I think this is the first glitch I've ever encountered in pokemon, and I've been playing since gen 2

Edit: I think I figured out what happened, most likely I left it with 1HP and it was carrying a Life Orb

Edit 2: HUZZAH! Shiny Absol is mine!

Edit 3: I just realized how big of a catch this is to me. I've been after a shiny Absol since Mega Absol was announced over a year and a half ago. Man, that's what? 29 months (probably around 16 if I were to actually calculate) of breeding and random encounters, and now I finally have a Shiny Absol to call my own. That's humbling
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moon upon a stick
Congrats to: Blastonite on Shroomish x2, Ace Trainer Alex on Gligar, Cyberra on another Sandile (come on Mightyena?!), TheShinyLunatone on Phanpy, Nack Firestorm on Treecko, Keovix on Tranquil, ThisIsPatrick on Swablu, Cheeze IOW on Psyduck and Zorua, LilyValley on Reshiram, Royal_Qeca on Feebas, cryuel on Zigzagoon, Skitty, Oddish and Swablu, Mewtwo Ex on Landorus and Unown, Yoitsdaffy on Spheal, Sito on Zekrom, rocky505 on Zigzagoon, PokePro1992 on Mew, CpChris on Bronzor, Super Pichu Chan on Buneary, NightHaze12 on Treecko and Zigzagoon, dark1raven3 on Petilil, oarfish on Reshiram, and to anyone else I missed!

Thank you for the congrats, Keovix, CpChris and Super Pichu Chan!
Thank you for the luck, CpChris!
Welcome to the thread, RadiantSylveon and Opiateofthemasses!
Hope you can reclaim that Lugia soon, Domino_621.

My Amnesiac collector's edition arrived in the post today eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk... so lots of background hunting whilst listening to music & watching live performances! 4,212 encounters in Eterna Forest, and with school ending early tomorrow I'll have plenty of time to knuckle down with this one, and should definetly hit odds at the weekend if there's no shiny. Still unsure what to do with my other system though. I haven't got the energy/much would rather be hunting than prepare a Smeargle - I find the whole training pokemon shebang boring really, and considering I've only ever played Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, I'm extremely bored of any story progression and therefore can't even be bothered to get the Master Ball on Pearl either. siigh.

Good luck everyone, especially CpChris with Scyther, AquaRegisteel with your FEs, pokemaster13 with Weedle and Chimchar, Shy with Mudkip, Lorde with Rayquaza and Magby, jrmftw with Sprout Tower, Murderofkrow with your BQ, Tina with Archen, Cyberra with Virizion and RaichuArcanine and cocoadragon with your Chimchars!


Shiny Breeder
OMG again!!
Yesterday I got my Shiny Zekrom on the same day I started hunting it. So today I started hunting for lugia... and was able to find it!
Who knows how many resets I did, been 5 hours since I started SR for Lugia :D
Because Lugia only has 20 moves, and I didnt want it to kill itself. I had to use my master ball, which I dont like using, but I guess thats why I have them xD.
The Lugia I got is Docile, so my Bold Synch didnt work. Its IVs are 14, 15 / 28, 29 / 31 / 30, 31 / 10, 11 / 30, 31, so I guess I can still use it xD.
Cannot believe I got it shiny that fast o_O. now going to go after latios :p
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Pokémon Breeder
Big congratz everyone on your shinies. Especially those of you who are hunting for Legends :)

I am now at SR# 10 250 and my Mudkip refuses to shine, I am horribly tempted to ignore it and just play the game with a regular blue one (I've been SRing since the games came out here in Europe) but it feels like a waste to stop after going so high. Seeing other people being at 14k for their Legendaries doesn't make me super happy either, even if I can't have my shiny I just hate to see other people have as much bad luck as me :'D

Perhaps the odds are back to 1/8000 again or RNGesus just hates me with a strong passion, Oh well gotta keep on..I really want that purple/pink mudfish :I


Pokémon Pro
Aren't the English characters usually a different font, though?

To answer the previous queries yes you can nickname your Japanese pokemon in English but you are limited to a few characters (five I think).

Gelatini yes the English nickname would be of a different font to a native English pokemon (nicknamed or not) its just not as obvious in gen 4 compared to gen 3.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I did around 70 more SRs for my Shiny Reshiram hunt on Omega Ruby last night. I also worked on my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby this morning before work and I completed 35 or so SRs. I neglected my Masuda Method hunt however due to other things, but I'll resume it tonight. Congrats to everyone else on their new Shinies.


Call me Del
Blanket congrats on all the recent shinies!
Sorry about the Lugia, Domino_621 :(

Today I decided to defeat the Elite Four for the second time to get some money for repels and Ultra Balls, then I thought I'd DexNav chain for Eevee again. After a chain of about 125-130, I finally found a Shiny Eevee! Male, with Run Away, IVs in HP and Sp.Atk (I think), but its nature has no benefits. Regardless, I am chuffed to bits to have a shiny Eevee XD He'll be staying as he is, and I may look for another to evolve into Umbreon which is one of my fave shinies. But right now, I need to get some sleep... I'm probably going to be chaining Eevees in my dreams after all that! XD


Well-Known Member
Oh wow. Well firstly congrats to all new shinies since my last post. Now I have gotten a shiny Wailmer and three shiny Magikarp since my last post while trying to get a shiny Tentacool lol. It is still evading me but I will get it soon lol. I also have been splitting my time between levelling up my X version Breloom which was around level 50 because it was mainly used for friend safari shiny hunting and obviously all friend safari pokemon were level 30 so I did not feel the need to level too much. However the majority of legendaries in ORAS are level 50 so I need to get Breloom way higher than that for it to be viable in helping me catch shiny ones.

Good luck shiny hunters!


Well-Known Member
7,400 REs now in the desert (5,600 of those over the last 4 days). I just want this to shine so I can go for Eon Ticket Latias for #6...


Well-Known Member
Hello guys, i am new to the forums, i was redirected here, anyway i have a question, i read that shiny shadow pokemon can be found in XD ( I know that in Colosseum there are shiny shadow), is that true?

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
Hello guys, i am new to the forums, i was redirected here, anyway i have a question, i read that shiny shadow pokemon can be found in XD ( I know that in Colosseum there are shiny shadow), is that true?

Shiny Shadow Pokemon cannot be found in XD however the Pokemon found in the PokeSpots can be shiny.


Well-Known Member
Ok, thanks for clearing up, actually i am here because i was wondering if anybody caught a shiny pokemon in the pokespots in XD, i caught a green sandshrew in the Rock pokespot


pain in the ***
After 5,604 REs, four encounters into tonight's leg of the hunt, I get sparkles. But it's still not a golden mightyena. It's shiny sableye #3. I already have two sableye, one for Y and one for ORAS.

Anybody want him? He's male, modest nature, max stats in DEF and SPD and with the Keen Eye ability.

As for my other hunts... Virizion is at 19,300 SRs and counting. Lileep is at 555 eggs.

Community hunt complete #3, btw.


Useless Sceptile
My dear Pikachu 3DS XL was damaged (It has been for a good while and I wish I did something sooner, but can't change that) and now I have a clear casing for it. I stopped by Crescent Isle in ORAS for Cresselia (I will reset for it) and now I'm hatching more Dratini in Y. I stopped playing Y because ORAS released, I had hatched around 150 at that time and now I'm over 300. Those egg cycles are worse than Eevee!

I hated going over odds too many times to hatch a shiny Eevee. First one, I lucked out and found it on egg 16. Next was 1,200+! Then it went to 670+, #4 was 700+, #5 took 1,500+! And then #6 holds my record for most eggs hatched to find a shiny. 1,900+! I was disgustingly close to going triple over odds. And of course, ALL 6 of them are male.


Dragon Trainer
Congrats on your recent shiny pokes everyone. Im going for my first SR ever in hopes for Zekrom. Gen 6 has been kind to me in finding shinys; so heres to hoping I can find one soon. Im nearing 1000 after 3 days.


Everything stays.
I'm finally done with school for holidays! Yeah! :D ... well, there's only tomorrow left, but you know, nothing big is going to happen. Taking it easy with my friends all day.
Congratulations on the latest shinies everyone, too!

Nothing new for me. Hunting was a 'bit slow lately because of the finals. But now, I think I'll be back in business. Well, that is, if the The Legend of Korra finale doesn't destroy me tomorrow. I usually stop hunting when I'm emotionally disturbed. And Korra was probably the main source of emotions for me since last May. I'm so going to break, I can feel it.
Cresselia still refuses to shine, but the hunt is still young, I would say. About two weeks in, and doing good.

Good luck everyone!


Congrats on your recent shiny pokes everyone. Im going for my first SR ever in hopes for Zekrom. Gen 6 has been kind to me in finding shinys; so heres to hoping I can find one soon. Im nearing 1000 after 3 days.

Lucky you. Shinies have never been kind to me. I only found 2 shines in the wild, and that wasn't until after I beat X. I had to work my tail off to get my semi decent shiny collection. Never found any shines before gen 6. I'm just not that lucky. So far in AS- shiny count-0. My brother has already found a shiny in OR RE. Not fair. (its a Numel BTW he showed me)