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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Im now past the 2000 SR Mark ( 3 days ) for my shiny Zekrom, ahhhhhhhh hopefully it shines soon. Fabled Cave is driving me Stir Crazy!


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I was thinking probably of a better idea guys to make hunting shinies more fun, maybe starting from tomorrow to the next week we do like a competition to see who gets more shinies in one week, probably sounds stupid but maybe can make hunting more fun

Hey bud it's cool hearing about success stories from everyone and every ones Ideas but just as a heads up you are infringing on the 1st rule yo.

Welcome to the New and Improved General Shiny Thread!
This is the place to discuss shinies you obtained in any generation, ask questions regarding shinies or participate in the community shiny hunt!

*Rule #1: Limit posts to once per day or once per page. Edit additional comments into your existing post if needed.
*Rule #2: No discussion on the VALUE of shiny pokemon or methods that reduce the odds of obtaining a shiny.
Don't forget!: Exchange your FCs in the appropriate thread!
Trades go in the trade forums! There is one for each Gen. =)
*Announcement: Please VM your ideas for the FAQ to me to reduce clutter in the thread =)

This thread is approved by SPP Staff

Again it's cool hearing stories and ideas but let's keep it to a post a page :) Just edit your original post so you don't get any warnings or bans.

As for me Back to collecting 425 Shroomish eggs! I shall get my Poison Heal Shroomish with Proper IVs!

Congrats to all who have seen the Shine and to those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon :D


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, sorry about that , i didnt know


pain in the ***
FIFTH shiny sandile from the dark FS at 6,285 REs. This one is a quiet-natured female, likes to thrash about, with HA. Gonna put her in my shiny box and WT her on Christmas, along with that third sableye I caught the other day. Make some people very surprised.

Virizion has reached 19,600 SRs. I'm about to start my Christmas break from the Employment Development Center, so I'll have more time to hunt and maybe virizion will shine for me. Fingers crossed!

Lileep is up to 575 eggs. Didn't get many hatched yesterday, will do some more later tonight.

I picked up a copy of Omega Ruby yesterday, so I can SR for reshiram once I get that far. I should be getting AS for Christmas, or if I don't then I'll buy it myself in January, and that will be my main game.

XD I put OR next to my aquarium, and now there's a betta fish trying to intimidate the Primal Groudon on the cover.


Shiny Hunter!
Today I finally picked up my Chimchar and Snivy hunts for the first time in nearly a month, and I actually got a good amount of hunting done. And with finals over I should be able to hunt a lot more over the next few weeks. Anyway, while triple hunting today I got another shiny! Unfortunately it's a repeat, but I'm happy with it anyway. After ~8,075 REs I found a second shiny Spinarak!



This one is female and Modest, which is the exact opposite of my other Spinarak (who is male and Adamant). Basically after I found this Spinarak I caught it, checked it's nature, then continued hunting XD I am determined to find a shiny Weedle or Kakuna! As of now Chimchar is at 16,100 SRs, Snivy is at 1,650 SRs, and phase 7 for Weedle/Kakuna is at ~620 REs.

Congrats on everyone's new shinies and good luck on all of your hunts!
Shiny honedge

hey guys I decided to MM a shiny honedge after an unsuccessfull magnet oull hunt with nosepass, right now Im 243 eggs in. But very positive!
Wish me luck!


Green Dragon Trainer
Absolutely huge congratulations to everyone here! So many shinies being found, especially Legendaries.
And a big thanks to those who have been wishing me luck in my hunts, even though I haven't posted here in ages. I still read this thread atleast twice a day and it keeps me motivated to hunt.

I finally beat the main storyline in Omega Ruby and have now stopped right in front of Ho-oh in preparation to SR it, but I have now put that game away so I can refocus on my HG BQ and my X route quest. I can use my GF's 3DS at least, so I will be able to hunt on both :)
Hoping I can get at least 1 shiny before the New Year.

Good luck to everyone hunting! especially those with hunts that are tedious and over odds.


Call me Del
Congrats to all new shinies found since I last posted!

I've obtained a rather unexpected random shiny today. I've been MMing Torchic eggs so I can hatch a shiny one for a friend who loves Blaziken. I don't have the shiny charm so I've no idea how long this will take. So, after hatching 50 I decided to clear some box space by sending them over the wondertrade. Towards the end, I gained an adorable shiny Pawniard - female, adamant, IVs in HP, Atk, Def, Sp.Def and Speed with Pokerus and a Lucky Egg D= I'm rather surprised! She's also lvl20. I've decided to add her to my team and finish raising her. Shiny Pawniard is another fave shiny of mine. I seem to favour blue ones it seems!

Back to hatching eggs...


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Hi all congrats to all new shinies since my last post. I have shiny news!!! I got my 4th shiny Magikarp on OR but a little while ago I finally got my target shiny Tentacool! so I am closer to getting shiny kanto dex done. Right I think I will get onto MMing Scatterbug so I can complete the shiny Kalos dex. And then I will do some horde hunting on OR because I found some brilliant ones like Swablu and Sandshrew which are 100% so will go for those sometime soon. So Scatterbug, Swablu/Sandshrew and then possibly after training up my Breloom SR another legendary on OR.

Good luck shiny hunters!

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
Community Hunt Complete!

Oh my god, I'm still shaking. I somehow lucked out a couple days ago and got the Eon Ticket, so I abandoned my Regirock reclaim to hunt for shiny Latias. I was originally hunting for a shiny Latias in the story line of Alpha Sapphire, managing to get 460 SRs before I got the Eon Ticket.

Yesterday was my birthday, so I was hoping to get a birthday shiny, but being busy with stuff, I never got one, which was fine. This morning I picked up the hunt again and a mere 20 Run Aways later:



Shiny fricking Latias! She totally took me by surprise, I wasn't expecting it so early in my hunts today. At least she was a belated birthday present <3. The battle to catch her was surprisingly easy, just paralyzed her with Thunder Wave and used False Swipe once to get her into yellow HP. I wanted to catch her in a Dive Ball, so I just started throwing balls at her and the 15th ball snagged her.

Counting the SRs I did in AS, this shiny Latias took me 2380 SRs/Run Aways.

More pics:

Pokedex showing total Latias seen
Shiny Latias
Trainer ID
Gentle nature

Think my next target is going to be either reclaiming my shiny Regirock or SRing for a shiny Ho-oh. I'm not decided on what I'll be hunting, for now I'll enjoy my shiny Latias.

Congrats to dark1raven3, MurderofKrow, *Murkrow, MM13, Razorbadger, Zekromaster826, Akko, Drakonekoshi, ShiningKnightXY, Scrufox86, Keane, Blastonite, Ace Trainer Alex, Nack Firestorm, ThisIsPatrick, Cheeze IOW, LilyValley, Royal_Qeca, Mewtwo Ex, Yoitsdaffy, Sito, Poképro1992, Cpchris, Super Pichu Chan, oarfish, KzBreakdown, DeliriousAbsol, Shiny Lord, Ryuken, pokemaster13, and everyone else on their new shinies!


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So I got around to resetting for shiny Reshiram on Wednesday. I've been resetting on and off for the last few days so I haven't been keeping track but I've now got myself a shiny Reshiram.


Pretty nice considering I had the shiny charm and everything about it is fantastic (even got it in a Premier Ball) except one little thing. IV's are a fantastic 25/21/31/31/20/31 but the one thing keeping this from being perfect is a Docile nature. Timid Synchronizer chose a bad time to fail but I'm not too bothered. Part of the reason I decided to reset for Reshiram was because it's actually really bad competitively so I figured I had no reason not to get a shiny one considering I'll probably never use it in competitive regardless. A nice shiny is all that matters and I'm glad I took advantage of the chance that ORAS gave us.

EDIT: Welp, I've got another another shiny already. I was in the process of resetting for a competitive Timid Palkia and happened upon a shiny Palkia.


13/18/31/31/4/31 with Serious nature, I guess my Timid Synchronizer is just broken today. Got it in a Heal Ball though, that's important. Given that I've already got one competitive Timid Palkia from Gen 4 I'm keeping it despite the nature and IV's. I already have the shiny event Palkia but that doesn't matter much, I'm keeping this as a trophy shiny since two shiny legendaries in a day is cool no matter how you look at it, shiny charm or not. It also lessens my load on resetting for competitive Giratina/Heatran/Landorus/Kyurem.
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Took about eleven and a half hours of SR'ing to show up. That's about 1380 encounters, which is just slightly over the actual shiny odds. Neat. The battle was as simple as my other previous legend fights and I once again caught my shiny in the first Ultra Ball I threw.

Kyurem is Relaxed, and relatively superior with max stats in ATT, DEF and SPD. Out of its two forms, I definitely prefer White Kyurem so I might just dump the EVs into SPAT anyway and then do whatever with the rest. Also, writing that made me realise I forgot to pick up the DNA Splicers. Will have to remember to do that before I move Reshiram and Zekrom back onto Bank.

I need to get Crescent Isle to show up now, so I'm going to have to make a point of going online and getting updates from Buzzfeed to try and bump up my chances of the island showing up.

Congrats on new shinies. :)


I did about 80 more soft resets during my Shiny Reshiram hunt last night on Omega Ruby. I also did another 50-60 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby this morning and I hatched 20 or so Magby eggs for my MM attempt this morning too. Anyway, congrats to others and good luck as well.


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So this was a little while ago, but I had decided to give chain fishing a try one time when I was bored. I'm not really a shiny hunter, and I don't have the shiny charm...but I still thought "heck, why not?"

So I headed out to route 119, went to the spot were Feebas has a 100% chance of appearing, and whipped out my super rod.
The first Feebas was normal.
The second Feebas was nothing special either.
The third Feebas...was a shiny.

I caught her in a premier ball, and now she's a level 100 Milotic. I still can't believe I got one that quickly. I didn't even expect to actually find one; I never had the patience to chain fish or soft reset or MM or whatever before.


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Shiny BQ#8 complete!

After what I am guestimating was ~6-7k REs shiny Zubat decided to show up! It wasn't what I wanted the most (Swinub), but I am happy because it is a reclaim (lost my old shiny Crobat from Leaf Green a long time ago)! Now I can go and face Clair/the E4!

Adamant sync worked!

[img139]http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e37/umby_3636/FullSizeRender_zps11c909ef.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e37/umby_3636/FullSizeRender_zps84862aa3.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e37/umby_3636/FullSizeRender-3_zps53b0c050.jpg[/img139]

The pic I took of the battle I accidentally did on snapchat, and it was too big to post.

Congrats to Twilit Dragoon on Latias (still want to reclaim this shiny), Psynergy on Reshiram, *Murkrow on Kyurem and pokemaster13 on Spinarak (always love 1/8k odds shinies).

Good luck everyone!


Shiny Hunter
Hey all! Congrats on all them shinies since last time I posted! There have been so many!!!

So I am still trying to make up my 3rd shiny for my OR BQ in Fiery Path. It literally JUST dawned on me that since I am hoping for a Koffing mainly and then a Numel that I should Horde hunt in the Fiery Path. That eliminates Machop (which I dont want) and Torkoal (which I wouldnt have minded either way but it wasn't my target). So I have been just running up and down Fiery Path for what seems like forever with no luck. So I just traded over my Tropius from my AS (nicknamed Buckbeak :3 ) and am going to start Sweet Scenting away!!!

Here's to hoping everyone gets their shiny soon, as well as me! :3


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This skarmory appeared yesterday, in a chain of 41, i ev trained him, and he looks cool


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Do you guys know, if I delete my save data, can I get another shiny Beldum? I haven't collected mine, just "received" it (I didn't even have Treecko yet- grrrr!) I'd like to try a new trainer ID, but if I'm not going to be able to get the Beldum then I don't want to.


Shiny Collector~
So after hatching another 2 boxes of honedge (still no shiny yet). I decided to check my mirage spots, so i decided to dexnav for a bit before continuing my MM hunt. 143 Glameows fainted and i find this.

Good luck to everyone on their hunts! May something shine soon!
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Oh man, I'm really jealous of that shiny Latias. Although for me, since I already have a shiny Eon duo, I want my own Trainer ID Eon Duo non-shiny. Still looking for an Eon Ticket via Spotpass… Getting it through Streetpass is out of the cards for me. :(

Anyway, I'm thinking of going for a shiny Reshiram, or an Arcanine… Can't decide.