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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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You *may* want to use a repel trick for this, which is what I did when I was looking for a lucky egg. It still took me nearly 1,000 REs to find one, but it at least ups the Chansey rate to ~5%. Good luck!

Another tip would be using a Compoundeyes lead (such as Yanma) as it boosts the chance of a wild held item by 50%. So 75% Oval Stone, 7.5% Lucky Egg.

Thanks for the tips, I ended up using the repel trick and I got a Lucky Egg within a couple of hours!

Congrats Azulart on Numel, PokemonMegaBeast on Weedle, maldoror on Cresselia, and Doobius on Pidgey!

Good luck everyone!

I am going to plow through Kanto and start hunting one of either Mewtwo, Moltres, or Kyorgre on HG. I still need to get back to my OR game, but for some reason I am enjoying going through HG a lot right now!


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I'm hunting for Zekrom for a while now and I'm at 1900 SR's... I don't have any luck with shinys :/ I see people getting it with no efforts at all!! The only shiny with SR I have is my Moltres in Soul Silver :D It's so beautiful! Well, I know it will shined someday but I hope I get it before 2015.

I have a question, if I remove the card game from the 3DS, will affect the hunt ? Because I wanna take a break from the hunt and play other games :/


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I'm hunting for Zekrom for a while now and I'm at 1900 SR's... I don't have any luck with shinys :/ I see people getting it with no efforts at all!! The only shiny with SR I have is my Moltres in Soul Silver :D It's so beautiful! Well, I know it will shined someday but I hope I get it before 2015.

I have a question, if I remove the card game from the 3DS, will affect the hunt ? Because I wanna take a break from the hunt and play other games :/

That won't affect your hunt at all.

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Update: I've hatched a few more eggs, now up to about 6 boxes. I'm trying to work on my PokeDex in between, but no matter how many Rock Smashes, Nosepass doesn't want to appear. Atleast I have 3 Normal Gems, so that's a plus.


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Congratulations to Azulart on Numel, PokemonMegaBeast on Weedle, maldoror on Cresselia and Doobius on Pidgey!

Commiserations to MurderOfKrows on Misdreavus. It sucks when shinies have moves that take themselves out.

Well, after about 4 days of running-away, I got my shiny Latios! 8D Caught it without weakening it at all, on about the 5th Repeat Ball. Sadly the Timid Sync failed, and it ended up being Lax-Nature (I think that's the 3rd Lax Latios I've captured XP), but that doesn't bother me too much. I'm just please to have completed the Eon Duo in shiny form! Now I just need to transfer my Latias up from Soul Silver so the twins can chill together!
Now to swap back to Omega Ruby to complete the main storyline, and then crack on with some more hunts! Not sure what I'm going to go after next yet, but I'll likely go for the Sinnoh Pixies and the Tao Trio. Tempted by the Kami trio too, or at leats Landorus, as he's always been my favourite.

Good luck to everyone on their on-going hunts!


I did about 50 or so soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt in Omega Ruby this morning before work and I also did another 65 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby last night. Also, I hatched 30 or so Magby eggs for my Masuda Method hunt yesterday evening as well. Congrats to people who found new Shinies.


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At 1,000 Run Aways for Latias, feel like this'll be a nice quick hunt, based on how quick the encounters are... And who knows, it might be a Christmas shiny...

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Congrats to Keane on Silcoon, Marvs on Charmander, MurderofKrow on Tyrogue (sorry about Misdreavus though), TheBlueHoundoom on Eevee, TheMaster327 on Baltoy, Sito on Suicune and Snorunt, Blastonite on Shroomish, Azulart on Numel, PokemonMegaBeast on Weedle, maldoror on Cresselia, Doobius on Pidgey, SurrealistSmeargle on Latios, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Well, after two months and twelve days, I *finally* have another shiny! Tonight, my Y BQ #3, shiny blue-flower Flabebe appeared after 2468 REs!

It's not the Spritzee I wanted, and it's technically the first duplicate shiny I've gotten (I already have a shiny white-flower Flabebe through Masuda Method), but I'm so relieved that the cute little cherub decided to shine for me tonight! I named her Hyacinth, and she has a Quiet nature, which isn't too bad at all. My other hunts had been driving me crazy today (hatched hundreds of Sigilyph and got up to a total of 900, and reached 8500 SRs for my Eevee hunt), so I'm glad my Y version decided to gift me with a "welcome back" shiny! (I hadn't done any hunting in Y since ORAS came out.)

Next up for my BQ is Route 8, where I'm hoping for an Absol, Bagon, or Seviper/Zangoose, but I'll take pretty much anything on that route tbh. My other hunts will continue in the meantime. In addition to the ones I already mentioned, Reshiram is up to 1800 SRs in Omega Ruby. Hopefully I'll be back with another successful hunt before long!

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Keane, A_Wild_CHARIZARD, MurderofKrow, Lorde, LilyValley, RaichuArcanine, Supremacy, and The Prince of May!

EDIT: OMG... guess luck is finally on my side again! Less than 24 hours after finding Flabebe, I hatched my long-awaited shiny Sigilyph after 935 eggs!!!

You would not believe how loud I screamed when I saw it, lol. I haven't been that excited at finding a shiny in a long time, but I've been hunting Sigilyph in some form or another for over a year, so I'm just ecstatic that it's finally mine! It's a male with the nickname Quetzalcoatl, after the Aztec deity, and he has a Bold nature with perfect IVs in everything except Special Defense. He also hatched with Wonder Skin, but I used an Ability Capsule to change it to Magic Guard so I can take full advantage of his Psycho Shift/Cosmic Power/Stored Power/Roost moveset. I couldn't be happier with this dream shiny of mine.

My Route 8 hunt has commenced and is currently at 50 REs, while my Eevee and Reshiram hunts remain the same as yesterday. Not sure how much hunting I'll be doing tonight and tomorrow, but I should get a fair amount done over the weekend.

Congrats to Iwanuq on Zubat x2, Poochyena, and Sandshrew, pokefreak2014 on Buneary, Shiny Lord on Taillow, TomoEGoto on Tyrunt, and SurrealAndrew on Sandshrew! Sorry to hear about your game freezing troubles, LilyValley, and about the Thundurus mishap, Mewtwo Ex - hope you both have some better luck come your way. Finally, good luck to everyone on your hunts, and have a very happy holiday and a prosperous and shiny New Year!
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Congrats to everyone since my last post!

I haven't been hunting to much but yesterday I decided to do some hunting in Shoal Cave and I got a Zubat (I was on the lower level trying for a snorunt or spheal) I picked up my hunt again after work today and got another Zubat. Then I decided to go for a Poochyena or Zigzagoon, I got a Poochyena that was a female so I named it after my puppy that died, June. Good Luck to all those hunting!

Edit Caught a shiny Sandshrew via horde hunting :)

Edit 2 so it was Christmas eve for me I ended up horde hunting for a Roselia and I endded up getting A shiny oddish which was a female so it's going to be a Bellossom (funny story the very first shiny I got was a gloom at the time I didn't know what shiny pokemon where so I named it weirdcolor, :) and to this day I still have it but it's a vileplume.)
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I've been having terrible luck ever since I updated my game 2 weeks ago. Not a single shiny at all, when before they were flowing in. Beginning to become annoyed, as I really want my shiny Giratina


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A big thank you to Crimson Penguin for the luck, but it's only been worse for me.
I'm hatching Dratini, or trying to. My game froze, and I couldn't do anything except turn it off via hard reset. In a tragic story from a while back, my Y version has only froze two times before.
But, both of those times, the Pokémon I was hatching broke my records, not even considering the ones I lost from a freeze. I am devastated to say this, but I think this Dratini might break my records. I've lost 20+ of them from this crash, and I wasn't slamming the system around or anything at all when this just happened.
The way I hatch Pokémon is to collect an egg when I have a free space in my party. This means that all the Dratini lost were unique. I might have lost an unhatched shiny.
Anyways, I was at 1,100+ Dratini, but I have to make my way back up to this number again.
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Christmas is Coming...

Hello once again, everyone! It feels so good to finally be WRITING about something rather than just READING the comments of others (not that I don't enjoy doing that, but I like to switch it up occasionally). Obviously, the reason I'm writing is that I finally found a new shiny! What did I find?


My Eterna Forest hunt finally draws to a close. The early Budew from this hunt really got my hopes up, but then I lost the time to hunt because of college. Thanks to the semester ending and me being on break, I have plenty of time to catch up on what I've been missing. Hopefully, this is only the first shiny I find before returning to college once again!

As usual, the video can be found at this link (unfortunately not live this time, but I tried so hard!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZCnDKpnAzU&feature=youtu.be

Congrats to everyone on their successful hunts recently, and good luck to everyone in pursuing your targets during this busy holiday season. Just in case I don't find another shiny to post about... MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! :D :D :D


I didn't realize this yesterday, but COMMUNITY HUNT COMPLETED (for the first time ever)!
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Hey everyone I'm back with more shiny news. I haven't been actively hunting anything but while hatch more phantumps in my hunt for 2-3 harvest ones with the right ev spread I hatched a second shiny phantump. This one has frisk and is missing spec def.
So I have found 2 shiny phantumps before getting one harvest 31/31/31/xx/31/31.

I'm thinking of sr for a shiny ho-oh for my next legendary hunt but I'm not sure when that'll be.


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No new shinies for me, but I did get the shiny charm and I'm now SRing for Ho-oh. Got a adamant sync with me as well to try for that nature. I'm really hoping it shines soon, that the sync works, and I get it with good IVs. The reason is that it is one of my favorite legendaries and I like it's shiny form even more.

Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts, especially RaichuArcanine on Chimchar, Cpchris on Scyther, Cyberra on Virizion, and Keane on Eterna Forest.


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Just did my daily update of Buzznav, went to see what islands had appeared and found that Crescent Isle was waiting for me! I've done an hour of SR'ing for Cresselia so far. Might be able to do a bit more later as we're planning on slumming in front of the tv for most of the evening. A Christmas Eve shiny would be lovely. :)

Congrats on new shinies and good luck to everyone!

Edit: Three hours done today. Don't know if I'll have any time to hunt tomorrow.
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70 more eggs hatched yesterday, collecting more now.
I probably won't get it by Christmas, which means that until I finish Omega Ruby I wont hatch more but still I'm gonna collect and hatch 70 more today
good luck to everyone hunting and congrats to: Marvs on charamander, MurderofKrow on Tyrogue, Thebluehoundoom on eevee,THeMaster 327 on Baltoy,Sito on suicune and snorunt, Blastonite on shroomish, azulart on numel, maldoror on cresselia, doobius on pidgey, crimson penguin on flabebe, iwanuq on sandshrew, pokefreak2104 on buneary, dark1raven3 on phantump and anyone I missed

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After 124 eggs I hatched my 7th badgequest shiny Taillow. It has since evolved after 7th gym!
I've got NO LUCK on my shinies.Im currently soft resseting for a shiny tepig on black 2 and for a suicune on heartgold. Also trying to get the shiny charm on pokemon x and alpha sapphire.

Good luck everyone on your current hunts and hope you will get some Chrismas luck:D!

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It always makes me sad to read about the accidental SRing over a shiny. I'm so terrified of doing it myself that I won't use more than one finger to operate the DS until I've taken a good look at the legend. Hopefully when this happens it doesn't discourage people entirely, though. That's the biggest reason I'm afraid of doing it.

Anyway enough of that. Good luck to anyone hunting, good luck to anyone who has succeeded, and happy holidays to all just the same.
(609 so far for Regice. Doesn't look like I'm getting my Christmas shiny)

EDIT: Apparently I was wrong! 9:12 PM and 717th encounter, Regice decided to grant my holiday wish and shine! After 4 False Swipes and 27 Dive Balls, I crit-capped it. Sync worked for my first time in shiny legend hunting and handed me a Bold Regice. The bad news is that one of its guaranteed trio of 31s hit Attack, and that he got a terrible Defense IV in exchange. Other than that, I'd call this a score.
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