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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Congratz! Everyone with there shiny hunting.
I just now starting to get into the shiny hunting and everything.
I decide to clear out my pc boxes and hatch some random eggs I had and who would of thought one of those would be shiny!
Got myself a shiny Sandshrew!!! :D

~Happy holidays

Sparky Mc-S

Let the sparks fly~
Merry Christmas, everyone~! I do hope you all are having a good day and having luck if you're hunting :D

My wonderful boyfriend got me AS today :) So my plans are to play through, obtain all the version exclusives - legends, items, fossils etc. - and trade them to my OR which is my main. Then restart and go for a BQ. Might make my hunt for the story Latios a bit more bearable now ^^

Once again, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all and good luck~!


Last night and part of this afternoon, I did about 90 soft resets combined for my Shiny Reshiram hunt; I've dove around 500 in total thus far. I also did 50 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby and I hatched 45 Magby eggs for my Masuda Method hunt this morning as well.


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I just had my first shiny! It was Masuda Method, I was just starting to IV breed a Golett, and the 2nd egg was shiny! Unfortunately I forgot to put the everstone on it's parent, so it's serious instead of adamant, and it's only 3IV, two of which are S.Atk and Speed... with Attack of around 2-6... Doh! lol

Still, he's so cute, and an xmas shiny!


Shiny Hunter
My grandmother gave me OR today, so my Mudkip hunt has started. I'm still not totally sure I'm going to stick with Mudkip, but that's what I'm hunting for now. Still no Treecko, but hopefully I'll have one or the other by New Years. Good luck to everyone, and congratulations to those of you who have found Christmas success! Hats off to you *takes off her Charizard hat and bows* :)

Update: while it feels like a shame to waste this amazing soft reset opportunity, my brother also got OR and wants to play with me, so I think I'm going to stick to just Treecko on AS. That way I can finally play the game without giving up on my hunt. It is all the same to me, since I'm not a big fan of shiny Swampert and I just don't like Blaziken all that much. Again, good luck, and Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate ;))!
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SIXTH shiny bleeping sandile just appeared in the dark FS, at 8,104 REs. Slaggit >.< It's a gentle-natured, somewhat vain female with Intimidate. Have not checked for max stats yet. Will be adding it to my trade box to be dumped into the WT on Christmas Day.

This mightyena is really becoming a pain in the rear. If lileep shines before mightyena does, I am going to say to the Pit with the FS and go breed for it.

Virizion is now up to 21,000 SRs and still stubbornly refusing to turn pink for me. But she can't hide forever. I WILL get my pink virizion, slaggit.

Lileep is at 1,150 eggs. Just as stubbornly not shining as virizion and mightyena.


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Hey everyone! I was horde hunting in granite cave for Aron for my badge quest number 5 and ended up with a zubat. I probably won't use it since I already have a shiny crobat but we will see. At least I can move on. Might try to get tropius for number 6


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Congrats to all the recent catches. For the past three days, if I haven't been asleep, I've been SRing for Cresselia. No luck, though. She would've been a great Christmas Eve shiny, but she'll be just as nice on Christmas. I have a three hour drive ahead of me, so hopefully at the end I'll have a new shiny!
Wish you all a Merry Christmas, and the best of luck today!


it shone! ^_^
Merry Christmas everyone.

It's a very merry Christmas for me....


I could hardly believe my eyes. After 4875 soft resets he finally appeared a few minutes ago. He was waiting until Christmas day to be a special present for me. XD

This is awesome. The only other Christmas day shiny I've had was a Minum in Ruby back in 2011. I can't wait to start my AS badge quest now! n_n

I'll upload a video of it to youtube later on - I've got to race my brother at online Mario Kart 8 first though. :p

EDIT: Shiny Treecko video now on youtube.
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<----Newest Shiny
Yesterday, my Ho-Oh decided to share some sparkles with me when I was on encounter 1026. Synchronize worked again and my new Ho-Oh is Adamant. I have now returned to Cobalion. Good luck everybody and Happy Holidays.


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So, just got my Christmas shiny pokemon xD
Heatran decided to appear today :). sadly, my modest synch didnt work, so its jolly... not the best luck but oh well.
Its IVs are IVs: 8, 9 / 6, 7 / 30, 31 / 20, 21 / 31 / 30, 31 and caught her in a Repeat ball on like the 4rd try xD
Gratz to all the new shinies everyone and happy holidays to all :D
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Congrats to Blastonite on all the Shroomish, Ryuken on Reshiram and Suicune, Sito on Kyurem, Suicune and Heatran, pokemaster13 on Spinarak, Twilit Dragoon on Latias, Psynergy on Reshiram and Palkia, *Murkrow on Kyurem, umbreonfan3636 on Zubat, Supremacy on Ralts, KittyKitty3308 on Numel, Whismur and Zubat, Diego24 on Minccino, Keane on Budew and Silcoon (hope Murkrow shines there soon), kirkeastment on Shuppet and Magnemite, shinny on Reshiram and Ho-Oh, Mewtwo Ex on Zekrom, Shiny Lord on Ralts and Tailow, Shine on Latias, Marvs on Charmander, MurderofKrow on Tyogue, TheMaster327 on Baltoy, Azulart on Numel, PokemonMegaBeast on Weedle, maldoror on Cresselia, SurrealistSmeargle on Latios, Crimson Penguin on Flabebe and Sigilyph, pokefreak2014 on Buneary, dark1raven3 on Phantump, Echo Nacyl on Regice, TomoEGoto on Tyrunt, Rodger on Golett, Heliotrope on Treecko, ShiningKnightXY on Ho-Oh and everyone else on your shinies.

Thanks to Zero1999, Twilit Dragoon, Supremacy, Keane, Cpchris, The Prince of May and Greedy Chibi for the congrats.

My desert hunt currently stands at 5100 REs, making it my first hunt to go over odds in 6th Gen, although considering it's only my third full odds hunt in 6th Gen that's not saying much. I got Alpha Sapphire for Christmas today so at some point I'm going to start a Badge Quest in it by hunting for Treecko, although I'd like to at least find something in this desert first.

I know I said I'd post a summary of my Sevii Island hunts last weekend and I probably will at some point but yeah ... laziness :p

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate, happy holidays to those who don't and good luck hunting everyone :)


Useless Sceptile
Christmas has given me nothing but trouble regarding shinies. I have hatched 1,500+ Dratini now, I've gone past double odds and now I have hatched enough that I have to get rid of the Dratini clogging up my boxes a second time to try and get the shiny. That is 50+ boxes since I started working on Dratini. I think I'd even be lucky if I found it during the rest of this holiday week.


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Hello everyone :3 I hope everyone that celebrates, had a great Christmas!
To those that do not, I hope your day was great regardless x3

I didn't get much done in the way of pokemon today, I bred some more Delibird since I
got a good IVed, egg move female off wonder trade so I've been breeding her perfect
(taking a long time though, I've been having realllllyyy bad RNG on both games in regards to IVs,
I'm at 35 eggs with a 6IV parent and a 5iv missing defense. 35 isn't really a lot but for me with IVs it is)

FOR SHINY HUNTING THOUGH!!! I got a new camera :DDDDD it shoots
in 1080p and has connection to the internet!
(on top of having a touch screen and that for only $150 on sale!)
I'm real excited to start using it with my Suicune hunt I put on a temp hold
(which was until I got my camera x3)
Unfortunately, instead of using an SD card, it uses a micro SD card so I
had to order one off amazon, it should only be here on Monday though :)
Amazon said Sunday, but pretty sure things don't get shipped Sunday.
(Also upgrade my GBs on that! I've been using 4GB SD cards for EVER
and I got a 32GB microSD for 16 bucks!)

My sister got her copy of Omega Ruby and started with Mudkip, and because I said this:
"If you get a shiny before you beat the elite 4, I'll be mad"
She is going to get one hahaha. But i'll be happy if she does. She spent 5 hours playing
with super training and pokemon amie before her first badge too lol

Well, I'm going to say I got spoiled this year.
Woke up at 10 for presents and I noticed a lot of the presents under the tree I was handing to my sister.. I kinda knew why, I knew I was getting a TV for Christmas because my parents said they weren't going to get me a Wii U and the only other expensive item I had on my list was a TV! I opened less than ten things that being; a Simba stuffed animal, a very, very soft blanket, a curling rod, a DVD storage shelf, How To Train Your Dragon blu-ray, a puppy calender, TV, and then a bag with candles in it and 100 dollars to JCPenny.

I had a fine working TV but it was a bit out dated when I had a 32in 720p 30hrz LCD TV, it was replaced by a 40in 1080p 120hrz LED Smart TV and it's a beauty :3 was about only a 100 dollars more then my old TV when I bought it also. OH and it had 3 HDMI ports and that extra one means so much when you have a PS3 (boyfriend's) PS4 (boyfriend bought for us) Xbox 1 (uncle gave me his) and then the cable box! Just need the Wii U now :3 and I'm saving up my money for that.

Once I opened my last present, my parents called me and my sister over.. Saying this is the last gift and it's a gift to both me and my sister. It looked like a little jewelery box. I joked saying it was a friendship bracelet, but we both opened them and it was a key.

To a car.


And nooo it's not a brand new car, at all x3 I've had no car for nearly two
years now, and me being 22, meh, makes you a little depressed because you
can't even go out and get a job. No one wants/can drive me either :/
But now I don't have to worry about it, again! It's a 2001 Honda Accord with about 132k miles on it, so it's lived a full life already LOL but it drives nice and is navy blue! Has a lot of scratches though, which bothers me, so I'm going to get a detail kit or whatever and cover some up x3 also needs to be cleaned, decently on the inside. The E brake is FILTHY! The steering wheel is gross looking too, so I'm going to get a cover for it too, when I can.

So I'm pretty pleased :3
Want to go clothes shopping soon but tomorrow I have to take my car with my sister to get inspected/oil change and maybe get some lunch for me and her while we are down there waiting (it's literally a mile from my house lol) or we can just sit there and play pokemon haha. I want her to get into competitive breeding so we can battle each other lol.
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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to everyone!

I had some shiny luck this week. A few hours after I got off the forum last Thursday (I only visit once a week :p ), I was doing some horde spamming on Route 101 on OmegaRuby, and I managed to find a shiny zigzagoon. I would have posted sooner, but yeah, I was feeling lazy.

Then the other day while I was on my break at work, in the last few minutes, I was searching for a moxie Pinsir in the Safari Zone with the DexNav when I found a purple one instead. O_O Luckily i got a stun spore and a premier ball with a critical capture, otherwise I would have been late getting back to work (or just put the 2DS in sleep mode, but I was paranoid about the power running out).

Best of all, shiny pinsir being found with the DexNav means I've finally ended my four-year losing streak of finding pokemon by mechanical means that I've been on since I found medicham in Pearl with PokeRadar. Yeah, it may not be PokeRadar, which still continues to dog me in X/Y, but I'll take it.


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Woah! I..... Lost my way. Pokemon and Shinies.
Welp. I have returned! So, for Christmas I got Or and As soo. Woo!!!!
Is it true the Legends aren't shiny locked? That be boss.
If true, I am going to do a bq....
Merry Christmas and lucky Shinies!


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Hey everyone, since I last posted I've gotten 2 shinies this time!

First, after only about 14 eggs, Tyrunt shone like last week or so, I was amazed! he's so adorable~
and secondly, I got my Christmas shiny a little while ago, an adorable shiny Poochyena after a very short dexnav chain! she came with the move Sleep Talk and was a higher level than usual so that's also pretty neat!

Shiny Lord

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Community Hunt Complete. Just hatched a shiny Buneary after only 61 eggs. Also the 8th and final shiny of my badgequest on Omega Ruby! Can't believe I'm already done. This badge quest flew by.


Bird Brain
Yesterday I got myself a Christmas shiny. Shiny Seviper in 855 REs(Dexnav chain of 15) in AS, so BQ #4 complete. I'm now trying to figure out what I want to hunt next for BQ #5. As for my SR hunt for Ho-oh in OR. It is now at 385 SRs.

Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts, especially RaichuArcanine on Chimchar, Cpchris on Scyther, Cyberra on Virizion, and Keane on Eterna Forest.