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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Bird Brain
Yesterday I got myself a Christmas shiny. Shiny Seviper in 855 REs(Dexnav chain of 15) in AS, so BQ #4 complete. I'm now trying to figure out what I want to hunt next for BQ #5. As for my SR hunt for Ho-oh in OR. It is now at 385 SRs.

Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts, especially RaichuArcanine on Chimchar, Cpchris on Scyther, Cyberra on Virizion, and Keane on Eterna Forest.

I Like Pie!

Smile smile smile!
Got a Shiny Adamant Paras a while back from a friend. Didn't even know Paras got Cross Poison.
Why is azumarills shiny yellow if most blue shinies are regularly pink and I think vice versa


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In the past two days I got: Larvesta, Cacturne, Marowak (two of them!), Helioptile and Eevee - all from Friend Safari, all within 3 to 20 minutes from each other. Christmas luck I guess.
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Haha, no way. Me and my parents went out to see the third Hobbit film; given that it was out in the city I impulsively stuck my 3DS in my bag. Got home from the movie half an hour ago, checked the notifications and there was a single hit for ORAS. Opened up the game, updated Buzznav and got the Eon Ticket! Yay!

Done seven hours SR'ing for Cresselia so far. Hopefully she shines soon then I'll move straight onto Latias.

Congrats on new shinies. :)


Started my AS BQ yesterday, as I got it for christmas. Did 350SRs for Treecko yesterday, and 250SRs today. Already at 600, really hoping it shines before the 1000. The amount of SRs some of you guys needed kinda scares me though. Already had some thoughts about just skipping Treecko and starting my badgequest with a DexNav shiny.. Luckily a good nickname came up in my mind today, so now I need this Treecko :)

Congrats everyone, and good luck on your current hunts!


So I did like 75 more soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt on Omega Ruby yesterday evening. I also did 60 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby version this morning and I hatched 30 or so more Magby eggs for my Masuda Method hunt as well. Congratulations to other people on their newest Shinies by the way.


Dark & Ghost FTW
Having now broken the 3500 SR mark for Mudkip, I won't lie...my spirit is breaking more and more with each reset. I think pure stubbornness and feeling like I've spent too much time doing this to give up now. I just want to start this damn game already. Good luck and congrats to all my fellow hunters.


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Recently caught my first ORAS shiny, a Magnemite while trying to get a Plusle/Minum horde. It proved to be a bit tough knocking out the other Magnemite due to Sturdy and Supersonic. Also realised I have put my Pokemon Y Roselia MM hunt on hold for the time being, though I plan on restarting it after I finished breeding/catching the Pokemon unobtainable in ORAS.
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pain in the ***
Having reached 9,000 REs in the fs for mightyena, I have elected to say "to the Pit with this". I will be moving over to a different fs and hunting something else. After lileep stops being stubborn, I will breed a shiny poochyena with the elemental fangs and poison fang as egg moves.

And speaking of being stubborn... Virizion is at 21,900 SRs and still counting. I was not fortunate enough to get her as a Christmas shiny.

Lileep the Annoying is at 1,425 eggs. No Christmas shiny there either.

Edit: Shiny lileep hatched at 1,453 eggs. Careful nature, takes plenty of siestas, with Storm Drain (yay!). Did not get the max SpDEF stat, though... according to the IV judge the SpDEF stat is very low. Still gonna train him in SpDEF anyway. It's not like I actually battle competitively...

Will have pictures tomorrow


Edit 2: And there is my first shiny found while EV training. A shiny floatzel found while harassing geodude hordes for DEF EVs on Victory Road. Caught in a dive ball.

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On Christmas day I got really lucky. As I was Wonder Trading away my IV bred bagons, I received a shiny Delibird holding a Master Ball (with a Jolly nature and the nickname "Santa"). This was so much luck that I'm thinking it must be some sort of hack but there's nothing too strange about it. I really have no idea how I got this lucky.


Shiny Hunter
Merry Christmas, and grats to those of you who got Christmas shinies :D its like a Christmas present from the universe

The universe skipped me this year

Ah well, I had fun, and I'll get my shiny :) still bummed that I can't nickname my event Beldum -.-' that hadn't even occurred to me. I think we should be able to nickname events, because even though we got them from someone else, it isn't like that someone else was an actual person who nicknamed it something meaningful, it is just the GameFreak/Nintendo world giving us a freebie. Oh well, :) I can still call it Dwemer on my own, even if the game doesn't officially register it as that


Dragon lover
Santa was really nice to me ^_^3 shiny Feebas, a Wurmple which became a beautiful shiny Beautifly, a Modest Swablu (Mega Altaria now) a Seedot, a Magikarp and a Wailmer. so i cannot complain at all.


Dream Crusher
So I hatched up 2 more Shiny Shroomish. Both had Effect Spore -_- I shall move onto Breeding Voltorb. Pidgey then Mudkip before I go back to hunting the for the perfect Shroomish.

Congrats to all who have seen the Shine and to those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon :D


Shiny Hunter
Hey guys! I am still working on my OR BQ and I couldn't find anything that I wanted before Fortree, so I just beat Winona and am not DexNaving at Mt Pyre for Meditite. I have failed twice (once last night and one this morning) due to slippery thumbs... I got really mad because I felt like I was soooo close. Oh well. So I am on try number 3 and once I get it, I plan on fishing for a Wailmer before Mossdeep Gym and I will then be all caught up. I plan on my last shiny for my BQ to be a Spheal from the Shoal Cave through HHing. I will be really upset if it turns out to be a Zubat again. My BQ Zubat went straight to the PC. Oh well. I will update you guys when I get this Meditite! Once I complete the game, I will be dual hunting for the legends I don't already have shiny!

Happy Hunting everyone!


Shiny Hunter
Gratz to SurrealistSmeargle on Latios, Crimson Penguin on Sigilyph, pokefreak2014 on Buneary, dark1raven3 on Phantump, Shiny Lord on Taillow and Buneary, Echo Nacyl on Regice, TomoEgoto on Tyrunt, SurrealAndrew on Sandshrew, Rodger on Golett, Heliotrope on Treecko, ShiningKnightXY on Ho-Oh, Sito on Heatran, Drakonekoshi on Tyrunt, Cyberra on Lileep, Blastonite on Shroomish x2, and everyone else!


Woah! I..... Lost my way. Pokemon and Shinies.
Welp. I have returned! So, for Christmas I got Or and As soo. Woo!!!!
Is it true the Legends aren't shiny locked? That be boss.
If true, I am going to do a bq....
Merry Christmas and lucky Shinies!

Just Kyogre, Groundon and Deoxys seem to be locked, everything else is SRable.


Well, no Christmas shiny for me :[ Torchic is at ~7300 SRs and just won't shine. I paused my Buneary hunt at 312 eggs since I wanted one in a Dream Ball to match its shiny (thanks again to ohjeezitskim for trading me one!). Hopefully something shines soon, especially this Torchic! Poor Professor Birch though, he's been under attack by that Poochyena for over 2 weeks now lol.

Good luck everyone. :]


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Well, no Christmas shiny for me :[ Torchic is at ~7300 SRs and just won't shine. I paused my Buneary hunt at 312 eggs since I wanted one in a Dream Ball to match its shiny (thanks again to ohjeezitskim for trading me one!). Hopefully something shines soon, especially this Torchic! Poor Professor Birch though, he's been under attack by that Poochyena for over 2 weeks now lol.

Good luck everyone. :]

You are welcome :3 hope it shines for you soon! AND Torchic also, that's a long hunt for 6th gen x-x

Still no news for me however ;-; I've breed so many eggs to get the right IVs on older projects and didn't happen across a shiny yet lol
Either I forget what it was like breeding for IVs, or my games RNG has been bad since I went back to finish the 27 breeding projects I still had.
I only had to get IVs for about 20-21 pokemon (others need egg moves) but I can only manage to get up to 5 imperfect and that's it.
Either I'll get the wrong ability or the wrong gender for pokemon that have their HA/Dream Ball.
Driving me nuts! I've finished ONE in about two weeks.
I wanted to re-open my shop up for New Years (probably around 2-3rd of January.) But not sure anymore ;-;

My microSD should be here tomorrow :3 shipping confirmation still says Sunday.. So guess it'll be here tomorrow!
Can't wait to start shiny hunting again. Hopefully Suicune will shine sooner than Lugia (I just jinxed it lol)
I found an older 2GB microSD.. But the camera said something was wrong with it o.o oh well.


Shiny Breeder
Well, I got shiny news for me :D
I was SR for Virizion and it decided to appear shiny :D! was able to catch it. Its jolly and I forgot the IVs, but it will work xD
Also after like 30 mins of finding Virizion, I hatched a shiny Ralts, and its male!, it was the only male of the other Ralts xD, its IVs are 31/20/31/31/31/31 Jolly :), will be an awesome mega Gallade.
Yesterday was my birthday, so those 2 appearing shiny made my day xD.
Gratz to all new shinies and dont give up :)

PKMN Trainer Gray

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hi guys, so many shinies
gratz to everyone on their successful hunts and good luck to the ones still hunting

Blaziken is one of my fav pokémon from all times, it took me a long time to get mine but is totally worth it, ill keep him forever at my side
his name is Prometheus, adamant, speed boost and flawless ivs

Dragalge is my 6th gen fav pokémon, i was just waiting for her HA to be available and now Adaptability shiny Dragalge is mine, her name is Maleficent

good luck hunting guys


Everything stays.
Congratulations everyone on the latest shinies! And merry late Christmas! :D'

As for me, well, I kinda received a Wii U as a Christmas gift for my brother and I, and I have to admit, I've been playing a lot. Got Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Mario Kart 8 to boot, so the shiny hunting wasn't at its prime for the past few days...

Still, I'm 103 hours in my hunt for Cresselia, which I believe would make my hunt in between 7000 and 8000 soft resets. As I said, haven't progressed much. Not gonna lie to you, determination is kinda fading, but hopefully it will come back stronger than ever. I really want that shiny Cresselia, though!

As for my Buneary MM in Diamond, I finished hatching my remaining eggs, which means that I've hatched 150 eggs so far. The hunt is still very young. I think I will fill 10 boxes of eggs in my next batch.

Good luck everyone! Let's hope we can all get something before the new year!