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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Yesterday afternoon I did about 80 more soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt and I also did 53 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby version this morning. I hatched 25 Magby eggs for my Masuda Method hunt this afternoon as well. By the way, congrats to all the people who found new Shinies.

Twilit Dragoon

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Congrats to Psynergy, *Murkrow, umbreonfan3636, Zero1999, yoitsdaffy, Supremacy, kirkeastment, RadiantSylveon, KittyKitty3308, Diego24, Keane, shinny, Mewtwo Ex, Kingzard's friend, Shiny Lord, Shine, Marvs, MurderofKrow, TheBlueHoundoom, TheMaster327, Sito, Blastonite, Azulart, PokemonMegaBeast, maldoror, SurrealistSmeargle, Crimson Penguin, pokefreak2014, dark1raven3, Echo Nacyl, TomoEGoto, SurrealAndrew, Rodger, Swatski9, Heliotrope, ShiningKnightXY, wobbanaut, Drakenkoshi, Tsukuyomi56, Lugia1703, PKMN Trainer Gray, TheEliteEmpoleon, and everyone else on your new shinies!

Community Hunt Complete x2

Well since Christmas, I've been trying to get a shiny Skitty using the Dexnav. I ended up getting TWO chains past 300, and broke both accidentally with no shinies. Pressed too hard on the circlepad to break the first and I ran out of repels on the second, breaking it to a random Zigzagoon. I didn't have any more money to buy repels, so I decided to put that hunt on hold for later.

I forgot that I didn't take the Eon ticket from the lady when I went to heal my team from their half dead state, so I decided on a whim to hunt for a shiny Latios. I had to breed for a Timid synch, I had a female Ralts, but no Timid mate. After getting the Timid synch from Y, I started preparing to hunt Latios. I was totally not taking the hunt seriously, figuring that I wouldn't get a shiny anyways. I was talking to a bunch of friends, wishing my friend Amy congrats on her shiny Entei, when all of a sudden I heard sparkles:


Needless to say, I freaked out XD. I was so nervous about catching this thing, I really did not want to waste my Master Ball on it. I got my Sceptile to use False Swipe to try and get him into half HP, but it stayed in the green zone. I didn't want to risk lowering it any further, so I swapped out to my Gardevoir and used Thunder Wave to paralyze it. I decided that since I caught my shiny Latias in a Dive Ball that I was going to catch this Latios in the same thing. I threw about eight of them when I remembered that I had capture power 3 on OR, so I used that. Two balls later, one shake, two shakes, three shakes, click! Caught it :D.


It took a measly 233 Run Aways to get this shiny Latios, guess leaving my 3DS in sleep mode for 4 days paid off :p. While my synchronizer didn't work, I'm happy that I got this shiny so fast! He has a Quiet nature, shame about the lowering speed nature, but I'm happy with it.

More pics:

Shiny Latios
Trainer ID
Quiet nature

My next target in Alpha Sapphire is going to be a shiny Zekrom. I need to get the next two badges as well as beat the E4. Hopefully I'll be done that sometime tomorrow and finally get a shiny Zekrom. In other hunts, I'm back to SRing for a shiny Regirock. I spent the better part of a week getting every single non-legendary shiny in Omega Ruby, and once I get Regirock, I'm getting the shiny charm! My Regirock is now at 3800 SRs and I'm hoping it shines soon :).


Dark & Ghost FTW
I guess I just had to vent/complain enough (and reset save file for a new ID) and my little purple Mudkip showed up! Lonely nature, not too bad. Congrats on all the recent shinies, and good luck all!!


edit: Community Hunt Complete! Didn't even realize.
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Echo Nacyl

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Thanks to everyone to congratulate me on the shiny Regice. I was pretty thrilled, since I already had Registeel and Regirock and wanted to complete the trio.

So, after searching for hours for no particular reason, I got a shiny Unown (M) this afternoon. Not necessarily the letter I'd have picked, but I'm still happy to have it.
I also got my AlphaSapphire today, and am looking forward to hunting Zekrom when I reach it.

Grats and good luck to everyone~


pain in the ***
I was just running around in the ice safari, minding my own business, when suddenly I see purple and sparkles. My target, spheal, has shone! It's a male, docile nature and capable of taking hits, with the ability Thick Fat. I'll have pictures of him tomorrow. Right now I'm taking him to the battle chateau to get him evolved into a purple walrein :D

I will be moving to another safari now, since I will be breeding for shellder so I'd rather not find a blue cloyster, and I've already caught a heap of shiny bergmites while stalking snorunt in another safari. Am debating between a normal safari with mincinno and a grass safari with petilil and maractus.

Was doing some idle chain fishing while showing off my 3DS to visiting relatives earlier. Was not counting casts but after roughly 150, plus or minus, another shiny skrelp popped up.

Today was xbox gaming day/visiting relatives day, so I got no SRing done. Virizion is holding at 22,400 SRs for the moment. Poochyena is at 245 eggs and counting.

Edit: ^_^ My shiny spheal

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I currently am at 1800 SRs for Treecko. Im starting to think about other options, one in particular. I have made some calculations and I found out that if I had spent the time for breeding Treecko instead of SRing, I could have bred about 1200 eggs already.. So now Im thinking about breeding one on Omega Ruby. But the point of doubt is: what if I find in in 700 eggs, or 100SRs? Ill never know, but Im already 1800 SRs in and Ill reach half the odds today.. Especially when I see some of you having to go up to 7k SRs, I could breed like 4000 eggs in that time. It would be madness if that doesnt give me a shiny haha.


Got my OR on Christmas day and started SR for Treecko on the eve, been going for it as much as I can since, nothing shining yet! Might reset my ID soon although I don't think that really changes anything, it's all luck!


Shiny Collector~
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Face Oblivion
Last night was pretty cool.

So, I had completed Delta Episode and the game in about...22 hours? I had pretty much very legendary in AS at my fingertips. I hopped around a few, Registeel then the musketeers and even Zekrom. I had chained Zorua but to no avail. I wondered what my first AS shiny would be, as I had no real intention to stick to one hunt. But I was there in one of the mirage spots I had unlocked after trading from X whilst watching a football / soccer programme. I never even saw the sparkles not did I hear them, so I nearly SRed upon seeing it. However, I stared at it for a moment, when I saw that it was a little lighter coloured than I remembered. I decided to catch and make sure - something I told some people on a Chatbox elsewhere about. I caught it and waited for the dex entry to appear. When it did...there was a red star next to the entry on the bottom screen! I freaked out straight away and hurried to the PC.

This is where pictures would be helpful *mumbles something about laziness*. The shiny was none other than a Shiny Zekrom!

Congrats everybody and good luck on your hunts, particularly Supremacy and 2rsa!


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Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck on your ongoing hunts!

This weekend was pretty lucky for me. On Saturday, after about an hour of SRs, Raikou shone!


And yesterday, Registeel shone for me once again! I was anxious as heck after losing it once, but luck was on my side this time.


I am now SRing for Azelf, but may switch to one of the other Regis.


Hello everyone, I'm about to start my first badge quest ever on Pokemon Soul Silver. Currently resetting the starters and hoping for a shiny totodile. I will update you all when I find one.

Good luck to everyone else on their hunts.
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Hello all. Just a little update really. No shiny news for me yet. I have not played Omega Ruby much as I have been SRing for shiny Azelf. I also have been trying to MM my last Kalos pokemon, Scatterbug which is being the most annoying of all by not shining for me. I have lost count of how many boxes I have hatched on and off for the shiny. Yet Vivillon kept on shining in the friend safari when I was trying for Venomoth lol game is trolling. I do have a question about the eon ticket. Do you have to be near someone else's 3DS to get it or can you get one over the internet?

Congrats to all new shinies since my last post. Good luck shiny hunters!


A few hours ago I started hatching Treecko's on OR rather than SRing on AS, hoping it would save time in the end. So I started out breeding for a female Treecko, after which I let it breed with a Goomy which knows Dragon Breath. Then, about 40-50 eggs later, a shiny Treecko hatched, with Dragon Breath! Dont think the IVs and nature are any good, but I honestly couldnt care less. First masuda method shiny AND I can finally start my first BQ!


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I'm trying to finalky complete the pokedex for the first time (still a LONG way to go...), so I needed the OR version exclusives, so I was planning to get more of the AS exclusives to trade.
Since the first thing I did after I caught a Ditto was trading it for one from another country, for MM purposes, I decided to breed the pokemons I needed, instead of catching them. Because the chances to get a shiny would be higher.
I wasn't really expecting it to work, afterall I would breed just one of each, so I was absolutely surprised when a blue-eyed Lunatone hatched!
Surprise shinies are awesome :)


Completing The Trio
Damn, today was a good day for Shiny Hunting.

I started like an hour ago, chain fishing for Shiny Feebas, and after like 30 reels maybe...


I then decided to go hunt a Shiny Tropius, as it just looks so nice with that sheen. So i set about DexNav'ing and after a chain of like 38, wham, Shiny Tropius. :)


So i've decided my next target is going to be Shiny Tornadus. It'll be a good test run for my future Dialga/Palkia hunt, as to just how annoying the whole *Soar* part of the SR slows things down.
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Hm, so it seems my post earlier this month for the CH didn't get noticed but I completed the December hunt with a shiny Swablu. :)

I've found a shiny Spinda as my 5th shiny for my Alpha Sapphire BQ and currently at 250 SRs for the story Latias. Really hoping it shines sooner rather than later (for the sole sake of obtaining the mega bracelet, really, though that cut scene is a killer).

Good luck to everyone and a blanket congrats on all recent shinies~~ :)


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At about 1800 SR's for Cresselia now. I finally got around to putting elastic bands on my 3DS which has helped a lot, seeing as I can SR one-handed and not get hand cramp any more. It'd be nice if she shone before 2000. Especially seeing as I can't leave the island unless I want to wait for it to reappear. :-/

Congrats on new shinies and good luck everyone. :)


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I do have a question about the eon ticket. Do you have to be near someone else's 3DS to get it or can you get one over the internet?

Yeah, it has to be Streetpassed to you, not given through the internet, unfortunately.

Mewtwo Ex

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Been a while so here is an update...

After the Unown i got i stumbled on a Shiny Zubat in Meteor Falls. Then i started my shiny Thundurus quest. After 3 and a half days it appeared while i wasn't looking and i soft reset while barely seeing it... 2 days and a half later with a cold and stuff from constant stress of not finding it and beating myself up, it showed its colors differently again at 5.5k~. After a short hiatus i started another Kyurem hunt on my As this time. Needless to say like all Yin, Yang and Wuji mon it appeared after a very short while... Probably 250~ soft resets.

This is it from me for now. Good luck on all your hunts and may Karma be with you!