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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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I am currently at 200 SR's for shiny Registeel in ORAS.
It's the only method in which I haven't obtained a shiny and hopefully that'll change.

Out of curiosity, what seems to be about the average amount of SR's without the Shiny Charm?
I know it depends on luck, but I was just wondering.


Shiny Hunter
Hey guys! I just beat the elite 4 this morning on my OR game from doing my BQ! I plan on skipping the delta episode on there for now and going straight to SRing Reshiram. I hope I get it quickly! :)

Happy hunting everyone!

Oh and do we have a CH yet for January?

EDIT: OMG guys! I literally MAYBE have done 30-50 SRs and got my shiny Reshiram!!!!! It is a Calm nature (-Atk, +Sp Def) with perfect IV's in HP, Atk, and Sp Def!!!! I have NEVER had a SR hunt go so quick! Well... off to EV train! :)
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I just got another shiny without looking for it :D

I was trying to hatch a female Combee in order to evolve it for my living dex. But, after only 5 eggs... a Shiny Combee hatched!

It was still male, though :p
Got this beauty today for a Medicham on the GTS! [IMG200]http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2015/003/a/d/_squees__by_transdonald-d8cg6j7.jpg[/IMG200] Can't wait to check IV's and crap!


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I'm going to stop at 420 SR's for right now and a collective total of about 3 hours. Hopefully Registeel will shine soon!


First off, congrats to others on the new Shinies. Last night I did another 65 soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt. I also hatched another 20 Magby eggs for my Masuda Method hunt and I barely did 50 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt this morning. Good luck to everyone else.


Completing The Trio
Another good hunt today, wrapping up the EV training of my Shiny Feebas(now a Shiny Milotic), and i found 2 new shinies;



I'm still finishing what is left of my EV training of Shiny Milotic, and am currently using the DexNav to chain Misdreavus. Should the chain require me to run around to reset, i'll just start over rather than the usual method of keeping the chain going, since i only care about EV training and not the IV's/ability/moveset of a potential Shiny Misdreavus appearing.

Nack Firestorm

Unlucky Dragon!
I was going around the area running some errands, when I actually was lucky enough to get the Eon Ticket. I'm going take a break from a Swablu hunt to get this Shiny Latias.


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I was breeding for some competitive Lotad late last night and was lucky enough to get a shiny Lotad after about 15 eggs. Brings my shiny total to six. 4 caught, 1 bred, and 1 promo giveaway.


Useless Sceptile
It was a brief hunt, as shiny Swablu swoops in. That would be community hunt complete, but it's January now. I know it's late, but we haven't decided on a January CH yet.
Shiny Swablu appeared on the 184th egg, very quick. Female, Impish with perfect Attack, Defense and Speed.


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At 1500 for a gold-plated Reshiram. My plan is to SR 600 times from Monday to Thursday this week, and because of more important and upcoming events SR 600 times on Monday and Tuesday. Going well, I'll have SR'd 2400 times next week, and should have an average of SRing 1200 per week. I will keep this strategy for all the shinies. After Reshiram, I'm going after Regirock. Tell me, with the increased chances in Gen VI, what's the average amount of SRs before getting their shiny?
Congrats to all of you that have found a shiny pokemon and good luck to the ones that are hunting
I'm currently soft reseting for a shiny tepig in black 2

And also to all you people who soft reset,do you have the shiny charm or not?

And again good luck on your hunts!:)


Everything stays.
Congratulations on the latest shinies, guys!

Alright, so I didn't hunt as much as I wanted to today. I managed to hatch 150 more eggs for my Buneary MM hunt in Diamond, which brings my total to 750 eggs hatched. Let's see where this drags me! Hopefully it will shine soon. If it goes well, I might as well try to hatch a shiny Ralts on Diamond, too! Kirlia's DP sprite is so amazing, especially in shiny form. <3

I don't feel like hunting for Cresselia right now so I'll start collecting another batch of eggs tonight.

Good luck everyone!
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I personally got my shiny charm first for somewhat quicker hunts seeing how I never did well with full odds, but there are definitely people here who would rather hunt without the charm to save time on collecting all the Pokemon. Really it is all a matter of picking your poison, do you use your time to get the charm, or do you hunt without the charm to save time on getting it.

Anyways, I am still no farther in my SR hunt as I have been pre-occupied with the Kingdom Hearts remakes and Hyrule Warriors, but I do plan to pick it back up tonight.

Good luck to those in hunts, especially those whose hunts' odds have overstayed their welcome, and congrats to all the recent shinies.


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;377;Congrats to all the recent shinies. After I didn't get a New Year's Eve shiny or a New Year's Day shiny, I really wanted Regirock to shine before winter break ended on the fifth. So I was just doing some late night SRing, watching some shofu, and a magnificent chocolate Regirock graced my screen! I caught it with reasonable ease:

#377 Regirock [Careful]
IVs: 24 / 9 / 31 / 31 / 14 / 31
Stats at Lv.40: 123|0 / 88|0 / 177|0 / 51|0 / 99|0 / 57|0

Happy that my Careful synch worked, and that I got it before school started again. Kinda sucks that one of the 31s was wasted on spatt instead of spdef, or even att, but I can't really complain; it's a great shiny!
Now I'm not sure what to SR for... I think I'll take a little break, maybe get around to catching Deoxys, before I decide, but right now it's between Registeel, Ho-oh, or Reshiram.
Anyways, good luck to everyone! ;377;
Edit: Caught Deoxys and decided that I'm going for Registeel!
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Currently on deployment, in port. Walking around Italy with my 3DS in my pocket, i've managed to acquire my Eon Ticket. Go me. Also SR'ed a shiny castform on my OR, only took ~500 SR.


<-most recent shiny
Currently hunting for shiny zekrom on AS, up to 7,510 SRs and still no shiny & on my OR I'm up to 555 SRs for shiny mudkip with no shiny yet.

Anyway good luck to everyone else ^^


Been SR'ing for a Treecko every day since Christmas, urghh!!!!!!


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This is my first post here, so I'll go ahead and post all of the Shiny Pokemon I have found, in order:

Pachirisu (found on a chain of 8 in Pearl)
Gyarados x2 (from playing through Heartgold twice)
Shinx (chain of 40 in Platinum, evolved into Luxray)
Corsola (chain of 40 in Platinum)
Voltorb (chain of 12 in Platinum, evolved into Electrode)
Psyduck (randomly encountered while surfing in Ravaged Path)
Tentacruel (gift from my friend)
Vulpix x2 (chain of 40 in Platinum; evolved one into Ninetales)
Skitty x3 (chain of 40 in Platinum, evolved one into Delcatty)
Doduo (randomly encountered on the route west of Viridian in Heartgold the other day, evolved into Dodrio)

Right now, I really would like to find Zangoose, Litwick, Spoink, Pinsir, Seviper, Chimecho, or Growlithe. May SR for Treecko, Mewtwo, or Kyogre as well.
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moon upon a stick
Congrats to: maldoror on Latias, Shiny Lord on Cyndaquil and Turtwig, Paraqua on Ponyta, HM02gon on Mienfoo, AvemFlamma on Chikorita, Yoitsdaffy on Swablu, Opiateofthemasses on Eevee, Psynergy on Bagon, Void Ventus on Zekrom, Blastonite on Suicune and Elgyem, CharlieDoryRose on Wailmer, Miguelostos on Giratina, Razorbadger on Baltoy, KittyKitty3308 on Reshiram, brunocosta1 on Combee, kirkeastment on Numel and Tentacool, DTentacle on Lotad, LilyValley on Swablu, TheEliteEmpoleon on Regirock, Swatski9 on Castform, camhines4 on all your shinies, and to anyone else I missed!

Thank you for the luck, CpChris and The Prince Of May!

My first shiny of 2015 was a 5th shiny Budew! Nicknameless and I'll save the pic for the summary when I get my targets :p Appeared after 4,990 REs, and now I'm back up to 600 REs in Eterna for what I think is the 12th phase now?

Good luck everyone, especially Supremacy and 2rsa with your Treeckos, Crimson Penguin with Eevee, Ruru_Star on Mudkip, CpChris with Scyther, pokemaster13 with Weedle and Chimchar, Shy with Mudkip, Lorde with Rayquaza and Magby, jrmftw with Sprout Tower, Murderofkrow with your BQ, Tina with Archen, and RaichuArcanine, CosmicSparkles and cocoadragon with your Chimchars!