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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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I did about 140 SRs today for Suicune. I wanted to do more, but I'm feeling sick still.
I started getting sick yesterday and barely did anything. Laid in my bed and bred some
pokes, but then fell asleep for a few hours. Feeling a little bit better than yesterday
but I'm still sick. My throat is what is mostly bothering me now - along with lady cramps -.-

I think to mix it up a bit, I may end up getting to 1,000 SRs for Suicune and then
maybe head over to Latios and do 1,000 RAs and just see who shines first?
It's a bit annoying with Suicune since it only appears after :40 minutes on the clock
to about :00, kinda a hassle when it's 1:10 and I want to start SRing but I have to
wait... Then usually forget and have to wait all over again lol

So total stands at 750 SRs for Suicune. Expecting this one to be the same or more
as Lugia ;-;


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I'm currently working on a shiny Swablu through breeding. Went through almost all my boxes already, meaning they either go to wondertrade, my bank or I release them soon. I think I should have like at least 15 boxes full of them now. At least I can't go wrong with ability shenigans this time, since Swablu only has one...

I did mess up my attempt at a shiny Woobat, because the shiny I DID get after not even 50 eggs was not it's hidden ability, which I'm so, so salty about. Not even Unaware, it was Klutz. I don't feel like it's worth wasting an ability capsule on it either.


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I have done about 150 DexNax encounters for Shiny Ralts one night. At first I was just trying to get some Synchronizers but then I decided to go for a Shiny. But once I ran out of Repels, I had to quit. I may try again at some point. This was also the longest chain I have ever had with the DexNav. It must be because it is an easy Pokemon to chain. All other times I tried I gave so easily because it couldn't the find the Pokemon more than half the time.

Now I am going to try hatching it. I started the MM hunt tonight. Don't know how long I'll do it because hatching on ORAS seems a little harder than XY, imo. EDIT: 30 eggs so far.
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Also, I noticed you guys were posting CH ideas...mind if I suggest one?

Well, I was thinking, the new year represents a new beginning. For pokemon, a new year can represent a new region....and for pokemon, a new year came in the form of Jhoto. And with this, came baby pokemon, a new twist to evolving pokemon. Maybe perhaps do a CH hunt that involves hunting the baby forms of pokemon? Or perhaps pokemon that you need a lisence to breeed their first evolution? I hope that makes some sort of sense. qq

not sure why new year = Johto, but Baby Pokemon to represent new beginning is a good idea.

I was thinking about maybe a New Year = New Year Resolutions, where you hunt Pokémon that resolve conflict. Now, someone will have to compile a list of all of those, and probably we'll have to include the conflicting Pokémon as well to make up numbers. An example would be Lugia resolving conflict between Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Anyone willing to compile a list of this sort of thing?

Good idea too, but it's somewhat more limited, like what Twilit said, most of the time conflict and resolution are related to legendary Pokemon, and I'm sure at least a few of them are already owned by some of us here.

I was thinking along the lines of either starter pokemon to represent the start of the year, or maybe catching a pokemon from the first route of any game.

Hmm, good idea.

So far for January CH I'm leaning more towards "Baby Pokemon" or "First Route+Starter Pokemon", but I don't mind if most of you prefer the "Conflict-Ending" theme. Which one do you all prefer?


I'm not overly fond of this idea, mostly because I already have so many shinies that I don't even know what I have and what I don't.

Same here :D Regarding the amount of shinies, I mean :p
I'm starting to think I can easily make a half living dex half shiny dex by now.


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Don't give up, sometimes it is better not to count your Soft Resets, just try to soft reset while watching movies for example, without any counting at all. That worked for me. By the way, do not reset all the pokemon right away, choose one. Good Luck to you, hope that i helped you a little.

Thanks. :) I was actually SR for three at once across three games systems at one point - but it's a bit crazy, you can't do anything else while you do it and it gave me a sore neck!! Lol

I'm actually SR for Cresselia as we speak!


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not sure why new year = Johto, but Baby Pokemon to represent new beginning is a good idea.

Good idea too, but it's somewhat more limited, like what Twilit said, most of the time conflict and resolution are related to legendary Pokemon, and I'm sure at least a few of them are already owned by some of us here.

Hmm, good idea.

So far for January CH I'm leaning more towards "Baby Pokemon" or "First Route+Starter Pokemon", but I don't mind if most of you prefer the "Conflict-Ending" theme. Which one do you all prefer?


Same here :D Regarding the amount of shinies, I mean :p
I'm starting to think I can easily make a half living dex half shiny dex by now.
I may be biased on how it was my idea, but my grounds for why we should do first route+starter pokemon over baby pokemon is that I believe last year's January CH involved baby pokemon.

Hunt wise, I have done a generous amount of Cobalion SRs and have hopefully gotten a lot closer to ending this nightmare of a hunt.

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Got a shiny Kyogre from GTS yesterday. Black Kyogre looks so awesome! Other than that, still SRing for a shiny Lugia in AS.

Congrats on those who've recently gotten a shiny/ies, and good luck to those hunting now!


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Congrats to Iwanuq on Latias, IndigoTribesman on Cobalion and Terrakion and Venomoth and Heatran, ||Caboose|| on Zekrom, and everyone else on your shinies!


Started today out with 90 SRs for Chimchar on Platinum, bringing it to 1,600 SRs, and 300 SRs on HeartGold for Johto starters, bringing it to 3,600 SRs. Then I did 400 REs on my main hunts, which are now at 3,400 REs on Black 2, 14,400 REs on Platinum, and 11,200 HBs on HeartGold. Could have done a bit more, but went to see Mockingjay tonight for a second time, this time with a few friends :x

As I’ve worked more on my Johto starter hunt in the last month, I’ve only single hunted it, but I gave double hunting with another SR hunt another try. I’d really like to keep this Chimchar hunt going, so I’m going to try to keep working on it, but I think I can only get about 50 SRs done a few days a week, so it’ll be even slower work than the Johto starters…

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, cocoadragon, MurderofKrow, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, CosmicSparkles, Supremacy, Crimson Penguin, and Lunafloon)!
Tonight, before going to bed, I decided to try chain fishing for the first time ever. Then, after 39 run aways, a Shiny Magikarp appeared! It's now a Shiny Gyarados with neutral nature and crappy IVs, but I'm still happy with it!

3 shinies so far in 2015 :D


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Forgot to post this last night, but while on the phone with a friend of mine, Suicune FINALLY shined for me!
I nicknamed it Fenrir, and it's IVs are actualy quite nice- outstanding potential with 31 in HP, Attack and Speed. It also has a Calm nature (-Attack, + Sp. Defense).


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Hi everyone, Congratz on your new shines! ^^

I have shiny news, But it's not Treecko. Last night after being done with SRing for the day I decided to try dexnav chain Zorua again. Last time besides breaking the chain quit a few times I wasn't able to find one and my chain was between 300-400. But this time I got one at the chain of 39. So happy I at least got this one. ^^
I haven't NN him yet. Looking for cute name. Oh, I caught him in a dive ball since I don't wanna evolve him. ^w^

I'm losing count for Treecko, But I think today is day #29 of this hunt. I decided I need some motivation, so I decided to reset my ID, and this time I didn't SR for a cool ID. I hope this new ID will bring me luck and Treecko shines soon.

Good luck everyone, Specially Supermacy with Torchic.
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I have another question, you guys usually got pokemon with at least 31 IV's in 3 stats, How?
And for those who catch shinies with bad IV's do you use them in battles?

Every caught Legendaries in Gen 6 (and presuming onwards from now on) will always have a minimum of 3 perfect IVs.

Personally, I won't. I recently caught a shiny Zekrom, and I had double bad luck. Zekrom is a Physical Attacker, so it being Mild and having 31IVs on Sp.Atk instead of Atk hurt its usability. I don't think Gen 6 allows RNGs yet, so it's much harder to get flawless shinies, and I'm guessing a lot of people will either just box them or keep on soft resetting.


it shone! ^_^
Hey guys, It's been a while.

But after 5450 encounters (1090 hordes) my 2nd Alpha Sapphire Badge Quest shiny appeared at about 12.30am this morning. It was a shiny Zigzagoon:


I was hoping for a shiny Ralts the most, but that was pretty unlikely. ^^;


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I was saving this idea for February seeing as Chinese New Year is in feb, but it's worth mentioning now I guess. We could hunt for shinies that are based off the zodiac animal of this year. Yay or nay?

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I was saving this idea for February seeing as Chinese New Year is in feb, but it's worth mentioning now I guess. We could hunt for shinies that are based off the zodiac animal of this year. Yay or nay?

Even though I'm not sure what Shinies would qualify for the CH I think this is a really cool idea. +1 from me.

Congrats to everyone on their new shinies :) Sorry for the blanket congrats. I haven't posted since before Christmas.

Even though I haven't posted since before Christmas, I've managed to get a few Shinies since then. Still no Suicune sadly but I'm still happy with the ones I found.

The first was a Shiny Magnemite I found on Boxing Day in New Mauville while I was looking for Metal Coats to evolve 2 Scyther (one for myself and the other for my cousin). I used the DexNav to find it but I don't think it was a Chain as it was the first one I encountered using it. I caught it in a Premier Ball and it has a Brave nature and Magnet Pull for its ability. It also came with a Metal Coat which it's still holding.

My next 2 Shinies appeared a couple of days later while looking for a female HA Pancham in the Friend Safari, on my X version. The first was a Shiny Mienfoo. I tried catching it in a Heal Ball which failed so I caught it in a Premier Ball. It has a Rash nature, Inner Focus for its ability with max IVs in Special Attack and Speed which I though was pretty cool. It's a shame that Mienshao's special move pool is fairly lacking so I won't be evolving it. Later I found a Shiny Riolu in the same Safari (the Pancham took ages to find for some reason). This one was male, like 2 of my previous MM Shiny Riolu, with a neutral nature (can't remember exactly which one) and he has Prankster for his ability which was pretty nice. I don't think I've checked its IVs yet so I'll need to go back and do that the next time I play my X.

On New Year's Eve I was talking to a friend about how she was having trouble finding a Shiny Spheal in a Horde and this got me in the mood to Horde Hunt for another shiny myself. I decided to go for an Ariados as both of my favourite anime characters have one and thought it would be nice to try and find one for my last Shiny of 2014, so I headed to Sky Pillar. After around half an hour, one popped up, furthest to the left. After picking off the other Ariados I snagged her in a Heal Ball. She has a Jolly nature, Swarm for her ability and no max IVs.

My first shiny of 2015, and my latest one, also came from a Horde. I decided I wanted to hunt for a Shiny Shuppet, something simple to get me motivated to Shiny Hunt again, so I grabbed my Adamant Synchroniser and headed to Mt. Pyre. To my surprise, in the very first horde, second in from the left was a blue Shuppet. I was not expecting it to appear so quickly and was pretty chuffed that it did. Snagged him in a Dive Ball and was happy to see that Synchronise worked and he ended up Adamant. Sadly his IVs are rather sub-par with a 20 in Attack and 6 in Speed. He still looks cool as a Mega Banette. His ability is Frisk.

As I now have 29 IV bred Pokemon I'm going to start my first MM in ORAS for my 30th. Going for a Shiny Rapidash in a Moon Ball. I transferred over my 6IV Japanese Smeargle from X and am now in the process of putting the egg moves I want onto him. Once I've gotten a 5IV female, the hunt begins. Aiming for a perfect 5IV one so this hunt might last for a long time. We'll see.

Good luck to everyone in their hunts.


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I was saving this idea for February seeing as Chinese New Year is in feb, but it's worth mentioning now I guess. We could hunt for shinies that are based off the zodiac animal of this year. Yay or nay?

We've had this kind of hunt last year I think, so it's a nay from me.

I've gotten a few shinies since I last posted a shiny Pidgey in the 89th egg, I was able to reclaim shiny Misdreavus via Dexnav, and today a shiny Pawniard via MM.

Unfortunately neither Pidgey and Pawniard came out the way I wanted. Pidgey is basically perfect 5 IVs, but the only thing missing was it's HA. I'm going to try for the right one two more times, since I can still use the one that I currently have because I'll be mega evolving it. As for Pawniard, it shone while I was breeding for at least 5 IVs before going for it to shine. It does have 5 IVs, but it is missing attack which it needs.

Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts.

Edit: Forgot to mention that all the shiny were caught on OR.
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So this morning I did another 60 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby version. I also did like 70 soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt on Omega Ruby this afternoon. Last night I hatched around 20 Magby eggs for my Masuda Method attempt as well. Good luck to others on their Shiny hunts btw.

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Well today was fun, I was busy most of the day with the Awesome Games Done Quick stream by Speed Demos Archive/Speed Runs Live. I've been watching all the speedruns since Monday, so I wasn't hunting all that much. I was watching the Kirby Super Star race when I decided to pick up my hunt for shiny Registeel, so I saved in front of it and started to SR. I was only going to do 100 resets and then play Hyrule Warriors, but I didn't get the chance:


After a measly 33 resets, shiny fricking Registeel! I was totally NOT expecting it to shine, especially not 33 SRs into the hunt. It took a grand total of 333 SRs for it to shine, so happy about this shiny. I didn't care what Pokeball I got it in, though either Dive or the first Quick Ball I threw would have been perfect(the Quick Ball failed at 3 shakes, so that angered me xD). I did successfully catch it in a Dusk Ball after a very lengthy battle, but it wasn't too bad of a test :p. It has a Gentle nature, which I'm not too bothered by, and it also has Flawless HP, Attack and Special Defence!

More pics:

Nickname screen
Shiny Registeel
Trainer ID
Gentle nature

Well my next 'target' so to speak is currently a shiny Regice, I stocked up on 90 Dive Balls to hopefully catch it in one when it shines. I'm taking my time with this shiny hunt, as I really don't need to SR over it. I already did that with Regirock, and I still need to reclaim that on Alpha Sapphire. I'm at 241 SRs for Regice at the moment, hope this won't be a frustrating hunt(because the shiny form is lackluster in these games :().

Congrats to Echo Nacyl, IndigoTribesman, ||Caboose||, Weavile'sMyPartner, TheGreaterLucario, Heliotrope, Greedy Chibi, and MurderofKrow on your new shinies.


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Guys i have bad news
My stupid brother sold some of the GBA pokemon games with my shinies there, i am super mad that i will not hunt for a while

I hate this

BTW, congrats to all the people who got shinies



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Unbelievable O.O

Hello all! My winter break just ended, but I'm back with a shiny update! This actually applies to yesterday, so sorry for being late with it... but I was able to conclude my break with not one, not even two, but THREE shinies, and all of them were found in Platinum! Note: I don't have any pictures this time, but video links will be posted as my evidence. :3

First, it was late Monday night, and I was resetting for shiny Rotom as my BQ #3 target. At about 11:30pm, after 40 SRs for the night and 1335 total SRs, I saw the orange lightning scroll across the screen. Shiny Rotom was caught soon after. :)

Video can be found here (recording wasn't ideal, so there is some shaking): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UpDpN6mdqE&list=UUvAP3Vdm6mIejYw7A7ZAHcQ

Next, following that capture, I proceeded to continue EV training my shiny Budew in Eterna Forest. After about two hours of training, at about 2am Tuesday morning, a RANDOM shiny Bidoof appeared on my game! Two pokeballs later, it was caught as well!

Video is here (same environment as Rotom, so camera is still shaky): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ8tQmgPR_M&index=2&list=UUvAP3Vdm6mIejYw7A7ZAHcQ

Finally, we fast forward to about 4pm that Tuesday afternoon. I had taken a break from training in order to move back into my room at college, so I was sitting in the lounge looking for one more Dustox in Eterna Forest to finish my shiny now-Roselia's training. Lo and behold, a RANDOM shiny Cascoon decided to show itself instead! The capture took longer than Bidoof, but I captured it nonetheless! Ironically enough, after I finished the video, the next encounter was the Dustox for which I was originally searching. :p

That video can be found here (being in my room, it's much more stable): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ_4gkmdUYo&index=1&list=UUvAP3Vdm6mIejYw7A7ZAHcQ

My break may be over, but I couldn't be happier with this incredible luck! I'm now positioned in front of the Hallowed Tower to SR for Spiritomb as BQ #4. Congrats to everyone on their recent shiny successes, especially Twilit Dragoon on Registeel! Good luck to everyone on their hunts!
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