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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Useless Sceptile
I had been resetting for Cresselia, but I decided to boot up SoulSilver. I'm trying to level up my team to prepare for shiny Groudon, and I'm trying to steal a Lucky Egg off of Chansey. Thief is out of PP and I go to heal, and Pokérus! I was believing I would find a shiny due to how long it's been, yet I find something more than twice as rare!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to TheGreaterLucario on Suicune, MurderofKrow on Pawniard, Twilit Dragoon on Registeel, pokefreak2014 on Rotom and Bidoof and Cascoon, and everyone else on your shinies!


I did 500 REs, plus 100 SRs for Johto starters and 50 SRs for Chimchar. That’s…Black 2 at 3,900 REs, Platinum at 14,900 REs, HeartGold at 11,700 HBs, Johto Starters at 3,700 SRs, and Chimchar at 1,650 SRs. Last year, I found my first shiny of the year on the 5th, and it’s now several days past that…I’m hoping something decent shows up soon!

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, cocoadragon, MurderofKrow, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, CosmicSparkles, Supremacy, Crimson Penguin, and Lunafloon)!


Shiny Breeder
Cannot believe what just happened xD
So I read Twilit Dragoon post about getting Registeel today, and I was like, well lets try to SR for it before going to sleep. In less than 30 mins, it decided to shine :D. Was able to catch it in a Timer Ball after a long battle xD. Its IVs are 23, 24 / 30, 31 / 3, 4 / 25, 26, 27 / 30, 31 / 31 and its Lonely, my synch didnt work xD. So, guess thats my first shiny of the year :D. Gratz to all the new shinies everyone and good luck on your hunts :D


Shiny Hunter
It's been a few months since I last posted here, so I just want to say congrats on all the shines you successfully hunted and good luck on the people who are currently hunting.

I heard the rumour that Mirage Spots had higher chances for shines, so I wnet for it, but I think that's not true... I'm close to 800 and Zekrom is not shining for me. I've never tried SR before and I think I don't have the patience for it but sure I'm persistent, so I'll eventually get it.
My goal was to hunt every Pokémon in the MS, but maybe not haha... I'll just go for Lugia and Dialga (at least for now). Although I want to get the 3 shiny Regis.

The one I really really want is Latios. Does the Run Away method works?

I personally got my shiny charm first for somewhat quicker hunts seeing how I never did well with full odds, but there are definitely people here who would rather hunt without the charm to save time on collecting all the Pokemon. Really it is all a matter of picking your poison, do you use your time to get the charm, or do you hunt without the charm to save time on getting it.

Anyways, I am still no farther in my SR hunt as I have been pre-occupied with the Kingdom Hearts remakes and Hyrule Warriors, but I do plan to pick it back up tonight.

Good luck to those in hunts, especially those whose hunts' odds have overstayed their welcome, and congrats to all the recent shinies.

I completed my National Dex when I was playing through X, it took me some time, yeah. Then, when I finished AS and moved all my Pokémon that were in the bank in, I was just missing less than 40, so it took me a day to get the shiny charm. Side note: I have to admit I have few OCD drives, so I ended up arrenging my Pokémon Bank in numerical order. Crazy right? :p


Psyched Up
Staff member
The one I really really want is Latios. Does the Run Away method works?

The Eon Ticket one? Yes, Run Away method works for it.

Anyway, for the CH......I've been thinking about it, this is a week into the month already, so......

If this month's CH is "starter+first route Pokemon", are you fine with it?

From all the available option, that's currently my first pick, but I don't want to pick it if you all think it's not a good choice.


Well-Known Member
Last night I reached 806 sr's for shiny Zekrom! I am still going strong. Generally I don't count the number of sr's, but I am finding it interesting how many it will actually take this go around. My last sr pokemon took me 3 months! Hopefully this does not happen again!


Shiny hunter
So after getting my charm 236 eggs I'm shocked by a shiny tepig he's jolly with 5 max IVs except def =) I'm up to 900 ra for patios

Congrats on all shinys and good luck


'Cause Dragon Types
Well I haven't been on in some time but I'll thought because of my current Eeveelution hunt. I deicded to post pics of 4 of my nine shinies caught/hatched in December!

I deiced after having obtained a 6iv Jap Ditto and Shiny charm to finally do something on a big scale (For me!) Get the other Eeveelution Shinies! I already have Slyveon so why not get the rest.

EDIT: Viziron is my first SR shiny!:D
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razor fire

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The Eon Ticket one? Yes, Run Away method works for it.

Forgive me for my ignorance but there is no definition of that term in the first post of this thread. What is the Run Away method?
I'm pretty sure it's kind of obvious with its name somewhat giving it away, but I would still like to know in detail what to do and what order to do things when using this method


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Sorry for the blanket congrats, but congrats everyone!

I haven't been hunting much lately because university is starting up again, but now I am dedicating myself to SRing Moltres in my HG game. I've done about 50 SRs so far.

Good luck everyone!


Dragon Pokemon Fan
Got Shiny Ralts! The day before I hatched 120 eggs with no shiny. Then I did some Dexnav chaining last night and it showed up around 50 chain. It's a boy with Hasty nature and Synchronize and named Otohiko. No good egg moves or good IVs. But meh, I actually got my second ORAS shiny (I count the 3 Feebas as only 1) and first of 2015! This is also my first successful Dexnav Shiny! Next target will probably be Treecko, Ponyta, or Vulpix.
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Completing The Trio
Just had Crescent Isle appear, so i've turned my attention to SR'ing for a Shiny Cresselia.

My FS'ers are far from ready level/stat wise, but with Cresselia having just the one Psychic move, i figure my Breloom can get off a Spore before being taken out my Future Sight lol.


Team Awesome
Well, DexNav continues to be far kinder to me than PokeRadar ever was. This week I got two shinies while trying to fill my area pokedex. :D

First, while looking for throh and ponyta on Route 112, I found a shiny machop.

Then the next day, while trying to get a full set of eevees on Route 116 (and wasting truckloads of pokeballs until I finished), I found a shiny taillow. Thank God it wasn't an eevee, that would have been tragic. I caught taillow, but considering that eevee kept liking to pop out of the ball I could have easily run out.

I hope I don't get any more shinies before I defeat the Elite 4 because I'm rapidly running out of max repels and ultra balls. Not that I wouldn't mind chaining for a ralts or chimecho, but I'm biting my nails over the possibility of running out of pokeballs, and at least beating the E4 will give me decent money.

As for the CH, I'm definitely for the first route/starter pokemon one.

EDIT: And I got my third shiny wingull now, while looking for alomomola and finneon outside Mt. Pyre. That makes one by MM, one by horde spam, and one by DexNav, all in different games. o_O
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Shiny Hunter
Its over guys!!

After ~13,410 SRs my badge quest can finally begin! I had just got done watching Tokyo Ghoul; I was literally at the ending credits when it appeared and I just froze in shock at this beautiful lil' chick. He has a hardy nature and is alert to sounds which means a potential max speed IV! So, not bad at all. I'm not sure where I will hunt next, I'll see what my options are after I somehow beat Roxane with just Torchic lol. But just like my other BQs, I'm only doing full-odd hunts and no hording. Although, this time around I'm not counting repeat shinies, so hopefully everything goes smoothly even though I think I have atleast 1 shiny on every route :s. I'm looking very forward into not doing a SR hunt! Between Tornadus and Torchic, I'm so burned out on SRing lol. Funnily enough I do have a SR hunt planned for this BQ so I'll just cherish these few RE hunts before then.

I hope you get your Treecko soon, 2rsa! Hang in there. :]

Gratz on the recent shinies and good luck everyone!


Shiny Hunter!
Hi everyone! After a much-needed break, I'm finally ready to start hunting again. Over the past few days I've hunted quite a bit, and I'm hoping to get a lot more done over the weekend. Might even get a birthday shiny tomorrow if I'm lucky XD. Anyway, here are my hunts so far: Chimchar is at 16,700 SRs, Snivy is at 2,550 SRs, Weedle is around 5,300 REs, and Raikou/Entei are at 1,400 total encounters. I can't help feeling that Chimchar is so close, but it's really anyone's guess as to when it will shine.

Congrats on all of the shinies since my last post, and good luck on your hunts as well!


Currently SRing for a Shiny Latios. Got a shiny sunflora and Azurill randomly on the GTS, but those don't really count for much I suppose. Good luck to everyone.


Active Member
Having a dry internal battery on R/S/E does not affect shinies, correct? I wouldn't think so. But I would hate to SR for Treecko for no reason


Shiny Hunter
Having a dry internal battery on R/S/E does not affect shinies, correct? I wouldn't think so. But I would hate to SR for Treecko for no reason

It does, and if your Shiny frame is not an early one, you could very well be doing it for nothing. I've heard a lot of people getting around this issue though with restarting your game every few hundred SRs, so you can potentially find a game file with an early frame.

Forgive me for my ignorance but there is no definition of that term in the first post of this thread. What is the Run Away method?
I'm pretty sure it's kind of obvious with its name somewhat giving it away, but I would still like to know in detail what to do and what order to do things when using this method

Run Aways are like REs, except the pokemon you are running from is a stagnant target. If you run from the Eon Ticket Lati, they will be there again to battle right away. So button mash A -> check if Shiny -> Run Away, rinse and repeat until Shiny is encountered. That's the best I could explain it, if anyone wants to elaborate please do. ^^ I have trouble getting ideas from my mind into words!

I'm still looking for Vulpix, Bagon, and now Treecko (because I'm tired of looking at Torchic). I've been SRing a shiny starter since before Thanksgiving! Hopefully he shines soon. <3


Today was a pretty good day for me as far as my Shiny hunts' progress is concerned; I did over 100 SRs for my Shiny Reshiram hunt on Omega Ruby this morning as well as 80 SRs for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby. I also hatched a dozen Magby eggs this afternoon. Oh and good luck to others on their Shiny hunts too.


pain in the ***
Shiny absol found in the dark fs! He's relaxed-natured and alert to sounds, with max stats in SpATK and SPD. And he has his HA, Justified! He took 475 REs to appear ^_^


Will be staying in that fs and trying for vullaby.

Cresselia is at 2,100 SRs, and shellder is at 80 eggs. I just got the 6IV skill link female I'll breed until her shell turns orange.
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