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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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I got up to 2161 soft resets and still no shiny Zekrom. I'm expecting it to take a while but it will be so worth it! I don't generally battle in ubers but I have a team based around it already!


Hunting Sparkles
Hey everyone! I am happy to report that my anxiety is doing a lot better, and as such so is my depression :) I decided to give up on my OR badge quest and play through the game, I'm taking it slow so I only have 6 badges atm. My two main hunts are Chimchar for my Platinum BQ and Deino for my White BQ. Chimchar is on 19,203 SR's atm, my goal is to get to 19.4k by the end of the day(and 20k by the end of the week). Getting to 1k Deino is my goal for next week ;) I had a dream last night I got a shiny Chimchar, so hopefully that's a good sign? Grats on all those sweet shinies, and good luck to all!

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
I was working on MMing my competitive(not the ability) shiny Skarmory when she finally sparkled-only to reveal IVs less than desirable.(??/31/31/31/??/??) and only "relatively superior potential", meaning everything else could be crap. I think I'm gonna keep going for a better one, seeing that I've gotten 5IV ones from the same breeding duo. She only took me 2 and a half boxes anyway, and I have a long bus ride to school. But if anyone's looking for a shiny impish Skarmory, let me know.

You want 5 Reshirams for that one shiny Skarmory? Lol I got so many Reshirams from GTS expecting a shiny one to show up like with Ho-oh, Groudon, and Kyogre.

Anyways, congrats everyone on your Shinies! I've decided to postpone my shiny Thundurus hunt for now, and am going for a shinny Castform.

No really though, I'll give you the 6 random Reshirams I got from GTS for it.


Shiny Hunter
Congratz on the recent shinies! ^^

Still no shiny Treecko for me. Since my exams started I have less time hunting, But I still manage to get decent amount of SRs every day. I'm really starting to believe something is wrong with my OR version, lol. :p
I won't quit though. Come on Treecko I know you want to shine too! XD

Good luck everyone~ ^^


Pokemon breeder
So the other day I collected 300 trapinch eggs in the hopes that I could get a shiny. I was breeding a competive pokemon then hatching a box of trapinch so that by the end of my breeding projects I'd have 10 new competitive pokemon and possible a shiny trapinch.

So while breeding for a competitive squirtle I managed to hatch a 4iv rain dish shiny squirtle in a net ball on the 4th egg.

Also I was hatching egg box number 90-120 when towards the end of the box I hatched a 5iv(missing Hp) shiny trapinch in a luxury ball.:)
Really happy that it was a quick mm, I also have 180 more left to hatch so who knows I might get another one if I'm lucky.

I'm unsure of what my next hunt will be but I'll give you all an update when I figure it out.
Good luck to everyone on your hunts.


Shiny hunter
Hey guys congrats on shinys , and good luck to those hunting!

So since i got the shiny charm in ORAS ive been playing it alot, yesterday while dexnav i caught a shiny tympole lax nature on the way home on the bus love shiny seismitoad so was really happy about that
Then after 300 encounters i finally got a shiny poocheyena

This morning after 112 encounters i caught a modest shiny seviper ...modest like really xD?
Then after only 60 encounters i caught a shiny pickachu with tickle :D

Dexnav is so easy i compare it to chain fishing , and i highly doubt its a chain it just seems like random encounters the higher your search level the higher ivs em and ha you have , I'm nearly 99% sure it has a fixed rate when you search and is not chaining but it works :D

Currently hunting zorua but it runs away alot!

Edit 1: Shiny zorua at 100+ dexnav , i never seem to get a shiny with 3ivs or ha bleh! xD
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Team Awesome
I had some luck with shinies this week. I decided to use the DexNav on Route 102 to look for shinies that I'd been wanting to catch.

First, after a few days of work, I found a shiny female ralts. :D

Then after many broken chains and a lot of frustration, I got a shiny female poochyena.

Then, after a chain of 203 (!!) and 3.5 hours of work, I got a shiny tympole. :D

I'm moving to the area outside of Rustboro now to try for eevee and skitty.


<----Newest Shiny
Still nothing on Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig's HA release isn't helping the situation as I planned to finish Snivy by now for Tepig.


Bird trainer

Shone a few minutes before I finished another hours hunting, so 18 hours/1080 SR's total. Did more SR's than planned since I started hunting, but meh. Happy to have him shine under odds.

Skill Swap/Bestow/Stun Spore went off fine, then I swapped in Farfetch'd to False Swipe. I was going to switch Groudon in straight away but then realised that I'd got a lot of turns before I needed the weather to be sunlight, so to stall it out a bit I started chucking balls at this point. Farfetch'd fainted and I brought in Venusaur and continued flinging Ultra Balls. Somehow I managed to catch him in Ultra Ball number 18!

So after all that preparation, I didn't even need the infinite PP strategy. :p Oh well. The last time I caught a legendary using paralysis it took me 50 Ultra Balls, and my shiny Latias took me 30 using sleep, so I got very lucky. Better to have spent the time preparing for the worst than having to watch Tornadus struggle/have to use the Master Ball. :)

I turned him into the Therian forme straight away. One/Two
Naive nature which is pretty good, and that catch location is so fitting! Relatively superior with max Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed!

This thing is so freaking ugly, though. x_x
Amie/Amie Two
I took the first picture, checked to make sure it had come out okay, then looked back at the game and the thing was just staring at me. Why did GF have to make such a freaking creepy bird? Why?

And it would have been more fitting for Thundurus, but we genuinely had a thunderstorm start up just before the shiny appeared, continue through the fight and then stop once he was caught. :p

Now to figure out what to do with my spare 379 Ultra Balls.


Well-Known Member
So far this semester school is really getting in the way of hunting, but congrats to all of you on your shinies!

It looks like everyone is going for ORAS legends. I'm still plugging along on my HG Moltres SR (only 500 SRs right now) although I am tempted to change up the hunt and go for Kyogre instead.

Good luck everyone!


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Congrats to Blasting Toise on Froakie, eiger on Electrike and Groudon, Mestear on Articuno, Sydwinx on Reshiram, Iwanuq on Latias, Aron and Cresselia, IndigoTribesman on Cobalion, Terrakion, Venomoth and Heatran, Cyberra on Staryu, Zubat and Shellder, Caboose on Zekrom, TheGreaterLucario on Suicune, Heliotrope on Zigzagoon, Greedy Chibi on Magnemite, Ariados and Shuppet, MurderofKrow on Pidgey and Pawniard, Twilit Dragoon on Registeel, pokefreak2014 on Rotom, Bidoof and Cascoon, Sito on Registeel, DJX on Tepig, Supremacy on Torchic, StrongBad456 on Cyndaquil, bruinsgirl33 on Reshiram and Gastly, JohnNiles on Ho-Oh, Swatski9 on Latios, Pluski on Lugia and Cresselia, ohjeezitskim on Latios, Demonslayer492 on Zekrom, Lugia and all the Regis, Ginji on Mudkip, Void Ventus on Lugia and Cresselia, Shiny Lord on Trapinch and Ho-Oh, KittyKitty3308 on Regice, Wishmaker Latias on Goomy and Piplup, maskofsanity1998 on Geodude, Echo Nacyl on Pelipper, maldoror on Kyurem (sorry about Regirock though), kirkeastment on Cresselia, The Prince of May on Cresselia, camhines4 on Hoppip, Kalosian on Bibarel, Jeppo on Ralts, *Murkrow on Wingull and Tornadus, EHAN on Cyndaquil (and welcome to the forum :)), Mewtwo Ex on Cresselia, Virizion, Terrakion and Uxie, Shine on Heatran, HM02gon on Skarmory, dark1raven3 on Squirtle and Trapinch and everyone else on your shinies.

Thanks to Supremacy, Cpchris, Crimson Penguin and DJX for the congrats.

At the moment I seem to be going back and forth between finding shinies almost straight away or going over odds and to follow the pattern my Heart Gold BQ #2 on Route 32 has gone over odds at 8,200 REs (oh for a mid-range, 5 - 6K hunt). Although I said my primary target is Mareep I've been thinking and either Wooper for all the water HMs or Rattata to have an Endeavour user for legendary hunts in the future would be nice too.

In somewhat more positive news I got the Eon Ticket last week in my Alpha Sapphire so I'll be hunting Latios at some point, probably as my final BQ Pokemon in the game so my team is more prepared.

Good luck hunting everyone :)


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So at "only" 503 SRs and not sure how many hundreds more minutes of cutscenes, I'm really getting increasingly pessimistic about my shiny story Lati hunt as part of my Badge Quest. Would someone be able to confirm if it matters whether you save a step right before the Lati sprite, or if it has to be in the grove before?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks~


Let's go to the beach, each.
Today I worked more on my Shiny Plusle horde hunt and I also did almost 80 more soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt in Omega Ruby as well. Last night I completed another 65 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt. Congrats to other people on their new Shinies and good luck to DJX, 2rsa, and others as well.


Shiny Hunting!
So while taking a quick break from working on my Dex in Y, I decided to try and fish myself up a shiny Feebas in OR, seeing as I was home sick and I seem to have better luck when I'm not feeling well. Guess what came up on catch number 18? I'm quite happy with my cute little purple fish, who I named Siréne, and the IVs seem to be decent as well!

Congratulations to all the recent shinies, and all of my sick-day luck to everyone hunting!
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searing light dragon

Dragon Trainer
Well I have a new shiny in Alpha Sapphire . . .

I was breeding for a female Combee to work on completing my Dex and, much to my amusement/dislike I was hatching nothing but males. Now I had put a foreign Ditto in with the Combee, never imagining I would get anything from it but, to my shock, something did decide to shine. Not the female I was wanting - although I got that later - but I hatched a particular Combee to find it was a bit off. Too orange instead of the normal colors I had seen. I took another good look at it before it hit me.

A shiny Combee, expect it was male. Oh well, at least it's another shiny for my Alpha Sapphire. Which, by the way, I don't even have the Shiny Charm for yet.

Good luck to all


Really and truly
I was browsing through the Whismur on GTS as part of a giveaway I was doing on another community, and noticed one with green ears. The player wanted an Articuno in exchange, which, by a stroke of luck, I had just received from the GTS earlier today.

His name is "Number 5," has a mild nature and the Rattled ability, and was caught in Connecting Cave. I'm not entirely sure if he's legit or if someone literally caught five shiny Whismur, but he's a welcome addition either way. :>


Shiny Lord

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I have been soft resetting for shiny Entei since January 11th. Still no shiny in sight. Hope to get it soon. I have no clue how many soft resets I've done. I'm struggling to stay with this hunt. One one hand I'm tired of soft resetting. On the other hand I figure I've already spent so many hours going for Entei now it will be a waste to not get it.


Got it Memorized?
Nearing 2600SRs for Cresselia. I knew my luck for the Regi's and Lugia ran out. Now Cresselia wants to be stubborn.

Gratz to all the recent shinies.


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FINALLY!!! After 2190 soft resets (without a shiny charm) a shiny Zekrom (now named greaser) has graced my presence! The adamant sync worked and it has oerfect iv's in HP/Att/Sp. att/Sp Def!!! The only negative is the judge said 'but how are you going to go anywhere with that defense stat?' ... Oh well! I will still use it competitively! Way too stoked! Good luck to everyone!!


Shiny Hunter!
Today I was finally able to do a good amount of hunting, so here are my hunts: Chimchar is at 16,900 SRs, Snivy is at 2,850 SRs, Weedle is at ~8,350 REs, and Raikou/Entei are at 1,500 total encounters. Still no shiny, unfortunately. I may have more time to hunt in the upcoming months, though, as I'm taking a break from school for a little while. Anxiety and such... :/

Congrats to everyone who has gotten a shiny recently, and good luck on all of your hunts!