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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Congrats to everyone. I finally received my less than desirable Shiny Honedge. Somehow got a 31/17/31/31/31/31, when I was totally hoping for one with 0 speed. Dang. Oh well, probably going to breed for another one.


Im Still Here!
Well i abkndoned my other hunt after so much time and started to hunt for Shiny Reshiram in the mirage spots and after a mere 234 SRs It shine for me :) With a modest sync and an iv spread of 31/31/31/31/X/31 I was oretty happy :) Congrats to all recent shinys and good luck with your hunts :)


Beginning Trainer
After hatching many eggs over the past week, I finally hatched a shiny Totodile this morning! I am so happy to have him. Congratulations to everyone else who have also gotten shinies!


Shiny Hunter
Luckiest thing that could ever happen happened this morning. I wonder traded with some guy whose Pokemon was holding a Tyrunt fossil. Went to revive is and it was a shiny.

That make 3 shinies! (I'm not a very serious hunter YET).

They are:
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'Cause Dragon Types
Well my Alpha Sapphire gave my my second eevee much quicker this time on Egg 225 again lacking HA it's gonna be a Leafeon since it's Adamant also:

31/31/31/?/31/31 perfect IV Spread for Leafeon! YAY! I named him Sodai (Majestic).

Shiny Eevee 2.JPG

Now I have to breed a 6IV carefull eevee with curse and a Calm eevee with Wish...
No shiny news yet, my current plan is to get the shiny charm on omega ruby. After I get it I'll probably try hoard encounters and dexnav for a little bit and then find a shiny to sr for(not entirelt sure which yet), or maybe continue on with my all pink shiny team on X(I thought up a new team but I only kept 2 of my current members so this could take a while) also I need to find the megastones in omega ruby

good luck to everyone hunting and congrats to: shiny lord on ho-oh,eiger on groudon, plusky with cresselia, echo nacyl on peliper, theeliteempoleon on registeel, void ventus on cresselia, malodor on kyurem, djx on froakie and your dexnaved shinies, kirkeastment on cresselia, and buneary, the prince of may on cresselia, camhines4 on hoppip, kalosian on bibarel,jeppo on ralts, *murkrow on wingull and tornadus, cyberra on zubat, and shellder, ehan on cyndaquil, manakete-girl on eeveeX2, mewtwo x on cresselia, terrakion, and uxie, shine on heatran, dark1raven3 on squirtle and trapinch, wobbanaut on ralts poochyenna and tympole, archsage on feebas, searing light dragon on combee, martinzqs on zekrom,pokemonmegabeast on reshiram, strongbad456 on totodile, the buckeye11 on tyrunt, blaze. on elekid, and anyone I missed
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Queen of Hoopla
Some news: In search of a Shiny spiritomb in the FS, I found a shiny phantump instead! I plan on giving him to my friend, because I already caught one a while back, and my friend's always wanted one.

Now I'm a bit stuck. I'm currently hunting for:
Leafgreen: porygon
Platinum: Giratina
Soulsilver: Lugia
White 2: Duosion
Black 2: Kyruem
Y: Spiritomb
OR: Aerodactyl

I can't decide on one to focus on. @-@ Any suggestions? currently, the one that's taken me the longest so far is lugia..I believe I started between May-June for it.


Dragon Tamer
So...sorry if this isn't the right place for it but, has it been confirmed what pokemon are shiny locked in ORAS? Thanks!

Staying with the theme of the page, I'm currently MMing for Larvitar, mostly because I needed to get egg moves for a Tyrunt who will be my next hunt! Mmmmm blue Tyrunt is awesome!


Well-Known Member
So...sorry if this isn't the right place for it but, has it been confirmed what pokemon are shiny locked in ORAS? Thanks!

Staying with the theme of the page, I'm currently MMing for Larvitar, mostly because I needed to get egg moves for a Tyrunt who will be my next hunt! Mmmmm blue Tyrunt is awesome!
You asked this question in the right place, my friend.
The answer is: All legends are NOT shiny locked except: Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Deoxys.
I agree blue tyrunt is awesome, but it is a pain to MM. So is Larvitar.

Don't think I am going to continue with my hunt, idk. I'll probably MM a Poochyena eventually.

Though, I don't think there will be ANY MM hunts unless I find X (Or train another Talonflame back to Lvl. 100, Get an adamant nature on it, remember it's moves, etc.)
I probably will be spending the weekend (HUNTING FOR X) trying to get through my OR game to the point of getting legends.... Woo fun.
May all your hunts be filled with prosperity and congrads to everyone who got a shiny!


So long
Well then. I didn't expect to be back to this thread already.

Thanks to Crimson Penguin, Cpchris, Supremacy, Razorbadger and maskofsanity1998 for the congrats.

I was playing X today, was on Route 8 and looking for a berry tree in the background of a battle that would give me a Shuca Berry. While doing so, I randomly ran into a horde, didn't use Sweet Scent or Honey, this was just random. Saw immediately that there wasn't a tree in the background, so I was prepared to run from the battle. But the next second changed my mind. The screen went darker, and one of the Pokemon sparkled. This was not a battle to run from.

This is my second shiny from a Horde, and my overall 5th shiny on X, thus making it the game where I have found the most random shinies, Emerald is now only second. Had the Shiny Charm while getting this.

Congrats to all those who have gotten shinies recently and best of luck to all who are hunting.


Aw man, today i got so lucky.
I traded and got a shiny charizard, gorebes, and shuppet, which I evolved into banete
Im not trying to collect any shiny pokemon yet just trying to stay focused on completeing the pokedex.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I encountered around 45 more hordes for my Shiny Plusle horde hunt this afternoon. I also did 50 soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram attempt in Omega Ruby, plus 60 or so soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt in Ruby last night. Anyway, congrats to Manakete-Girl and Kalosian on their new Shinies and good luck to others as well.


Well-Known Member
Upset that the CH first route pokemon have to be caught and not hatched
that's pretty lame as I don't really like actively looking for wild shinies.
I'd rather breed for IVs/good nature/4 egg moves.

:/ bleh.

Anyway, hatched a wurmple while breeding for a female w/ HA to pass on the
ball. Don't really want to post a picture seeing as now I'm bleh it doesn't
count for the CH >> pretty poop.

He is timid, NHA, xx/31/31/31/31/31 and not sure which he will evolve into
since I'm still trying to get a breeding request done.


Gen 6 = <3
Congrats to Blastonite, ohjeezitskim, Tsukuyomi56, TheEliteEmpoleon, brunocosta1, Nack Firestorm, RazorBadger, razor fire, Blasting Toise, eiger, Shine, Mestear, Sydwinx, Echo Nacyl, Jurpassic, Iwanuq, IndigoTribesman, Cyberra, Caboose, Weavile'sMyPartner, TheGreaterLucario, 2rsa, Heliotrope, Greedy Chibi, MurderOfKrow, Twilit Dragoon, pokefreak2014, Sito, DJX, Giblie, wobbanut, Supremacy, StrongBad456, bruinsgirl33, JohnNiles, Scherzando, Swatski9, JohmMango95, Pluski, Ginji, Void Ventus, Shiny Lord, KittyKitty3308, Demonslayer492, Wishmaker Latias, maskofsanity1998, maldoror, kirkeastment, The Prince Of May, cambines4, Kalosian, Jeppo, *Murkrow, EHAN, Manakete-Girl, Mewtwo EX, HM02gon, dark1raven3, Archsage, seering light dragon, Martinzqx, PokemonMegaBeast, Blaze. and anyone else I might have missed since my last post. Also thanks to those who congratulated me on Crawdaunt!

So I finally got 600+ Pokemon caught in my Alpha Sapphire so that I'd have the max chance of getting a critical capture (in case I used up my Master Ball and didn't get a new one from my secret base pals. Essentially a safety net for harder to catch shinies) So I began hunting for the Pokemon I couldn't wait to SR for. So I got my False Swipers ready and Lonely Synchronize Ralts and soared to my destination. I had a few test battles with my target to make sure I was ready to battle it only to find that I didn't have any good HP restoring items. So I soared back to Mauville to buy some Full Restores. I had returned to my target and gave it a few more test battles before I was satisfied and continued to SR. Today I had been SRing all day and a while ago I was going to do the dishes and before I could put my dirty dishes in my dishwasher this appeared...
shiny Zekrom after 554 SRs! As soon as it was discovered that Zekrom and Reshiram weren't shiny locked I made it my mission to SR for Zekrom first before anything else in the game. Since it's catch rate is lower in ORAS I thought it wouldn't be an easy battle like back in Unova. I was wrong as it only woke up three times and it only took four balls to catch it, with the fourth being a Dusk Ball. Unfortunately my Ralts's Synchronize failed and it ended up with a Calm nature, but it doesn't matter since it's mine now and I'm so happy to have it! IVs are 10/31/31/31/11/5 and more pictures: OT/ID, Summary, Full 3DS Shot, Sparkles, Up, Up And Away! and Video. Now I need to figure out what to hunt for next in my Alpha Sapphire. I got the Eon Ticket yesterday/Thursday oddly at the animal shelter I volunteer at, where I get street passes extremely rarely, and not at the grocery store where I get street passes almost all of the time. Though I doubt I'll SR for Latios since I already have both shiny Latias and Latios from Southern Island from my original Ruby and Sapphire.

Wishmaker Latias

All Bridges Burned, All Lessons Learned
Firstly congrats to everyone on their shinies.

My X cartridge seems to really like me, this MM hunt didn't reach the crazy 2-3 times over the odds, which is a bit odd, because I didn't like MM much because stuff like that kept happening to me.
I don't know why, but I wanted for it to last longer for whatever reason.

This is what shined after 206 eggs.

No hidden ability sadly, so I'll guess I'll hunt for another one.

If I hatched a starter does that count for the CH?
Or did I have to SR for it?

Good luck on your hunts everyone!


Completing The Trio
Congrats on the recent Shiny Pokemon, love the Shiny Zekrom but definitely liking Snivy, Eevee and Wingull too, especially the Snivy, such a good palate.

I got myself a Shiny last night, appeared after around 30 HE's(around 200 or so total);


All in all a nice quick hunt, and i already set about defeating the E4, so i can begin the process of SR'ing for a Shiny Cyndaquil.


Well-Known Member
Congrats to all new shinies since my last post. I come with shiny news!!! Finally after a about a month draught I take a break from MMing (although I have gathered up 11 boxes to hatch) I decided to go back to X version and find routes where I have not gotten horde shinies. Well I had to switch between two routes a few times due to rain but switching between route 14 and route 16 as I need a few of the horde pokemon shiny. Well anyway last night I found a shiny Foongus!! and then just now I found a shiny Murkrow!! the one I was going for. Bit disappointed with Omega Ruby as Azelf still has not shone so I may quit that hunt on there and try horde hunts for swablu and sandshrew before returning to SRing for legends. Plus I think I need to level up a smeargle and possibly an exeggutor for legendary shiny hunts. Well congrats once again to all new shinies and good luck everyone.


Shiny hunter
Just a quick update on my shinys , so far ive snagged a shiny pinsir at exatcly 100 search , a shiny lotad at 120ish , and a shiny cherrim this morning at 260 , I'm not going to post dexnav shinys anymore as i feel they are too easy , I'm currently MMin Honedge on oras and searching a mirage cave for a shiny coffragius unfortunatly i cant dexnav this so its all random encounters

Good luck!


First of all, congratulations on all the shinies!

I've been somewhat busy with school and thing like that, so I wasnt able to make much progress on my AS BadgeQuest.. However, I tried to do some DexNav encounters here and there at Route 104 and Petalburg Woods. Initially I was trying to get a shiny Silcoon as I've never done a playthrough with a pokemon from the catterpillar lines (like weedle, caterpie, wurmple etc) and I like Beautifly more than Dustox. I had a hard time DexNav'ing in Petalburg Woods though, after every couple Silcoons it failed to find them again. I do like the spot in front of the south entrance of Petalburg Woods, so I figured I should continue there. For some reason I chose Taillow there instead of Wurmple, either because Taillow is usefull in the second gym or because there arent many flying types I like that I can get before I get Fly. I like Wingull, but there are plenty of Water pokemon available lol.
So, today, after a total of 219 DexNav encounters for Taillow (close to 100 for Silcoon, like 80 for Zigzagoon aswell) I found a shiny Taillow! Really happy that I can continue now as I'm getting a bit bored of seeing Route 104. It's a female, she has no perfect IVs and Guts as her ability, but I was lucky enough to get Roost as her egg move. Actually quite happy with that. I named her Lacey, I was looking around in my music folder and found this song that features Lacey Sturm. She used to be the lead singer of the band Flyleaf, which I like a lot. Besides that, I thought "Storm"was pretty fitting for a Flying type ^^.

Now onto my 3rd shiny! Can't wait to meet him/her.

Good luck everyone on your hunts!