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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Psyched Up
Staff member
CH completion list updated~

If I hatched a starter does that count for the CH?
Or did I have to SR for it?

Hatching the starters count for the CH. The only one that needs to be wild, is the first route stuff.

I agree blue tyrunt is awesome, but it is a pain to MM.

Last year I was lucky I got it in just under 450 eggs, and the best part is it's female with 31/31/31/x/31/31 IV spread :p

Actually, I did not know that.

Really? xD Well at least you now know :)
I'm legitimately surprised that you didn't knew, though.

Upset that the CH first route pokemon have to be caught and not hatched
that's pretty lame as I don't really like actively looking for wild shinies.
I'd rather breed for IVs/good nature/4 egg moves.

:/ bleh.

Hey at least for the starters you can hatch them :)

Echo Nacyl

Well-Known Member
Congrats to everyone on the new shinies.
I've been SR'ing Thundurus for a week (1162 resets as of this post) with no luck yet. Getting tired of the Eon Flute sound/sequence.


pain in the ***
Really? xD Well at least you now know :)
I'm legitimately surprised that you didn't know, though.

XD;;; Nobody trades me shinies. I've never even gotten a random one from wonder trade. Only shinies I've ever gotten in trade were a spare shiny larvesta, an eevee, and a cloned shiny 6IV ditto from friends. Which have not counted for any CH. I had no opportunity to learn that.

Cresselia is still holding at 4,400 SRs; today was xbox game day so no SRing was done. Oshawott is at 450 eggs. Stubborn little otter...

Prince Umbreon

Starfish and Coffee
Wow, all these stories are really impressive. Congrats to all of those awesome finds! I'm fairly new to SRing so I'm still trying to build up my patience for it lol. My previous successful hunt was my Cresselia (less than 500 SRs w/o charm, booyeah). Right now I'm between chaining for Eevee and SRing for Ho-Oh at Sea Mauville. I'm using a Brave Ralts to try and synchronize them with, so hopefully I end up with some nice results.

Ho-Oh is my main focus atm, with around 1400-1500 SRs so far. Eevee's turning out to be really difficult though; it'll randomly decide to run and break my chain at around 50+ encounters, especially the ones with boosted levels or high potential. They seem the most skittish somehow.


Shiny Hunter
Congratz on all the new shines you lucky hunters! ^^

So, Still no shiny Treecko for me, But on the bright side, I have only 2 exams left. Once I'm finished with the exams I'll have lots of free time. And I'll be able to congratulate everyone on their new shines properly.

This stubborn little gecko of mine is on day #40. Honestly I never imagined it'll take me more than 2 weeks to get it. True, I didn't have much time to hunt, But I still managed to get decent amount of SRs everyday. I'm really scared to hunt the story Latios now! O_O But Treecko needs to shine first before I could reach Latios, So I won't be thinking about it yet.

Good luck to you all shiny hunters! ^^
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Oh isn't it lovely.... I have more shiny news. Well I went to Omega Ruby and decided to put shiny Azelf hunting on hold and went to horde hunt Sandshrew... and I got the shiny Sandhrew!!! I lost count of how many hordes but I spent a good 3-4 hours horde hunting (not all at once I had breaks) and then just last night I was horde hunting for Swablu or Seedot and I find a shiny Swablu! so that is 4 horde shinies within a few days but as I went almost a month without a shiny it balances out lol. I think I will go back to X version and do more horde hunting for pokemon I need in shiny form but I think I really have to hatch some more boxes of eggs before I do that.

Congrats to all new shinies since my last post. Good luck shiny hunters!


Well-Known Member
No new news personally; still trying to reclaim Regirock. On Saturday, I was teaching my 9yo nephew how to DexNav hunt; he kept moving too fast. Second encounter I got for him was a shiny Machop! He was super excited since he never got a shiny on any of his games. It came packing ice punch as well.

Good luck to all on your hunts and congrats on your recent successes!


Shiny Hunter
And I am back with a great news, got my favourite shiny starter in Fire red, meet shiny Bulbasaur!
[IMG139]http://s15.postimg.org/bucokepuj/Probulb.png[/IMG139] After like 5100 Soft Resets) much faster then my Charmander was, by the way they are both jolly ) I know that nature is not that cool, and it wont be with 31 IV's in 3 stats, but the new shiny hunt method seems too easy for me, i feel like to be more closer to those who i reset with an old standart chance.
Gratz to everybody on their pretty shinies ;)


Gen 6 = <3
Congrats to: Wishmaker Latias on Snivy, Kirkeastment on Sandshrew, Scrufox86 on Foongus and Murkrow and Sandshrew and Swablu, DJX on Pinsir and Lotad and Cherrim, Artikia on Taillow, dark1raven3 on Trapinch, Ponymon on Swablu, Keovix on Patrat, Kalosian on Throh, Cyberra on Sneasel, cryuel on Latias, Manakete-Girl on Tepig and Snivy, The Prince Of May on Feebas, KittyKitty3308 on Registeel and Regigigas, shinycharizard06 on Reshiram, Earth Wolf-Howl on Absol, Claus351 on Horsea, Raicario on Zekrom and Mestear on Bulbasaur. Thanks to those who congratulated me on Zekrom!

So a few days ago I jumped on the Contrary Serperior hype train/band wagon and couldn't decide if I should go for Snivy or Feebas first. It then occurred to me that there are to daycares in ORAS so I could go for both! So I set up both daycares with Snivy and Feebas and worked on passing down IVs, ability, nature and egg moves that I wanted. So after hatching both a flawless Snivy and Feebas I realized that Contrary Serperior would really like Hidden Power Fire for coverage. So I had to find some Snivy's with Hidden Power Fire but I had to settle with Hidden Power Ice. Once that was set up I began to gather eggs of both Snivy and Feebas again and hatch them. After I woke up this morning I started hatching my first batch off eggs. Normal, normal, normal, normal,
shiny Feebas! I don't know how many eggs it took as I gave up keeping track a while ago (It's kind of hard to keep track of two egg hunts on the same game at the same time). His IVs are 15/31/31/31/31/31 and has his Hidden ability (which after hatching him I realized was kind of useless). More pictures: OT/ID, summary, Egg Moves, Full 3DS Shot, Video. I'm looking forward to EV training and evolving him into a beautiful Milotic!

Edit: Welp look what hatched a few hours later...
Same story as Feebas only I just had lunch and was getting ready to the grocery store (how many times are shinies going to interfere with me buying food!?) and out of one of the eggs a cute blue Snivy popped out! His IVs aren't the best as I was trying to get a specific Hidden Power but failed 22/31/31/31/31/3. That speed IV it hurts... I almost want to try for a second one with a better speed IV and maybe a good hidden power but at the same time I wonder if I can work around his poor speed. At least he has his hidden ability Contrary! More pictures: OT/ID, Summary, Egg Moves, Full 3DS Shot and Video.

Good luck to everyone, especially those who've been after their target for a long time!
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So I haven't played omega ruby much, but have been collecting eggs in X, and have collected 150. I've hatched an entire box and in the last 5 I hatched a shiny magby!
congrats to everyone on their shiny Pokémon and good luck to everyone!


pain in the ***
THIRD shiny sneasel found XP WHYYYYYYYYYYY could it not be a vullaby?! 4,052 REs and counting for that elusive vulture chick. This sneasel is another female, impish nature and likes to thrash about, with Keen Eye and is holding a grip claw. Into wonder trade she goes...

Cresselia is at 4,700 SRs. Oshawott is at 510 eggs.

Edit: ARGH! At 4,105 REs I get more sparkles. It's my third shiny freaking absol. *headdesks* Female, impish nature, takes plenty of siestas, has Pressure, and no hold item.
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THIRD shiny sneasel found XP WHYYYYYYYYYYY could it not be a vullaby?! 4,052 REs and counting for that elusive vulture chick. This sneasel is another female, impish nature and likes to thrash about, with Keen Eye and is holding a grip claw. Into wonder trade she goes...

Cresselia is at 4,700 SRs. Oshawott is at 510 eggs.

Edit: ARGH! At 4,105 REs I get more sparkles. It's my third shiny freaking absol. *headdesks* Female, impish nature, takes plenty of siestas, has Pressure, and no hold item.

Life must be hard :)

On topic, SRing for shiny Kyurem now(100), and hatching eggs for a perfect shiny ghastly(100). Doing 100 at a time for each, then breeding other things in-between. Wonder which one i'll get first :p


Well-Known Member
Hey at least for the starters you can hatch them :)

True, hopefully I'll get my Snivy or Treecko then!

But here is the wurmple I hatched evolved...;

He came random in 20 eggs (5 of wumple, 5 of bagon and 10 zigzagoon)

Started my Snivy MM since Snivy (well serperior's shiny) was always a favorite of mine! Emboar was too, but Serperior's ability is great lol. So I collected 150 eggs since last night and I'm on my last box right now. So i'll probably be collecting more later haha.

So far in the month of January I've gotten Latios, Wumple, Omanyte, and I thought I had one more :eek: I know Lugia was December... Hmm, maybe only three then! Thought it was four haha.


Shiny hunter :)
haven't posted yet today in case i got more but i haven't, so here it is. Earlier this morning, i woke up and didn't know what to do after discovering last night that my Y cartridge had corrupted. (still don't know what to do). Feeling kind of down, i decided to try my hand at chain fishing again. Well, I had already gotten horsea (which is now waiting for a loop trade to evolve, but my girlfriend has been busy with finals so ejigsm) and i didn't really want many other fish shinies, so i decided to go for feebas.
27 encounters later on a fishing rod chain, i found a female purple feebas! had an AWFUL nature (don't remember the name off hand but it was down sp atta up defense), but i still love it. Fully EV trained, just evolved it this afternoon. plan on Blissey Basing it to at least 90s or so. I have a thing about instacapping my shinies at 100. Is it just me?
Anyways, i'm open to suggestions on my Y cartridge. Does anybody know if corruption is a reoccuring thing? if not i might be interested in doing a badge quest on it. Or just zooming through to get the poke radar and doing some intense chaining. :3


'Cause Dragon Types
239 eggs into Oshawott and

shiny oshawott.JPG

It IV spread is 31/31/31/X/31/31 which considering I bred as a Physical attacker is great but....

No shell armour.... Oh well I knew my luck with Snivy and Tegig's Hidden abilites would end. So I know when MH4U comes out next month that I achived in hunting the Unova starters.


Volcanic Rage
Well, I've been away for aaaages, so huge congratulations to everyone and their shinies they've obtained in that time! Happy 2015 to you all too!

Only one bit of news on my part... So, there I was climbing the Sky Pillar during the Delta Episode, minding my own business when, bam! Ariados. Squinted at it for a bit before I confirmed that nope, that's not the usual colours. ARGH RE SHINY. He's male and bashful natured (he's more scared of you than you are of him...)

Good luck, shiny hunters!


Mage of Void
Woohoo! Just found a shiny Hoppip in Y after ~10 hordes. I did not expect to find it that quickly at all.
I had never really try the horde method before, but now I'm definitely gonna test my luck!

Good luck to everyone's hunts and congrats to those with recent shinies!


Beginning Trainer
I took a little break after getting my shiny Totodile but decided I would try to start using the DexNavin OR to hunt shinies after trying it before and failing. Well, just now I caught a shiny Zorua with the DexNav! It's my first OR shiny of 2015. Congratulations to everyone else who got a shiny Pokemon!


Let's go to the beach, each.
Last night I did around 45 more horde encounters for my Shiny Plusle attempt in Alpha Sapphire and I did 50 or so soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt in Omega Ruby version. I also worked on my Shiny Rayquaza SR hunt this morning. Anyway congratulations to other people on their new Shinies.


Completing The Trio
Hunt Update:

The SR's for Shiny Tepig(OmegaRuby) are long and arduous lol, clocking in at roughly 1 min 15 seconds per SR... so far i suspect i'm closing in on around 600 SR's with no sighting as yet of a Shiny Tepig, but it's a Shiny i really want and with my lucky Shiny Charm, you know imma stick with it for a good while longer. :D

Thus far, the one thing that really annoys me is that i cannot progress at all on this game until i find it, which is just super annoying.

But i digress, good luck on your hunts people, may they be fruitful and expedited too :D