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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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I also would like to vote for the multiple of 28 hunt. Reason being, I got a shiny Numel in a horde a couple days ago, and that would be incredibly bad timing if this month was the zodiac hunt.

Vesuvius has a naive nature with defense being its best stat, though he has a 0 in HP. He also came with Hidden Power Grass to counter its weaknesses. I EV trained it to be a mixed attacker to take full advantage of Sheer Force, using Fire Blast, Earth Power, Rock Slide, and HP-grass. Its mega colors are really cool, too!

Good luck to everyone else hunting and congrats to all the recent finds! :)


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Supremely I completely feel you I'm at 1600 eggs for my noibat, I went and chain fished for 2hours to grab a shiny just to see if my game was broke lol good luck guys, I really need some too haha


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Man my Regice has been stubborn! Its been a couple of weeks at this point, and it isn't even a nice shiny. I was hoping to get it at least as quickly as the other two. For what its worth, I like the mulitples of 28 idea; it is creative, and hasn't been done a couple of times before on this thread.


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Hey guys! Its been a minute since I have been on here. I want to congratulate everyone who had gotten a shiny lately! As for myself, I have snagged 3 so far today. I managed to FINALLY get my Uxie. Now since I have to wait until 9pm and I got Uxie around 7am, I decided to try my hands at getting my shiny Koffing again. I ended up with another shiny Numel a few hours in and kept trying. Just a few moments ago, my pretty ball of gas shone! I'm so happy to finally have it! Can't wait until 9pm so I can start azelf!

Happy hunting everyone!

Crimson Penguin

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Congrats to Cyberra on Zebstrika, Emolga x2, Poliwhirl, and Horsea, Echo Nacyl on Thundurus, Manakete-Girl on Suicune and Goomy, ChaoticInverse on Buneary and Totodile, Nack Firestorm on Golbat, taufik386 on Lugia, Azelf, and Thundurus, CharlieDoryRose on Charmander (and your mom on Mr. Mime... kind of?), Claus351 on Eevee x2, Buneary, Carvanha, Remoraid, Wailmer, Barboach, Magikarp, and Zorua (dang!), Archsage on Loudred and Skrelp (hope you find Shellder soon though), Sito on Dialga, Shinyoracle on Reshiram, Kyurem, Ho-oh, Cresselia, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Uxie, ThisIsPatrick on Horsea, _Edu on Zekrom, Latios, and Lugia, Shine on Cherrim and Regice, Swatski9 on Whismur, Raicario on Reshiram, Zero1999 on Eevee and Duskull, 2rsa on Treecko, HM02gon on Skarmory, JohnMango95 on Relicanth, Artikia on Electrike, Twilit Dragoon on Ho-Oh, Auraninja on Cubchoo, Pokepro1992 on Deoxys, wobbanut on Eevee and Electrike, Blastonite on Treecko, TheGreaterLucario on Zorua, Rio! on Reshiram, Symphony on Snivy, Cpchris on Axew, Paraqua on Ponyta, Shroomish, Sewaddle, and Machop, Prince Umbreon on Ho-Oh, Missingno. Master on Taillow, Oddish, Wingull, Feebas, Whismur, Wailmer, and Ditto, Growlie19 on Numel, KittyKitty3308 on Uxie, Numel, and Koffing, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Thanks to EHAN, Cpchris, Razorbadger, and Twilit Dragoon for the congrats on Eevee!

Not a whole lot to report on this week, but my SS BQ#6 is underway with 300 REs in the Bug-Catching Contest. I realized after I started though that I'm either going to have to level up my False Swipe/Spore Paras or transfer over a higher-leveled Smeargle from another 4th gen game, because I ended up getting knocked out during my first run of the BCC due to Paras' stellar 14 Speed stat not allowing me to run away from things. XD Might take some time today to get better prepared. As for my other hunts, Reshiram is at 4600 SRs, Route 8 remains at 2650 REs, and Cresselia is at 100 SRs. I'm also in the process of getting my leftover Sigilyph and Zorua ready to Wonder Trade, after which I'll begin my Noibat MM (because I totally need to take on a fifth hunt, amirite?). Finally, my Eevee is now an awesome radioactive green Espeon, and I've also evolved my Croconaw into a fearsome Feraligatr - and speaking of which, today marks exactly one year since I began my SS BQ! Hopefully it'll turn out to be even more productive than last year.

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Lorde, TheEliteEmpoleon, Supremacy, Razorbadger, DJX, and Cpchris!


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And the first shiny of February is...

Zebstrika. Female thunder zebra caught after 2,572 REs in the electric safari. She's gentle, with Lightning Rod, and is somewhat vain. I'm going to send her into wonder trade.

Cresselia is at 7,300 SRs and tauros is at 320 eggs.


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Congratulations on all of the recent shinies everyone!

Well, I do not have new shiny news, but I do have a plan. (Well, more than one plan.)
I am currently replaying my Omega Ruby so I will have another Master Ball. When I finish the main game, I plan on SR'ing for a shiny Ho-oh.
I am also somewhat focusing on SR'ing for a shiny Terrakion on my Alpha Sapphire.

I hope to get something today, so I can have a new Birthday shiny. (Yes, today is my birthday.)
I plan on doing some SR'ing today, so hopefully something will shine. (Then again, I might just try some other type of shiny hunting today. I am not exactly sure yet.)

Good luck to everyone else who is still hoping for that shine soon!


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I have never managed to SR for a shiny legendary or starter, so I am starting a Mewtwo hunt on LeafGreen. Right now I am at 50 SRs. May hunt Diglett after if I am successful


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I ordered a Pokewalker for my heart gold ^^ super excited, now I can take my badge quest Pokemon with me! Charcoal won't be alone :3 I haven't gotten my shiny starter yet, so it hasn't officially started. I sort of misplaced my 3ds charger :/ I borrow my brother's for now


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I'm pretty new to MMing, have only successfully MMed a Buneary (my precious child, I love him <3), but I'm working on getting a shiny Pancham now :0 180 eggs so far for the Pancham. :0

Twilit Dragoon

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I finally got my first 1/8192 shiny in what seems like forever!

I've been hunting Abra for a few days now, hoping to get a 1/8192 shiny for once. I got a late start this morning, I had every intention to starting early, but Club Nintendo got in the way of that(good thing I woke up early as I can't even access the site now XD). I was busy talking to TheMaster327 on another site and was scrolling through the Abra. I normally look at the summary pages in case I'd miss a shiny, but this time I decided to just scroll through the boxes. I got through the first box without seeing pink, but on the second box:


Shiny Abra appeared! I was so excited about seeing it in the pc, it was definitely cool seeing the blue border and star when I finally took a look at the summary! She took a grand total of 90 SRs, the 7439th Abra was shiny. She has a Hardy nature, which is something I'd prefer over say Lax :p.

More pics:

DS Shot

I'm honestly not sure what I'll be doing next in LeafGreen, if I even hunt anything at all. I'm debating on SRing for either a shiny Eevee or going after another Game Corner shiny. I might go back to my shiny Entei hunt in Omega Ruby for now though.

Congrats to taufik386, Auraninja, Pokepro1992, Shine, wobbanut, Blastonite, TheGreaterLucario, _Edu, Symphony, ChaoticInverse, Cpchris, Paraqua, Claus351, Prince Umbreon, Missingno. Master, Growlie19, KittyKitty3308, and everyone else on your new shinies.


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.....well, you all know which option has the most vote now.

"Multiples of 28" is now the CH for February, I hope you all are happy or at least okay with that :)

.......now if only Kyurem would shine quickly like Regice so I can move on to Ho-Oh :p


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It's been awhile and I have shiny news. After the last Pawniard I got another one on the 138th egg, and a randomly hatched Wooper in OR, and a 1/8000-something odds Hoppip for my HG BQ at 22740 REs and that is also BQ complete since it's number eight. I've also hatched and caught in OR, another Pidgey in 331 MMs, Wailmer on the 34th CF, Wurmple I Dexnaved and did not keep track of the number, and another Wooper in 589 MMs, and 82 eggs after that I got a Honedge. So that's what I have gotten done since I last posted.

Congrats to the recent shinies and good luck to all ongoing hunts.

Edit: Almost completely forgot, but does anybody know a good nature for HA Emboar and HA Serperior, since I have gotten both of them and I want to try for shiny ones.
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Currently going after the Regis in Alpha Sapphire (all four of 'em, what a nightmare!), and hopefully the good old Synchronize method will come through for me again with minimal SR'ing. I've got a Quick Ball ready for each of them, plus plenty of Repeat Balls (since I already caught them once as non-Shinies in Black2/White2), Timer Balls, and Dusk Balls. Wish me luck, guys!
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Lol oh my gosh, I was expecting another long and arduous hunt for Suicune, but not even 100 SRs in...

> Ta-dah! <

My sync worked again, this time with a Modest nature. Oddly enough, it has the exact same max IVs as Ho-Oh does. HP, Att, and Speed. Not ideal I guess, but it does have outstanding potential overall, so there's that.

> Pokedex <
> Amie <
> Stat screen <

So beautifru.

Not sure what to hunt now... I didn't get much time to decide on what I wanted to search for next! I might do Entei and Raikou but their shiny forms aren't nearly as appealing to me as Suicune's is, so I might give up if it takes too long. Eevee and Kabuto would be fun though too, for the community hunt and all. Plus I've been wanting a 6th gen shiny Umbreon for a while.

Congrats on everyone else's shinies, and good luck to those still looking!


I put my Shiny Rayquaza hunt aside today and I simply focused on my other two Shiny hunts; I did 50 or so horde encounters for my Shiny Plusle hunt this morning and I also did 40 more soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt in OR this evening. Good luck to Crimson Penguin, Cyberra, and others as well.


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Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck on your ongoing hunts!

So, a few weeks ago I posted about failing Regirock. A few days later, it shined again. Trying to weaken it a bit, I landed a critical hit and watched it drop from my screen. Twice failed.

Last night, Regirock shined again. Third times the charm apparently. I had a better strategy to weaken it and managed to get it after about 12 Dusk Balls. I have started to SR for Regice to complete the trio and unlock Regigigis. I also found a random, non-horde Zigzagoon over the weekend.


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Congrats on all recent shinies while i was on my snowboarding trip with school :D Awesome! I think i'm going to hunt sandshrew soon for the CH this month. :)
A few days ago, just after i turned my computer off for my trip, i got a shiny minun. It took 214 dexnav encounters, and my cute charm didn't work so it's male (i wanted minun female plusle male but im switching now) but it has Timid nature which is awesome. :)) now i'm going for plusle. I'm already past minun and i've only been doing it for a few days, i'm at 245 dexnav encounters atm.
When i say dexnav encounters, i basically mean chaining as long as possible but not completely relying on the chain. my 245 has consisted of chains of 80s and 60s.
Living dex has been coming along well, and once i get that finished i'll transfer it to Y to get the shiny charm, then i plan to SR for mewtwo :D anyone know about any repercussions for SRing on the 3ds? I heard it can mess up your system, just want to be careful.


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Congratz to all Shinies lately. I've been inactive here due to my phone breaking 2 weeks ago. But I havent stopped my hunting.

Since my last post about the Regi's I think, I've hit Shiny Cresselia, Lugia, Latios, Heatran, Kyurem, Mesprit and Uxie. Working on Azelf but it's being a pain right.

EDIT: As soon as I can get to a computer I'll put pictures for them all in case people think im BS'ing xD
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Community Hunt Complete!


After 5 hours of horde hunting in the desert, this shiny Sandshrew appeared a few minutes ago in Omega Ruby! I was busy watching a documentary about extinct animals when I saw the green Sandshrew and sparkles. The battle to catch this thing took so long, as my shiny Sceptile got poisoned by one of the Sandshrew and fainted. Caught her in a critical capture Dive Ball, she has a Careful nature and got her Hidden Ability!

More pics:

Nickname screen
Shiny Sandshrew
Trainer ID
Careful nature

I'm not sure what my next shiny hunt is going to be right now. I'm still trying to decide what my next target in LeafGreen is going to be. I don't want to leave that game for another 9-10 months before I play it again :p.

Congrats on your new shinies everyone!