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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
Hi all it's been some time!!

I've just today picked my copy of Y back up and getting myself psyched up for when I buy ORAS This weekend!!

I started to RE in a friends Ice safari, because shiny sneasel looks badass and Lapras' shiny form looks cool too, very subtle

between 200-300 re's later, I stumble upon a shiny lapras!!

I was so happy but then it used perish song :( the first turn I spent changing to a false swiper, the second and third he popped out the ultra balls I was throwing as I was unsure if a dive ball would work in the safari??

So I had to swallow defeat of it fainting :(

I'm staying in this safari now untill I reclaim it!! Wish me luck!! :/

EDIT: just another 4 hours later I come across another one :D

I caught her in an ultra ball ok perish count 2!

She's called Nessy obviously... ;)
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Congrats to wobbanut on Hawlucha, CharlieDoryRose on Abra, serpent222 on Ho-Oh, TheMaster327 on Cresselia, Sito on Thundurus, Ampharos_Spark on Cresselia, Bowserboy129 on Tepig, AquaRegisteel on Bibarel, Demonslayer492 on Mewtwo, martindh on Slakoth, _Edu on Dialga, NotABeginningTrainer on Froakie, Cyberra on Tauros, JohnNiles on your pile of shinies :) (especially that Ho-Oh!), KittyKitty3308 on Azelf and Tornadus, Blastonite on Smeargle, taufik386 on Cresselia and Heatran and Raikou, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the good luck, Claus351 and Crimson Penguin :)


I got 200 REs done Friday, which was enough to push Platinum up to my 4th longest hunt. Then 300 REs on Saturday. Saturday night ended up being a mess, so only work and recovery/rest on Sunday. And then 300 REs today, but now I have to go to work for the rest of the night. That leaves Platinum at 21,000 REs, Black 2 at 3,000 REs, and HeartGold at 17,800 HBs.

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, CosmicSparkles, Razorbadger, Supremacy, Cyberra, and Lunafloon)!


So last night as I did more horde encounters for a Shiny Plusle, I finally found one and caught it in a Nest Ball. This marks my fifth OR/AS Shiny. I also did like 55 more soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt this morning and I did a few dozen soft resets as well for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt this afternoon.


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Started the 10th and final hunt of my BQ today - Landorus! 500 SRs in now, and I hope it's a shorter hunt than the ones I've had previously...

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
Hey guys, congrats on your new shinies, especially all the Cresselia!

My day started out kinda bad, what was supposed to be routine car maintenance/checkup net me a completely dead block heater and a half dead battery that need to be replaced. I have to make another appointment for next week to get the new block heater installed, and hopefully it doesn't cost me 135 dollars like the new car battery(I knew the block heater was gone though, considering some days my car barely started even when it was plugged in).

I pretty much had the whole day ruined for shiny hunting, I started hunting around suppertime with hordes originally. I got bored of hordes and was running around beating Rich Boy Winston to get enough money for repels for dexnav attempts. I was walking through the grass to battle him again and I got into battle:


With a 100% random shiny Wurmple! Needless to say, the noise that came out of my mouth was hilarious XD. This is my first completely random shiny in 2 years, maybe more!

She was a pretty stubborn shiny to catch, as all of my Pokemon were too high of a level to safely chip down its HP. I decided to just toss Pokeballs at it and caught it on my 3rd one.

More pics:

Nickname screen
Shiny Wurmple
Trainer ID
Modest nature

She is my third shiny in this copy of Alpha Sapphire, Phoenix the shiny Combusken and Dart the shiny Zigzagoon are the others. I'm currently playing through a bit of the game now rather than start a new shiny hunt. My next target will either be Dexnaving for a shiny Poochyena or for a shiny Skitty.

Other hunts are slowly climbing up there as well. I started SRing for a shiny Entei shortly after I got my shiny Ho-oh. I am currently at 1200 SRs for that one, and not expecting much :p. I switch to Raikou whenever I get bored of Entei, and that hunt is at 100 SRs. I don't care which of these shine, as I plan on hunting both anyways(and they'll have much nicer IVs than my roaming ones from HG/SS).


Shiny hunter :)
Demonslayer492- Smooth dude. I love that shiny. I’ve actually been trying to find someplace I could SR for it myself, thinking HG. Congrats!

Sparky Mc-5 nice luck!! I’ve never gotten anything cool from wonder trade. :/ still a nice treasure shiny though :D

Martindh- you’re at the right place friend, no need to fear. Congrats on the shiny, but you should probably go to the trade forums for that. So I guess you’re not in the right place. Okay, you’re in the right place to mention you found one, wrong place to ask for a trade. :)

_Edu awesome! Dialga is such a cool shiny, I’m super jelly. Congrats :D you’re so lucky! I’d offer you my masterball from my French Y version if you still need one. Pm me if you’d like :)

NotaBeginningTrainer- coolio! I really want a shiny greninja myself. Congrats- shame it doesn’t have the HA though. Stay strong :D

JohnMango95- legit! Sounds like a long time for a shiny fishing chain but still congrats. Do you have the shiny charm? =)

Cyberra- Congratulations on the Tauros! Also good luck on Cresselia!

Phillies- Super cool! The luck really flows with you, man.

JohnNiles- Congratulations on the Ho-oh and the Chansey! Two shines I prefer myself. Looks pretty running behind you I bet :)

KittyKitty3308- Congrats! Sounds cool. Good luck!

Tomatohater- good luck :/ Can’t wait to hear about that shiny vulpix!

Echo Naycl- cool! Good luck on that sweet Zekrom :)

Crimson Penguin- Again, good luck! :D You can make it :)

LilyValley- Sounds good :D

Blastonite- Wow that’s cool! Congrats :D was just thinking how cool shiny Smeargle is.

taufik386- WOW that’s really good luck. O_O congratulations!!! :) looking forward to hearing more good news from you.

Pink Lapras- I’ve heard it DOES affect it, and thus I haven’t been using it. Good luck regardless :)

Smobble- Sucks man :( I definitely recommend chain fishing though!

Archsage- Good luck!!! Hope your Shellder or zigzagoon shines soon :)

Syyrume- Wow!!! Congratulations! That’s so lucky you got to reclaim it. I got really sad reading that at first but I’m glad you got it back. Shiny Lapras is so pretty :)

Cpchris – Wow your luck is really dry lately I feel awful for you D: here take some *sprinkles fairy dust on you*

Lorde- Sounds good! Just make sure you’re Sring on the right games as ORAS is shiny locked for Rayquaza (not Reshiram though) :D congrats!

TheMaster327- Good luck friend :D

Twilit Dragoon- Congratulations!!! So cuteeeee :) I haven’t gotten a random shiny lately :/

Onto my news- I got a shiny pumpkaboo after about 400 encounters in my gf's ghost safari!!! Now i'm hunting in an Electric Safari in the high hopes of a Pachirisu and not a stunfisk :s (Or, in french, Limonde) wish me luck! Thanks to all congrats and Good luck to all i missed :)

Edit- last night was apparently my night. after having an emotional breakdown i found the following shinies-
Another Gabite (surprise present for gf)
Shelgon I named Skyla
Pachirisu i promptly named Ms. Cuddles :3
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Got it Memorized?
Decided to do a badge quest on my SoulSilver and just literally got a Shiny Cyndaquil. I only atarted like 2 hours ago so I did like a possible 75-100 resets.

And I just literally read the first post and saw the Spoiler about R/S/E and having a internal battery run dry makes SRing impossible.....Oh please tell me that's wrong....I just wasted at least 25 hours of hunting on Kyorge on Sapphire.. ;-; At least I can do them on my HGSS


I'm baaaaaccckkk!!!

Caught a shiny shuppet! female, hasty, and since I had a normal one named bellatrix, I call this one Andromeda (3 lava cookies for the first one to name the reference XD)

So, since I'm both mainstream and not mainstream: i've decided lunatone is top mainstream, as such I am SR-ing for shiny cresselia...which I shall name Lunatone. or perhaps darkrai. spread the confusion!!

congrats on all the shinies since my last post! and happy new year, because i'm pretty sure this is my first post this year...


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Also, I'm getting conflicting answers. I always thought that Emerald or a R/S with a dry battery always had certain shiny frames. However, I was recently told it only affect's SR Pokemon...

It's true that Emerald and R/S with a dry battery have a set shiny frame. What the person might have meant by saying that this set shiny frame only affects SR Pokémon is that you can still RE with a later shiny frame and potentially get a shiny if you happen to time your encounter right, e.g. if you have your shiny frame exactly three hours in (as in, after you've had the game on for three hours), if you have an encounter exactly at the three hour mark you'll get a shiny. RE hunts are possible even with a drained battery because you can hunt for hours straight without turning the game off, and people frequently do even without knowledge of shiny frames. On the other hand, SRs with a shiny frame at three hours...not so much. So yeah, the shiny frame affects all methods of hunting, but in different ways--a later shiny frame makes SRing impossible, but this isn't necessarily the case with REing.

And I just literally read the first post and saw the Spoiler about R/S/E and having a internal battery run dry makes SRing impossible.....Oh please tell me that's wrong....I just wasted at least 25 hours of hunting on Kyorge on Sapphire.. ;-; At least I can do them on my HGSS
Supposing this wasn't meant as entirely rhetorical...

I'm afraid that this is definitely true--it's a well-documented phenomenon among shiny hunters. The drained internal battery doesn't necessarily make SRing impossible: what it means is that a shiny will always only show up at one exact moment (frame) after the game is turned on, e.g. the frame could occur at at exactly 3 minutes, 21 seconds into the game, or three hours into the game. It's precise down to the millisecond. (With most games, shiny frame changes every time you turn it off, IIRC.) The only way to change when this set shiny frame occurs is to create a new file. (Also, Emerald does this whether the internal battery is working or not. The game's RNG is just broken.) If you hunted for Kyogre for 25 hours on a Sapphire cartridge with a drained internal battery, then I think it's safe to say that your shiny frame is too late in the game to SR, or you would've hit upon the frame by now. That means you're never going to get a shiny Kyogre from that file. Sorry!
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Hey guys congrats on all recent shinys and good luck on your hunts!!

So after 988 eggs I finally got my shiny Cranidos! Its jolly with mold breaker , I don't even know what made me hunt this but I have it, I'm so close to restarting my Y ,as I get annoyed at it taking 31 boxes ++ but its not that bad as its amazing when it hatches!

I'm going to mm kabuto next? For CH and hoping for a quick hunt!!

Edit so I'm close to finishing EV training my cranidos, farming wingulls and I get a pink mareep...mild nature which is good somewhat vein ..now to reset all my training haha!
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Well after ~15k REs I finally get something in Granite Cave!


Yep, the thing that's actually more rarer than a shiny. I guess I should feel lucky, but nah, I just want a shiny already! It has now been over a month since my last one and the Pokerus isn't active anymore so I must have gotten it yesterday without realizing it. Oh well, maybe this is a sign that my luck will get better. Oh, and Buneary is at 2,117 eggs, so that's pretty annoying too. Hopefully something gives soon though!

Gratz on the recent shinies and good luck everyone.


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Congrats to all the recent shiny's

After I don't know how many soft resets, I finally obtained a shiny Lugia in Alpha Sapphire. Nicknamed it Silvia and has the brave nature (Was synchronizing for Bold nature but I'm sure I can train around it), making it my first shiny legendary which I legitemately caught, even though I used my master ball

razor fire

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Congrats to everyone on getting their shinies!

I have a question regarding SRing and shiny frames.
Say I have this hypothetical situation. I save in front of a legendary and I soft reset the game. I then press continue on the main menu screen and immediately go to battle with the legendary pokemon. The frame is a shiny one, and thus the pokemon is shiny.
Now, say I didn't go to battle immediately and lingered in the overworld for three minutes instead, would the frame still be shiny?
Are frames static or dynamic?


Congrats to all on the latest shinies.

I've put my Heart gold badge quest on hold for now as I'm addicted to Alpha Sapphire but definitely haven't given up.

Just caught my first shiny on Alpha Sapphire (3rd total shiny), a shiny Carvanha using the chain fishing method. Showed up after a chain of 28 after I broke a chain of 90.





EDIT: Just caught a shiny Barboach a few hours later, took a chain of 25, this method is definitely OP.




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After getting Cyndaquil for my SoulSilver Badge quest. I decided to start up my HeartGold because I thought I had an Arceus and Celebi for the in game events but I dont and I got back to Ho-oh on HG and got it after aboit 150 give or take 10.

Im like seriously rolling in my own Shininess xD


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After getting Cyndaquil for my SoulSilver Badge quest. I decided to start up my HeartGold because I thought I had an Arceus and Celebi for the in game events but I dont and I got back to Ho-oh on HG and got it after aboit 150 give or take 10.

Im like seriously rolling in my own Shininess xD

You are lucky. I've been after that Ho-Oh forever. I've lost track of how much time I've spent SR for that thing.


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Hey guys! It's been a while since my last post, congratulations to everyone on your shinies! specially those who finally found them after long hunts :)

I have got some shiny updates, this past weekend I caught 2 shinies in AS both were caught in luxury balls, on Friday night I caught Raikou, no track of the SR's 'cos I have been doing them anywhere I had some free time but I stopped keeping track of the SR's at 198 so it might be around 600-700, wanted a Timid Raikou but sync didn't work and I ended up with a Docile Raikou, it has perfect IV's in HP, Attack, Sp.Def and Speed.

Second shiny was Entei after one day, in this case sync did work and I got an Adamant Entei, it has perfect IV's in HP, Def and Sp.Attack.

Now I'm SR for shiny Suicune. I'm also still trying to get the shiny Steelix in HG/SS, I'm doing the repel trick to reduce the chances of finding a different shiny, hope Steelix is the one that eventually shines!

Good luck to everyone on your current hunts! :)


Shiny Hunter!
It's been awhile since I last posted, but I've still been hunting off and on. After today, Chimchar is at 17,200 SRs, Snivy is at 3,300 SRs, and Phase 7 for Weedle is at ~10,900 REs. I haven't found a shiny in over two months, and my last non-duplicate shiny was back in October. Looking back, I've been hunting Chimchar for nearly ten months, and Weedle for almost seven. These hunts are really starting to wear on me...

Congrats to everyone on your shinies, and good luck hunting!


Golden Sun 4?
I just hatched a Shiny Vulpix on X (with MM ans Shiny Charm) after 90 eggs. I am very pleased, it had Drought, it passed on Timid Nature and it has perfect IVs in HP, Sp.Attack, Sp.Defence and Speed. Shame about the Defence, but I don't really care! I am glad I got a short hunt after my Trapinch MM a few months back put me off of MM for a long time, being about 2000 eggs in total and all.

I have such a big temptation to do a SoulSilver badge-quest. Thoughts?
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