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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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After two + weeks of SRing, Regice finally shined! Thank goodness I was paying attention or I would have missed it. This is one of the hardest to spot shinies I have ever hunted. I wonder if in my haste if I may have SRed over one earlier. Well, with the Regi trio complete, I am now hunting Regigigas. I am annoyed that it only appears during the day, which limits my hunt. But, what can you do, right?

Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck on your ongoing hunts!


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Congrats to all those new shinies!

No new shiny news for me, just a post to state my current hunt: Thundurus in AS. I'm on day 3 of hunting, but since I started back at work today, SRs have been slow. Not expecting anything for a good long while. I want Thundurus specifically to complete my shiny electric legendary gym I've established as a secret base (Raikou and Zekrom are my other two).

I put my overgrow shiny Snivy to good use by having him win master rank beauty contest :) lol

Good luck on everyone's current hunts.


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Started my first BQ on Diamond, starting with SRing for shiny chimchar. Since this is full odds (1/8096) i presume this will take some time. I got only 65 SRs done yesterday, but with my busy schedule, that's actually a lot, considering the 1 minute cutscene.

In other news, i deposited a random kangaskhan on GTS for a basculin, and i actually received a shiny basculin! Most likely i will use this for trade fodder. Im at 601 / 721 for the Nat Dex, almost at that shiny charm!

Random topic (hopefully this is okay to post on here): do you think the Hoopa event will have a chance for it to be shiny? (check the pokemon website for more info on hoopa)

As always, congrats and good luck!


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Congrats to maskofsanity1998 on Lileep, taufik386 on Buizel and Woobat, maldoror on Regice, and everyone else on your shinies!


While waiting for my question about flygon to be answered I started breeding sentrets, not worrying about natures or IVs because furret isn't particularly useful; I just want a pink one. At 450 eggs for sentret now. Once I hatch a gold one I'll start on trapinch.

I believe Supremacy answered it not long after you originally asked it.


There are only 5 days left until the end of the month. Might not be a bad idea to start thinking up ideas to have one ready to go when March begins :)

I’ve decided that when I get around to hunting Lugia, I want to hunt it on HG as opposed to SS. I’d been anticipating hunting it on SS since on HG, it has Safeguard which means I can’t sleep it, plus it has 5 fewer PP. But…I’d rather get it on the same game as my other shinies, especially with Ho-Oh. So I’ll try to attempt it on HG eventually, and hopefully I’ll still be able to catch it in a normal pokeball despite the increased difficulty compared to SS :x

Coincidentally, having decided this today and figuring a Gallade would be my best bet to start the battle with and wanting to catch it on the same game (as opposed to Platinum and trading it over), I checked the Swarm for today, and it happened to be Ralts! So I figured I may as well go and get one now and not have to wait for a swarm later (took me weeks to get a Luvdisc swarm when I was after Heart Scales...). Got lucky and found a male Adamant Ralts with Synchronize after just a few REs, used it to try to find more and found a male Adamant Ralts with 30 Atk. IVs in less than 50 REs. Ended up doing 100 REs to round the number off since I count them separate from Headbutts.

As for hunting, 500 REs today. 3,500 REs on Platinum, 8,200 REs on Black 2, and 22,900 HBs on HeartGold.

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, CosmicSparkles, and Lunafloon)!


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Yesterday I finally hatched my shiny espeon. Espeon is definitely one of my top five favorite pokemon, so I've wanted a shiny one for a while. It has 31IV's in HP, Attack, Sp.Atk, and Speed. It has a timid nature and Magic Bounce. Currently going for a shiny gligar. I'm at 103 eggs so far. If anyone is interested, they can have my other gligar that i got from a horde encounter. It has no redeeming values other than that it's shiny. But once I hatch my own, I'll have no need for the other one.
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So this morning I had some extra time before I had to leave for work and I decided to continue the delta episode. I entered sky pillar for the first time (and having just gotten my shiny charm a few days ago) and on the second floor I encountered a totally random shiny golbat! Only my 3rd ever RE shiny in all of the games I've played where I wasn't doing an RE hunt. Best part was that I had a jolly syncer in front of my party in preparation for rayquaza and the sync worked so now I have a shiny jolly golbat ^_^. I'm going to keep it in my in game team to replace pidgeot as my flyer.


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Congrats to everyone on their shiny pokemon!
I finally got some time to hunt, on Saturday I got two shiny Shelgon in my pokemon X. Then today I got Shiny Machop, Nincada and Magnemite doing horde encounters in Omega Ruby. Also today I got a Shiny Wartortle and Bibarel in the friend safari in X.
Good luck to all those hunting!

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I have an idea for next months CH (apologies if it's been done before)
Quite a few countries recognize March as the start of the farming season. It's name, in a few languages, mean; earth visible under snow, birch tree and (paraphrasing) earth dry enough to cultivate.
Also, it includes the equinox, signifying the start of Spring/Autumn - depending on which hemisphere you live in.
So my idea was that we could hunt the pokes that have the grass typing. This would include:

Bulbasaur family
Oddish family
Paras family
Bellsprout family
Exeggcute family
Tangela family
Chikorita family
Hoppip family
Sunkern family
Treecko family
Lotad family
Seedot family
Shroomish family
Cacnea family
Lileep family
Turtwig family
Budew family
Cherubi family
Snover family
Snivy family
Pansage family
Sewaddle family
Cottonee family
Petilil family
Deerling family
Foongus family
Ferroseed family
Chespin family
Skiddo family
Phantump family
Pumpkaboo family

There's quite a few there so a lot of variety, 81 individuals in total. Some I thought were debatable - Paras fam, Flabebe fam and Bonsly fam - but I thought grass would be more definate and easier than 'plant looking'.


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Hi all. Wow it's been a while. I have not been able to shiny hunt for about a month now so I have no new shiny to speak about just yet. I am hoping to start getting back into shiny hunting. I am a little disappointed that there is no proof if dexnav increases shiny odds (at least to my knowledge). However at the moment I am collecting eggs of the Kanto fossils, I am planning to gather 2 boxes of each before hatching and then rinse and repeat until a shiny appears. I think I may then do that for the remaining fossils I need before trying anything else.

Congrats to all new shinies since my last post and good luck to all.


I did another 80 soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt on Omega Ruby yesterday afternoon, which was ahead of my daily quota, but yay for progress. I also did 30 or so soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt this morning on Ruby. By the way, good luck to everyone else on their hunts as well.


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Gratz to TheMaster327 on Landorus, Keovix on Suicune, RedJirachi on Regirock, maskofsanity1998 on Lileep, taufik386 on Buizel and Woobat, maldoror on Regice, GooberTheAlmightyMudkip on Eevee, Birds of Paradise on Golbat, and everyone else!

Another long hunt comes to an end!

YES :] It finally hatched after 2,591 eggs. It's a girl and I was pretty excited that its hidden ability passed down. Now all that was left was to check the IVs.. This is the part where I always seem to get unlucky, but to my surprise she actually came out with a perfect IV spread 31/31/31/X/31/31!! Hidden ability AND perfect IVs!? This never happens to me, I can't believe it. After all those eggs I'm so happy it came out perfectly :] So worth it.

Good luck everyone! :]


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I hatched a Shiny Squirtle on the 510th egg just now. Male, Torrent with the egg moves Haze, Dragon Pulse, Water Spout and Aura Sphere. Modest with 31/31/31/31/31/x in IVs. Since I have shiny Charizard and Venusaur, Kanto starters complete. I will get a shiny Skarmory next.

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Congrats to Cyberra on Tentacool, Shelgon, and Gabite, taufik386 on Burmy, Kyurem, Buizel, and Woobat, darkpaladin2015 (too bad about the ability though... I know the feeling well), TheMaster327 on Landorus, Xatu, and completing your BQ, Keovix on Suicune, Raptor737 on Shellos, CreeperNinjaGamer on Corphish, RedJirachi on Regirock, Growlie19 on Whismur, Yuphie on Poliwhirl, maskofsanity1998 on Lileep, kirkeastment on Poochyena x2, Phillies on Tyrunt x2, Growlithe, Spearow, Stunfisk, Zorua, Spheal, and Espurr, Bolt the Cat on Marowak, maldoror on Regice, GooberTheAlmightyMudkip on Eevee/Espeon, Birds of Paradise on Golbat, Iwanuq on Shelgon x2, Machop, Nincada, Magnemite, Wartortle, and Bibarel, Supremacy on Buneary, LilyValley on Squirtle, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Thanks to Supremacy and Cpchris for the congrats!

Wow, so I wasn't expecting to be back this soon. I didn't get much chance to hunt over the weekend (upcoming paper + chem midterm ugh), but today I took a short break from studying and continued my Bug-Catching Contest hunt while watching some Smash tournaments on Youtube. I was shocked when, only 38 encounters in, a blue-eyed shiny Venonat decided to say hello after 2138 total REs! He's named Morpho, and he has a Bashful nature, as well as a perfect IV in HP - even better! It's funny because last night I had a dream that I caught like 8 shinies within a half hour or something, so I'm glad some of that luck translated to the real world today. XD

Once I beat Jasmine, I'll get started on my 7th BQ shiny - Lapras! I'm a little tired of SR hunts at this point tbh, but I've always liked Lapras as a Pokemon and it has a great shiny form. Here's hoping it doesn't take me as long as Eevee did.

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Cpchris, Lorde, and anyone else with stubborn targets!


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got shiny mesprit this morning after only 5 days, total 497 SRs.
finally azelf has a friend :D

Next SR is Cobalion

Congratz and good luck everyones


edit. OMG!!! Shiny Cobalion appeared already. Only 33 Srs @.@ :D
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Currently MMing for a Shiny Zorua. After every batch (30 pokes), I WT the breeding rejects to hopefully get the pokemon I'm missing for my Living Pokedex. The first batch yielded a few Pokes that helped my living dex, but the diamonds were the shiny Galvantula and Ditto. Unfortunately, after quick inspection the shiny Galvantula was clearly a fake so it was released. The second batch brought even more good fortune as a shiny Yanmega popped out. And the third batch included a shiny Zangoose and I've still got 24 Zorua to trade. Right now, I'm sitting at 90 Zorua and I'm hopeful to get one before 500. Good luck to everyone, and congrats on their shiny success.


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It's been such a long time since I've stopped my competitive shiny duskull hunt that I just restarted it. During the hunt before I stopped, I got 2 shiny duskull, however they were both missing a 31 IV in attack so I have boxed them until I decide what to do with them. I am hoping the third time is a charm and I get a frisk duskull with perfect IV's in HP, ATT, DEF, and Sp. Def.! I also am almost at the point in Soul Silver where I can start soft resetting for Shiny Mewtwo! Then after that, I am on to shiny Groudon! Good luck to everyone and congrats to all the recent shiny owners! For the people that are SR'ing or using the masuda method KEEP GOING AND DON'T GIVE UP!!!


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Congrats to Phillies on Tyrunt, EdibleZebra on Mawile, wobbanut on Gurdurr and Deerling, PKMN Trainer Gray on Riolu, Shine on Ho-Oh, darkpaladin2015 on Cresselia, Latios, Zebstrika and Snivy, maldoror on Forretress and Regice, LilyValley on Togepi and Squirtle, Demonslayer492 on Cobalion, Crimson Penguin on Cresselia and Venonat, Cyberra on Tentacool, taufik386 on Burmy, Kyurem, Buizel, Woobat, Mespirit and Cobalion, TheMaster327 on Landorus, Keovix on Suicune, RedJirachi on Regirock, maskofsanity1998 on Lileep, GooberTheAlmightMudkip on Espeon, Birds of Paradise on Golbat, Supremacy on Buneary and everyone else on your shinies.

Thanks to Phillies, Cpchris and Supremacy for the congrats.

Well that was much faster than the first phase. After 6560 REs in the Route 111 Desert a shiny Cacnea appeared.


This may have gone over odds but compared to the 11k of the last phase and the 42k of Rattata it was a really short hunt made even better by finding one of my targets. He has a neutral nature which is never a bad thing and will replace the Cacturne I was using on my in game team.

Next up in Omega Ruby I'm going to Meteor Falls for either Solrock or Bagon rather than staying in the Desert for another phase for Trapinch. First though I think I'm going to go back to my Heart Gold BQ for Oddish, that game really owes me a short hunt.

Good luck hunting everyone :)


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Just found my first DexNav shiny!! On route 116 a shiny Tailow popped out of the grass after a chain of only 61! (Search level 232). Tailow (and Swellow) was a shiny I wanted to have for a very long time and I glad I just fulfilled this wish. It is at level 20, male, naive nature, guts ability and mirror move as a special move. Don't know his IV's yet, but I also don't really care.

Next target will be one of the soft resetable legandaries. Still contemplating which one I'll try first, maybe southern island Latias.

Congrats to everyone on the new shinies and good luck to those still hunting!

I Pink Elephant

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Congratulations to PKMN Trainer Gray, Akko, Shine, darkpaladin2015, LilyValley, Demonslayer492, Crimson Penguin, Cyberra, taufik386, Supremacy, Keovix, Raptor737, CreeperNinjaGamer, RedJirachi, Growlie19, Yuphie, maskofsanity1998, kirkeastment, Phillies, Bolt the Cat, maldoror on Regice, GooberTheAlmightyMudkip, Birds of Paradise, Iwanuq, Razorbadger and Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark's Avatar on all of your new shine Pokemon! (Hope I did not miss anyone!)

So, last I mentioned how I was thinking of giving my Mesprit hunt on AS a brake, as I had reached 5000+ SR’s and had yet to actually complete the game/get my shiny charm. Given as that was at the back of my mind, I decided to pause my hunt and complete the E4/Delta episode. I did that, then spent the last few days filling up my dex, and I got my shiny charm yesterday morning! I decided however to try hunting a different legendary this time, and settled for Lugia (I love pink shines!). So I found it, and settled down for a long hunt. No matter how long it was going to take, 5k, 10k etc, I was determined to catch! So I was surprise when 500+ SR’s later, I saw this beauty shine! (Please forgive my crappy picture taking skills…) :)




I literally screamed and woke the cats when I saw it shine. I was tense whilst battling, hoping it would not kill itself or something. I considered using my Masterball actually, but then managed to grab it in a Dive Ball. This is my first ever legendary/ORA shiny, so I am well chuffed! Synchronize worked and it has a Bold nature, with three IVs in HP, Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense! I decided to name it Floss because, well, it’s the color of candy floss! Plus it was the name of a cat my mum once owned.

Now I am not sure what to hunt, either MM Buneary (Another pink one, and Mega Luponny is one of my favorites), restart my hunt for Mesprit or go for Regice (By far my favorite of the Regi, although I am worried I will miss its shining effect and SR on one…)

Anyway, good luck to us all! Remember, do not let the hunt beat you, it will shine eventually! :D
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Gen 6 = <3
Congrats to Balstonite on Mankey x2, RazorBadger on Rattata & Cacnea, Sparky Mc-S on Wingull & Mareep & Plusle & Aron & Cobalion & Quilfish, EddibleZebra on Mawile, TamagoSan on Horsea, Wobbanut on Gurdurr & Deerling & Surskit, chimcharizardx on Luvdisc, Phillies on Growlithe x2 & Spearow & Stunfisk & Tyrunt x2 & Spearow & Stunfisk & Zorua & Spheal & Espurr, PKMN Trainger Gray on Riolu, Akko on Electrike, Shine on Ho-oh, darkpaladin2015 on Cresselia & Latios & Zebstrika & Snivy, maldoror on Forretress & Regice, LillyValley on Togepi & Squirtle, Demonslayer492 on Cobalion, Crimson Penguin on Cresselia & Venonat, Cyberra on Tentacool & Shelgon & Gabite, taufik386 on Burmy & Kyurem & Krabby & Buizel & Woobat & Mesprit, TheMaster327 on Landorus & Xatu, Keovix on Suicune, Raptor737 on Shellos, CreeperNinjaGamer on Corphish, RedJirachi on Regirock, Growlie19 on Whismur, Yuphie on Poliwhirl, maskofsanity1998, kirkeastment on Poochyena x2, Bolt the Cat on Marowak, GooberTheAlmightyMudkip on Eevee, Birds Of Paradise on Golbat, Iwanuq on Shelgon x2 & Machop & Nincada & Magnemite & Wartortle & Bibarel, Supremacy on Buneary, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Taillow and I, Pink Elephant on Lugia. Also thanks to those who congratulated me on Darkrai!

Once again I come with shiny news! This time from my SoulSilver Badge Quest. So after obtaining #11 Eevee from the game corner I went to route 3 in hopes of finding an Ekans or an Arbok. About three and a half weeks passed and nothing had shone yet. So this morning I had just gotten up turned on my DS and started doing random encounters in SoulSilver. Then I went and got breakfast. Before I could start eating my breakfast I looked down at my screen and saw this...
a green-eyed Jigglypuff a.k.a Badge Quest #12/Kanto #4! It actually more obvious than that in this generation so it definitely looks more purple on it's body. I am not disappointed at all. While I would have loved to get Ekans or Arbok, I'm also happy with Jigglypuff. It's not what I wanted the least and hey, it's got a 10% encounter rate and there was a much higher chance of running into a shiny Spearow (I would have been okay with that too) or Rattata (One of the things I didn't really want to shine. Only because it can appear in other places that I plan on hunting). I can also always SR for an Ekans in HeartGold anyway. Catching it was easy, even if it did make Raticate take a nap. All it took was one Super Fang and one Love Ball and it was caught! It was lucky enough to have a Bold nature though it's IVs are average 3/10/8/16/23/19. More pictures: OT/ID, Summary, Full DS Shot, Sparkles, Overworld and Video. Also sometime recently before I caught Jigglypuff I apparently got Pokerus in SoulSilver! Now I have to think of a nickname and then I'm off to beat Erika and then figure out what I'm hunting next.

Good luck to everyone especially those that are having extremely stubborn targets!
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