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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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So I resumed my Regice hunt after a short break today. Probably around 500 SRs. Really just want to get this hunt over with, because Regice is one of those pokémon that is hard to differentiate between normal and shiny, so it requires more than normal comcentration for a hunt.
Just an update: I've hatched over 300 eggs since the last time I've posted, and EV trained most of the pokemon I needed to(didn't want to spend my luck on a horde shiny so I am going to finish ev training after I get my next shiny)My total egg count is actually over 9,000 eggs(9,011) which is interesting because in older gens I would have been lucky to get even one shiny at that amount of eggs!
Anyways, good luck to everyone and congrats to everyone who has gotten a shiny recently!


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Congrats to taufik386 on Woobat, 2rsa on Poochyena and Druddigon, Cyberra on Sentret, oarfish on Snivy, Speshal on Slowpoke, wobbanut on Deerling and Palpitoad, darkpaladin2015 on Thundurus, Kafei on Shellos, darkpaladin2015 on Unown, I, Pink Elephant on Latios, taufik386 on Cranidos, Golden_Arcanine on Zorua, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, 2rsa :) And thanks for the good luck, Lorde, Crimson Penguin, and pokemaster13!

Also, happy birthday, Sparky Mc-S!


Check the timestamps. Supremacy's answer came 12 hours after I asked the question, at which point I was offline and had already hatched over 100 sentrets.

Ah, I gotcha now. Had to go back and re-read what you’d said when you mentioned the Sentrets – I originally thought you meant you were still waiting for someone to answer at the time that you posted that :x

Hey guys :) You may be wondering why I've gone a bit quiet recently. Well, I'm going for the 3 Mythicals of Sinnoh, and I was wondering how you'd feel about me posting them on this thread (particularly Arceus). The events have long since finished, so the only way to get the items in-game would be via an external source. I am hunting for the three in the normal way, though. At 2,700 Darkrai as I type this.

I did ask Shine about this, and he says Darkrai and Shaymin should be fine to post. I'm just wondering about Arceus.

Sounds good to me. Besides, this thread isn’t exactly full of 4th/5th gen full odds shinies. We could use some more :\

Now, for March CH, we currently have two suggestion. Anyone want to add another suggestion? Or maybe you think we should just pick between these two?

We could always do a multi-part hunt and not have to choose between them :p

Hey guys I'm back with more to my deleted shinies story. So tonight when i got home I asked my husband about it again and then he admitted to deleting my files. I got super mad and then like 15 minutes later he threw 2 games on the couch beside me and told me to stop whining. Sure enough there were MY games with all my Shinies in there!!! I about had a heart attack! It turns out he deleted my step-son's copies and put them in my ds's to look like he deleted my games. I was soooo pissed but so relieved that all my hard work is still with me! I don't know whether to be extremely mad or be relieved!

Anyways, now that I know my Shinies are safe, back to hunting thundurus!

Wow, that’s a huge relief! And sorry it was at your expense, but that’s a pretty good prank :x


After 5,046 REs on Platinum, a third shiny Meditite appeared. 3rd one…Two-stage pokemon…Meh. Still better than Machoke, I suppose. And at least it was under odds. Not complaining about finding a shiny, just after 4 Machoke and 3 Meditite, can I please at least get a Machop >.<? Now starting phase 8 for Scyther.


Female, Naughty, Alert to sounds, Pure Power, IVs: 10 – 15 – 1 – 6 – 22 – 31

I also took some time to see how hard it is to get shiny leaves in HeartGold. Took the Ralts I’ll eventually use and went to work, and I got the 5 leaves turned into a crown after maybe 20-30 minutes? Definitely not nearly as hard as I thought it’d be, but I guess I took most of the difficulty out of it by seeing what routes I needed to go to for the leaves :p I was mainly just curious to see exactly how hard they were to find.

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, CosmicSparkles, and Lunafloon)!


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Shiny trapinch hatched from egg 446! She's female, Jolly nature, and mischievous, with Arena Trap as her ability. Her name is Singer, since flygon is said to make singing sounds with its wings. Will start training her once I get the other four eggs hatched, then decide what to breed for next. Leaning toward tepig, though...


Kyurem is at 4,700 SRs in White 2.

Edit: I've been expecting this to happen... Shiny gulpin found in a horde while training Singer in attack. Now I just need scraggy and I'll have all of the Route 5 horde shinies...

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Interesting idea for a CH... Unown hunt. But in order to complete it, you need to make a 3-letter word with blue letters in order for it to count.

Also, re-quoting this as I only got one reply about it.

its cool with me. i miss my legit darkrai...cousin rreset platinum :(

. So I decided to hunt for a Latios instead! I expected a longer hunt then my Lugia, but around 500+ run aways later, this happened!

thanks for the luck, and congratz on the lati!!

no shiny for me....been sr-ing all over...ugh. refusing to quit, but might take a break and resume my last mm hunt.

and congratz to I, Pink Elephant on latios, and lugia 2rsa on druddigon, shelder, and poochyena Ampharos spark on jiggly, GoobeTheAlmightyMudkip on gligar Taufik386 on woobat (i have one nin-shiny that has taken down mega rays and primal groudons/kyogres. I call him Voldemort for a reason!) cyberra on fluffy the sentret DuvineDragon on Zigzaggoon Oarfish on snivy Speshal on dlowpoke, wobbanut on deerling and rattata iwanuq on electabuzz, liepard, and vullaby, ChaoticInverse on zigzaggoon darkPaladin2015 on thunderous, unknown, feebas and magnemight IIr on froakiem, gulpin, scraggyx2 panchamx2 geodude and abra. andEVERYONE ELSE ON THEIR SHINIES!

Thank you for the luck everyone! It helps to have encouragement XD i remember reading about someone who sr-ed for over a year for terrakion back in Ye olde shinee thread...I hope the doubled odds means it shines soon, i'm restarting oR or Y when it does...depends on what the next game will be.

again, thank you and good luck on all hunts!!
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After only 4,874 soft resets, kyurem turns purple for me! Holy bleep! I was not expecting it this soon! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Kyurem fainted my hypnosis lunatone twice and broke out of more than 20 dusk balls. I had it at 1HP from False Swipe and it was only a couple of turns from struggling itself to death, so I had to break out the master ball. Thankfully I'd traded my two spares over from Black 2!




White Kyurem!

Black Kyurem!

Next target is terrakion. I've already parked myself in front of it and saved three times. Ready to begin the hunt!

Sounds good to me. Besides, this thread isn’t exactly full of 4th/5th gen full odds shinies. We could use some more :\

I'm a periodic contributor of full-odds Gen V shinies, when the legendaries decide to cooperate
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At 6,000 now for Darkrai, so a large amount of progress today (1,400). 6,000 in five days is major progress, but it'll slow down now as I'm back to work tomorrow.


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Looking for a shiny noibat have these shiny for trade:tynamo,skorupi,charmeleon,joltik,electivire,mareep,delibird,electrike,cloyster,weavile & snover.my friend code is 0576-5429-1333


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Netted myself (no pun intended) an unexpected shiny Basculin in Pokemon Y while trying to fish up a Dragonair to transfer over to ORAS. Having a Aegislash with False Swipe helped to ease the worry of it knocking itself out with Final Gambit due it being ineffective against Ghost-types.

Congrats to anyone who has caught a shiny and good luck to those still hunting!


I'm postponing my Shiny Rayquaza hunt for now since I want to focus on my other Shiny hunt more. I did almost 75 soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt on Omega Ruby version last night and part of this morning, and I plan on doing another 40 SRs tonight. Anyway, good luck to others on their hunts too.


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Looking for a shiny noibat have these shiny for trade:tynamo,skorupi,charmeleon,joltik,electivire,mareep,delibird,electrike,cloyster,weavile & snover.my friend code is 0576-5429-1333

Wrong Forum for that. Read the Forum and check for the proper one before mindlessly posting plz :) The thread I believe you are looking for is here. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?618212-Shiny-Trading-Thread

As for me Koffing is at 1500 eggs and nothing still! WTH!! This guy/gal is being way to stubborn! But I won't give up. Though after this I think I will go SR some, do contests or HaxMaison. We shall see though.

Congrats to all who have seen the Shine and to those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon :eek:


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Sorry about the long absence with school and everything. My Tyrunt hunt hasn't given me a shiny on 300 eggs yet so I have already passed my original Tyrunt's egg number. Good luck to everybody on your hunts.


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I'm EV training in AS and I just found a shiny Oddish in a horde!!! So excited! This is my first shiny in AS! :) :) :)

I've been wanting to use a Vileplume on a future team, so now it can be a shiny Vileplume! ;045;


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Congrats to all the recent shiny Pokémon

This past weekend I finally managed to complete the Pokédex in both Pokémon X and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire so I could get my hands on the Oval charm and the shiny charm.

After obtaining the charms I gave another try to Masuda methoding for a shiny Snivy and I still had a European Snivy and a Japanese Zangoose at the Day Care in the Battle Resort. I bred 150 eggs while watching the last few episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho. As soon as I've bred the eggs, I started hatching my first box and after a mere 30 eggs, a shiny male Snivy popped up from his egg. I named him Julius, Timid nature and as a bonus it has his hidden abillity. Above average stats with perfect IV's in Def.

Good luck on all your future shinies


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So the other day I collected 5 boxes of tyrunt eggs for my MM hunt. Well today while I was on my lunch break at work I decided I would hatch some. Within the first box I found a shiny tyrunt it has strong jaw 4 egg moves and 5ivs missing attack.
Kinda funny that I told my bf the other day that when I get my shiny it won't have attack ivs and I was right lol.

Still have 4 more boxes to hatch so maybe I'll get a second one with attack this time lol. I'll post pics later.

Good look to everyone on your hunts :)


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Congrats to everyone on your shinies!

Heatran shone, no clue after how many SR's but it's definitely over 1k, it has Timid nature and perfect IV's in HP, Attack and Sp. Attack, also caught it with a luxury ball.

Now that Heatran has been caught I'm gonna start hunting Thundurus, also bought OR so I'll eventually SR Tornadus and finally hunt Landorus. On the other hand the Steelix hunt in HG/SS is still going.

Good luck to everyone on your current hunts! :)


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Hey guys! So after a bad last few days thinking that all my Shinies were gone, I continued SRing for thundurus. Yesterday I finally got it! It took me 2 weeks and 1 day to reclaim it (since I SR'D over the first one). Now the only shiny legend I have left to get is Raikou. I think i might hold off on him for now and MM for the first time on ORAS for a starter. Not sure which one to go for yet, maybe mudkip or Chimchar. I guess we will see.

Anyways, happy hunting everyone and congrats on all the Shinies gotten today and yesterday! :)


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After a month of not playing Pokémon, I resumed my shiny Thundurus hunt yesterday, and today I got it after a total of 1165 SR's!


It took about 10-15 Ultra Balls to catch, which wasn't too bad. It has a Timid nature, and perfect IV's in Attack, Special Defense and Speed.




My next target is the Eon Ticket Latios.


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After 2,883 REs in the dragon safari, dragonair has shone! She's docile and somewhat vain, with Shed Skin. I'm going to evolve her to dragonite, even though I'm not the fondest of dragonite's coloring.


Terrakion is at only 100 SRs; I started my work term today so my hunting time has been severely curtailed for the next three weeks.
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