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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


I herd u liek me?
I decided to do some shiny hunting today in the friend safari, and at about 20 RE's a shiny Drifblim appeared. I think next I'll continue my hunt for Cresselia, only at 100 and i already want to give up. I don't think I'm cut out for SR hunting.
I have been reading this thread for the past couple of weeks, finally decided to make an account!

I have a couple hunts going, the first is the Eon ticket Latios which I started yesterday and am already at 1,000 run aways.

The second is my Shiny Fletchling Masuda method hunt that has taken me almost a year so far. I stopped counting eggs at 3,000. Hope I get it soon

Good luck to everyone in their hunts!


Shiny Hunter!
Congrats to taufik386 on Cranidos, Doduo, and Psyduck, Golden_Arcanine on Zorua, Cpchris on Meditite (sorry it wasn't Scyther, though :/), Cyberra on Trapinch, Gulpin, Kyurem, and Dragonair, Phillies on Teddiursa, Vullaby, Toxicroak, Lapras, and Treecko, Tsukuyomi56 on Basculin, SoulOfSilver on Oddish, Paraqua on Snivy, dark1raven3 on Tyrunt, Keovix on Heatran, KittyKitty3308 on Thundurus, Pluski on Thundurus, and GooberTheAlmightyMudkip on Drifblim!

Sounds good to me. Besides, this thread isn’t exactly full of 4th/5th gen full odds shinies. We could use some more :\

Agreed. It seems like shinies from the older games are pretty sparse here nowadays. It'd be cool if there were more, as I really enjoy seeing people post shinies from past gens.

I had a good feeling I might get a shiny over the weekend, but nothing turned up sadly. After today's hunting session, Chimchar is now at 18,100 SRs, Snivy is at 4,650 SRs, and Weedle is at ~18,180 REs. This means that phase 7 for Weedle is tentatively my longest hunt ever, pushing Chimchar back to second for now. One of them has to shine soon...

As always, good luck on all of your hunts!
I got a shiny Ralts and Lairon in my emerald a few days back. There was about 8 hours of playing time between the two, but still.
does that count for the multiples of 28 hunt?


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thx to pokemaster13 and everyone else who congrat me.

just a couple hours ago, i decide to continue my breeding on qwilfish and the shiny hatched on the 2nd egg, total 247 eggs.
It has HA and IV spread almost perfect, 31/31/31/31/31/30 :D
now i can breed my next target, maybe chikorita and cyndaquil.

the other day, i got shiny heracross using dexnav and shiny aron by horde encounter.

congrats everyone with your recent shinies and good luck with your current hunting.

I Pink Elephant

Shiny Hunter
Congratulations to taufik386, Golden_Arcanine, Cpchris, Cyberra, Phillies, Tsukuyomi56, SoulOfSilver, Paraqua, dark1raven3, Keovix, KittyKitty3308, Pluski, and GooberTheAlmightyMudkip!

After getting a shiny Latios, I decided to hunt for Regice. I did around 1k SRs, before deciding to give it a brake. Partly because there are several shines I really want to hatch, and also because Regice needs more concentration, given how similar its shiny form is! So I decided to start an MM hunt for Sableye, as I really like its shiny Mega and I have the perfect nickname lined up for it. Lacking one with a good Nature in my Bank, I went back to X in-order to hunt for one in the FS, which is when this showed up...


I am very happy with this surprise! It has IVs in Defense and Special Attack, but it nature and good Attack IVs means I am very happy with it anyway. I named it Scarecrow because, well, it looks like a scarecrow, but I like the idea of a team full of Dark-type shines named after The Wizard of Oz characters! :D

Anyway, I found a non-shiny Sableye that had a good nature, but decided to try finishing my past MM hunt first. I was going to move on after 500+ eggs, but finally this beauty hatched!



I have been wanting a shiny Buneary ever since falling in love with Mega Lopunny. Counting my X hatches, its probably been a 1,500k hunt. It has a XX/31/31/31/31/31 spread, so I am very relieved with that! Named him Missy after the Doctor Who villain. Now onto finding a shiny Sableye!

Good luck to everyone on their hunts! :)
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After 411 DexNav's & 3 other failed attempts of over 400 each time, Shiny Lotad finally decided to make an appearance.... phew :D

Here he is after i switched in my Shiny Mightyena to Yawn at him :D



So... with that hunt finally over, i can now move onto defeating the 2nd Gym Leader and onto my next hunt. Although i have yet to decide what that will be.

Perhaps i'll luck into a Shiny during my DexNav training of Shiny Mightyena(Speed still to do) & Shiny Lotad(it has above 26 IV in HP/Sp.Atk/Sp.Def & Speed so will go for HP, Sp.Atk & Speed EV training).
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Just an update.
I wasn't shiny hunting for the Ralts or Lairon.
I just get pretty lucky with randoms.
The Ralts is lvl. 4 with a Bold nature Ability: Trace Stats: 8/6/9/8/7 and growl as its lone attack.
Lairon is lvl 40 with a Lonely nature Ability: Sturdy Stats: 55/112/48/67/70

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Congrats to Kafei on Shellos, llr on Froakie, Gulpin, Scraggy x2, Pancham x2, Abra, Zubat, Whismur, Floatzel x2, and Geodude (too bad about the other Geodude though), darkpaladin2015 on Unown G, Magnemite, and Feebas, I, Pink Elephant on Latios, Cacturne, and Buneary, taufik386 on Cranidos and Qwilfish, Golden_Arcanine on Zorua, Cpchris on Meditite, Cyberra on Trapinch, Gulpin, Kyurem, and Dragonair, Phillies on Teddiursa, Vullaby, Toxicroak, Lapras, and Treecko, Tsukuyomi56 on Basculin, SoulOfSilver on Oddish, Paraqua on Snivy, dark1raven3 on Tyrunt, Keovix on Heatran, KittyKitty3308 on reclaiming Thundurus, Pluski on Thundurus, GooberTheAlmightyMudkip on Drifblim, AlexBrockBravo on Ralts and Lairon, kirkeastment on Lotad, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Did some work on all four of my hunts today. Reshiram is at 5500 SRs, Route 8 is at 3500 REs, Lapras is at 200 SRs, and Noibat is at 150 eggs. I'm getting close to the odds in Y now, but it doesn't bother me - I'd much rather Reshiram be the one to shine next. I forget exactly when I started that hunt, but it's been a few months now. I'm hoping to see those golden rings soon so I can start my Omega Ruby BQ.

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially pokemaster13, Cpchris, TheShinyLunatone, TheMaster327, Lorde, Blastonite, and skilax1234!


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Oh crap, I forgot about this website.... either that or there was soo much 6th gen here that I just up and left. xD
I mean I don't hate 6th gen I'm completely fine with it but that's all you ever see here now it seems like the older gens have died.
Well apparently I have to wait 10 posts or something to be able to post pictures but I've gotten a ton of 4th gen shinies.
I finished my Chimchar after somewhere around 17,000 SRs and I also found shiny Shieldon, Hoothoot, Starly, Shinx and failed a Kadabra.
Well I try my best to keep everyone updated on my current hunt which is for Shellos on route 205, congrats on all the recent shinies.
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pain in the ***
After catching dragonair I left the dragon safari and picked a fairy safari to begin hunting in. After only 267 REs, a purple spritzee chose to appear. He did not want to get into that ball, though. It took me a few tries but I finally caught him. He's hardy and takes plenty of siestas, with the ability Healer. This one will be staying a spritzee; if I find another before kirlia shines twice (gallade and gardevoir), then I'll evolve it.


Terrakion is at only 200 SRs. Will likely be doing only 100 SRs a day until the weekend comes.

Tepig is at 250 eggs.
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I Like Pie!

Smile smile smile!
Glad to see everyone's Shiny luck acting up. :D

I have been hunting Shiny Legendaries in the GTS for a while now, and got a lot of offers without event Pokémon.
Quickly grabbing them, I got all the Shiny Genies and Terrakion.
Only Shiny Legendaries I need now: Zapdos, Uxie, Mesprit, Heatran, Cresselia, Virizion, Cobalion, Reshiram, Zekrom.

Seems like a lot left, but I feel as if I am almost there. Hopefully I will find some in trade offers.


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I have spent 4 days on X on route 7 searching for a shiny Psyduck or Hoppip and a mate of mine was like why don't you go back to the cave you found Zubat, I said that its not like a mystic cave but said I would go do 10 random horde encounters to prove it on the 5th Horder encounter a shiny Whismur appeared! how crazy is that both my Shinies in the same cave???


Route 7 Shiny hoppip! two Shinies in one day can't believe it! Got to be pulling my leg Pokemon!

EDIT I accidentally ran away took a photo :( FML
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For the first time since Gold & Silver I managed to 'complete' the National dex. Now I'm doing lap after lap of the battle resort waiting for a blue/grey trapinch to show up. It's been 3 - 4 days now and at least 200 eggs. Nothing as of yet but I do at least have what may become an attempt to breed good IVs onto the potential shiny as well. If only I could get the right natured foreign Ditto.


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After finishing my Zorua hunt, I'm not sure who I should go after. I was thinking Growlithe (surprisingly never chased after it), but I'm not sure. I can't find one that sticks out to me that I can try MM for. Any suggestions?

EDIT: After consideration, I've decided I'm going for Fennekin. I'm also trying to go for a flawless one as well, so we will see which one pops up first. Hopefully it's the shiny one.
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Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Cyberra on Trapinch and Kyurem, Phillies on Treecko, Paraqua on Snivy, dark1raven3 on Tyrunt, Keovix on Heatran, KittyKitty3308 on Thundurus, Pluski on Thundurus, AlexBrockBravo on Ralts and Lairon, taufik386 on Qwilfish, I, Pink Elephant on Buneary, CosmicSparkles on Chimchar and Shieldon and Hoothoot and Starly and Shinx (sorry about the Kadabra though!), and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, pokemaster13, I, Pink Elephant, and Crimson Penguin :) Thanks for the luck, too, Crimson Penguin!


I'm a periodic contributor of full-odds Gen V shinies, when the legendaries decide to cooperate

I know, and I definitely appreciate that :p


I did 400 REs today, and 1,200 REs since my last post. 1,400 REs on Platinum, 11,100 REs on Black 2, and 25,800 HBs on HeartGold…Which makes my HG hunt my 3rd longest hunt. Only 2,820 REs until it becomes my 2nd longest, but then it has over 18k REs after that to overtake 1st. Hopefully it’s just my 3rd longest hunt ;)

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, and Lunafloon)!


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I decided after 1500 eggs with Charm to put my Koffing hunt to the side for now. I am now Breeding Premier Ball Flash Fire Cyndaquils. Currently trying to get my male to pass on the ability to a female egg. Then IV breeding will start and then the hunt for a 6IV Female will ensue. Wish me better luck this time around plz. My last 3 MM have been pretty long.

JK! I am an idiot who can't read properly it seems. Too excited to breed Cyndaquil I guess. But since I can't give a female HA and Premier ball I am just going to breed for HA. -_- just wasted like 2 and a half hours breeding.

Congrats to all who have seen the Shine and to those still searching I hope you see the Shine soon :)
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Congrats to new shinies everyone, especially RaichuArcanine, Supremacy and Razorbadger.

Well I haven't been shiny hunting for quite some time, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came out so any shiny hunting attempts went out the window for another type of hunting :p. Real life also got in the way, I had to rush my father to the hospital two weeks ago because his side was so bad that he couldn't walk. He was diagnosed with diverticulitis and needed a CT scan done(my dad is fine now after two rounds of antibiotics, we're still waiting on the CT scan results).

I've been SRing for shiny Raikou/Entei on and off for a while. Two days ago, I got bored of Entei, so I switched to Raikou again, getting up to 500 SRs before Monster Hunter distracted me again. Yesterday was quite a busy day, so I never got a lot of anything done(yay for having to get my income taxes done and being nervous about it). It was around 8 pm yesterday evening, I picked up my SRs for Raikou again. I was watching a few videos of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, and a mere 57 soft resets for the day:


Shiny Raikou appeared in Omega Ruby :D. Now this guy was a bit of a pain to catch, I completely forgot that Raikou couldn't be paralyzed by my Gallade due to it being an electric type. I had no other status moves to use, so I just had to lob balls at it while it was in yellow HP. I used Capture Power 3 in Alpha Sapphire to help increase the catch rate and after using it twice I ended up catching shiny Raikou in a Repeat Ball.

I decided to nickname it Raijin, but I may change it later. The Timid synchronizer I was using didn't work, so shiny Raikou ended up with a Mild nature instead, which I'm happy with. Raikou's IVs are far from perfect though, he is only average(meaning the rest of the IVs suck :p) and has flawless HP, Special Defence and Speed.

More pics:

Nickname screen
Shiny Raikou
Trainer ID
Mild nature


My next shiny hunt to try to complete is getting that shiny Entei. I'm currently sitting at 1650 SRs for it and I'm using an Adamant synchronizer. I'm hoping that when Entei appears it gets the Adamant nature, or I might reset over it, but we'll see first. I have a few other shiny hunts I'm doing right now, but between Monster Hunter and Entei, those aren't as far as I would have liked. Anyways hopefully I won't be gone away for too long, even though Monster Hunter is highly addictive right now XD.


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Just reclaimed shiny Hoppip! seen 3 shinies in RE in 24 hours!


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I just reached 1200 RA's on my hunt for a shiny Eon Ticket Latias. I've seen a couple of people on youtube getting their shiny Latias somewhere inbetween 1000 and 2000 RA's, so I have high hopes I will find my own yellow/gold Latias!

Good luck to everyone hunting for shinies and congrats to everyone who recently obtained a shiny!