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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Just got shiny Terrakion after 573 SRs :D
unfortunately, sync jolly didn't work, i got carful nature instead LOL
at least i'm happy because the trio swordsman finally completed.

i'll go for Landorus next.

Other news, doing another BQ, and got shiny Marill.

MM for Cyndaquil still continued, as well as Sigilyph.

Congrat everyone on your recent shinies and good luck for your current hunting :D


Hunting Sparkles
Wow lovely shinies guys :) congrats on them. I have a question. I'm repel tricking to hunt Rufflet on White so only Rufflet and Throh appear. If I save before using my repels and SR when they run out can I still get a shiny this way? I'm on almost 1k RE's already. Best of luck to all :)


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I was using the DexNav on route 110 to chain for a shiny Minun. But several attempts failed, so I decided to do some horde hunting instead. After only 19 horde encounters this showed up:

[img240]http://s30.postimg.org/dqox9684h/IMG_20150311_130609_BURST001_COVER.jpg[/img240] [img240]http://s30.postimg.org/ymb7kf4bl/IMG_20150311_131448.jpg[/img240]

Now I will go for another shiny legendary. It's going to be one of the legendary beasts, but I'll still have to decide which one I'll do first! But before I'll start SRing I'll get myself a new master ball (the one from my X game) and set up a better 'catcher'.

Congrats to all on the new shinies and good luck shiny hunting!


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After I hatch some bank ball pokemon, I'm gonna start mming for a shiny tepig :3 totally will update this

Requiem Aeternam

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After 319 eggs I hatched a Shiny Ponyta (10 days ago), my first hunted OR MM Shiny. He's Jolly natured with Flash Fire for his ability. He didn't end up with the IVs I wanted, he was missing Special Defence, but I don't mind as I can keep this one a Ponyta and try for a flawless one to evolve later on.

Right now I'm trying to decide on what to go for. I haven't done anything on my Shiny Suicune hunt which I left at 206 SRs IIRC, but I have been SRing for a Shiny Reshiram on the side while replaying my Y version. I haven't been counting the SRs but I haven't done many, more than Suicune at least. I have my Timid Synchroniser ready as well as my Spore/False Swiping Smeargle. I want to try catching it in a Premier Ball but I have 2 Master Balls ready just incase. I also want to try MM for another shiny but I can't decide on which one. Currently I'm leaning towards Shinx as it was my first 4th Gen Shiny.

Congrats to everyone on their new shinies and good luck to those still hunting :)


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Posting because I have an issue with what to hunt on HGSS...

I have all the badges so I could hunt virtually anything really. I don't have the Pokémon available to hunt any legendaries whatsoever though, but some of the stuff I've come up with hasn't really made me interested. Headbutting for Taillow, REing with Hoenn Sound around Mt. Silver...

Does anyone have any ideas for really interesting hunts to do on HeartGold and SoulSilver? Most things would be fair game, aside from Hoothoot and Noctowl. I have enough of them both, ahaha. Or actually...no. If they could be avoided that'd be good.


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Congrats to all the new shinies!

Well, 1000 eggs later, and Growlithe still hasn't shone :( Hunting with charm, so at twice the odds. Both parents started at level 1 and are now 74. Every time I have an MM that lasts this long, I always think its not working properly, because the foreign parent isn't actually foreign, or something.

Good luck to those hunting!


So, uh, I just got 4 shiny Pokemon from WT, using about 2 boxes worth of Pokemon. Two of them are competitively viable while the other two aren't. I'm still kinda sitting in chock about all this.


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Congrats to PhazonRain429 on Reshiram, Zekrom and Foongus, Cyberra on Floette, Akko on Chespin, Supremacy on Zigzagoon, taufik836 on Chikorita and Terrakion, Prakhar on Feebas, Pluski on Regirock and Regice, Sydwinx on Snorunt and Cubchoo, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Minun, Greedy Chibi on Ponyta, Recon on your 4 shinies and everyone else on your shinies :) Sorry to hear about the shiny Registeel serpent222, just remember if it shone once it will shine again.

Latias shone a day after I caught Latios in AS, such a quick hunt definitely under 1k RA's. Latias is Timid nature and she has perfect IV's in Attack, Defense and Speed, also has a 27-29 in HP and a 20-23 in Sp. Attack. Same battle system as Latios and given Latias is a 30 level pokemon it was easy to false swipe and then put it to sleep around 6 times before it was finally caught with an ultra ball.

Now that Latias has been caught I'm already hunting Tornadus and also hunting Dialga in AS.

Good luck to everyone on your current hunts! :)


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I've been slacking off a bit on my hunts lately, mainly due to how much fun I'm having with Majora's Mask 3D but also from a lack of motivation. Today I actually made some good progress, though. Chimchar is now at 18,400 SRs, Snivy is at 5,100 SRs, and Phase 7 for Weedle is at ~20,250 REs. Not really much else to say, other than I hope something shines soon. Still waiting for a 2015 shiny...

Congrats on all of the shinies, and good luck on your hunts!


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Congrats to Pluski on Latios, i2i on Sneasel, taufik386 on Pansage, Y-Pestis on Zigzagoon, Keovix on Latios, PhazonRain429 on Reshiram and Zekrom, Akko on Chespin, Supremacy on Zigzagoon, taufik386 on Chikorita, Prakhar on Feebas, Pluski on Regirock and Regice, taufik386 on Terrakion, Greedy Chibi on Ponyta, Keovix on Latias, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thank you for the luck, CosmicSparkles :) And thanks for the congrats, Akko!


Unfortunately my fever at around the start of the month kinda screws up with the usual CH planning, so I've now decided that for this month we'll take a rest from CH - so no CH this month, just relax and enjoy your hunt, no need to rush :p

I was actually making that suggestion for future months ;) But it’s entirely your call. As for 15th vs 23rd, I think it comes down to how much notice people want. 23rd seems like it would be announced just before April and would be more of a surprise, whereas the 15th gives people more time to plan hunts.

I think the 23rd would give us a sufficient amount of time. Say four-five days of brainstorming, three-two days deciding.
By the way, for you guys who have hunted Regice in ORAS, how did you tell the two forms apart. Looking around online, I cannot really tell the difference between shiny and non-shiny. Any tips? I'm getting paranoid now that I've srd over it...

Looking at the sprites alone, it does seem harder than usual to tell a difference. But when I looked at a video and clicked between the regular and the shiny, the difference was noticeable enough. Probably after you’ve been seeing the normal one long enough, you’ll still be able to notice a difference when it’s shiny. Also, just stay focused and wait long to SR long enough to see the sparkles and you should be fine :)


I’m now up to 3,800 REs on Platinum, 13,500 REs on Black 2, and 28,200 HBs on HeartGold. Come on, games =\ In more optimistic news, I've been leveling my pokemon on HeartGold (I like getting most of my shinies to 100 ASAP, so BQs kill me with this), both because I want to get them closer to 100, and because I want them to be strong enough to fight through the 2nd version of the E4. So most of my shinies on there are now level 80, but I ended up getting Nidoqueen to 100! So my first level 100 on HeartGold, finally! (I started the game in August 2013 and the BQ in October 2013!)

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, Roseheart95, and Lunafloon)!

Does anyone have any ideas for really interesting hunts to do on HeartGold and SoulSilver? Most things would be fair game, aside from Hoothoot and Noctowl. I have enough of them both, ahaha. Or actually...no. If they could be avoided that'd be good.

Perhaps I'm just getting Azalea-town Fever and too anxious for my next hunt, but what about Route 25 with 30% Pidgey, 30% Bellsprout, and 20% Venonat? You could always repel trick out the Pidgey and Abra during the day.
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Well, you know how I said I got 4 shinies? Add two to that number, with one being a Reshiram, and the other being a Gallade, one after the other.

Darn QR codes.


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Ugh...in Fire Red, I've done 10,800 soft resets and Mewtwo is still lavender! I've been doing like 500 SRs a day! At this rate, I'm planning on doing at least 1000 a day every Mon-Wed. Yes, I do have no life. I suppose after two easy shinies, this is the universe balancing itself out

razor fire

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Yes, I have the Shiny Charm. I absolutely understand that you want Latias, it looks amazing in it's shiny form! I'm going to try for one as well when I'm starting to hunt in Omega Ruby. ...

Much congratulations! :D
They look really good shiny, and I really envy your luck as I've been having none SRing for shiny zekrom now since the beginning of January.

May I ask what your team consists of?

I see you're using a vivillon and a metagross. What movesets do they have? I really need some better pokemon to make catching shiny pokemon easier


Shiny Hunter
Hi fellow shiny hunters and congrats on your recent shines. Specially TheShinyLunatone on Cress. Sorry for the blanket congrats. I've been away for a long time again. ^^;

I'm still working on my Pokedex, And yet again I ran into another random shiny. A shiny Ryhorn:

Hunting for the pokedex has been really lucky for me. :p
Just hit 6,000 for Latios. Really hope it shines soon because I have a ton of hunts I want to start.

I wish I had the patience to get the shiny charm.


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Much congratulations! :D
They look really good shiny, and I really envy your luck as I've been having none SRing for shiny zekrom now since the beginning of January.

May I ask what your team consists of?

I see you're using a vivillon and a metagross. What movesets do they have? I really need some better pokemon to make catching shiny pokemon easier

Thank you! My shiny hunting team consists of a fainted Synchroniser Ralts, Compound Eyes Vivillon, Metagross (the evolved event Beldum), Manectric, Swampert and Latias.

I actually only use two different moves when hunting: Sleep Powder and Hold Back. The first thing I do when the battle starts is to make the target fall asleep by using Vivillon's Sleep Powder, which due to the Compound Eyes ability makes it hit most of the time. Then I switch Metagross into the battle, and use Hold Back until the target only has 1 HP left. If the target has high defense (like Regirock), I Mega Evolve Metagross before using Hold Back. Then I switch Vivillon back into the battle, and if the target has woke up by then (which it usually has), I use Sleep Powder again. Then I use Ultra Balls, and repeat using Sleep Powder and throwing balls until the target is caught.

Well, I've just started my hunt for Registeel, and have so far reached... 10 SR's. I guess this one will go far above the odds since I had such luck with Regice, so I'm prepared to stay in the Ancient Tomb for quite a while.

Good luck to everyone!


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Well at 11,800 for Shiny Mewtwo. This is proving my longest hunt yet. Though thankfully I can breeze through 500 in 2 and a half hourse. How long can a Nintendo DS Fat last at full power?


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Well, I had better luck finding shinies this week, but all my games decided to troll me this week. -_-

First, while doing my quad hunt, I found a shiny skorupi in White 2, my second one, while I was hoping for camerupt or skarmory.

Then on Black 2 outside the Driftveil bridge, while keeping my fingers crossed for a shiny minccino, one of my most wanted shinies (though it's not listed below), of course I get a blue garbage bag instead.

Then, while horde spamming in OmegaRuby on the Fiery Path, of course I get a numel, instead of a koffing like I was hoping, but at least on the good side I will get that camerupt.

And how was *your* week? LOL
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Yesterday afternoon I did 40 more Sweet Scent-induced horde encounters, and thus far today I have done around 75 soft resets for my Shiny Reshiram hunt in OmegaRuby too. Also, a big congrats to Pluski on catching a Shiny Regice and Regirock (I'm jealous), and to others who caught Shinies recently as well.