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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Psyched Up
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FINALLY, a new page :p

I don't want to post this near the bottom of a page and have it go largely unnoticed when a new page kicks in, so I waited until there's a new page, but it took so long xD

Here's all the CH IDEAS I've received. Just tell me via VM (NOT PM) which one you prefer. The one with the most vote will become next month's CH.

Also, tell me if you noticed that any of the ideas has been used last year (it's okay to repeat it if it's like, two years ago)



Meowth City said:
Hi Shine,

I was thinking for April, we could do an April Fool's themed hunt. I know Spring and Easter hunts have been done before and I'm pretty certain this idea hasn't.

OPTION 1: Shiny hunt for Pokemon with the Prankster ability. This can also include those from the same evolutionary line as those with the ability and even those which have it as a hidden ability. The only problem is there are not many Pokemon to choose from, making it a very limited option.


OPTION 2: Shiny hunt for Pokemon that can learn the move, Trick. Same as above, but this option has a much wider range of Pokemon to choose from.




TheMaster327 said:
Hey Shine!

How about an Easter themed CH for April? Obtain a Pokémon based on a chicken, egg, or bunny.

Chickens: Torchic line
Eggs: Exeggcute line, Happiny line, Togepi line
Bunnies: Bidoof line(?), Buneary line, Bunnelby line

That's all I could think of off the top of my head. Feel free to add more to those lists to flesh it out a bit. If you can't, any MM'd shiny will also count, with double completion if it's one from the list as well.



ShiningKnightXY said:
I know it is cliche and may have done already, but I was thinking of incorporating Easter colors for shinies, with the colors being teal, yellow, pink, and purple. If we want a more strict hunt incorporating several themes could work with flower based pokemon for spring or pokemon based off eggs or with egg based moves



maskofsanity1998 said:
for the april ch we hunt for shiny pokemon with color paletes that look almost exactly the same as the normal(because april fools right?)

so like pikachu, clefairy, jigglypuff, paras, meowth, abra, farfetch'd, seel, gengar, goldeen, scyther, snorlax, arcticuno, zapdos, chinchou, togepi, natu, sunkern, mantine, phanphy, smoochum, blissey, seedot, slakoth, loudred, skitty,plusle, minun, solrock, whishcash, regice, piplup, starly, burmy, cherubi, shellos, chingling, hippopotas, snover, leafeon,glaceon, froslas, manaphy, phione, oshawot, lilipup, pansage, panpour, pidove, blitzle, timburr, throh, sawk, petilil, basculin, dwebble, scraggy, tirtouga, gothita, deerling, frillish, joltik, tynamo, bouffalant, vullaby, reshiram, zekrom, froakie, flabebe

this list may be kinda shaky, but its pretty good i think



CreeperNinjaGamer said:
You're the right person right?

If so, I have an idea for the April CH:

Shining Easter Eggs!: MM any Pokemon in an egg,


Boing, Boing, Shine!: Obtain a shiny Regional Rodent.

What do you think?


pain in the ***
I did some more chain fishing on Route 12 today, and after a chain of 76 up comes a pink-shelled clam. I wanted to evolve this one into a gorebyss, but she's Adamant-natured, which probably means she'd make a better huntail. I'm torn...

Still have to wait for someone on my friends list to be online so I can see about getting help to evolve her (darn trade evolutions... *shakefist*)


And my second shiny tyrogue has appeared in the fighting safari after 2,013 REs. He's lonely and takes plenty of siestas, with his hidden ability, Vital Spirit. He'll make a good hitmonlee. Just need one more now...

Terrakion is at 5,100 SRs. Snivy is at 680 eggs.

Edit: Shiny pancham after 2,128 encounters! This must be my lucky night :0 He's relaxed, with the ability Scrappy (his HA). Gonna evolve him into pangoro :D Then go see if I can fish up another shiny clamperl before going back to my snivy MM


Edit #2: Shiny remoraid on a chain of 71. Evolved into octillery for my dex, then very promptly traded off. Ugh... shiny octillery is even uglier in person
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Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to Cyberra on Meditite x2, Archen, Luvdisc, Lanturn, Alomomola, Clamperl, Tyrogue, Pancham, and Remoraid, RedJirachi on Cresselia, Paraqua on Chatot, taufik386 on Landorus, Mienfoo, and Spearow, CreeperNinjaGamer on Zigzagoon, Pokepro1992 on Ho-oh, Shiny Lord on Abra, Cresselia, and Drowzee, Keovix on Dialga and Giratina, SoulSilver Eric on Aron, Kricketune, Carvanha, and Pachirisu, Sutittaja on Misdreavus, Luxio, Absol, Doduo, and Wailmer, maskofsanity1998 on Gligar, razor fire on Zekrom, Ralts, and Latios, GooberTheAlmightyMudkip on Nidoran M, Quilladin, Tangela, Boldore, and Shroomish, CharlieDoryRose on Flabebe, TheMaster327 on Flabebe x2 and Shaymin, ShiningKnightXY on Tentacool, Cpchris on Marill, skilax1234 on Fletchling, eiger on Pawniard x9 (good luck with getting a perfect one!), and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies! Also, sorry to hear about Barboach, PegasusxSeiya.

Thanks to Paraqua for the good luck!

Haven't done quite as much hunting as I thought I would this week. I've been hanging out with family and doing other stuff during my break, plus I decided to start a Nuzlocke on Black 2 (and wow, it's harder than I thought >_<). I've managed some decent progress, though - Reshiram is at 7200 SRs, Lapras is at 700 SRs, Noibat is at 450 eggs, and Route 8 remains at 4000 REs. I'm starting to get close to double the odds with Reshiram, so I really hope it shines soon.

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially shadowF, LilyValley, Lorde, taufik386, pokemaster13, and Cpchris!


Well-Known Member
Decided to do some Lappy eggs on X because I had a migraine today, and that was easy to do. I gathered 4 boxes and went about hatching them, in the know I'd already hatched 630 of them ages ago, so a shiny was coming from the daycare soon.

Well. It seems it was a good job I gathered 4 boxes, as in the 25th egg of the 4th box (so 745th egg total), this appears :)


Yay, shiny Lapras :) Calm nature, because Everstone, and it's IV spread is perfect :) IVs: 31 / 0 - 3 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31

I'm on a good run of shinies at the moment!


I finally got Reshiram to shine in Omega Ruby; after over 5,000 soft resets, I found a Shiny one and caught it in a Timer Ball after a long battle. This has been my longest Gen 6 Shiny hunt so far and I think I'll start my next hunt on Friday and resume my horde encounter Shiny hunt too. Congrats to others as well.


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Well, seeing as I had to sort out issues regarding my email account being blocked (not my main one, my Xbox one), I wasn't going to get many RAs done tonight. However, 9 RAs before I was due to end my 300 RAs for the night, this appeared after 10,391 RAs (Well, technically 10,390, and 10,391 encounters)!


Impish nature, with... workable IVs: 22 / 4, 5, 6 / 4, 6 / 17, 19, 21 / 1, 3 / 4, 6 - Well, it has usable Sp. Atk... At least it's not a Flabebe #1! (see previous post)


I thought it was shiny-locked! I'VE RUINED EVERYTHING!!!


Useless Sceptile
I just caught shiny Latias, finally after 4,500+ encounters! Timid Synchronize failed, but it has Serious. The stat judge says it has outstanding potential even though it has 3IVs, in Attack, Special Attack and Special Defense! It has about 10 through 13 IVs in HP, with about 24-26 in Defense and 27-29 in Speed! The nature is meh but I think the IVs more than make up for it.

Now, since I'm at the Cave of Origin, I'll hunt Kyogre on the original Sapphire. Maybe I'll dual hunt it with Groudon on SoulSilver, it sure has been a long time since I last did a dual hunt.
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after 1588 run away encounters, shiny Latias finally appeared :D
she got sassy nature. i didn't bring pokemon with syncr ability LOL :D

current hunting:
cyndaquil is at 1560 eggs.
roggenrolla at 120 eggs
and uxie at 400 SRs

congratz everyone on your recent shinies and good luck on your current hunting :D
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Congrats to all recent shinies.

I started another Masuda hunt this week. This time I chose Furfrou as my target so as usual I started filling up to 5 boxes of Furfrou eggs and after a mere 77 eggs, a shiny male Furfrou appears from his egg. I nicknamed him Piére (It's still a pokémon that is based on a French Poodle), he has the Careful nature and perfect IV's in HP, Defense and Special Defense but has bad stats in Speed (I guess I could use him in a trick room team)

Good luck to all future shinies


Only 5 eggs after hatching Piére, I've hatched a second Shiny Furfrou. This time it's a female which I nicknamed Yvette. Like Piére, Yvette has a Careful nature and has 3 perfect IV's, only in Yvette's case, these are HP, Special Attack and Special Defense.
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Team Awesome
It's been one of those weeks for shiny hunting.

First, while doing my quad hunt, I finally got the shiny koffing on Black 2 at the Virbank area. And what do I do when it won't go in the ball at full health after killing the pokemon next to it? Yep, I made the rookie mistake of hitting run. -_- Grrrr.

Then I stayed there and hunted in Virbank in both Black 2 and White 2 to reclaim it, and found a second shiny patrat instead. I named it Frankie after ol' Blue Eyes himself. :D

At the same time I did a horde spam on the Fiery Path on OR, and found a second shiny numel instead.

Then my OR game must have taken pity on me, because in less than an hour the next day a blue koffing finally shone, and I caught it. :)

Now back to cacnea...


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Congrats to I, Pink Elephant on Lugia, Latios and Buneary, Ampharos_Spark on Jigglypuff, taufik386 on Woobat, Qwilfish, Entei, Chikorita, Terrakion, Landorus, Mienfoo, Spearow and Latias, Cyberra on Sentret, Trapinch, Kyurem, Tepig, Abra and Archen, oarfish on Snivy, darkpaladin2015 on Thundurus and Growlithe, Kafei on Shellos, Cpchris on Meditite, Scyther, Aipom and Marill, Paraqua on Snivy and Chatot, dark1raven3 on Tyrunt, Keovix on Heatran, Thundurus, Latios, Latias, Tornadus, Ho-Oh, Dialga and Giratina, KittyKitty3308 on Thundurus, Pluski on Thundurus, Latios, Regirock and Regice, Twilit Dragoon on Raikou and Entei, Sito on Cobalion and Cresselia, TheMaster327 on Darkrai, Shaymin and Lapras, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Latias, RaichuArcanine on Deino, RedJirachi on Regigigas and Cresselia, Shiny Lord on Reshiram, Kyurem, Raikou, Registeel, Chespin, Abra, Cresselia and Drowzee, TheShinyLunatone on Cresselia, PhazonRain429 on Reshiram and Zekrom, Akko on Chespin, Supremacy on Zigzagoon, wobbanut on Skorupi, Trubbish and Numel, LilyValley on Skarmory, Cresselia and Latias, MorganNAL on Zekrom, cryuel on Kyurem and Terrakion, Kingzard on Treecko and Charmander, maldoror on Azelf, Tepig, Archen and Treecko, Zero1999 on Latios, Pokepro1992 on Ho-Oh, razor fire on Zekrom and Latios, CharlieDoryRose on Flabebe and everyone else on your shinies.

Thanks to I, Pink Elephant, Ampharos_Spark, Cpchris, Crimson Penguin, Twilit Dragoon and Akko for the congrats and CosmicSparkles for the luck.

My Heart Gold has once again proved itself rather stubborn over the last month but tonight it finally decided to relent and gave me a shiny Oddish from Ilex Forest after 19,027 REs.


I am over the moon with this shiny. Years and years ago I had a shiny Gloom in my Fire Red that was long since lost due to a reset file (my first ever shiny) so to have one back from the same line is awesome. It was also my main target in Ilex Forest so to find it on the first phase is pretty nice as that is something that's not been happening too often for me. Once again though this BQ has given me a long hunt and this jumps past Heracross as my second longest so I'm beginning to think that this game giving me payback for all of the short hunts in my Fire Red at the end of last year. That said a long hunt had it's benefits this time as I was practically hunting on Kurt's doorstep meaning I could get a bunch of Apricorn Pokeballs every day.

Next for my BQ I'm going to SR for Sudowoodo in the hope that SRing will be kinder to me in this game than REing has been so far. First though I'm returning to my AS BQ which I haven't touched since I found my starter (which was also my last under odds hunt, nearly three months ago :(). I've also started a side hunt for Froakie in my Y version. It's a side hunt because the SRs take so long so I don't want to fully commit to it but I plan to do 100 SRs between finding shinies and starting new hunts.

Good luck hunting everyone :)

Shiny Lord

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So just got my first dexnav shiny. It was Audino at a chain of 40+. IVs are as follows:

#531 Audino [Impish]
IVs: 3 / 29 / 31 / 2, 3 / 5, 6 / 5, 6
Stats at Lv.60: 195|0 / 94|0 / 138|0 / 70|0 / 111|0 / 68|0

I know, terrible right?

Just hatched a shiny staryu on omega ruby. 194 eggs. Brave Nature.

#120 Staryu [Brave]
IVs: 0 - 31 / 10 - 31 / 26, 31 / 0 - 31 / 0 - 31 / 0 - 29
Stats at Lv.1: 11|0 / 6|0 / 6|0 / 6|0 / 6|0 / 5|0
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Congrats to Cpchris on Marril, skilax1234 on Fletchling, Shiny Lord on Drowzee, Staryu and Audino, Cyberra on Clamperl, Tyrogue, Pancham and Remoraid, TheMaster327 on Lapras, Lorde on Reshiram, LilyValley on Latias, taufik386 on Latias, Paraqua on Furfrou, wobbanut on Koffing, Patrart and Numel, Razoebadger on Oddish and everyone else on your shinies :)

Regirock shone in AS and it gave me a difficult time, it had 1HP plus sleeping and still refused to be caught, after a whole bunch of turns it was finally caught with a Luxury ball, was getting worried it could run out of PP and Struggle. Regirock has Mild nature (sync didn't work) and perfect IV's in HP, Def and Speed, it's Attack and Sp. Attack are good, Sp. Def is low.

I'll hunt Registeel now hope the Careful nature sync works this time, still hunting Landorus in OR.

Good luck to everyone on your current hunts! :)


pain in the ***
>.< I am developing a deep hatred for remoraid. I have, in the last 24 hours, caught six shiny freaking remoraid in the process of trying to find another clamperl. I have so had it with remoraid...

Terrakion is at 5,400 SRs. Snivy is bring a pain at 955 eggs.

Edit: Shiny snivy hatched from egg 958. He's timid-natured and somewhat vain, and got Overgrow instead of contrary. Pictures tomorrow.

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Congrats to all on your recent shinies and good luck on your ongoing hunts!

I have been mostly reviving fossils lately, looking for that little red star. I started with 30 cover fossils from my kid's Alpha Sapphire game. Got shiny Tirtuoga fairly quickly (less than three hours of SRs). I then traded over 30 skull fossils from my kid's game and found shiny Cranidos after about 400 seen. With this string of good luck, I decided to move over 30 helix fossils. 4,000+ seen later, Omanyte still has not shone. After it finally shines, I will trade over 30 old ambers.

Before anyone asks, I rock smash hunted all the fossils myself. I wouldn't take them away from my kid :).


But Nothing Happened
Congrats to everyone who has had success (especially Razorbadger...I didn't even know that was possible!) and good luck to those still searching.

So, my hunt for shiny Phanpy finally comes to an end. First 15 MM boxes...nothing. Second 15...nothing. Third 15, three frickn' shinies. Pretty happy though, as one of the females was the correct five IVs and can now be named Tree Trunks!

I am also, half-heartedly SRing for Zekrom about a half hour a night. Probably going to start another MM hunt, but not sure what. May go back to Larvesta--I already have 2, but I really want a five IV one. God, they take so long to hatch!


pain in the ***
Here's a shiny you don't hear anything about very often


Shiny finneon after 113 eggs. He's bold and mischievous, with Storm Drain. I was hoping he'd get the move Defog from his parent finneon, but apparently that move is not inheritable. Poo.

Next MM project will be a dragon dance larvitar.

Terrakion is at 5,700 SRs.

Has anyone ever gotten multiple shinies in one horde. Is there anyone lucky enough to have all 5 of the horde Pokemon shiny?!

I have seen hunters get two shiny zubats in one horde, two shiny geodude in one horde, and two shiny poochyena in one horde while live recording their hunts. The vids are on youtube. It's never happened to me, though. And the odds against all five horde pokemon being shiny must be astronomical.
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At 13,300 SR for FR Shiny Mewtwo

Has anyone ever gotten multiple shinies in one horde. Is there anyone lucky enough to have all 5 of the horde Pokemon shiny?!


Shiny Hunter!
Congrats to Cpchris on Marill, skilax1234 on Fletchling, Shiny Lord on Drowzee, Audino, and Staryu, Cyberra on Clamperl, Tyrogue, Pancham, Snivy, and Finneon, TheMaster327 on Lapras, Lorde on Reshiram, LilyValley on Latias, taufik386 on Latias, Paraqua on Furfrou, wobbanut on Patrat, Numel, and Koffing, Razorbadger on Oddish, Keovix on Regirock, maldoror on Tirtouga, Aesnath on Phanpy, and Pokepro1992 on Golbat!

Thanks Cpchris and Crimson Penguin for the good luck!

Still making good progress on my hunts. Chimchar has reached 19,000 SRs, Snivy is at 6,000 SRs, Weedle is at ~24,600 REs, and Raikou/Entei are at 1,630 total encounters. Phase 7 for Weedle is now my first ever hunt to reach triple odds, so that's cool I guess. I might do some more SRs for Raikou later tonight, if I'm in the mood. I'm on a 51k+ encounters dry spell between all of my games, so something has to shine soon, right?

Good luck to everyone hunting, especially Cpchris, Crimson Penguin, and Razorbadger!