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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Dangertrout, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    After several hours of trying and soooooooo many broken chains (I really should not try chain fishing after I've just woken up; my reflexes take longer to wake up than the rest of me...) I got my shiny red-stripe basculin after only 51 casts. Just wish the blue-stripe version was available in Y...


    Terrakion is at 8,100 SRs. Would have done more but I got shanghaied for errands again XP

    Heatmor is at 450 eggs.

    I tried with the super rod but all I got was more red-striped ones... I'll have to go try again.

    Edit: after 4,372 REs in a fighting safari, I have found a shiny sawk. He's hardy and takes plenty of siestas, with the ability Mold Breaker.


    Edit #2: I moved over to route 16 to super rod fish for a blue basculin to go with my red one since apparently there are no blue basculin on route 21 no matter which rod I use. After 21 casts I got... a poliwhirl XP Promptly dumped into wonder trade. The hunt for the blue piranha continues.

    Edit #3: ANOTHER poliwhirl after 9 casts XP. Go AWAY, poliwhirl!
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2015
  2. i2i

    i2i Big Bad Wolf

    The blue-strip version is available in Y but you need to use Super Rod.

    Anyway congratulations on your shiny red-strip basculin and good luck on both Terrakion and Heatmor.
  3. Skylander Sylveon

    Skylander Sylveon Top Coordinator

    Guess what I found in a certain Omega Ruby?! s:D

    A shiny Gulpin! :p I named her Willow and I wasn't even searching for her! Slambamsicals!

    I also found a shiny Ducklett in Pokemon X which I subsequently traded to my Omega Ruby file. :B The exact same Pokemon I was looking for, too! That was way back in last December but still, it was pretty exciting! I might even get into Shiny Hunting, with my luck ratio. >:^D
  4. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    Community Hunt complete!

    Shiny Shuppet appeared after 39 forced horde encounters.
  5. Paraqua

    Paraqua Beginning Trainer

    Congrats to all new shinies and good luck to all future shinies.

    I just completed the longest masuda method hunt since I got my shiny charm.

    After 349 eggs (last few shinies were all with in 150 eggs) , a beautiful shiny female Honedge popped up from her egg. Adamant nature with the abillity No Guard and Outstanding potential, she has 5 perfect IV's (Only missing out on ATK). I named her Erza, after Erza Scarlett from Fairy Tail.
  6. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    :D Easter shiny!


    Shiny heatmor! She's rash-natured, capable of taking hits, and got her HA, White Smoke :D So happy. She hatched after 574 eggs.

    Next target on my MM list is charmander, with egg moves and HA. Aiming for a timid nature.

    Terrakion is now over Gen V odds at 8,420 SRs.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  7. i2i

    i2i Big Bad Wolf

    Congratulations on your Shiny Heatmor and good luck on Terrakion, Charmander, and Blue Strip Basculin. Also one place that does have Blue Strip Basculin is Couriway Town but again need to use Super Rod and a heads up is they have a low encounter rate like 3 out of 10 with the other being Poliwhril.
  8. AceTrainerBen

    AceTrainerBen Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, I caught a shiny female ralts without modifiers like shiny charm or chains. Just before wally caught his regular male ralts (mega gallade) and have decided to use for my first everplay through oras.

    her stats are: 28/17/11/10/15/28. Hasty Nature + scatters things often..

    Has anyone else ever done anything like this? she's not got the best iv's in the world and i wasn't planning on using gardevoir, but I thought it'd be cool to use against my in game rival if i gave her with reflect or will o wisp.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So Friday evening I did another 70 or so horde encounters for my Shiny hunt in Y version, and I also did 90 soft resets in total for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt on Ruby version last night and part of this morning. By the way, good luck to others on their Shiny hunts as well.
  10. ShiningKnightXY

    ShiningKnightXY <----Newest Shiny

    I am pretty done with counting, Azelf is at about 2600 srs with with about 2-3 weeks into it. I hope I get it by next week since I have all of spring break to hunt and I wouldn't mind ending this hunt to start up Uxie or Mesprit.
  11. GooberTheAlmightyMudkip

    GooberTheAlmightyMudkip I herd u liek me?

    I think I'm done with random/horde/safari shiny encounters, because they tend to be so weak that they just end up sitting in my p.c. box gathering computerized dust. From now on, all my hunts will be MM or SR/RA. Anyways, I have 4 new shinies. I bred an Espurr like two days ago, trying to get a prankster one, but it ended up being female. But it did get its HA. Then I bred a Ferroseed. Nothing much to say about it. taught it leech seed, relaxed nature, iron barbs because anticipation on a ferrothorn is dumb. Then I bred two Grimers, because the first didn't get it's HA. I'm sure atleast one of those can learn Trick, so CH probably completed!!!
  12. CreeperNinjaGamer

    CreeperNinjaGamer Warlord of Shinies

    MMing Frillish for the CH! Currently in the process of gathering 4 boxes of eggs, I hope to get quite a lot done tomorrow. See you all then!
  13. TheEliteEmpoleon

    TheEliteEmpoleon Well-Known Member

    No Easter shiny for me today to match my April fools one, but it seems like a few had luck. Congrats to all! After I saw the CH I decided to go for a lake guardian instead of Ho-oh, so Mesprit is what I'm hunting now. It's probably at around 1000 srs so far. I'm about to hunt for an hour or two, which will bring me to the end of spring break. It's given me 2 shinies, but one more would really make it awesome. In case I don't have to edit this later though, good luck!
  14. Cyberra

    Cyberra pain in the ***

    Am still in the fighting safari looking for the last tyrogue I need... After 91 encounters I find my fourth shiny meditite. Meditite learns Trick via move tutor, which means community hunt complete!

    Terrakion is at 8,500 SRs. Charmander MM has only begun and is at 5 eggs.

    Edit: After 386 encounters in the fighting safari, I have at last found the last shiny tyrogue I need! He's Quirky and somewhat vain, with the ability Guts. I just need to train its ATK up a bit so it'll evolve into hitmontop, the last evolution I need. I can now move over to a grass safari.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  15. Keovix

    Keovix Well-Known Member

    Congrats to Ponymon on Chimchar, razor fire on Delibird, taufik386 on Mime Jr., NitroLightingFlash on Latios, Cyberra on Poliwhirl, Sawk, Meditite, Heatmor and Basculin, Shiny Lord on Rotom, Samus-Aran on Regigigas, Skylander Sylveon on Ducklett and Gulpin, Meowth City on Shuppet, Paraqua on Honedge, AceTrainerBen on Ralts, GooberTheAlmightyMudkip on Grimer, Espurr and Ferroseed and everyone else on your shinies :)

    Found Registeel in OR, same strategy as previous battles, false swipe and sleep powder, caught Registeel with a Luxury Ball just like Regirock, when the time comes I'll use Luxury balls to catch Regice and Regigigas if possible.

    Registeel has Bold nature and perfect IV's in Attack, Sp.Attack and Sp.Def, also a 25-27 IV in both HP and Speed.

    Next target is Regice and I'm still hunting Palkia in AS and Steelix in HG/SS.

    Good luck to everyone on your current hunts! :)
  16. Paraqua

    Paraqua Beginning Trainer

    Well after another 15 eggs, I managed to hatch another shiny Honedge. It's another female which I nicknamed Scarlett (Also after Erza Scarlett from Fairy Tail) and like my previous shiny Honedge Erza, Scarlett also is Adamant nature and has 5 perfect IV's, only missing out on ATK
  17. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Congrants on the recent shinies guys !
    As for me I hatched my next MM hunt in a sweet 48th egg count

    Here's the info:

    Abillity: Sturdy
    Nature: Jolly
    IV's: 19/31/31/31/31/31
    - Ice Fang
    - Fire Fang
    - Thunder Fang
    - Dragon Dance

    Very happy about it's HA ! It was in my second box too
    I don't mind the 19 IV HP, imma focus sash it anyway.

    If anyone wants some Female HA Tyrunts with 5V's let me know because I have like 5 leftovers
    in case you want to MM breed it or something.

    Good luck fellow shiny hunters !
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  18. nickM

    nickM Well-Known Member

    I'm SO happy right now, i decided to SR for a shiny Mesprit, after 5000 soft resets i stopped counting.. it was SO mind numbing, but i didnt want to stop because that would felt like a waste to me...

    And today it FINALLY paid of ^^

  19. ohjeezitskim

    ohjeezitskim Well-Known Member

    Welp, still no luck with Snivy. I finished my requests (but now onto a new one)
    and no shiny in 120 Snivy eggs (bringing the total to 1,585 I believe)
    I'm pretty sure with MMing and breeding for IVs/Abilities I'm at around 1.8k-2k eggs without a shiny.
    Ugh, don't be a Gligar hunt!

    ;-; I can't wait until this hunt is over so I can go do other things lol
  20. Nakashima

    Nakashima Well-Known Member

    Ok, it's been an eternity since I've posted anything here. Lets see.. Yep, my last post was on page 817! So forgive me for this giant blanket congratulations, there's no way I'll go back and actually do individual congratulations for all those pages. So, congratulations to everyone that's gotten a shiny since page 817!


    A lot has happened since I last posted, unfortunately not a lot of it has to do with shiny hunting, so I'll just leave it at real life got hectic and I had to take a break from hunting, sadly. I recently picked up my Eevee hunts again though, and oh boy am I glad I did! As some of you may know, I had embarked on a journey to get all shiny eeveelutions. And as some of you may also know, the only hunting in gen 6 that I get any kind of satisfaction from, are MM hunts, as Im not a fan at all of the increased odds in gen 6. I therefore also refuse to ever pick up shiny charms, despite having a living dex in my pokebank. Not judging anyone that likes the easier hunts, to each their own, but it simply just isnt for me.

    So, my Eevee were hunted in my X game, through Masuda Method. Before my forced break, I hatched 4 shiny Eevee, at 458, 448, 540 and 721 eggs. I had started hatching some eggs for the 5th one, but simply didnt have the time to keep going. I actually had quite a few eggs still stored in my box, so when I picked my hunts back up recently, I was able to go hatching straight away. 268 eggs into it, I hatched a shiny Eevee! I hatched it on March 22nd. This poor shiny had been in an unhatched egg since September 14th 2014! The poor thing! That same day, I kept on hatching the last few eggs out of my old box, and what do you know.. 18 eggs after the last shiny Eevee, another one hatched. Just 18 eggs, I wasnt expecting that at all! Thats another poor egg out of the same batch. Two shiny Eevee had been waiting for me to hatch them for a little over 6 months. Spirits renewed, I set out to gather and hatch more eggs. March 31st, I got lucky again, with another Shiny Eevee at 740 eggs. I got real excited, because hey, I was only 1 Eevee away from completing my collection! So I kept on gathering and hatching. On April 2nd, after 281 eggs, my last shiny Eevee hatched.
    Meaning my collection is finally complete. I started evolving them the same day, and am currently training them up. Pictures in the spoiler!
    Note: I dont care at all about natures, so they probably dont match up with the pokemon at all.









    When I'm done training these cuties all to lvl 100 (I just feel the need to, no real reason behind it other than my own insanity), I'll probably pick my Snivy hunt back up. That one started as a side hunt to my White 2 BQ, but its turned into something more personal. I know my actual number is higher, but the last recorded number for my Snivy SRs I can find is 10,700 SRs. So I'll be counting from there :)
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015

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