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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


<----Newest Shiny
Hey everyone! Here's a preview of my new Shiny Card! I made it myself because I thought everyone else had too masculine of a Shiny Card design.

How do you like it?

Good luck on the Shiny Hunts as always!

The irony is that my brother and I collected about half of the same shinies. That was before he accidently deleted the game. :(


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Ha ha ha after a VERY short 178 soft resets I got my bold shiny registeel and that's good it means my synchronizer worked yet again, I will post its summary momentariy Mwa ha ha, I'm now trying for Azelf then possibly braviary if possible, I'm at 1240 soft resets for Azelf now, wish me luck
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I'm picking up my old hunt for Abra in the Game Corner, however I may trade a Abra over to my White 2 for Masuda Reasons. I need a Synchronizer. -w-'

As for my Secret Target, after a bit of breeding I realised it has Muddy Water! So wanting it to have Swift Swim like some of the offspring do. Also wanting it to be a male. Sheesh, I'm so picky


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Okay, so I'm having to stop SRing for chimchar at 140, yet I'm still going strong at Magnemite with 2095.
Congrats on everyone's shinies!


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Quick congrats to everyone who got shinies lately! Especially, as many people have said, to Master on their successful Ducklett hunt!
I think it's been to long since I last posted to go through and list all of you, but I have been reading the thread everyday!

Just thought I'd finally post an update since it's been a while. Village Bridge (White 2) still hasn't produced any shinies after 10,152 RE, despite having the Shiny Charm for nearly half of that. I think mine must be broken so far, but I'll just carry on and hope for the best! My boyfriend told me to go somewhere else since I'm tired of seeing blue Marills and red Zangooses, but I'm determined to get something at Village Bridge after all this time!
I also started my Black 2 Badge Quest today! Currently SR-ing for Snivy despite planning to get my first badge shiny at Floccesy Ranch. I'll see how long I can last with Bianca's constant talking and then I'll either get a shiny Snivy or move to the Ranch, I don't mind either way!
As for my Platinum Badge Quest, still not starting it till I get a shiny on White 2, but I'm starting to consider SR-ing for Chimchar. Not sure though since I've heard a few people complain that Platinum is a pain to reset for the starters. If not, I'll be at Route 202 hoping for a Shinx or a Starly! SoulSilver is still taken up by my Nuzlocke, but I still plan to do a 16 Gym Badge Quest after I've finished one of my other BQs!

Good luck everyone on your shiny hunting endeavors, and send me luck for White 2 to give me something D:


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Soft resetting on the 3DSXL is fine. You just press L, R, SELECT and START at the same time (L and R being the shoulder buttons. SELECT and START are located on either side of the home button.)

I am now 120 eggs into my Zorua shiny hunt. I am mm'ing and I have the shiny charm but still no luck. I expect to get one before 1000 eggs but it's all about luck.
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Does soft resetting my 3DSXL damage my system in any way? And if it doesn't, how do you do that? xD

Hope asking questions isn't against the rules.

Just don't press down really hard on the shoulders. That broke mine once. Also a lot of people use rubber bands to hold them down without having to press them all the time, but I don't know if that does anything bad.


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Just don't press down really hard on the shoulders. That broke mine once. Also a lot of people use rubber bands to hold them down without having to press them all the time, but I don't know if that does anything bad.

I've used rubber bands before, and while it makes SR'ing much easier, you don't want to keep them on all the time, or you risk wearing out the L/R buttons. That temporarily happened to my brother's 3DS, but since they work now, maybe it's not a huge risk. I'd still exercise caution with rubber bands, since I also broke a few rubber bands that were strained too much.

Meanwhile, I've been getting great progress on my BQ, at 6400 RE's. I still hope to see a Rhyhorn, simply because it would be easier to weaken it without any risks, so I can catch it in a Premier Ball easily. I've also never used one in-game, so it would be a much more fresh experience in comparison to the others. Congrats on the recent shinies, and good luck to all!


Egg 125!
First off, congrats to cocoa on the shiny Eevee, DizzyCobraMew on the Registeel, Jonny7197 on the Chikorita, and last but not least TheMaster327 for FINALLY finding your Ducklett!!

As for myself, how about two shinies in a week!?

My semi mystery hunt is over! After 498 eggs a Jolly, shiny Rufflet hatched!!

He's now a shiny, blue Braviary! Although I'm a little disappointed with his HP, Defense, and Special Defense stat, but I think I'll get over it!

Images, Pokecheck, and video below - and of course, my sig has been updated with the new Black 2 frames as that's what I'm playing now!!

Image: http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m597/dansbphotobucket/RuffletShiny_zps6d858f44.jpg

Pokecheck: http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m597/dansbphotobucket/RuffletPokecheck_zps0277f3f6.jpg

And video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32nr5k9ZPE8

Now, who to hunt next? Good luck all!
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Congrats on all the shinies!
So, I'm stopping for the night, with 2,174 Magnemite's encountered (I'm just counting Magnemites) and 140 Chimchars. (Fun fact: I'm only using 2 DS's one for each target 3DS with Black 2 for Magnemite, and DSi with Pearl for Chimchar)
Good Luck on everyones hunt!


Mr. Robot-O
I have restarted B2 for a BQ and still hunting for the CH.
Although my hunts have been hampered by recent events,
hopefully I can get a second shiny to stack up with my hunt for
at least two shinies a month.

Come on, which one of you is going to shine?

Oh and congrats to all who have gotten their shinies over the week.
May more come easily and hopefully not tragically.


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Officially off and running with my Route 7 hunt... A question - how much of a boost does the Lucky Power first level give 5%ers?


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Almost back to hunting. All i need now is gen IV and ill have my shiny charm. Looks like ill only have trouble getting dialga, landorus and thundurus. My paused hunt is at 20,800 encounters. Is it OK to ask for a trade and trade back with these? PM so it doesn't get all cluttered. Sooo close


Fear the Deer
This is absolutely insane. I was hunting in Diglett's Cave for a Shiny when I decided that a Shiny Diglett/Dugtrio was boring. So, after mulling it over, I decided that I would go for a Shiny Magikarp by fishing instead. Sure, I've gotten a Red Gyarados before multiple times, but I happen to like its coloration. Guess what I found on the FIRST FREAKING ENCOUNTER after switching?

My reaction was more like my Shiny Kyurem, in which I was excited and more disbelieving. I pretty much was yelling the same thing both times. This is officially my fastest hunt. I mean, if you want to get technical I did ~850 RE's in Diglett's Cave.

Its Lonely (I guess that's why it decided to appear?). It actually took about Four Poke Balls to catch. This makes number 3 on my Leaf Green Badge Quest. While I have pics, I really don't feel like uploading them right now. Might do it at a later time.


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I did not expect to be here so quickly, but...

Yup! Shiny Rhyhorn decided to say hi just a few hours ago, while visiting a cousin of mine! 6895 RE's, but it's still so soon since Seviper, it's kinda tough to believe. Like all my BQ shinies so far, it's male, but then it's Modest natured. :p I'm not complaining though, since it was the one I wanted the most. Two crits from Astonish scared me a bit, even though I knew it was no worry, but other than that, it was a low risk capture, and I even got it in a Premier Ball like I wanted! :D

Anyway, I'll be on Route 213 next for BQ #5, hoping for a Buizel or Wingull, but anything, even Shellos is totally acceptable. Congrats to YNCRN on Rufflet and Draknir on Magikarp! Also, good luck everyone!


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Congrats on your Ryhorn! Rhyperior is a lovely shiny. As for my Badge Quest on White 2 I'm on 14,525 encounters. I've started hunting at the Ranch a little differently: I let my static Mareep faint and so my Shiny Servine gets sent out first. I've turned battle scenes off so I'm defeating the pokemon instead of running as I might as well get some experience from this hunt. I'm putting my full focus to this hunt now as I really want something before 20k. Before I move on to my next BQ hunt which will be Eevee-I need to finish up all my other hunts(Blitzle MM-White, Eevee SR-Soulsilver, Starters SR-Heartgold, Turtwig MM-Black 2, Growlithe MM-Black 2, Bulbsaur SR-Firered, Chimchar SR-Platinum). I'm also thinking of doing BQ's on White, Platinum, Firered and maybe Heartgold too. My next update will either be when I hit 20k or when something shines. Good luck everyone! =)