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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


I herd u liek me?
I just got Shiny Pumpkaboo in the friend safari after 3 RE, and I wasn't even hunting. I was gathering HA pokemon to breed later.
Anyways, congratulations to anyone who caught a shiny recently, and good luck to anyone currently engaged in a hunt.


Shiny Hunter
Gratz to 2rsa on Lugia and Cresselia, razor fire on Cresselia, Heatran, and Lugia, Aesnath on Lugia, Paraqua on Vulpix, Cpchris on Dialga, maldoror on Kabuto, Roseheart95 on Ekans, Keovix on Virizion, and everyone else!

So sorry about that Throh, RaichuArcanine! If only your Watchog was one level higher you wouldn't have failed. =[


So yesterday I decided to check my activity log to find out how many hours I've put into Lileep and it turned out to be 88 hours! ...Which only equals to around 6.6k SRs. Like, wut!? I was so sure I was atleast over 10k lol. I have to remember that I don't hardcore hunt as much as I use to or I would've really been at like 20k by now. Anyways, this is still my 5th consecutive over-odds hunt for this BQ and I can't wait til its over, my least favorite badge quest by far >.<!.

Good luck everyone!

razor fire

Well-Known Member
I've begun my shiny hunting for Registeel, and afterwards I will shiny hunt for Regice. For the former, I've done 300 SRs. For the latter, I want to know at what point do the sparkles appear

It usually takes around half a second before the text "Regice appeared" (or something like that) pops up when the battle starts. Regice will then be halfway through his animation sequence. If regice is shiny, the sparkles appear first before the text pops up, and Regice will also complete his animation fully before the camera changes to the player sending out a pokemon.
I don't know if I can explain it any better than that, but I suggest looking at a few shiny regice videos on youtube and take note of when the sparkles appear, the animation that regice does at the start of the battle, and when the text box appears.
Other than that, I suggest SRing with your sound on if possible. It makes the whole thing a lot easier!

Good luck! :D


Shiny Breeder
So today I managed to finish the Regis Trio :p
I was doing my homework and was like, lets take a break, last shiny I got was Cresselia a month ago, so I go to Regirock again after many tries on other days.
After less than 15 mins shiny appears xD. Was an easy battle, Metagross Hold Back a few times and Hypnosis by Politoad, was able to catch it in a Luxury Ball and its Careful nature, so synch worked :). Havent checked IVS yet, but I think it has perfect spa xD.
Now I am hunting for Entei, lets see how it goes. I cannot believe I am almost done getting all the legendary shinies in AS, just 7 more to go :D
Good luck everyone and gratz on all the new shinies!


Veteran member
At 900. After so many quick shinies, I thought that luck would continue. But I guess even 3000 is lucky. I plan on doing 600 every Monday and Tuesday, and 300 each Wendsay and Thursday. Congrats of Keovix for getting Virizion-that's 28 times faster than I managed with it


pain in the ***
After 1,198 REs in the normal safari, while hunting minccino and aipom, I have found a shiny ditto! It's quiet-natured and alert to sounds, with max IVs in SpDEF and SPD, and caught in a dive ball. I have a shiny ditto already, but it's a 6IV and most likely a clone. This one has my name as the OT, so I will be keeping it. Any more that I might catch during this hunt will be startling people in the wonder trade system.


Latias is at 1,200 SRs. Glameow is at 570 eggs.
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<----Newest Shiny
Got two shiny Gothita yesterday in the same chain. I am so glad my patience has paid off with this method. Both are Modest thanks to my syncher and one has Shadow Tag while the other has Frisk. Frisk has max Def, Sp. Atk, and Speed so it is definitely viable. Shadow Tag sadly is restricted to only max Sp. Atk but I wont complain. Both can learn trick, so that means

CH Hunt Completed ×2


Beginning Trainer
Congrats to all the new shinies.

I went for another Masuda hunt, this time Tyrunt being the target. After 152 eggs, a shiny male Tyrunt pops out of his egg. I named him Tanza (As in the gemstone Tanzanite) and has perfect IV's in HP, DEF, Sp. ATK and Sp. DEF.

Good luck to all future shinies


Team Awesome
I finally got one of my targets this week! After weeks of trekking through that annoying desert in OR that I couldn't successfully use the DexNav on, a brown little cactus finally popped up. :D Yay, I've been wanting shiny cacnea for quite some time. She's even female, like I'm pretty sure James's was.

Before that this week, I had gone too long without any shinies on OR, so I decided to reset the encounter numbers with a fishing chain, and got a golden magickarp, my second. :)

Then while hunting in the desert on Black 2 (yes, I'm a glutton for punishment), I got a shiny darumakka. He's so pink and cute.

I'm going to lay off the quad hunting for a while, so I won't be getting quite so many. I'm just going to work on a few more pokemon I'm hoping for in OR, then I'm going back to Y and finish it, and start AlphaSapphire. I'm also thinking of MMing again, which I haven't done for awhile because I got frustrated after hundreds of buneary eggs and then I got a wild shiny one in Black 2. I'll see if I can get spinarak because I can't seem to find one in HeartGold.


Shiny Collector~
So i decided to pick back up on my white BQ that i took a break from. Been about 6 months since i last hunted on it. I did roughly about 1.3k encounters and this beauty graces my screen!


i think maybe ill start my BQ back up again seeings as i just got #4.
Grats to everyone and good luck those still on the hunt!
Edit: Also solosis can learn trick so CH complete!
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Veteran member
At 1200 for Registeel. I'm thinking of making Eon Ticket Latios the last thing I do. That way, my Shedinja will be at a great level. Thanks to the shiny event Palkia, I can expect Nest Balls to finally be useful

I'm thinking of breeding a Sturdy Pokemon with Endeavor


Big Bad Wolf
After a few days of REs in the Ghost Safari I've finally completed the CH for this month yesterday evening when I encounter a Shiny Shuppet. Its female with a Serious nature (unfortunately Sync failed) and with the ability Insomnia.


But Nothing Happened
Congrats to the successful (PegasusxSeiya, maldoror, Roseheart95 (sort of, god that’s a lot of encounters),Keovix, Sito, ShiningKnightXY, wobbanut, Yoitsdaffy, i2i), good luck to those still looking (Martinzqx, Paraqua, ohjeezitskim (again, sorry!), maskofsanity1998, Supremacy (that’s a lot of hours!), RedJirachi). Also, I feel ya RaichuArcanine—hope this means you’ll get the Rufflet easier.

After MMing six boxes of shroomish in two box groups, I got a shiny male shroomish (4IV missing SpD, poison heal). Seems pretty good for its purpose of being a hunter pokemon. At any rate, I’m having some difficulty deciding between names, so if anyone has input, I’d love to hear it. I’m trying to decide between “Goomba” and “Yoshi.” The first name fits the first form, but not breloom as much. However, it is a bit less “on the nose” and the Mafioso connection seems to fit a poke who is essentially abducting other pokes. Breloom just looks like a Yoshi though.

EDIT: Neat, my banner changed!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to maldoror on Kabuto, Roseheart95 on Ekans, Keovix on Virizion, Sito on Regirock, Paraqua on Tyrunt, wobbanut on Cacnea and Darumaka, Yoitsdaffy on Solosis, Aesnath on Shroomish, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, Keovix and Supremacy :)


I’ve got the Dialga video up! I also finished leveling it up to 100 so now I’m back at Spear Pillar to get Palkia and complete my first legendary trio :)
Black 2 is at 4,700 REs, Platinum is at 500 SRs, and HeartGold is at 5,800 HBs. Probably won’t have time to hunt today since I work all day.

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, skilax1234, Nakashima, Supremacy, and Lunafloon)!


so if anyone has input, I’d love to hear it[/B]. I’m trying to decide between “Goomba” and “Yoshi.” The first name fits the first form, but not breloom as much. However, it is a bit less “on the nose” and the Mafioso connection seems to fit a poke who is essentially abducting other pokes. Breloom just looks like a Yoshi though.
Sorry for deleting part of the post. But if I were you I must go for Yoshi, my favorite cartoon character! It is also fitting.

Speaking of myself, been very busy these few months and dont have time to do any hunt.
After my exam on early May, I should be going to get X or Y. It seems chance for shiny is much higher in VI than other generation.


Well-Known Member
Congrats to Crimson Penguin on Gliscor (seriously lucky!), Cyberra on Tangela Charmander Fraxure and Ditto, 2rsa on Lugia and Cresselia, razor fire on Cresselia and Heatran, Asenath on Lugia (Seriously happy your reclaim didnt take long!) and Larvesta, Paraqua on Vulpix and Tyrunt, CpChris on Dialga (Nice to see some 4th gen hunts!), maldoror on Kabuto, Roseheart95 on Ekans, Keovix on Virizion, Sito on Regirock, ShiningKnightXY on Gothita x2, wobbanut on Cacnea Magikarp and Darumakka, Yoitsdaffy on Solosis (one of my favorite shinies!), and i2i on Shuppet!

So sorry about your Throh, RaichuArcanine :(. *hug*


So, I've not been hunting quite as much as I had hoped, but oh well what can you do. I've been extremely exhausted the past few days, been sleeping about 12-13 hours every night and then still get exhausted halfway through the day. Cant wait for this first trimester stuff to disappear, pregnancy isnt easy.. I've still managed to do roughly 250 SRs per day though, not counting today as its only 11am, of course. I know 250 really isnt a lot, but hey, its something! Its 1000 every 4 days!

Seems I'm actually right on scedule, I wanted to do 50 on Sunday, and 250 every day thereafter. Which would mean a total of 1050 by yesterdaynight. That just happens to be the exact number I've done, so when averaging, it works out. No shiny yet sadly, but I'm now at 11.750 SRs for my Snivy. Little bugger is showing no signs of wanting to shine, but I'm not giving up. One day this darn snake will sparkle for me! Kind of feeling like this hunt will be a 30k+ hunt, but we'll see. Hopefully it will shine well before that, but I cant shake the feeling that it'll actually take that long.

Thanks for the goodluck wishes, everyone! :) And good luck to everyone, especially those with hunts over the odds. *tosses sparkle dust*


You can call me Bliz
Hey guys congrats on all the shinies! and don't give up for those hunting!

Decided to play some fire red and wanted to fish for a shiny magikarp for my first hunt. at 1,394 encounters right now after 6 days and wanting it to shine badly so i can move onto next hunts! this is my first shiny hunt so I hope it comes fast :)


pain in the ***
After 1,639 encounters in the friend safari, a second shiny ditto has appeared. This one is mild-natured, with max IVs in DEF and SpATK, and has the ability Limber. It's about to hit the wonder trade system while I resume my hunt for minccino and aipom.

Latias is at 1,900 SRs. Glameow is playing coy at 970 eggs.


So these past few days I did around 75 horde encounters on Route 5 on my main Y version for Shinies with no luck sadly. I've also done like 80+ soft resets on Ruby for my ongoing Shiny Rayquaza hunt. Good luck to others and congratulations to everyone who managed to find Shinies this week. I'm envious. :p