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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Eh, got bored of Porygon. Gonna go back to Zekrom


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Eh, got bored of Porygon. Gonna go back to Zekrom

Good luck, I've been hunting Zekrom myself for a while now, off and on for months and I just started back up a few days ago, I'm getting really bored of it, but I hope you get yours soon!


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I didn't catch any shinies today but I did get 2 from Wonder Trade, a shiny Tyrunt and a shiny Aromatisse. I've also been SRing on Alpha Sapphire for a shiny Starter but I'm taking a break and trying to hatch a shiny Torchic with Speed Boost to use on there. And I think I'm going to start playing Diamond to get another Master Ball and maybe go for a shiny Ho-oh or Mewtwo on HG/SS.


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Congrats to Azulart on Roggenrola, TheEmeraldKnight on Buneary, Twilit Dragoon on Regice, ShiningKnightXY on Latias, gtbuzz737 on Lugia, kirkeastment on Registeel, Paraqua on Rufflet, ShiningKnightXY on Registeel and Raikou, StrongBad456 on Squirtle, Razorbadger on Poliwag, NotABeginningTrainer on Latios, StrongBad456 on Groudon, Crystagon on Sableye, ShiningKnightXY on Virizion, SkyMew on Moltres and Zapdos, kirkeastment on Regigigas, TheMaster327 on Diglett, Lorde on Ducklett, Phillies on Virizion, RazorBadger on Camerupt, Cyberra on Turtwig, umbreonfan3636 on Mudkip, litleo729 on Totodile, Keane on Murkrow, Razorbadger on Sandshrew, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the good luck, ShiningKnightXY, Crimson Penguin, and Aesnath :) And thanks for the congrats, Keane!


I’ve been working more on leveling up my HG shinies…I just can’t wait D: Ho-Oh, Rattata, Bellossom, and Poliwhirl are all now level 100, and I’m working on Pidgeot and Nidoking now. Then I just have Furret, Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr, and the last two even get bonus XP since they were traded over.

I also did 100 SRs for Chimchar while I was training one day last week, plus 100 yesterday and 50 today, just to get some hunting in while training, so Chimchar’s at 2,000 SRs.

Otherwise, the hunting has still been slow…But I had today off, so I managed 400 REs and 200 SRs. Black 2 is now at 8,000 REs, Platinum is at 3,100 SRs, and HeartGold is at 9,100 HBs. Yikes, only 3.1k SRs in a month?! Considering I’ve been hunting most days, I think this is a record low for a time that I was hunting. I think once I finish leveling all my HeartGold shinies to 100, I’ll be less distracted…

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Keane, Shy, Ruru_star, sksilax1234, Nakashima, and Lunafloon)!


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congrat everyones on your recent shinies and good luck on your current hunting :)

update from me since my last post:

got shiny minccino, sandile, swirlix, shuppet, spearow, braixen, grumpig and fraxure from safari friends.

got shiny gible, duskull, dieno, solrock, delibird, east shellos, lombre and seviper using dexnav.

Last Tuesday, got shiny Giratina after 2218 soft resets

and just hatched shiny ducklett after only 93 eggs.

current hunting: Regirock, MM-ing sentret, vanilite and castform :D


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Congrats to Razorbadger with Sandshrew, Alexander18 with Oddish x2, Sandshrew, Shuppet, Magnemite and Bagon and to taufik386 with minccino, sandile, swirlix, shuppet, spearow, braixen, grumpig, fraxure, gible, duskull, deino, solrock, delibird, east shellos, lombre, seviper, Giratina and Ducklett.

Last Saturday I wanted to try a horde hunt in Meteor Falls and at the first horde encounter, a male shiny Zubat showed up which I named Nosferatu. Impish nature with Inner Focus.

And today, after 363 eggs, a shiny female Cubone hatched which I nicknamed Emerald. Adamant nature with Lightning Rod (Might change that later).

Good luck to all future shinies


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Well, my ongoing hunt for the mythical blue dragonfly continues.

I returned to playing Y a few days ago, having left off at the first visit to Lumiose several months ago, and got to Geosenge last night. I decided since I was in the area I'd try horde spamming for a shiny yanma, which has been unsuccessful between X, Black2, and White2, yielding two shiny nosepass, three gurdurrs, and one palpitoad, and I hadn't had a shiny in Y yet. So I did a few dozen horde spams, and guess what?

Nosepass #3. -_-

I guess a shiny's a shiny, but I really want a shiny yanma one of these days.


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Alright, I hatched a shiny Torchic with Speed Boost! Now I can trade him over to AS and begin my quest on there. Congratulations to you guys that got shinies and good luck to anyone still searching.


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I can't make a proper post because my laptop is broken and it is sooo awkward on my phone, but I'm just popping in to say hi and do a mini update!
I've not been hunting for a few months now; my long Relic Castle hunt is really killing my motivation for shiny hunting at all. But I have dedicated this week to shiny hunting and watching Pokémon on Netflix, so I'm hoping if I update now it'll help get me in the spirit more!

Update 1; Relic Castle/Black 2 is now at around 36,000, and its been about 8,000 since I shamelessly hacked in a shiny charm for my own sanity. Still really really desperate for Sandile!
Update 2; Did a decent amount of starter resets in HG and SS the past 2 days but nothing yet.
Update 3; Still going for Mudkip on AlphaSapphire though I admit I haven't done many SR for that yet.
Update 4; I did manage to nab a shiny Helioptile on Y in a Friend Safari with no shiny charm this morning! Male with a Brave nature; named him Crimson. I'll probably evolve him later! I can't attach a picture from my mobile but my instagram is Lunafloon if anyone is that curious haha ^^

Good luck everyone on your hunts, and sorry I can't really reply properly. I think I might go back and read a few pages later tonight though so I'll wish you all luck as I go along! Any encouragement on Sandile as always would help... I feel so drained UAU


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No new shines for me. I still have not done much in the way of hunting, but I am trying to bring some motivation back.

I'm mainly focusing on MMs in OR and RAs for Eon ticket Latios in AS. I'm at 600 MMs in OR and I'm at 4 days of hunting Latios in AS(since I no longer have a record of how many total RAs I've done so far and the number I've gotten to is 999). Only a few hours for each of those days by the way.

Congrats on the recent shines and good luck to all ongoing hunts.
No new shines for me. I still have not done much in the way of hunting, but I am trying to bring some motivation back.

I'm mainly focusing on MMs in OR and RAs for Eon ticket Latios in AS. I'm at 600 MMs in OR and I'm at 4 days of hunting Latios in AS(since I no longer have a record of how many total RAs I've done so far and the number I've gotten to is 999). Only a few hours for each of those days by the way.

Congrats on the recent shines and good luck to all ongoing hunts.

If it helps I have been hunting Latios for a while now and I can get 100 RA's done in around 30-40 minutes depending on how much I am paying attention.

As for me Latios is at 13,100. I just got back from Costa Rica and I had finals before that so I've only gotten 100 RA's done in over two weeks. Haha.

Good luck to everyone! Especially those struggling with long hunts like me.


I herd u liek me?
In the process of hunting for my first shiny legend, Cresselia. I'm at 719 sr's and I'm bored out of my mind. PEOPLE!!!! LEND ME YOUR SHINY HUNTING LUCK!!!!


pain in the ***
After 1,016 REs the flying safari yields its first shiny!


Shiny hawlucha! He's gentle and mischievous, with Unburden, and he's named after the Aztec god of war. Gonna stay in this safari and try for farfetch'd and a pair of tranquill, one of each gender for both forms of unfezant.

Heatran is at 7,200 SRs. Yanma is at 510 eggs. Route 14 is at 1,550 hordes.


Hunting Sparkles
[img139]http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t507/RaichuUploader/Shiny%20Pokemon/IMG_8910_zpswrafscrz.jpg[/img139]...Is this real life? Ok, so about an hour or so ago, I'm on Shiny Hunters United, chatting to CrashandCortex,Storm_Dragoon and TheMaster327. I battle Crash and seeing his Shiny Slurpuff makes me see how wonderful the shiny is. I decide to do my first ever hunt in a Fairy friend safari on my Y, with Swirlix, Kirlia and Floette. 45 mins later, I look down at my 3ds and Shiny Swirlix! After 50 RE's. Scared the hell out of me. I'm not used to hunts being this quick. He's Calm, Mischevious, has his HA, and his IV's are: 2/3/27/31/9/31! Wow. Hearing the sparkles and seeing it made me jump in my chair. Earlier today I gathered 2 and a half boxes of Rufflet eggs on White, and reached my qouta of 500 Lapras SR's on Soulsilver for a total of 2,000 SR's. Wow! Here's some more pics :) I'm very happy with him, *huggles*
Chimchar is at 20,647 SR's. Congrats on all the recent shinies and best of luck to all :).Thsis hunt took 45 minutes and I can't believe it was so quick!

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to Cyberra on Marowak, Palpitoad, Turtwig, Swirlix, Snubbull, and Hawlucha, Alexander18 on Vanillite, Whismur, Shuppet, Oddish x2, Sandshrew, Magnemite, and Bagon, Aesnath on Teddiursa x2, Ditto x3, Kecleon x2, and Dedenne, StrongBad456 on Squirtle, Groudon, and Torchic, Razorbadger on Poliwag, Camerupt, and Sandshrew, NotABeginningTrainer on Latios, Sydwinx on Smeargle, Crystagon on Sableye, ShiningKnightXY on Virizion, SkyMew on Moltres and Zapdos, kirkeastment on Regigigas, TheMaster327 on Diglett, Lorde on Ducklett, Phillies on Machop, Virizion, Seviper, and Emolga, Emperor Empoleon on the Hoppips, Scraggy, Vanillite, Seviper, and Swablu, umbreonfan3636 on Mudkip, litleo729 on Totodile, Keane on finally snagging that Murkrow (and the other shinies along the way), taufik386 on Minccino, Sandile, Swirlix, Shuppet, Spearow, Braixen, Grumpig, Fraxure, Gible, Duskull, Deino, Solrock, Delibird, Shellos, Lombre, Seviper, Giratina, and Ducklett, Paraqua on Zubat and Cubone, wobbanut on Nosepass (good luck on the Yanma though!), Lunafloon on Helioptile, RaichuArcanine on Swirlix, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Thanks to Aesnath for the good luck wishes!

I've done a fair amount of hunting recently, since my school schedule is easing up a bit (for now anyway). Route 8 has reached 6000 REs, Lapras is at 1800 SRs, and Treecko is at 1250 SRs. I know the odds are supposed to be lowered in 6th gen but it seems like all my non-MM 6th gen hunts take a while XD (with the exception of Cresselia). Also it's been over a month since my last shiny, so I'm eager for something to appear. : D

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Lorde, Cpchris, Lunafloon, skilax1234, and RaichuArcanine!


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thanx to @Praqua and @Crimson Penguin for the congrats.

just hatched shiny sentret after 103 eggs

got frisk ability and IV spread missing in def.

current hunting, Regirock reached 300 SRs, castform 30 eggs, and vanillite reached 120 eggs.

congrats everyones on your recent shinies and good luck on your current hunting.


Shiny Huntress
Shiny Swirlix is what I'm looking for, I want to have both Kalos X and Y exclusive Shiny Fairy types, I like brown Swilix better than the pale pink one. Can I steal your luck Raichu?


So these past few days I've worked harder on my Shiny Dunsparce MM hunt. Out of around 130 eggs that I collected from the Day Care Man, I've hatched almost a hundred and I plan to hatch more later tonight. Oh and I also did 55 soft resets for my Shiny Rayquaza hunt last night. Good luck to others as well.


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Congrats to: Razorbadger on Sandshew, Alexander18 on Shuppet, Oddish x2, Sandshrew, Magnemite and Bagon, taufik386 on your sackful of shinies, Paraqua on Zubat and Cubone, wobbanut on Nosepass (better luck getting your target though!), StrongBad456 on Torchic, Lunafloon on Helioptile,, Cyberra on Hawlucha, RaichuArcanine on Swirlix and anyone else I've missed!

Thank you to Razorbadger, CpChris (and also for the luck) and Crimson Penguin for the congrats!

I... didn't expect to be back so soon - since things are slower these days, I was going to wait till I hit 20k for Cranidos before posting again, but I didn't get the chance! he shone after 19,816 soft resets! Luck really has been with me this week - completing two long hunts for targets, and I had such an awful day today finally getting Cranidos really lifts it! I'm going to call him Kid A - picked the name out a long long time ago when I first started hunting the guy, and I still am fond of it now!
He had been sitting in my party for a good two minutes before I saw him - my mum came in needing help with technology before I could check my party, and after nearly sitting on my DS on the way back down, I thought to myself what it would be like if I'd sat on the shiny and caused the game to crash - hence why I was so shocked when I saw him!
The camera also does this guy no justice - the pale silver and burgundy colours look amazing in real life, and I don't think those colours are really used on any other shiny but they're such a pretty combo!

I haven't got the slightest idea what I want to hunt next for my BQ - guess I'll take the next two days to think about it, may breed for some magikarp or go back to SRing that secret target I started early January on Platinum in the meantime. I'm just glad I've finally got my prize from this hunt - definitely my longest in terms of hours spent (since the SR rate was about ~2 SRs a minute, give or take a few seconds) so this guy took me a looong time.

Thank you to everybody who has wished me luck on this hunt for the past year or so - it really is motivating and I probably couldn't have done without it!

Good luck everybody, especially CpChris with the HBs, ChaoticInverse with Torchic, Lunafloon with Sandile, skilax1234 with Latios and RaichuArcanine with Chimchar!


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Congrats to Cyberra on Hawlucha, RaichuArcanine on Swirlix, taufik386 on Sentret, and Keane on the beautiful Cranidos!
Cranidos was one of my planned targets in my retired Platinum BQ, I love the colours so much~

I've borrowed my mothers laptop so I can restyle my sig and reply better, though there hasn't been too many new shinies since my last comment. I was looking forward to finally congratulating people haha, oh well! I'm updating again in hopes I can keep up my hunting motivation >3<

Though I kinda don't have any news... Very close to 37,000 now though. I'm planning to move to a different area for a few thousand RE's at 40,000 because there are just no sparkles at all in Relic Castle, booo... I'm thinking of hunting just outside the Desort Resort for Maractus and Scraggy (I believe that's correct), which was where I was originally going to hunt 2 years ago.
Reeeally want a shiny Krookodile though... It hurts!
I'm honestly beginning to wonder if my game has just broke though, because I had 3 hunts under the odds (Snivy, Lillipup, Pidove) and now I've done roughly 33,000 RE's with 1/8192 odds and roughly 4,000 with the 1/2730 odds... C'mon Black 2! T_T
I've also been looking for Mudkip today on the side, but also nothing yet. I'm not even sure I've hit 1000 yet for Mudkip though, so not too bad. I can wait for that.

Speaking of Sandile and 2 years ago, I figured since it's been about 2 years since I began this hunt, I'd go hunt for my original post about hunting it. Ready for a blast to the past?

14th May 2013
As for Relic Castle, I’ve just passed 2000 RE’s, getting nervous everytime I see a Yamask or Sandshrew since I want Sandile so bad, and since Mareep and Buneary have already let me down, but in all honesty all 3 shinies in this area are nice. If I get Yamask though I’m not sure if I’ll evolve it, I love ghost types but Cofagrigus is not my favourite. I actually hate it currently… I might just keep Yamask as a pretty unevolved thing like Charmander and various other shinies. Sandshrew and Sandile will be evolved though, even though green Sandile is cute, I have a big squishy soft spot for Krookodile. My favourite gen 5 Pokémon and one of my overall favourites!
Haha, oh dear... I have changed my mind about Cofagrigus since, and I will evolve any possible shiny Yamask!

Anyways, good luck all of you! Especially those with long or difficult hunts! I'm going to try and come back at least once a week, if I keep hunting... Motivation why D:
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