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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


I herd u liek me?
Woo-Hoo!!!!!!! I caught my first shiny legend!!!!! Cresselia at 968 sr's!!! Synch didn't work, got a impish nature instead of bold, but I don't even care, I'm just so happy!!!!!


Shiny Hunter
I am so sorry if this is a double post but I needed this to be it's own post, I hope you'll understand!

2 years
36,838 encounters

If it wasn't 5am I would scream my heart out, but happily! And Yamask was the 1 outta 3 I wanted least haha, but I don't care!
I'm thinking of staying till I get Sandile since I DID hack in the shiny charm anyways, and I worked so hard, but I am SO SO GLAD it's over! My longest ever hunt, hopefully for the rest of my hunting life ^^
Female with a Hasty nature!

Going to try and attach pictures from my phone so fingers crossed it works!
I am just so so so so very very happy right now; thank you SO much to everyone who ever wished me luck! Especially those who always remembered me even during my hiatuses that lasted months!
I'm either going to continue for Sandile or go to Mistalton Cave as planned for my 5th badge quest shiny. I do really want that Krookodile though... I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Good luck everyone!


pain in the ***
Second shiny from the flying safari! My original target :D


A shiny MALE tranquill! He's mild-natured and takes plenty of siestas, with Big Pecks. Now I can put away my cute charmer and try for a female as well, along with a shiny farfetch'd.

Heatran is at 7,500 SRs. Yanma is at 780 eggs. Route 14 is at 1,550 hordes (it's raining again >.<)


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Just caught a Shiny Remoraid in Azure Bay.Wasn't even Shiny hunting.I nicknamed it "Messiah".Now,it's an Octillery and it has a Rash nature.


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to taufik386 on Giratina and Ducklett, Paraqua on Cubone, StrongBad456 on Torchic, taufik386 on Sentret, Keane on Cranidos, Lunafloon on Yamask, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the good luck, Crimson Penguin and Keane :)


Nidoking and Pidgeot are level 100 now – just 4 more shinies to go! I did another 100 SRs for Chimchar, so that’s at 2,100 SRs now. Granted, I’ve been working on Chimchar since May of 2013, so it’s been very minimally hunted, but my plan is to just keep with the Sinnoh starters in general as a side hunt, not just Chimchar =\ If I ever get Chimchar, I’ll move on to Turtwig, and if I ever get that, then back to Piplup!

And maybe once I finish leveling my HG shinies, I’ll work on Johto starters while I do Chimchar, too. And my current phase for the starters is at 3,900 SRs – getting a bit long for Johto starters. Same thing with those as well - I’d like to end up with 3 of each of those. So far I have 4 out of 9, but it’ll only get more difficult as I get more…I can only imagine going for my last one and constantly getting the two I don’t need instead >.< But I’m very eager to finish up leveling my HG shinies in the meantime. I like getting my shinies (at least the ones I train, which is most except for some of the duplicates) to 100 and they just feel incomplete until then…

My Black 2 finally went over odds (my last shiny on it from March 23rd, so nearly two months just to reach odds!) and is at 8,300 REs. Then Platinum is at 3,300 SRs and HeartGold is at 9,400 HBs.

And I just wanna say it’s great seeing some of these long hunts come to an end, namely Keane’s and Lunafloon’s, and I hope to see more end soon!

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Shy, Ruru_star, sksilax1234, and Nakashima)!
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I was playing Gold on my GBC and came across a shiny Hoothoot... before you are able to get Pokeballs... lucky me.


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Fistbump time! After 1741 SRs, I got me a Blues Eyes Black Dragon Pokemon. Gonna target both Uxie and Azelf now


Shiny Hunter
Hey guys ! I have seen some sick shinies around congrants everyone !

I myself was just breeding some Dratini's and a Shiny hatched out of a sudden on the 5th Egg, I was breeding them in Safari Balls which imo fits Shiny Dragonite excellent !
It doesnt have the desired EV spread but I can live with it.


Timid nature, so thats a huge letdown because with a 10 Speed IV it can't outspeed the mons I wished to outspeed with a +speed nature.
Oh well, its a nice add in my collection.

Good luck Shiny hunters :D


#1 Lanturn Owner
So, after a long break, I decided to get back into chain fishing.
I started a little yesterday, and got back into it this morning.
Just a minute ago, I caught my first chain fished shiny of ORAS (I have been really busy).

A shiny Feebas.
I have always wanted a shiny Milotic, and now I can get one of my own.

Good luck to everyone else, and congratulations to all the others!


I just caught a second shiny Feebas.
My first one is now a shiny Milotic.
Time to change routes I suppose.


I have been fishing in route 131 starting from late yesterday evening.
This morning, I found my first shiny of the route.
A shiny Wailmer.
It took a few balls to catch, but I soon caught it with a critical capture.
I might stay on this route and try for either another Wailmer or a Horsea.


Over the past few hours, I caught two more shinies.
A second shiny Wailmer (I evolved the first one into a shiny Wailord), and a shiny Barboach, which I plan on evolving.
I am now fishing in Petalburg City, hoping for some shiny Corphishes.


Woo. Another shiny.
I just caught a shiny Corphish here in Petalburg City. Yay.


I felt that my EDIT lines were getting a bit big.
Anyways, I just caught a second shiny Corphish.
I plan on evolving one of them soon.


While fishing in route 103, I found a shiny Magikarp.
I was hoping for a shiny Tentacool, but still a shiny.
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Congrats litleo729 on Totodile, Keane on Murkrow and Cranidos (major props on sticking to your target), Lunafloon on Yamask and everyone else who got a shiny!

I’m sitting at around 500 REs in Granite Cave, but I haven’t really hunted Chimchar over the past couple of days. It’s nostalgic playing the original Ruby game though so I might focus on this hunt for now.

Good luck everyone!


Psyched Up
Staff member
Soft Reseting for Shinies

Hi, I am currently soft reseting for a shiny Rayquaza in Soul Silver. I have been at it for 1-2 hours for 3 days. For those of you who have succesfully soft reset for a shiny pokemon, how long did it take you? How do you not lose hope in your efforts? Please, do not feel embarresed to share your story. And I am very sorry if this isn't the right place to put this, can you move it if that is the case? Thanks in advance.


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He's asking people how long it takes them individually; it's a legitimate question.

Die rolling isn't a good analogy, since computers use pseudo-random algorithms to compensate for lack of true randomness.

I have plenty of time to reset but slow fingers and very little stamina, so I only do a little each day. I don't maintain a reset count, so I do in fact measure success by time intervals.
I've only SR'ed successfully twice in Gen IV, and both times were fluke successes that happened very quickly. I've made several on-and-off attempts over a few years that lead nowhere.

When I was SR'ing consistently in Gen V with shiny charm, I had three shinies appear with a week in-between each. I also had some runs that dragged on for several months - mostly due to lack of effort (for example, resetting only when eating out - that's 30 minutes each week).

In Gen IV with even better odds but long bootup times and cutscenes... I just counted my legendaries... 11 within a timespan of 4 months, during a period of heavy resetting. Shortest interval between successes was a couple hours; longest was a month.

In general, I don't believe binge resetting helps, because you're giving up valuable time for no guaranteed gain. People routinely report taking 3-4 times the expected number of resets, and in Gen IV with its full odds, months or years for a successful reset. I found a report of 57 thousand resets for a shiny Mewtwo (including an accidental reset), and heard someone else took 5 years.


<--31,000 incounting
So, I just had the biggest heart attack of all time. As I mentioned the other day, I've been sr-ing for charmander on Leaf green in order to get some older shinies. I made it to 500 the other day and decided I wanted to reach a 1000 before taking a break. So I started watching a Let's play and after a mere 831 srs I got a shiny charmander! The biggest kicker? She's a girl! Not only did I finally get my first third gen shiny on purpose but I got my first female starter!!!

She's timid natured and I am so incredibly thrilled!! I guess maybe third gen shinies don't hate me after all.


Also in regard to JamesTheRedEngine's question, aside from torchic I've never had an SR hunt go beyond the odds or even reach it. The closest I've had was I think about 6,500 something for Chikorita, my first shiny starter. This is probably becauses when I sr I go for shinies without long cut scenes so I can do more faster and also because a large chunk of my sr shinies are the johto starters where you can see three at a time.
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As I mentioned, I got shiny Zekrom. I'm going to target the night-exclusive shinies of Uxie/Azelf. Starting at 8 pm, and since this usually takes me 2 and half hours, I have about a 40% chance of the shiny being Uxie. It'd be nice if that was, since I won't have to resort to the lesser chance of Uxie on B2(3 hours there on 8192 odds is better than 1 hour on 4096 odds). Yes, I know Shiny Charm, but I love the idea of the shiny being the Pokemon on the dex

So I've developed my new order on how I'm going to get SR legendary shinies:
* Uxie/Azelf, so I don't have to SR during the night/set time
* Regice, who I can focus most on its lack of different color
* Registeel, who I abstained from
* Mesprit
* Kyurem, so I can have a shiny Kyurem that I caught and trade the traded Kyurem for like the Red Genesect or something
* Lugia and Latios/Latias(Eon Ticket). The latter is troublesome because I still can't figure how to get it off Streetpass. The former, being one of the last shinies I can get in ORAS that I haven't already gotten(except the above), should be saved for the Master Ball. I can't use the Dusk Ball on it during the whole time, unlike everyone else. With Lati@s, I can just use Nest Balls and ultra-powerful False Swipers like Trollinja


Hunting Sparkles
Hi, I am currently soft reseting for a shiny Rayquaza in Soul Silver. I have been at it for 1-2 hours for 3 days. For those of you who have succesfully soft reset for a shiny pokemon, how long did it take you? How do you not lose hope in your efforts? Please, do not feel embarresed to share your story. And I am very sorry if this isn't the right place to put this, can you move it if that is the case? Thanks in advance.
First of all, best of luck on Rayquaza :) Secondly, here is a list of my SR shinies in the forms they were obtained in, their nicknames, how many resets it took to get them, and the odds of the game I got them on:
Snivy(Asmodeus)-White 2-1/8192 odds-1000 resets.
Cyndaquill(Crimson)-Heartgold-1/8192 odds-100 resets.
Chikorita(Herbie)-Soulsilver-1/8192 odds-500 resets.
Virizion(Rose)-Black 2 with Shiny Charm-1/2730 odds-Roughly 1500 resets-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvzyvqPgTqE
Totodile(Lakyn)-Heartgold-1/8192 odds-around 500 or so resets.
Abra(Lucian)-Soulsilver-1/8192 odds-295 resets/1475 Abra seen(was buying five at one time from the game corner).
Charmander(Obsidian)-Firered-1/8192 odds-15,763 resets-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLksewu8Xro
Eevee(Rosaline)-Firered-1/8192 odds-3,368 resets(was also female ^_^).
Tepig(Baconator)-White-1/8192 odds-7,299 resets.
Cobalion(Bolt)-White 2-1/8192 odds-2,853 resets-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh9dKysWTgY
Latias(Arariel)-White 2-1/8192 odds-2,104 resets-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I5r23WVlxo
Clefairy(Kaelie)-Firered-1/8192 odds-600 resets.
Moltres(Pyro)-Firered-1/8192 odds-3,117 resets.
Mudkip(Kippa)-Dry Battery Sapphire-1/8192 odds(at least, I think, unsure of the exact odds on Dry Battery games)-About 3,500 resets, and two shiny uncatchable Poochyena.
Sandshrew(Terria)-Soulsilver-1/8192 odds-891 resets, 4,425 seen(buying five at one time from the game corner).
As you can see, the amount varies quite a bit. Luck certainly plays a factor. My longest reset hunt is my ongoing one for Chimchar on Platinum, it's been going for over a year and is on 20,678 resets. I accidently reset over one back at around 1k. As for my hunting today, it's Sunday so it's time to random encounter in Petalburg Woods in Sapphire for my BQ on there :). I'm hoping for Shroomish the most, followed by Tailow, Wurmple/Cascoon/Silcoon and then Zizagoon and Slakoth. Dare I hope for a Shiny Slakoth? xD Anyway, I'm evolving pokemon for my dex as I encounter, I've already evolved Zizagoon into Linoone, Slakoth into Vigoroth, and Tailow into Swellow. Aiming for 500 RE's today :). Also, sometimes this week I want to make a new shiny intro and start uploading all my completed hunts to youtube. Congrats on all the recent shinies, and barrels of luck for all!
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pain in the ***
After 1,623 hordes/8,115 pokemon seen on route 14 (and about five days of rain XP), something finally sparkles!


Shiny skorupi! He's bashful and somewhat stubborn, with Battle Armor. Am so glad it wasn't another damn bellsprout ^^ Gonna take him to the battle chateau to evolve him, then resume breeding dragonflies. Still want ekans, but I might end up breeding for it since it's such a rare horde.

Heatran is at 7,900 SRs. Yanma is being stubborn at 980 eggs.


Boy Skylark
Congrats everyone! :) It's been awhile, this school year was brutal for me so I haven't been able to hunt much or post in general. ;_; I'm not sure if anyone even remembers me anymore, ahaha..


Hi there!
Here's a list of my SR'd shinies, if it helps any. :) I only softreset in 1/8192 games, which is what the odds are in Soulsilver. I don't really ever lose hope, since I don't really hunt for the shinies but rather the experience of the whole thing. :b If I'm not too busy with real life I usually hunt for the entire day, and for ordinary legendaries soft reset hunts that's around 1500~2000 SRs a day.

Soulsilver: Cyndaquil - 907 SRs
Soulsilver: Lugia - 17,414 SRs
Soulsilver: Latias - 5,604 SRs
Black: Snivy - 3,439 SRs
Soulsilver: Ho-oh - 706 SRs
White 2: Tepig - 2,739 SRs

Anyways, a week ago I resumed to hunting on my W2 BQ because we had a bit of quiet period after having a bunch of unit tests in the same week. I found not one, but two shinies for my BQ! : D
First is a Liepard after 7,494 REs as my BQ #4, and second is a Tranquil at 2,470 REs as #5. Nothing around Mistralton really interests me, and while I'd love to hunt a Shiny Shelmet in the same route I caught the Tranquil, I'm afraid something else will shine instead, so I'm hunting for a Litwick at the Celestial Towers right now.

Sorry I can't give specific congrats to everyone, it's a bit too much for me to catch up to. ;; I'll be sure to next time I post, though.
Good luck to all those still hunting! I'll update my shiny cards and sig when I can.

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