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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to Tina on Litwick, Zoruagible on Zangoose, NightShadow on Graveler, Razorbadger on Electrode, Cyberra on Yanma, Lorde on Dunsparce, taufik386 on Vanillite, TheMaster327 on Arceus, Twilit Dragoon on Nidoran (sorry about Nidorina though :( ), Drakonekoshi on Zekrom, AquaRegisteel on Croagunk and Magikarp, Birds of Paradise on Cyndaquil, taufik386 on Blitzle, Shiny Lord on Shuckle, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, Tina, Razorbadger, umbreonfan3636, and Twilit Dragoon :)


I have to say, as annoying as it is to find out the hunt I’ve been planning for the last ~half year isn’t actually possible, it is pretty fun to have a more spontaneous target. Right now, I have 2 more shinies to get for my BQ, and as much as I’ve enjoyed this BQ, it’s been a year and a half since I started and I’m ready to bring it to an end. As such, I’m trying to find targets that are RE targets (and not surfing – I have a number of surf targets) and that also have less of a chance of producing a duplicate. I’m thinking Caterpie for my next one, as I know it’s an eventual target of mine regardless.

As for Venonat/Venomoth, since I do really want them, I think I’ve figured something out: I can work on an SR target during the day (like the legendary bird trio or Lugia) and then work on Venonat when it’s out at night. It’s likely that will change (it could end up like my day Rattata/night Oddish hunt), but at least I have a tentative plan.

I’ve now gotten ready for my next badge – got all the trainer battles out of the way for Mt. Moon, Pewter City, Viridian Forest/City, Pallet Town, Cinnabar Island, Seafoam Islands, and all the routes connected to them. And I’ve decided on the next area I’ll hunt…Caterpie in Viridian Forest – 40% Caterpie and 30% Metapod during the day, and 80 % Hoothoot and 15% Noctowl at night. I’d really like Caterpie, but if I end up with Hoothoot instead, that’s fine since it’s still a nice shiny and probably one I’d go after sooner or later.

Working on leveling Heracross to 100…82 atm. Black 2 is at 10,200 REs, Platinum is at 5,000 SRs, and HeartGold is at 2,000 REs. I didn’t actually start hunting in Viridian Forest until 1,600 REs, but those are all REs I did since my last RE hunt, so I’m counting them (which is what I normally do, but usually I don’t officially start my next RE hunt after so many REs). And as for Black 2, I think it’s getting to the point where even if I get a shiny Woobat next, I’ll be switching over to Abundant Shrine again.

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Shy, Ruru_star, sksilax1234, Cyberra, ChaoticInverse, and Nakashima)!


Team Awesome
Well, I had a busy week this week. I caught more shinies than usual because I decided to challenge myself on Memorial Day to get a fishing chain shiny in my 3 eligible games (I haven't started AlphaSapphire yet), and here's the results:

X: repeat shiny red-stripe basculin
OR: shiny wailmer :D
Y: shiny shellder. That's the best one, because it was my second (!) cast and the first shellder of the game, plus I can add it to my shiny Team Rocket pokemon list (yes, I count Jessie's blink-and-you-miss shellder from season 1). It came so fast, it didn't even dawn on me for a second that it had an orange shell.

Plus, I also had a repeat shiny hoothoot on SoulSilver in a quad hunt, a third shiny clauncher in X, and I fished up another fresh shiny in Y, a skrelp. :) I wish I could get a horsea one of these days, though. X and Y are being stubborn.


Well-Known Member
Yay :) After messing around with DexNav, out popped a blue nosed giraffe after a 175 chain!


Girafarig was level 61 when caught in a Great Ball, is a Calm nature, had it's egg move Amnesia, with IVs: 20 / 6, 7 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 7 - if only the Speed was a little bit higher... But still, a 3-star DexNav shiny is great :)


Gen 6 = <3
Congrats on all of the new shinies since my last post almost two months ago!

So I haven't been active lately due to my games being stubborn and the fact that I finally have a job, which of course means less time to hunt (Pokemon Shuffle and Rumble World may also have some of the blame too.). I've been bringing my 3DS to work and have gotten a lot of Street Passses and a lot of steps. So the fact that O-Powers were almost always at max recharge at the end of the day, I decided I had to work on some Masuda Method hunts while working on my Badge Quest in SoulSilver. Lo and behold three hours after I came home from work in the first box of eggs this decided to sparkle!
A lovely blue and black Carbink! It luckily hatched with it's Hidden Ability of Sturdy and IVs of 31/31/31/1/31/31. More pictures: OT/ID, Summary, Pokemon-Amie, Sparkles and Video. So now I have to decide what to go for next... after I finish hatching all six of these boxes of eggs. There may be more shinies in there! Good luck to everyone especially those with stubborn targets!


pain in the ***
Shiny oddish found in the grass safari after 2,099 REs. Still not what I'm looking for >.< She's quiet and takes plenty of siestas, with Chlorophyll. I have both evolutions of oddish/gloom already, so into wonder trade she goes.

Heatran is at 12,600 SRs. Snover is at 300 eggs. Route 20 is at 2,400 hordes

Oddish learns Nature Power by TM, so community hunt complete x6!


Veteran member
Is bored. Horde hunting for Pokemon because I cannot get good Wifi, since those Secret Bases are so useful for level grinding/completing the Dex

Blasting Toise

Well-Known Member
I had bad luck with horde hunting yesterday- 2 or almost 3 hours and nothing shined :( better luck today but, still not great 3 hours or more but only one shiny Nidoran M and it had terrible defense stat. I'm gonna make contest pokemon out of it I guess.
Caught a second shiny Shuppet while horde battling through Hoenn region. Gentle and likes to fight with Frisk. Congratulations to everyone who got shiny pokemon in their games.


All right so for the past couple of days I've been working on my Shiny Rayquaza hunt and I did approximately 160 more SRs, though I've lost count of how many I've done so far in total. This morning I also resumed doing horde encounters on Y version in the hopes of finding a random Shiny with help from the Shiny Charm. Good luck to Cyberra and others.

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to kirkeastment on Zigzagoon, Entei, and Finneon, Alexander18 on Spinda, Barboach, Goldeen, Remoraid, Luvdisc, Aron, and Shuppet, Typhlosion_Hunter_Mark on Zubat, razor fire on Nincada, taufik386 on Mantyke, Masquerain, Finneon, Seadra, Tropius, Linoone, Spinda, Scraggy, Carnivine, Vanillite, Glameow, Ditto, Slowpoke, Cofagrigus, Whismur, Blitzle, Frillish, Seel, and Octillery, Cpchris on Heracross, Tina on Litwick, Zoruagible on Zangoose and Ditto, pikachu780 on Swablu, Auraninja on Zigzagoon, NightShadow on Graveler, Razorbadger on Electrode, Phillies on Golbat, Weepinbell, Oddish, Nosepass, Mime Jr., Spheal, Zebstrika, Fraxure x2, and Dedenne, Cyberra on Yanma, Sawsbuck x2, and Oddish, Lorde on Dunsparce, TheMaster327 on Arceus and Girafarig, HM02gon on Shuppet, Tsukuyomi56 on Wingull, Twilit Dragoon on Nidoran F (glad you reclaimed it after the Nidorina decided to be a troll), Drakonekoshi on Zekrom, AquaRegisteel on Wurmple, Croagunk, and Magikarp, Birds of Paradise on Cyndaquil, Blasting Toise on Bergmite, Lapras x2, Snorunt, and Nidoran M, Shiny Lord on Shuckle, wobbanut on Basculin, Wailmer, Shellder, Hoothoot, Clauncher, and Skrelp, Ampharos_Spark on Carbink, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

Thanks to razor fire, Cpchris, Tina, Razorbadger, and umbreonfan3636 for the congrats!

What is this I don't even? At just 519 REs into my Petalburg Woods hunt, I found my target, shiny Shroomish!

I'm still in disbelief about it... not only did I manage to catch a shiny with a 10% appearance rate, but Shroomish also just became my shortest RE hunt ever (the previous record was 735 for Nidoran M). I named him Mario (obvious name but whatever, it fits XD), and he has a Docile nature. Seems like a lot of my shinies have had neutral natures lately... better than a hindering nature I guess. Anyway, I couldn't be happier with this dream shiny of mine. ^_^

Next I'm off to the Granite Cave for BQ #3. I actually don't have a primary target in this hunt - I'd be happy with anything here, even a Zubat. I'll be hunting in the deeper levels, though, so I can have a chance at Mawile or Aron, both of which are great shinies. And I'll have to prepare a good anti-fleeing Pokemon in case an Abra shows up. But overall, really looking forward to this hunt. Meanwhile, Lapras is at 3000 SRs and Bulbasaur is at 25 SRs.

Good luck to all of you on your hunts, especially Cpchris, Tina, ShiningKnightXY, Cyberra, and Lorde!
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pain in the ***
ANOTHER shiny oddish after 2,469 REs XP Not what I wanted. Again... This one is female, rash nature and capable of taking hits, with chlorophyll. Into wonder trade she goes...

Community hunt complete x7

Heatran is at 12,900 SRs. Snover is at 320 eggs; I had a tooth pulled and a buttload of errands to do so my hunting time was curtailed for the day. Route 20 is at 2,800 hordes.

Edit: Shiny sawsbuck #3 after 2,738 REs. It's still not quilladin, though >.< Sawsbuck is male, modest, likes to thrash about, and has his HA, serene grace. Into wonder trade he goes...

Community hunt complete x8
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<----Newest Shiny
Ahh yeah, I finally got Kyurem after my last 3 consecutive Soft Reset Hunts. Of course I still haven't gotten Synchronize to work and it is Serious so I guess it is still not all bad.Perfect IVs in HP, Attack, and Defense so it is better as a Black Kyurem. Decieed to name it Xehanort after the main villian of the Kingdom Hearts series. I have no idea what to hunt yet, but I may go for Cresselia again if its island ever appears. For now I may delve back into MM'ing.

Good luck on your hunts everyone and and congrats to all recent successful hunters.

EDIT: Last night I was attempting to chain Maractus on one of the Mirage Islands. I got to chain 250 before I broke the Chain .
Need less it was a waste of my time so I will now be MM'ing with a Teddiursa I got from Wonder Trade Wednesday that has a bunch of Egg Moves and Quick Feet.
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Hunting Sparkles
Hey guys :). Congrats on all these new shinies! I usually save my updates for tomorrow, but I have exciting news. I won't have to buy a new Platinum :). My cousin is coming over tomorrow, and I told him my situation and he said he has a Platinum game that he literally just restarted and he'll give it to me free of charge :D. So on Monday I'll be able to start hunting for Chimchar again! Which means my Buneary/Cottonee/Trapinch multi MM hunt(I've stored three boxes of each) on ORAS will and my Fennekin hunt for my BQ on X, will be put into rotation with my Petalburg Woods hunt for my BQ on Sapphire. As in, one week will be Petalburg, the next will be the ORAS MM, and Fennekin the next and I'll repeat it like that. Rufflet is on 641 eggs with another 300 stored in my boxes on White, ready to be hatched next week. Lapras on SS is on 3,517 SR's.I'm not feeling like hunting today, I should really catch up on my Diamond playthrough but I may still do a bit. Best of luck to everyone :).
EDIT: Played Diamond for an hour now I'm back to Lapras hunting on SS. 4k here I come!
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Veteran member
Well I was horde hunting and got Wingull in 151 tries. Wish I got shiny Mareep instead, since it's cotton candy

Currently 240 in Reflecting Cave, hopefully for a green Mime Jr


New Member
I'm a member of the old guard when it comes to playing Pokémon, played/own every gens pokemon starting with the blue I got as a kid, and have never ran into a wild shiny pokemon. Tried my hand at MMing but always gave up. So today I was EV training and ran into my first ever wild shiny, a lvl 7 whismar!
He has crap stats but he's mine! Just wanted to brag, first ever non built in game shiny after playing for many years! Woot!

Congrsts to all other who have been getting shinys too!
Good luck and happy hunting.

Addition: funny side comment, had a friend call me exactly when it happened and I told him and he said "well give me a few mins to brush my teeth and we can go gambling since your so lucky today..."
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razor fire

Well-Known Member
Congratulations to everyone on their shinies. Don't have time to mention each and every one, so this one will be a blanket congrats!
Good luck to those still hunting!

Anyway, decided to start SRing for a shiny reshiram today on my OR.
And guess what, about 12 or 13 SRs in, Reshiram decided to shine for me! Shortest and quickest hunt ever!
Sync failed and it got careful nature, but what the heck, I finally completed the tao trio! :D


Shiny Hunting!
I've been absent for a fair while! Thought I'd just post here to vent my frustration...or shout of my good fortune, I haven't decided which it is yet.

Dipping in and out of shiny hunting on Alpha Sapphire, I started breeding a few eggs to build some teams. Wasn't hoping for specific shinies, but was due a shiny based on the amount of eggs I've hatched. So I EV train a few things up, and what should happen??


Don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I got a shiny Zigzagoon in a horde. It's got Pickup so I might lv100 it at some point and make use of it, but considering the number of things I want in shiny form, I kinda wanted my overdue odds used on those things first!

...but I digress. Currently breeding a few more things, Onix presently as Steelix's mega form in shiny is fairly rad.


Boy Skylark
Congrats to Zoruagible on Zangoose and Ditto, pikachu780 on Swablu, Auraninja on Zigzagoon, NightShadow on Graveler, big congrats to Razorbadger on Electrode, Phillies on Golbat, Weepinbell, Oddish, Nosepass, Mime Jr. Spheal, Zebstrika, two Fraxure, and Dedenne, Cyberra on Yanma, three Sawsbuck, and two Oddish, Lorde on Dunsparce, taufik386 on Vanillite, Glameow, Ditto, Slowpoke, Cofagrigus, Whismur, Blitzle, Frillish, Seel, and Octillery, big congrats to TheMaster327 on Arceus and Girafarig, HM02gon on Shuppet, Tsukuyomi56 on Wingull, big congrats to Storm on Nidoran, Drakonekoshi on Zekrom, AquaRegisteel on Wurmple, Croagunk, and Magikarp, Birds of Paradise on Cyndaquil, Blasting Toise on Bergmite, two Lapras, Snorunt, and Nidoran, Shiny Lord on Shuckle, wobbanut on Basculin, Waimer, Shellder, Hoothoot, Clauncher, and Skrelp, Ampharos_Spark on Carbink, Alexander18 on Shuppet, Crimson Penguin on Shroomish, ShiningKnightXY on Kyurem, gerehead on Whismur, razor fire on Reshiram, and BenYS on Zigzagoon!

Good luck to Razorbadger on Oshawott, Roseheart95 on Eevee, umbreonfan3636 on Chimchar and Aron, Lorde on your Rayquaza hunt, RaichuArcanine on your Lapras hunt, AquaRegisteel on all of your hunts, Cpchris on all your hunts, Crimson Penguin on your hunts, and RaichuArcanine on your BQ!

Thanks to Razorbadger, umbreonfan3636 (it’s one of my favourites too! :D), Cpchris, and Crimson Penguin for the congrats and luck!

@Storm, sorry about your Nidorina. :( Huge congrats on catching the Nidoran, though!

(It's pretty long, I'm sorry if I made any mistakes >_<)

So I've been thinking about what my White 2 BQ #7 would be, and decided that nothing on the routes available before Drayden's gym really speaks to me, so I'm going to SR for Virizion. It's one of my favourite shinies as a sprite and I'm in need of a grass type anyways. :)

As for my Archen SR for my Black BQ, it's currently sitting at 30,832 SRs at the moment. Might take a break from both my hunts as my exams are coming up next week though. ;;
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Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to Cyberra on Oddish and Sawsbuck, ShiningKnightXY on Kyurem, RedJirachi on Wingull, gerehead on Whismur, razor fire on Reshiram, and BenYS on Zigzagoon! Also, thanks to Tina for the congrats and luck!

OMG guys, what is up with my luck right now? One day after finding Shroomish, I decided to hunt on SoulSilver and found shiny Lapras after 3047 SRs!

I was kind of worried that I wouldn't notice the shiny form on this one, but I knew instantly when the purple turtle-dinosaur appeared on my screen - it's so much brighter than it looks on the computer. It took a few Pokeballs, but I convinced Lapras to join my team and named her Nessie (couldn't think of anything else). She has a Lonely nature with the Shell Armor ability, which is kinda meh, but I don't care, it's my 4th shiny in 11 days! I really don't know what else to say... I haven't been this lucky with shinies since like March of last year. (Also, sorry RaichuArcanine, I guess the race is off after all. XP)

My 8th and final target of the first half of my SoulSilver BQ (yes, I'm doing all 16 badges) is going to be a repel trick for Skarmory on Route 45. Skarmory is one of my favorite shinies of all time, and it's one of the first targets I picked out when I first started planning the BQ. I understand that the REs can take a while due to Skarmory's low encounter rate though, so hopefully my luck keeps up and I have a nice quick hunt!

Good luck to all of you, especially Cyberra, RaichuArcanine, and Tina!


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to wobbanut on Hoothoot, Ampharos_Spark on Carbink, ShiningKnightXY on Kyurem, razor fire on Reshiram, Crimson Penguin on Lapras, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, Crimson Penguin (and for the good luck!)! And thank you for the good luck, Tina :)


Got Heracross to Lv. 100! Also finally got the video uploaded!

Got a little bit of hunting done since then. Black 2 is at 11,000 REs, Platinum is at 5,600 SRs, and HeartGold is at 2,800 REs. Also did 100 SRs for Johto starters tonight between work and getting drinks, so that’s at 4,000 SRs.

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Shy, Ruru_star, sksilax1234, Cyberra, ChaoticInverse, and Nakashima)!