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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


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Congrats to Cyberra on Shuppet, Dusclops, Tevenant, Machamp, Mankey, Spinda, and the mushroom, taufik386 on Regirock, Castform, Cascoon, Pumpkaboo, Tranquil, Panchem, Magneton, and Charmeleon, TheMaster327 on the Munnas and Honedge, ShiningKnightXY on Mespirit and Suicune, ChaoticInverse on Drifloon, Steelcry on Tranquil and Frogadier, Alexander18 on Girafraig, Meowth City on Mime Jr., Carbink, Eevee, and Roggenrola, Ampharos_Spark on Clauncher, StrongBad456 on Miltank, Mareep, and Swirlix, Aesnath on Kyogre (Definitely a great 1/8192 shiny!), tomato hater on Vulpix, Lorde on Horsea and Skrelp, Twilit Dragoon on Totodile and Drowsee (I love the full odds shinies here), SkyMew on Rayquazza (this is definitely one I will hunt on my Ruby once my BQ is finished), cpchris on Palkia (awesome shiny, congrats on the trio), maldoror on Skitty and Pikachu, i2i on Espurr, Nincada, Dragonair, and Kecleon, Shine on Spoink, kirkeastment on Tauros, SkyTheAbsol on Cleffa, Blasting Toise on Numel, Roggenrola and Mime Jr,

Thanks for the good luck Tina! Special good luck to ChaoticInverse (on Torchic), RaichuArcanine (I know you've been after Chimchar forever!), cpchris, Razorbadger on Oshawott, and Tina! (Especially Archen)

I come bearing shiny news! I took a break from studying this afternoon and shockingly found BQ #1 Shiny Chimchar in Platinum! I've kind of neglected this hunt since I found Mudkip and Abra, but I told myself I'd put in some work on it this week and it paid off! I'd say it was in between 2k-3k SRs if you include the 1k that I did on my fake Platinum. I'm so excited about this shiny since I thought it was going to take all summer (the SRs are extremely long), and I have most of the hunts planned out for this BQ. Next I will be going for Starly and Shinx (Shinx first with a Static Pokemon).




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I finally did it. After 3110 SRs I got shiny Uxie. Now I will hunt for shiny Mesprit


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to maldoror on Uxie, Shine on Spoink, kirkeastment on Tauros, SkyTheAbsol on Cleffa, wobbanut on Sandslash and Boldore, umbreonfan3636 on Chimchar, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks for the congrats, Razorbadger :)


Palkia is level 100 now and I also put the video up!


OMG. I didn’t get one of my targets, but I’m SUPER excited to have found this shiny! When I found Audino, I was completely shocked because when running around, it’s wasn’t too common that I’d encounter an Audino, so encountering a shiny one was bewildering. I thought it’d be interesting (but highly improbable) if I were to replicate that feat in Mistralton Cave, and somehow, after 14,202 REs (202nd RE of the day), I found a shiny Drilbur!

I’m leaning towards evolving it…But it’s a bit disappointing to think of how difficult it will be to try to get two to have both evolutions…I suppose if it happened once, it can happen again (actually, this is the second time, counting Audino!), so that may influence me to evolve it as well. Female, Sand Rush ability, Alert to sounds, and IVs: 15 – 7 – 13 – 11 – 0 – 26. Not the best to evolve, but now that some time has passed, I think I’ll evolve it. It’s not like it’s even a pokemon I care so much about that I REALLY want to wait for a better evolutionary option to present itself.

Seriously though, even though it’s not a target of mine, I’m thrilled to have found such a rare pokemon (at least in gen 5). But after 14k+ REs, I’m back at the Abundant Shrine. Despite having ~60% chance of finding a target there, I’m on phase 3 for hunt #2 after finding a 15% Bronzor and a 10% Marill…

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Shy, Ruru_star, sksilax1234, Cyberra, ChaoticInverse, and Nakashima)!


Psyched Up
Staff member
CH completion list updated~
Sorry that I wasn't able to do it yesterday like I said two days ago. I was kinda busy.

So is it my bad luck or am I just not doing a Chain Fishing Shiny hunt right? In the ORAS games, when the rain stops on route 119 and you park yourself under the bridge on one side and fish with the SuperRod, you get a consistant stream of Feebas. I caught 42 of them in a row and no purple Feebas. I was so disappointed. Did I do something wrong?

Nope, just bad luck. I once go chain fishing and got more than 180 encounters without any shiny.

Ugh, finally! After 6,131 hordes/30,655 pokemon seen, I finally get a blue 'shroom!

uh, wasn't it purple?


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congrat everyones on your recent shinies and goodluck on your current hunting.

got shiny sentret while hunting honedge on route 6 this morning

and just hatched shiny nidoran female (exactly what i want) with modest nature and poison point ability.
IV spread missing in defense.

since nidoqueen is one of giovanni's pokemon, so my CH #2 completed.


Shiny Hunter
Hi fellow shiny hunters and before anything else:

Congratz to Shine on Spoink, taufik386 on Tranquill, Pancham and Magneton and the rest, Meowth City on female Eevee,kirkeastment on Tauros, SkyTheAbsol on Clefairy, Blasting Toise on Numel, Roggenrola and Mime Jr., wobbanut on Sandslash and Boldore, Cyberra on Spinda, Steelcry on Frogadier, umbreonfan3636 on Chimchar, RedJirachi on Uxie, Cpchris on Drilbur and everyone else with brand new sparkling shiny~! ^w^

It's been so long. I've been busy with school and work. I still have 3 exams remaining so hunting has to wait a little longer, But I couldn't resist visiting my favorite thread until then. :p
While gone, I hunted here and there and found a few new shines, But I really don't remember whether I posted them here or not. Right now I'm hunting Uxie to complete the trio. I hope it shines soon cause I want to continue my OR shiny quest. I'll be back next week. Good luck everyone! ^^
Congratulations to all recent shiny catches, especially to those who have been hunting for long. I have been reading for a while on here, however, I have felt that posting Chain Fishing catches not as notable or reasonable of a reason to post.

I have been Soft Resetting on Fire Red for Shiny Squirtle, and on Sapphire for Shiny Kyogre, picking these hunts up probably about three weeks ago. I have no clue how many soft resets on each game I have done, however I do know I've done at least more than 20+ hours on Sapphire (After I replaced the battery of course.) It would be just a way to pass time- while watchign t.v., walking, and so on and so forth. I am very proud to say that as of right now, I am the proud owner of a Third Gen Shiny Kyogre! n.n

Sadly, I wasn't entirely prepared- I should have transferred a team that could have withstood Kyogres attacks so I could catch it in a Pokeball/Premier ball, however I wasn't able to do so and had to resort to the Masterball after spending up all my revives. Oh well- always another opportunity and what not for if I ever feel the urge to do it again. Going to finish up the main part of the game now so later on I can go after the Regi's, Latios (Eon Ticket by mixing files), or Rayquaza. Not sure which one yet. Cheers, and good luck everyone on your hunts!


Boy Skylark
Congrats to Meowth City on two Mime Jr., two Roggenrola, Carbink, and Eevee, Ampharos_Spark on Clauncher, StrongBad456 on Mareep and Swirlix, taufik386 on Castform, Silcoon, Cascoon, Pumpkaboo, Charmeleon, Tranquill, Pancham, Magneton, Heracross, Combee, Sentret, and Nidoran, big congrats to Aesnath on Kyogre, tomatohater on Vulpix, Lorde on Horsea and Skrelp, big congrats to Storm on Totodile and Drowzee, Cyberra on Foongus, Machoke, Mankey, and Spinda, ShiningKnightXY on Suicune, big congrats to SkyMew on Rayquaza, TheMaster327 on Honedge, big congrats to Cpchris on Palkia and Drilbur! maldoror on Uxie, Skitty, and Pikachu, i2i on Espurr, Nincada, Dragonair, and Kecleon, Shine on Spoink, kirkeastment on Tauros, SkyTheAbsol on Cleffa, Blasting Toise on Numel, Roggenrola, and Mime Jr., wobbanut on Sandslash and Boldore, Steelcry on Frogadier, big congrats to umbreonfan3636 on Chimchar! RedJirachi on Uxie, and big congrats to Crabthuluhu on Kyogre.

Good luck to SkyMew on your SS starter hunt, Cpchris on all of your hunts, ChaoticInverse on all your hunts and especially that Torchic hunt, Razorbadger on your Oshawott hunt, Lorde on your Rayquaza hunt, and Crabthuluhu on all your hunts.

Thanks to taufik386, Aesnath, Cpchris, Razorbadger, and umbreonfan3636 for the luck! :)

I just got back from my school trip. ^^ To a rural area to help out with the children and do labour work, it was a Me to We trip if anyone has heard of them before. I've still been hunting a bit each day when I get back to the hotel at night.
My Archen hunt on Black has reached 39,058 SRs and Virizion hunt on White 2 has reached 6,220 SRs. I'm mainly focused on my Archen hunt right now.


pain in the ***
Another shiny mankey in the fighting safari after 1,500 REs. It's male, relaxed nature and likes to thrash about, with Defiant. Not what I want from this safari, though, so into wonder trade it goes.

Heatran is at 16,300 SRs. Snover has taken a page out of yanma's book and is at 2,060 eggs.


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OK, no new Shiny news for me, but since this is the General Shiny thread, I figured this would be the best place to bring this up. The other day I was playing a copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team that I recently picked up. I was fighting through several Relicanth when I noticed something curious- the Relicanth sprites for Blue Rescue Team were, for some reason, of Relicanth's Shiny color as opposed to their normal color. I just checked its Shiny color in the serebii pokedex to confirm this, too.


Forever now
Finally after on and off hunting it n about 2k+ eggs I believe plus Shiny Charm
I got a Shiny white Flabebe in Premier ball in my X game.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v81/Aurorellis/Mobile Uploads/20150614_161031_zpsns9dzjap.jpg

Everything is perfect, Bold n minus Speed stat.
Its my third Shiny Fairy after Cleffa n Mawile.
Next Im gonna continue hunting shiny Adaptability Skerlp.

Can anyone a suggest a classy name for my shiny Florgess later? A french name would be cool.

Congrats on other new shinies everyone.


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Congrats to RedJirachi on Uxie, cpchris on Drilbur, taufik386 on Sentret and Nidoran, big congrats to Crabthuluhu on Shiny Kyogre in Sapphire (great shiny), Cyberra on Mankey, and Cutty on Flabebe!

OMFG. Well, I just had my fastest hunt ever! I was hunting for Shinx/Starly on route 202 this morning and after only 1 hour and 34 minutes of gameplay (so it can't have been more than ~200 REs) a Shiny Starly came across my screen. I seriously can't believe it. BQ #2 came soooo fast! So I've found 3 1/8192 shinies in June, and it's only the 14th! My previous best month was last October where I found 4. Also, this is definitely the closest together I've ever gotten two shinies as well (Chimchar was just two days ago).

I know I want to hunt for a Shinx in this BQ, but as I don't have trading capabilities I think I might move forward until I can get a Pokemon with Static... My next hunt might end up being Eterna.

[img139]http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e37/umby_3636/IMG_1960_zpsxtttci2v.jpg[/img139] [img139]http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e37/umby_3636/IMG_1961_zpssun8jlna.jpg[/img139]

Good luck to everyone! Especially Tina on Archen and everyone else with extremely long hunts!
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Encounter a random shiny Surskit while hatching Dratini eggs. It has evolved into Masquerain. Congratulations to everyone on their new shinies.


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Congratulations to everyone on their shinies this week.

This was a good week for me as far as shinies go. Last night I finally got Ho-Oh to shine on my HeartGold game. My other shinies for the week include Magikarp x 2, Feebas, Goldeen x 2, Trevenant, Spoink, Foongus, Slugma, Swablu & Poliwag. I think that makes for a pretty good haul.

Good luck to everyone this week.

PS My 3ds got rained on through a leaking window today. When I turn it on it goes to the black screen telling you to power down. Has this ever happened to anyone else? If it did, did your 3ds dry out or did you have to order a new one?


pain in the ***
uh, wasn't it purple?

It looks blue to me. But as long as it's not red, I don't care if it's blue or it's purple!


Shiny mankey #3 after 1,676 REs XP Male, naive nature and mischievous, with Anger Point. Into wonder trade he goes...

Heatran is at 16,700 SRs. Snover is at 2,300 eggs.


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So I've continued doing consecutive fishing on my Y version these past few days and I found another Shiny this morning: a Shiny Basculin outside Frost Cavern. I caught it with some difficulty, though I was a bit disappointed since I have a Shiny Basculin in White version already. Anyway, I'm gonna try and hook a Shiny Octillery next. Good luck to everyone. :)


Shiny Hunter
Congrats to taufik386 on Sentret and Nidoran, Cutty on Flabebe, umbreonfan3636 on Starly, Alexander18 on Surskit, Phillies on Ho-Oh, and everyone else on your shinies!

Thanks very much for the congrats, 2rsa, Tina, and umbreonfan3636 :) And thanks for the luck, Tina! (Also, thanks for the congrats/luck the previous time, umbreonfan3636 – don’t know why I forgot!)


WHAT WHAT WHAT. What even is this?! June is a freakin FANTASTIC month so far...Only 141 REs on Black 2 and my 41st RE of the night, and this beautiful shiny Swablu shows up on my screen!

[IMG200] http://i.imgur.com/7FNJahL.jpg[/IMG200]

It was the weirdest thing…Not that I really buy into anything that implies psychic powers are at work, but I wasn’t even originally going to hunt tonight. I didn’t hunt yesterday since I was going to work on training my Drilbur and Bronzor (which I decided I’d go ahead and train/evolve as well), and I had work all day today from 9-9, so I was just going to work on the training, but as I was about to start, I thought, “Maybe I should just hunt for the couple hours left for the night…I’m feeling hopeful.” AND THEN THIS.

Female, Hardy (neutral), Scatters things often, and absolutely ABYSMAL IVs: 13 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 0 – 8…A total of less than a single perfect IV >.< So I’m definitely waiting to find another Swablu to evolve. But it’s still such a great shiny. Since I’ve only been at Abundant Shrine for 141 REs this time around, I’m going to stay here for another shiny.

Also, since the start of this year, I’ve been trying to see if I can keep up/beat my number of shinies in a year compared to 2014. And since last year, I didn’t hunt during the month of May, I wanted to see if I could have at least as many shinies as I did in 2014 by the time I found my next shiny in June (Growlithe, on the 17th). Earlier in the year, I was consistently a few shinies behind, and hoped to make up shinies in May (didn’t really happen). And now, with 3 days to spare, I’ve caught up to the number of shinies I had this time last year, so that’s pretty neat!

Thanks for catching that CH complete for me regarding Drilbur, Shine – didn’t even realize that I might have found an eligible pokemon till today :x

Good luck, everyone (especially markasdarkas, RaichuArcanine, pokemaster13, Tina, jrmftw, Lorde, Shy, Ruru_star, sksilax1234, Cyberra, ChaoticInverse, and Nakashima)!
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In FR, I'm at 16800 for a shiny Mewtwo and still haven't gotten it. What gives?!


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So I just got a shiny Rhyperior in exchange for my Zigzagoon through the GTS
Yes, that just happened. I am shocked, shocked!
I did not even put "plz shiny" in the message box, it was just a smiley face!


So long
Earlier today, I was on the lower part of Route 22 in X, looking for a certain Pokemon with a certain gender and Ability. Didn't expect it to take too long to find one since it is rather common, and I really didn't expect to run into something unexpected along the way. Now I did. Found the Pokemon I wanted, but unfortunately, it didn't have the gender I wanted it to have, (or ability, as I later found out). But who cares, it had a different color. Catching time.

This is my seventh shiny on X, further securing it as the game that I have found the most random shinies on. As always when it comes to newer games, I have the shiny charm. It feels like it actually does work since I have found quite many random shinies on the games where I have it, not sure if I would have gotten this many without it. Though the higher rates of finding shinies in 6th gen as well as in Friend Safaris might have played a part as well.

Congrats to everyone who has gotten a shiny recently and good luck to everyone who is hunting.
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