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Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread


Well-Known Member
Congrats on all the recent shinies!

I decided on a whim to play Y again, so I went into an electric safari. First encounter was a shiny Dedenne! I named her Chocohm. Lax nature, Cheek Pouch ability with perfect HP and special attack, but zeroes in defense and special defense. :/ It's been EV'd in Alpha Sapphire and has the moves Grass Knot, Hidden Power Rock, Thunderbolt, and Signal Beam.

Good luck to everyone hunting!


Completing The Trio
Congrats umbreonfan on Budew, Razorbadger on Oshawott, CpChris on Bidoof & Growlie19 on the Dedenne.

Sorry to hear you lost that Magnemite AquaRegisteel, can't believe you're Safari Hunting though.... that causes so much pain... hopefully Magnemite will appear real soon and stay in the ball this time. :)

My Saturday was rather eventful, as i found myself picking up 2 Shiny Machop & a Shiny Magnemite through HE's during EV training.




However, as great as getting those 3 Shinies was, it could not prepare me for what was to come late last night, as after 130+ SR's and a total of over 2,600 Omanyte seen, this beautiful Purple Ammonoidea appeared;


But.... Just when i thought the day couldn't get any better & when i thought i might also get a few days break from SR'ing to do some RE'ing on Route 12, i end up finding this EggCellent Shiny after less than 100 RE's.


So yeah, wow, what a day/night of hunting that turned out to be, and it has of course meant that i'm going straight back into a Fossil SR hunt, this time for a Shiny Kabuto. :)
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Pigeon Mitch

Eraser Rain
kirkeastment, wow. Just wow. Now that's definitely eventful. Wish I had your luck. Also, congrats to everyone who has found a shiny.

So, I caved and decided to do some chain fishing. I've been in such a drought for months and figured I needed to break myself from it. However, it wasn't fun. I have been chaining for a good 4 hours, and getting about 2-3 Pokémon a minute, making for a total of 480-720 Pokémon. For chain fishing, it really did make me work. I finally got a Shiny Feebas after the endeavour, breaking me free from my drought.

Now, back to Registeel. I left him on 4000, so I need to get him and then move onto Regigigas and Reshiram.

Good luck everyone!


Well-Known Member

It took at least 12 days of soft-resetting.

I kept on taking different ID's while trying to start a save on my recently bought Soul Silver.

And... It's a Shiny Cyndaquil!

A Bashful natured male.

My ID is 02226.

I'm so glad I can finally continue on my save!

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
Congrats on the new shinies guys, especially Cpchris on all of his shinies and AquaRegisteel on Magnemite(and hope you reclaim that sucker in HG, you deserve it after that many REs).

I'm back with a few new shinies. I was hatching the Togepi egg in HeartGold, but after a few resets I got bored and just took an egg:


It hatched shiny! It certainly surprised me that the egg I decided to take hatched shiny :eek:. I was originally just going to box the thing after it hatched, but he is now a main Pokemon in my team.

More pics:

Shiny Togepi
Trainer ID

Now yesterday I decided that I wanted to go to my next shiny target, which was Unown! I unlocked the first puzzle for the Unown and started my hunt. Less than 150 REs later, I was talking with some friends, and wasn't looking at the DS. All of a sudden I heard sparkles, and I glance down to see:


Shiny Unown F! I was totally shocked, I was not expecting to get a shiny as quickly as I did. Now it was a bit nerve wracking to catch, I had limited Pokeballs and really didn't want to lose it, but 3 Pokeballs later it was caught!

More pics:

Docile nature
Trainer ID

I'm not sure what my next target will be, I'm either debating on SRing for something in the Game Corner, or maybe SR for the Eevee that Bill gives you. Whatever I hunt, I hope it decides to show up fairly quickly, but with how lucky I've been I doubt it :p.


Eh, ragazzo!
^When I first tried to catch the Unown in Pokemon Pearl, shiny Unown O appeared. I have in My Pokemon Ranch right now.

I also found a shiny Geodude near the part where you can get Unown ! and ?.

BTW, for others reading, these are not new shinies. I'm just making a conversational piece.

Though if you want to congratulate me..., lol.

Blasting Toise

Well-Known Member
Congrats on recent shinies everyone- especially on that togepi. Shinies are so much harder to get in those games. I finally found a shiny Stunky today and she was girl even as I hoped. Named her Pinkystinky :p


Well-Known Member
Congratulations to everyone one their new shinies.

This week was a slow week for me because I spent most of my time hunting for a Snorlax on HG. I only managed to capture a Sliggoo this week.

Good luck to everyone.

Shiny Lord

Well-Known Member
After 1,440 SR Shiny Entei Finally appeared in Alpha Sapphire. Great nature and perfect Attack which is great. It's HP is dismal(which I don't know if that matters) Speed isn't the greatest. But an amazing shiny none the less. And I was over Shiny Charm odds as well. Probably one of the longest SR hunts for a legendary I have done.(But this is the first time I counted all SR's so who knows) Now need only Suicune to complete the set.

#244 Entei [Adamant]
IVs: 0, 1 / 31 / 30, 31 / 30, 31 / 18, 19 / 8, 9
Stats at Lv.50: 175|0 / 148|0 / 105|0 / 99|0 / 89|0 / 109|0
Well, today I have been working on dex completing on OR so I can gain the shiny charm while I was soft resetting for shiny Regirock on GBA Sapphire. Luckily though, my game decided that I needed a shiny without the Shiny Charm, and a Shiny Numel appeared! I had to go catch Torkoal and Muk in the Fiery Pass, and the second HE the yellow and blue camel appeared. Not the one I was specifically going for, however it was gladly accepted. I have probably done about six hours soft resetting for Regirock, and those SRs are so fast compared to Kyogre, so just hoping that they don't take as long as Kyogre. Either way, good luck to everyone, and congrats to those who have also had success!

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
Congrats to Ampharos_Spark on Reshiram, Cyberra on Hariyama, Magikarp, and Seaking x2, AquaRegisteel on Magnemite (shame about the other Magnemite and the Rhyhorn though, hope some better luck comes your way soon!), kirkeastment on Slowpoke, Slugma, Numel, Grimer, Machop x2, Magnemite, Omanyte, and Exeggcute, maskofsanity1998 on Oddish, maldoror on Entei, Kricketune, Zebstrika, Sunkern, Emolga x2, and Boldore, PrincessPeachy on Zubat, Zigzagoon, Shinx, and Audino, (welcome to the thread btw!), Cpchris on Machop and Bidoof (wow, nice luck you've got going there! Your June is like my May, haha), umbreonfan3636 on Budew, Razorbadger on Oshawott, Growlie19 on Dedenne, Pigeon Mitch on Feebas (welcome to the thread also!), SkyMew on Cyndaquil, Twilit Dragoon on Togepi and Unown F, Blasting Toise on Stunky, Phillies on Sliggoo, Shiny Lord on Entei, Crabthuluhu on Numel, and anyone else I may have missed on your shinies!

What. The. Heck. After a measly 566 SRs, my White 2 BQ is already underway with a shiny Tepig!

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the yellow piggy. I was actually in the car on the way to my cousin's house, so I couldn't scream like I normally do. XD But wow, I cannot believe how quick this hunt was - I just started it last week! Good thing, too, because those SRs are long. I haven't named Tepig yet (have to wait until I get to the Name Rater), but it's a male with a Mild nature, which isn't too bad. If anyone has name suggestions, though, feel free to VM/PM me. XD

My next hunt in this BQ will be at Virbank Complex, hopefully for a Growlithe, but as long as I end up with something other than a duplicate Patrat, I'll be happy. Meanwhile, Skarmory is at 500 REs, Bulbasaur is at 500 SRs, and Granite Cave is at 600 REs.

Good luck to all of you, especially AquaRegisteel, Lorde, and everyone else with long hunts!


Demon Child
I was going through the Seaside Cavern while trying to complete my National PokeDex on Omega Ruby and well.. this happened.


My first shiny ever! Literally. I'm not joking, I have never run into a shiny Pokemon before today and I was not expecting it either, completely took me off guard. But, I have to say, it was definitely very exciting.

Hoepfully, I can get some more shinies in the future.


Psyched Up
Staff member
I was going through the Seaside Cavern while trying to complete my National PokeDex on Omega Ruby and well.. this happened.

My first shiny ever! Literally. I'm not joking, I have never run into a shiny Pokemon before today and I was not expecting it either, completely took me off guard. But, I have to say, it was definitely very exciting.

Hoepfully, I can get some more shinies in the future.

Nice, it's always awesome to see a fellow mod getting a shiny, haha~

Anyway, CH completion updated.

Also, you can send me July CH ideas now. I'm really sorry I didn't say it sooner, I forgot to pay for my internet, so I lost my wi-fi access for days, not to mention my cousin's wedding on another city that I must attend, so in the end I was unable to regain my internet before today.

Voting will be started on the 25th.

Shiny Lord

Well-Known Member
Just caught a Shiny Azelf in my Alpha Sapphire. It took 558 SRs for it to shine. I guess my game felt bad for me for my last shiny hunt(Entei) which went over the shiny charm odds before shining. Here are the stats.

#482 Azelf [Quiet]
IVs: 30, 31 / 18, 19 / 30, 31 / 18, 19 / 31 / 18, 19
Stats at Lv.50: 150|0 / 139|0 / 90|0 / 152|0 / 90|0 / 116|0


Completing The Trio
In more important news, congrats to Shiny Lord on Azelf, xEryChan on Golbat, Crimson Peguin on Tepig, Pigeon Mitch on Feebas, SkyMew on Cyndaquil, Twilit Dragoon on Togepi & Unown F, Shiny Lord on Entei & Crabthuluhu on Numel.

I also come bearing news of more shinies. :)

This wonderful Shiny Shuppet appeared during my EV training of one of the Shiny Machop i caught the other day. It's my second Shiny Shuppet, and as such it shall one day become a Shiny Banette. :)


My 2nd Shiny, is a Shiny Kabuto, which appeared in under 50 SR's this time(guessing the SR's based on what is how many hours x how many batches of 24 i collect per hour). So in total around 1200 Kabuto seen.


I am so glad that i chose to take on some different hunts for a change as well as mix it up and step away from the standard SR hunts & the DexNav hunts for a while. I'm getting some really interesting Shiny Pokemon this way, and best of all when i get a Shiny via RE i feel so happy when it shines. I feel the same way when i'm getting these Shiny Fossil's too & cannot wait to get to the 4th Gen & 5th Gen Fossils. :)

Right now, my focus is on 2 RE hunts, Route 111(Desert in AS) & Route 12(Pokemon Y).

I am hoping to get either Shiny Cacnea, Trapinch or Baltoy over Sandshrew, as i already own the latter, however getting a 2nd Shiny Sandshrew would allow me to have a Shiny Sandslash so whatever appears it's a win of sorts. :D

My Route 12 hunt on the other hand is turning into a Multi-Phase Hunt(Phase 4 now), and the targets i would like to get are dwindling by the Phase :p.

So far i have caught Shiny Tauros, Shiny Slowpoke & Shiny Exeggcute, so i'm 2/3 on Shinies i didn't have out of those.

However this now means overall on the route i have a 55% chance of obtaining a Shiny i already have. The other 45% being shared between Miltank(my main target), Chatot and the adorable Pachirisu. I don't mind getting a 2nd Shiny Exeggcute, but i would really like to avoid Heracross, Tauros and Slowpoke if possible, so i hope the Shiny Gods take heed of that lol and bless me with my main target that i started this hunt looking for, which is BlueTank :D

Good luck everyone with your hunts, and i hope to see some of your Shinies really soon, as i can see some nice hunts going on. :)
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Shiny Lord

Well-Known Member
Back with more shiny news! I just caught a shiny Virizion in Alpha Sapphire after 354 SRs. So 2 shiny legendaries in 1 day!! It proved difficult to catch. I false swiped it a couple times to red but it wouldn't stay in ultra ball. It used 48 of its 50 moves before I used my masterball. I didn't want to fail a shiny legendary. Here are it's stats. I have shiny charm.

#640 Virizion [Relaxed]
IVs: 12, 13 / 31 / 30, 31 / 8, 9 / 28, 29 / 30, 31
Stats at Lv.50: 157|0 / 110|0 / 101|0 / 99|0 / 148|0 / 115|0
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pain in the ***
Shiny riolu caught in the fighting safari after 1,344 random encounters. Not what I was looking for, though... He's modest and takes plenty of siestas, with the ability Inner Focus. I already have a shiny lucario that I bred out months ago, so this one will be traded... The first random passerby to send me a trade request gets a golden jackal. If that doesn't happen by the time I finish hunting for the night then into wonder trade he goes.

Heatran is at 19,100 SRs. Shelmet is at 1,060 eggs. Route 19 is still at 400 hordes (four straight days of rain XP these games really need a way to shut off the damn rain)

Edit: Shiny meditite caught at 1,535 REs XP Still not what I want. Like riolu, she'll be traded to whoever randomly sends me a trade request, or sent into wonder trade later. She's hasty and likes to thrash about, with Pure Power.
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UGH....I'm at 3600 with Shiny Charm in AS, but still no shiny Mesprit! What's going on?!

I'm taking a break at shiny hunting, and I'm working at the Battle Maison. Hopefully I'll be able to get enough for an Up-Grade and Dubious Disk to evolve my shiny Porygon


pain in the ***
And the duo is complete


Shiny shelmet! She hatched from egg 1,247. I used a forretress to breed on the move Spikes. She's timid and likes to thrash about, with Shell Armor. Her speed stat is dismal, though, but I'm still gonna train it. Now I just have to find a trade partner to help me get the evolving done.

New MM is cherubi. I got a 4IV female (hidden power water) in a love ball from another breeder and she's the one I'm breeding shiny.

Heatran is at 19,500 SRs. Cherubi is at 70 eggs. Route 19 is still at 400 hordes (it's been raining there for five freaking days straight! is it ever gonna stop?!)

Edit: The rain actually stopped on route 19 so I can get some hunting done, and at 702 hordes/3,510 pokemon seen I find a weepinbell. I already have a victreebell, caught as a bellsprout on route 14, so this guy gets traded. He's relaxed and takes plenty of siestas, with Chlorophyll. The hunt for gligar continues.
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Shiny Lord

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Congrats to all the recent shinies.

I am at 500 SRs for Heatran in Alpha Sapphire.(Have shiny charm) I have also done 100 SRs for Mewtwo in Heartgold.(First 1/8192 shiny legendary hunt.) I'm hoping Mewtwo won't take too long.(Knock on wood.) Wish you could soft reset Mewtwo in a game where Shiny Charm is available.